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Author's Note: Okay, so a lot of you weren't quite sure what got into Goku in the previous chapter, eh? Well, it was pretty much for the sake of being different. Most fics depict Goku as a naïve little boy who doesn't know a thing about sex. Because of this, I find the couple extremely boring…so I decided to spice it up! *giggle* Anyway, for those of you who requested more of an explanation, here you go!

This chapter takes place BEFORE chapter 1! It is a prequel!

Special thanks to Vegetababe, Eric Jacobson, and Bulma Peacecraft for beta-ing!

Romp, the Prequel: A Lesson in the Ways of the Saiyan

"Well Vegeta, you seem to be in a good mood today!" Goku commented as he blocked the onslaught of kicks from the older man.

"I went hunting last night." Vegeta smirked, switching from offense to defense as his Saiyan comrade attempted to lock him in a grappling match. "You'll have to try harder than that, Kakarott!" he called, flipping the younger man over in the air and forcefully pushing him downward, plummeting toward the Earth.

"Hunting?" Goku stopped himself in mid air and allowed himself to levitate slowly up toward the Prince. "Did you catch anything good?"

Vegeta stopped for a moment, catching his breath, and gave the other man an odd look. He soon resumed a fighting stance though, and lunged, catching Goku unaware, and knocking him downward again.

"Yeah, I got something good." A devilish smirk spread across his finely chiseled features. "Bulma."

"Wha….What?" Goku looked completely shocked. "What do you mean, you caught Bulma?"

Vegeta stopped in mid air, and gave the other man a puzzled look, then laughed, floating down to his level. "You mean to tell me, Kakarott, that you've been mated for over fifteen years, and you've never once hunted your harpie?"

"Chi Chi is not a harpie." Goku pouted and scrunched up his face, trying to imitate Vegeta's glare, which failed miserably. He just didn't have the right kind of face to glare, except when in a battle rage, which he was not. "She's just a little overprotective, that's all." He defended his wife.

"Feh, believe what you will." Vegeta shrugged. "But you really mean to tell me you've never hunted her?"

"Not as far as I know!" He gave a famous Goku-laugh, and scratched the back of his head. "What is it like?"

Vegeta only sighed, and began to float down toward the Earth, while Goku was left to follow behind.

"It's exactly what it sounds like." The Saiyan no Ouji muttered, as his booted feet touched the ground. "You hunt your mate down, usually at night. She runs, you chase."

"Nope! Never done that before!"

"Ugh…you really aren't Saiyan, are you? You're just some shape shifting idiot, like that pig, or the floating fur ball." Vegeta snorted in disgust.

"No…I'm really Saiyan!"

"Shut up Kakarott…You're not Saiyan, you just have a Saiyan body. Even your instincts are gone. You probably haven't even marked your mate, have you?"

Hearing this, Goku blushed heavily, and toed at the ground with the tip of his weighted boot. "Well," He started, sounding like a school boy, divulging to his friends the nature of his first kiss. "When Chi Chi and I first…on our wedding night…I…"

"You bit her." Vegeta finished for him, and he nodded. "Well, at least you still have some of your natural instinct left…" He crossed his arms. "But you've never had the desire to hunt your mate? That is just too strange. Too Human…"

"Well…" Goku flushed a bit deeper. "One time…I wanted to…I think." He scratched his head. "But I really don't think Chi would like that…"

"That's the point, baka." The prince growled.

"To do something she won't like?"

"No, you idiot. The point is to make her like it." Had Vegeta a tail, it would have been twitching about in agitation. It was not every day that the prince was required to explain the nature of Saiyan sexual instinct to another Saiyan, a grown and mated man at that.

"Make her? You can't make someone like something." Goku pointed out, earning a sigh from his comrade.

"I mean, Kakarott, that you show your mate that she never really hated it." He paused, then continued when the younger man looked completely lost. "Trunks used to refuse to eat peas. He said he didn't like them, but he had never actually tried them, so I made him eat them, even though he didn't want to. Now, after he ate them, the brat realized that he didn't hate them after all. Do you get my drift?"

"Oh, so if I make Chi Chi eat peas, then chase her, she'll realize she likes being hunted?"

"NO! Kusotarre…You hunt her, even if she doesn't want to be hunted."

"I don't see why Chi Chi would like to be chased through the woods at night though."

Vegeta sighed again, but he was somewhat pleased that the younger Saiyan had made the connection between hunting and the woods. "Because after you've caught her, you have your way with her…"

"You mean…" Vegeta nodded, and Goku's eyes grew wide. "In the woods?" Another nod. "But what if she doesn't want to?"

"You don't give her the choice. You are the male, Kakarott. You should be the dominant one. But, it is your duty, once you have captured your mate, to please her beyond belief. Show her what you can give her Kakarott. Make her submit, and show her who is in charge." Vegeta laughed. "She probably won't like it at first…but she'll be happy afterward, so long as you please her."

With that, the older Saiyan shot off into the air, leaving behind a bewildered, and somewhat aroused Goku. The idea of hunting Chi Chi sounded odd, yet it was…exciting. He stood there for awhile, thinking, and fiddling with the sash on his pants…Gohan would be off on a training mission with Piccolo for at least another week, and Goten had already made plans to spend the night with Trunks at Capsule Corp…

All right! There you have it, the reason why Goku was so OOC. I hope you all liked it!!!