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Tempt of Fate: Chapter Two

"Stupid.... men... Can't stand them..." Bulma mumbled as she walked along the hallways. Her husband had insisted that they try again for an heir, though Bulma refused. How was she to have sex with her husband on another planet, in someone else's bed for that matter?! It was just something she wouldn't appreciate on her planet, so that wasn't going to happen until they were home.

And even then... Bulma wanted to rule her planet before she became pregnant. When a woman got pregnant, they weren't allowed to do anything. To have the King's child was an honor, and to do anything that would jeopardize the perfection of the child was intolerable. But as much as Bulma respected that they did not want the baby to miscarry, there were many other reasons that she should, for now, focus on the well being of her country.

For Kami's sake, she was barely eighteen to begin with, there was plenty of time before she would be in her prime. Bulma wished she could say the same for her husband, however. He was thirty six years her senior, which didn't exactly give him forever to have a child of his own. It's... It's just hard to have sex with someone that you don't love, and Bulma really didn't love her husband. Of course, they'd been married for years -- she was given to him on her sixteenth birthday -- which made them friends, but it didn't make them lovers.

"Lovers..." Bulma mumbled.

"Walking about the halls again, Woman. It would be quite wise not to go poking about and getting into trouble." Vegeta startled her, though Bulma supposed that she should have been paying more attention to where she was headed. Bulma wasn't exactly sure where in the castle she was in relation to her room.

"I was just clearing my head. I couldn't sleep." Why was she explaining herself to him?

"Lovers?" He restated what she had just said.

"Huh?" This startled Bulma. He couldn't possibly be suggesting that... no...

"You said 'Lovers' when you were acting so unladylike. You wouldn't dare think of letting anyone but the King touch you. Or are you unfaithful, Woman?" He looked at her, gazing at her figure while all the well knowing that she was a faithful person. Tormenting her, however, was something that he could do. He could do anything -- he had the power.

"I wouldn't dare," Bulma looked at him square in the eye. Then she bowed, as proper as she could have, "Now if you would excuse me your highness, I wish to get some rest for tomorrow." Bulma turned around and started walking. She kept her eyes on the halls, trying to remember the steps that her feet took while she was thinking so deeply.

"You don't even know where you're going, do you." There was that voice again, with another snide statement. Why couldn't he go somewhere else and be an insomniac?

"Pardon me, King Vegeta, but don't you ever sleep?"

"Most nights. Some, however, I prefer to walk the castle." Vegeta just looked at her. She would've asked him what the hell he was staring at, but if it meant getting pinned to the wall by her neck again, she would pass. Bulma just stared right back at him, square in the eyes. Was he really as messed up as he made her think? There was only a small amount of a normal being in him, however small it may be. What was his game, and how did he intend to play it?

"I know perfectly well where I'm going, thank you." No, she didn't. Bulma didn't have any clue as to where she was, and she'd much rather be wandering the halls all night in her night clothes than bare much more of this silence that he put her through between sentences.

"Yes, I'm sure that you do..." Sarcasm, his best and only friend. His hand took her shoulder and pushed it as he walked along side her for a few strides. But, it seemed that he realized they were walking side by side, and that was unacceptable. "Follow me, Woman." Vegeta walked ahead of her, telling her that he was leading her back to her room. His figure was stiff, why was he so uptight anyways?

"Thank you for leading me back," Bulma said when she recognized the doors he'd stopped in front of. His reply was only a grunt, but she looked at him as if he would say more, knowing that it was futile. His eyes stared at her again. Damn, why did he stare so much-- it was rude. And what she wouldn't give to know what was going on in that head of his! "Well," after a few minutes, she broke their staring contest. "Thank you, King Vegeta. I will see you tomorrow then." Her hand reached for the elaborate door handles, it touched the cool metal before she felt a rough hand on her shoulder, this time ripping her around to once again face him. "What is your problem--?"

His lips were on hers. His. Lips. Were. On. Hers. She unconsciously felt the design of the door pressing into her back, but ignored it as they began to battle it out, this time with their tongues instead of their eyes. Why was the tension suddenly being released? Was it really sexual? Or was it some crazy trick that he had cooking just to drive her crazy? Hands roamed over her body as her own flew to his hair. One of them moaned. The vibration spread through both their bodies. It was wonderful. Bulma had kissed no man but her husband, and even then, he hadn't excited feelings like this out of her. What power did this man hold over her at this very moment that didn't allow her to control her own body?

She moaned, one of her hands grasping the back of his neck, hanging there for support. She was then released. And he was gone in that very second, hiding in the darkness. Yes, he was good at that.

Bulma just stood there, back still pressing against the door, the cool metal feeling wonderful on her heated body through her thin night clothes. Why did she feel like this? Nothing came close to what she'd just felt. Is this what she was missing being married to a man that she did not love? Of course. You couldn't kiss like that if it had no emotion behind it.

