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Just a Kiss
By: Sarah Slutz
Chapter 5: Liar, liar. Pants on Fire.
Thank you Satu-D-2 and Raditz Silver for beta reading!
Translations for Japanese words in italics used in this chapter at the end…
Goten was mad as hell. He was furious. He had been seething in anger for a whole week, and the elapsing of days hadn't abated his resentment.
How dare she lie to me? How dare she? he thought, as he kept mercilessly hitting the punching bag in the gym where he worked. She lied straight to my face, all composed and sipping on her coffee while I just sat there, dumbly staring at her, not even knowing why I had set to talk to her anyway, he kept muttering to himself.
"Goten, you've a customer," an extremely irritated voice practically screamed at him. Goten whirled around, ready to confront the annoying source of that voice until he focused on his boss, Sean.
"I'll be right there, boss," he muttered, head lowered. He was sure his look could have singed his boss, and then he would have to search for another job.
Fortunately, it was already 6 o'clock and his shift was just about finished. He didn't even know why Sean had asked him to tend to that customer anyway. Well, actually, he did know the reason. He had been insufferable at work that whole week. Everyone kept asking him what was wrong; they were used to his usual cheerful disposition and were all worried about what had him wound up so tight.
He turned around to greet the customer and smiled broadly.
"Hey old buddy. Decided to escape the office for a bit. I wanted to visit the place that has held you prisoner for a whole week."
Goten smiled in spite of himself, and grinned at Trunks. He appeared extremely out of place in the gym wearing that fancy suite, and he told him so.
"I know..." Trunks sighed. "I look out of place almost anywhere in this monkey suite, but mom was on to me this morning and screamed so loud my secretary actually opened the door to see what was going on. I didn't even have to go home to change once I agreed just to appease her. She had already gotten this suit for me."
Goten laughed and shook his head. "Well, that's the price you have to pay for being so filthy rich. I don't see you complaining about your flashy Ferrari out there," he teased his friend.
"I would rather be working here," Trunks stated. Goten shook his head and smiled. Sure, it was a really nice and big gym. Really classy, and set in an upper-crust neighborhood. It had all the facilities: sauna, Jacuzzi, personal trainers, the works. Goten himself was a personal trainer. It was a nice place to work at, for someone like him… but it was no place for a rich spoiled guy like Trunks. In any case, he wasn't planning on working here much longer. He had bigger plans.
"Anyway," he changed the subject, knowing his friend really hated working at the office in C.C., and was probably half-serious about preferring working at a gym. "Gimme ten minutes. I'm need to shower and change."
"Sure. No problem."
Goten signaled to Sean that his shift was over and slipped into the shower-room. While the scalding-hot water streamed over him, the good mood that Trunks' visit had generated disappeared, and the anger returned. He couldn't remember the last time he's been angry for longer than half an hour.
If someone had asked him point black why exactly was he so mad, he would have been able to give that someone a dozen reasons. He felt like a idiot for having been so worried about Bra's state of mind after that night at the club. She had been composed and unfazed, as if passionate kisses and a bit of groping between childhood friends was an everyday event for her. He hated liars, especially those that lied at him. He particularly hated liars who were as extremely convincing as Bra. There were very few things in life that made Goten angry and being lied to like that was one of them.
If he dug in even a bit deeper, he could also say his ego was bruised. Kissing him shouldn't be taken so lightly. He never had had any problems getting girls to notice him and it kept getting better and easier as he got a bit older. He was usually very mellow and cheerful and women liked that. A lot. That is why, he rarely took no for an answer from women. Usually, he didn't even have to work that hard and when he did pursue a woman, he almost always succeeded. Really, lately it had become a bit too easy.
However, he had practically ran away from Bra that morning. That itself was another sore spot. He had simply stammered and said goodbye after her lie, probably looking like a total idiot. Why hadn't he confronted her? Sure, it wasn't in his nature to do such a thing. He usually disliked disagreements, often bending over backwards to avoid them. But he didn't shy away from them when they did arise like he did Monday afternoon at Satan College.
Anger poured through him yet again, just as hot as the water he was bathing with.
If someone asked him why he had remained mad for so long and why the intensity of that anger was so strong, he wouldn't be able to give them a definite answer. He really didn't want to think about it too much, it was probably a dangerous thing to do. He didn't want to recollect how she had hit him with the "friend" word.
Goodness... it had been ages since a woman had told him they were "just friends". It was sickening.
He should be relieved, though. He should be happy, hopping around in jubilation that Bra wasn't holding his behavior against him; that she still wanted to remain his friend; that she had left him completely off the hook.
Somehow, though, being left off the hook like that didn't settle. It didn't settle at all. Not with her.
He had tried everything to rid his mind of the anger and to avoid the memories of those kisses. How perfect they had felt. He had dragged his brother outside to spar and had gotten beaten up. He had worked double shifts, had gone out in a couple of extremely unsuccessful dates. He had actually opened his little black book and called a couple of girls he only used for emergency last minute dates.
