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She cried out in pain as a tree branch snagged her hair, but didn't stop running, opting to rip the branch off the tree as she went. She was so tired, and her feet hurt from running about in the forest, barefoot. She was also cold, it was chilly out, and as a result, her nipples had grown into firm little peaks, straining against the thin cotton nightgown she wore.

Good Kami though, what had gotten into him? Her husband, normally so sweet and caring, was chasing her like a wild beast through the woods, and in the middle of the night, no less! And it was so dark…she couldn't see a thing, aside from the shadows the trees cast in the light of the full moon.

Jumping quickly over a fallen, decaying log, she had little time to think. He was getting closer, she could feel it deep in her bones, and a chill ran down her spine. What had happened to him? One minute, he was getting ready for bed, and the next, he was all over her, pressing her soft little body roughly against the wall, his large hands groping at her small form, squeezing her feminine curves with an intensity she had never felt before.

Luckily, he had been distracted for a moment by the crash of a lamp, falling off of the dresser near where they had stood, and that had held his attention just long enough for her to slip out of his grasp. From there, she had bolted down the stairs and out the front door, not even stopping to slip her feet into some shoes, running as fast as her bare feet could take her towards the forest nearby, where she figured she could lose him.

Gasping for breath, the small woman stood in the middle of a well-used pathway, her ears listening for any sounds that might give her a clue as to where he was hiding. She knew he was watching her. There was really no real way that she could ever hope to escape him. Just then, she heard a twig snap, and she whipped her head around to see her husband, clad in only his pajama pants, stalking silently toward her, like a panther does its prey.

"Come on, Chi. You know you can't escape me, so why try? And besides, I know you want it." He purred, advancing step by step, as she retreated, step by step.

"Goku, what's wrong with you? What's gotten into you?" She pleaded, gasping quietly as her back hit a tree. Before she could move, her husband's body was pinning her roughly against it. With a weak little cry, she pushed her hands against his chest, trying to push him away, but he only grabbed them up, pinning her wrists above her head with one hand. The other snaked up to fondle her breast, teasing the hardened nipple, as he used his body weight to keep her pinned firmly against the tree.

"You're the one who's acting strange, resisting what we both know you want." He murmured, his hot breath tickling her ear and sending tingles down her spine, causing her lithe little body to arch involuntarily toward him. He was right though, they both knew she wanted him badly, intrigued and excited by the chase, but there was something in Chi-Chi's mind that just would not allow her to give in. Something about it really didn't feel right, and so she wriggled and fought like a wildcat against him. It was useless though, struggling would only tire her out, and when that happened, he would be ready to push her down to the ground.

"Goku…please stop it." She whimpered quietly, with a sniffle.

"No." he replied simply, grabbing a fistful of his wife's nightgown, and ripping it clean off her body. She shrieked and kicked against him, but her struggle did nothing than arouse him more, as he pressed himself against her once again.

Lowering his head, Goku caught one pebbly nipple between his teeth, nipping at it and biting until his little mate cried out in pain. Gently, he drew his tongue over the little bead, soothing the pain and drawing from the woman a tiny moan. Then he moved to the other breast, repeating the process until she was melting against him.

Suddenly, Chi-Chi felt very cold, and she opened her eyes to see that her husband had released her, momentarily, in order to rid himself of his pants. With a start, she tore herself away from the tree and took off again, this time wearing nothing but a pair of thin cotton panties. It hurt to run so much, with no support for her flopping breasts, but she still felt that inexplicable need to get away. Hot and wet between the thighs, her body was desperate for fulfillment, but her mind commanded her to run, and so she did.

Just as she thought she was safe, Chi-Chi felt his presence behind her, moving through the trees, right on her heels. She cried out as she was tackled to the ground and forced to lie still under the heavy, muscular body of her naked Saiyan husband. She felt his hands running over her smooth body, and she heard him chuckle smugly as she squirmed about in response to his touch.

Goku shifted, so that he was pinning his wife to the ground, with one leg swung over hers, and his chest lying heavily on her soft breasts. One arm supported him so that he would not crush her, while the other hand pushed between her legs, prying them open. He pressed his mouth roughly against hers; forcing his tongue inside as his fingers teased her through the undergarment she still wore.

Slipping his hand inside her panties, Goku's fingers began to rub slickly around her entrance, teasing the swollen flesh with a feather light touch. Gently, he inserted one finger, pushing it at her inner walls until Chi Chi thrust her hips up, desperately begging for more. He pushed in another, and then finally a third as his wife cried out, feeling herself stretched.

Goku removed his hand and moved his body up off of his wife's, but grabbed her before she had the chance to run again. She began to struggle again, fruitlessly, that part of her mind still screaming for escape as he pulled her panties off and lifted her hips to his face.

Chi-Chi squealed as Goku jammed his tongue roughly into her entrance, licking at her hungrily as she lay bent and submissive in his arms, powerless to do anything else. She could do nothing but scream as she felt his warm, wet mouth cover her most intimate part, sucking and lapping at her juices, lacking any of the gentle attitude she had come to associate with her Goku.

The Saiyan abruptly released his mate's hips, dropping her to the ground below as she whimpered in protest. With a growl, he flipped her over on to her belly and pulled her up so that she was on her knees, supporting herself with her arms. Spreading Chi Chi's legs apart, he thrust his bulging, engorged manhood brutally into her tight, wet entrance, ignoring her piteous cries at the pain of being stretched so much. He hadn't given her so much as even a second to adjust to his size before he started moving.

Grunting, Goku began to slide in and out of his mate as he held her hips firmly in place so that she couldn't move them. His fingers bit into her soft flesh as he moved, squeezing his eyes shut and groaning with pleasure. Though Chi Chi didn't much like being tossed around so much, there was a certain something about tonight that excited her beyond belief. With Goku's rough, animalistic behavior, a primal need had sprouted deep within her core, which could only be sated with such brutal actions. Her husband had never been anything but gentle with her, and this sudden change had aroused her more than she liked to admit.

A scream tore from Chi Chi's throat as she came, an explosion of ecstasy ripping through her body, and the spasmodic tightening of her warm passage pushed Goku over the edge as well, as he thrust desperately into her a few last times before collapsing on his mate. His body pinning hers face first to the ground, he lay on top, still inside her, moaning in pleasure as the last of her post orgasmic spasms massaged his manhood.

"Goku…" Chi Chi murmured, still in a daze. "I don't know what exactly has gotten into you…but it should happen more often…"

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