But nothing had worked. And when Trunks had called him Wednesday night to invite him over to hang out, he had told him he was busy. When was the last time he had declined an invitation from his best friend without a good reason? He couldn't remember. It had probably never happened. But the thought of running into Bra so soon afterwards made him decline Trunks' invitations three times. And now Trunks was here, probably bored out of his mind and wanting to hang out again.
He would have to go over to Trunks' mansion eventually. He was going to bump into Bra inevitably. He couldn't avoid her forever, as much as he wanted to.
Sighing, Goten took some deep breaths as he put his clothes on. He would go to Capsule Corp. He would behave and not make eye contact with Bra and he would try not to alert Trunks that something was amiss. Trunks Briefs could be very dense, though. Goten had given him extremely lame excuses to bail out and he hadn't caught on. He still thought it was work that kept him busy. He didn't want to push it, however.
Smiling to himself a bit, Goten walked over to Trunks, who was ogling his extremely attractive and scantly dressed coworker, while pretending to read a fitness magazine.
"I see you've met Kira already. Hot, huh?" he whispered from behind.
Trunks whirled around and smirked. "Oh yes. Very hot. Too bad I'm not single anymore," he signed.
Goten laughed and said, "Don't try to pretend you regret not being single. You are totally into Tram, aren't you?"
Trunks smiled brightly and nodded, and managed to act like a love-crazed teenager. It seemed Tram was really getting to him and Goten was glad. He teased Trunks about it and laughed again when he saw his friend smirk.
"Well, I'm ready to go," he announced after a while of teasing.
"Good. Actually, I need to get back to the office soon. End of the month, you know. I came over to invite you to Tram's sister's wedding. They're throwing her this really, really, really nice party at the Chang Tang Hotel clubhouse. A couple canceled on them sort of last minute and they need two people. Tram told me I could invite them so I decided to invite Bra and you. Sound cool?"
Goten just stared at Trunks for a dozen seconds, trying to register his words in his mind. Bra and I? A formal party? Nani? Me and Bra?
Trunks stared back, a puzzled expression on his face. "Well? What, you're not going to bail out on me again, are you? You told me you didn't have any plans this weekend."
Goten shook his head to clear his mind and nodded. "Yes, of course I'll go. I just spaced out for a moment." He then flashed his trademark grin, hoping to distract Trunks from asking any more questions.
"Okay then. Come over so we can go in the limo together this Saturday at 7 P.M., okay?"
Trunks turned around and began walking out. He had that annoying habit of just giving you his back whenever he felt the conversation was over. Probably picked it up from his dad. Goten rolled his eyes.
"Matte!" Goten called out. Trunks stopped at the entrance. "You already told Bra, right?"
"No, I haven't told her, actually. Hey, maybe you could tell her…Say Lucy's getting married this weekend. She's met Lucy."
A big smile spread across Goten's face as he replied, "Sure, I'll go over to your place right now." If Trunks had been playing closer attention, he would have realized how strangely dangerous that smile was. But Trunks had been ogling the sexy trainer again and by the time he had turned to his best friend to say farewell, the smile had stabilized to his usual happy-go-lucky one.
----------------------------------------------------------------- ------
A little while later, Goten parked his two-year old blue Mazda right in front of C.C. Still smirking, he got off and strutted to the front entrance and was let in immediately. He followed Bra's ki and found her sitting in the kitchen, her back straight. A couple of textbooks and notebooks were spread over the kitchen table.
"Hi Bra."
"Hi Goten."
He could almost taste the tension in the room. Good. So she wasn't so composed this afternoon, was she?
"Whatchadoing there?" he asked her, sitting across from her, leaning over and watching her fixedly.
"I was studying for a test tomorrow. Tough teacher..." she trailed off as she noticed Goten wasn't really listening to her, but staring intently at her face.
"Goten, Trunks is not here," she told him and he almost laughed. Good, let her squirm a little.
"I know that. He came over to the gym just twenty minutes ago."
"Okay..." she said. He just sat there, waiting for her to ask him what wanted, grinning a bit dangerously.
"Okay, so how can I help you? I'm kind of busy," she finally stated, pointedly gesturing to the books and notebooks.
"Yes, I can see that. Well, I came to see you."
"Me? " she almost squeaked. So, she had been affected by all this. More than Goten had thought, actually. He had never seen her so nervous. She was licking her lips, tucking her hair behind her left ear. She always acted so perfect around guys. Not anymore, though, he thought gleefully.
"Yes, you, my friend."
He saw her wince. Bra actually winced. Pressing further he continued, "Trunks told me that Lucy is getting married. Lucy, Tram's sister. We're invited and he told me to be here to go together in the limo Saturday night at seven
Bra's jaw slacked and she stared at him for a while. He was really enjoying her discomfiture.
"What? What's wrong? You don't want to go?" he taunted.
"Actually, no. I don't feel like dancing," she replied stiffly.
"But you love dancing. We danced quite a bit last week. Don't you remember?"
"Hai, I do remember. I do like dancing. I just don't feel like dancing this weekend."
"So you do remember dancing. But I thought you had forgotten all about that night." Goten had the pleasure of seeing her almost fidget.
"I forgot what happened after we got really buzzed, not what happened all night," she stated reasonably, ice coated fire.
"Sure you did. That's why you're so nervous."
Bra almost knocked over the table as she stood up abruptly. He knew she was pissed. But so was he. So what if she suffered a bit? It served her right for being such a big fat liar.
"Look Goten. I don't know what's wrong with you, but you're acting weird as hell. I need to continue studying, so you can wait for Trunks in his wing or something."
More composed after her little outburst, she sat back down and fixed her eyes on an open notebook.
Goten knew he was acting `weird as hell', out of character, almost out of control. He was usually so carefree, so relaxed like Trunks and his mom always complained he never took anything seriously. He snorted, thinking that Trunks was one to talk. But just like he was capable of finding his temper in battle, it seemed he was losing it with Bra. He didn't care and he wasn't going to stop to analyze why he was acting so strange.
"I don't think we're through yet. See, I already forgot what you just said," he almost sneered as he stood up and towered over her.
Bra's eyes widened and she darted sideways, sending him a nervous look. Goten, what the hell is wrong with you? I don't know what bee went up your butt, but I suggest you don't take it out on me."
"I don't care for your suggestions because you're the bee that went up my butt, Bra."
She just stared at him. Then she stood up and faced him belligerently.
"So what do you want? What do you want me to do or say so you can leave me alone and stop acting so creepy, huh?" Bra said between her teeth as she gritted them.
"Oh, I just want you to admit you didn't forget what happened after we got `really buzzed',” sarcasm practically oozed from his tone.
Bra sent him a shocked expression before swallowing visibly. "I have no idea what you're talking about," she lied straight to his face.
Goten could almost feel the smoke coming out of his ears and then physically felt his control snap, like a rubber band that was stretched too far.
"Oh no, you don't. You won't lie to me again. You can't remember, huh? Well, maybe I'll make you remember," he said, and before she had a chance of making sense of his words and meaning, he had taken her face between his hands and had brought his lips down to hers firmly enough to part them immediately.
Bra struggled against him, but that didn't even register as his hands glided down to her arms and settled on her waist. He outlined her straight teeth with his tongue and Bra's struggles became weaker. She stopped pushing against his chest and settled her arms on his shoulders.
With a sigh of defeat and hunger, Bra opened her mouth slightly, and Goten took advantage of that immediately, using his teeth and tongue to intensify the kiss. Bra's hands tangled in his hair and he tightened his arms around her waist as the kiss continued burning, both hungry for each other's taste. She gasped and tangled her hands in his hair and Goten explored her wet, delicious mouth even further. Then she moaned as he directed his mouth to the sensitive area behind her ear and licked.
Regaining his senses Goten pulled back. He hadn't meant to kiss her. Well, maybe he had, but he was sure it hadn't been a good idea. Gazing down at Bra's limpid eyes and dewy lips, he smiled, changing his mind. It had been a great idea, even if he had to take a leap right into a hell-hole five seconds later.
Bra gazed up at him and all of a sudden, her eyes fired up and she pushed him away.
"Yamero! Never do that ever again!" she shouted. "Just because we kissed that night, it doesn't mean you have a season pass to my mouth!" she yelled.
Goten smiled at her very widely, flashing his trademark grin, no longer angry at all. "So, now you remember? And what was it that you asked me to do? To never kiss you again? But why, if you enjoyed it so much?"
"I did not!" she exclaimed, scooting away from him. Her face was beet red. "Can you be any more insufferable and arrogant? What, you think every woman has to fall at your feet and melt into a puddle?"
“So much pride,” Goten murmured as he advanced on her, intent on a repeat session when they both hear the door open.
"What is Kakarot's spawn doing in my kitchen?" Vegita asked, his arms crossed, his expression annoyed as he stood at the entrance.
"I was looking for Trunks,” Goten said, grinning vacuously and doing the hand behind his head thing that he knew annoyed Vegita to no end.
The older Saiya-jin snapped, “Well, he isn't here. Don't you have eyes or can't you sense ki anymore?”
Bra didn't even move a muscle, just kept staring until he smiled and turned around. "I guess I'll go search for him at C.C.," he told them as he walked out the door. Bra's dad moved away as he got closer, scowling. Nothing unusual there.
He was extremely grateful that Vegita hadn't shown up thirty seconds earlier, or he would wouldn't be walking and breathing right now. As it was, he was afraid that he had sense what was going on. He was just grateful, period.
Something was certain, though. This was not the end of this business with Bra. Not by far, he thought as he licked his lips and noticed they tasted like cherry and grinned.
To be Continued...
Japanese words used in this chapter:
nani: what
matte: wait
hai: yes
yamero: stop
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