So what did it mean that Vegeta was able to kiss her like that? He certainly didn't love her, that was for sure. Lust? Most likely. Bulma was aware of her sex appeal and beauty, so that had to be it. Had the King been playing with her this whole time? Now the connection that they shared everytime their eyes locked suddenly made sense to her.

Damn him and his lips.

Vegeta watched her reaction from the shadows of the halls. Her flushed face, slim body pressed against the door, night clothes ruffled, body breathing heavily... yes that had been him, and it brought a great sense of pride to be the one that could bring her emotions to the surface when he knew no other man could. You could tell that she didn't love her husband, and that woman looked like she'd never had a real screw in her life. She wasn't broken in. And that was what brought his lusty monkey side to the surface.

Yes, that Woman would know her place by the time she left this planet.

Bulma became aware of her body cooling down to suffer the chill that replaced Vegeta's prescence. Her hand left her lips, which still pulsed with the rushing blood through them, she needed to go back inside. Her husband would be sleeping by now, so it was safe to say that she could get a good night's sleep.

But maybe Vegeta had ruined that for her now anyway.

Sleep was restless that night, and Bulma looked a little worse for wear the next day. Damn, it was only her second day on Vegeta-Sei, and Bulma had already vowed to avoid the King at all possible times. Of course, there were some meetings that she had to attend - Bulma wanted to keep up on the current changes in the contract and what was best for her planet -- and there were meal times when she would be joined by the King. Of course, the poiticians would join, and then there was her husband, but what would protect Bulma from those stares, those gazes, that he was sure to send her way every possible moment? How would she protect herself from these feelings?

"Avoiding him is the best bet that I have." Maybe she should just stay in her room for a little while. Bulma gazed out the window, which overlooked the port. It was still disgusting to her -- she could see the servants and nobles roaming the port base, and you could see the difference between each class by clothing.But what was she to do to keep herself occupied? It wasn't like she had anything to do around here; her duties lay on her own planet -- not Vegeta-Sei.

"I guess I could study up on my language. It's very important to know what everyone is saying, especially the lower classes. You were sure to be able to define a planet by how it treats the 'lower society'. Vegeta-Sei wasn't making a great impression on her at this point. There she sat in her room for the longest time. She tried to look at the words on the pages, but nothing was really sinking in. All she could think about was King Vegeta and the amazing feelings that he had given her last night.

You vow to avoid him, and he still manages to chase you around your mind! Ag!

For the longest time, Bulma stood at the balcony facing towards the east of the port. The sea was before her -- of course, she wouldn't have thought this place to have such beautiful surroundings with the people on it being so detestable -- and it sparkled from the suns floating above. Bulma looked at the glistening sea beside the port, silently wishing that all of Vegeta-sei was like this -- it was beautiful in some places such as the palace in his height of luxury and sophistication--but other areas were severely lacking, including the attitude of people there, But ma wandered about the room trying to concentrate On her language studies, but it was no use. She was way too antsy; her mind hated being cooped up in one place for too long.

She walked towards the door, but was stopped short by the folded paper barely sticking still under the door. Cautiously, she pulled it from its lodge and surveyed the room.. No one else was here, Bulma quietly cracked the door to peer into the hall either way, But silence answered her unheard call.

She shut the door and turned to the paper in hand. It was a subtle white With a royal looking border, and it was folded three times like a pamphlet.

A sadistic smirk gathered on her mouth; it was a map of the castle... and there was only one bastard that could have had the balls to slide it under her door. He was mocking her, mocking her for last night when he had to lead her back to this room And then he...

But Bulma's hand flew up to touch her lips; she hadn't forgotten about that. Vegeta had kissed her, he'd ruined it for her now. Now that Bulma had had a taste of such unbridled passion, she wasn't as satisfied with her current situation anymore, not when she knew what a real man could do. She shook her head free of these thoughts and opened the door again to explore the castle without getting lost. Bulma slipped the map into the pocket of her blouse and straightened her skirt. She'd been through a lot of the first floor last night, even though she remembered nothing, but there didn't seem to be anything interesting down there. What she was interested in were the upper floors of the castle, and what lie up there.

Although she didn't want to, in some way Bulma had to thank Vegeta for the map--if there was something she hated, it was relying on people to get around. But she suspected that he was not doing this out of kindness, it was more to make fun of her than anything else.

When mid day had come and gone, Bulma had been glad she'd been occupying herself one way or another, but it was time for lunch. Vegeta probably hadn't counted on her actually using the map. Bulma heard faint voices even before she entered the back of the kitchens.

“Yes, thank you. I'll go ahead and take lunch in my suite.” Bulma almost ran in to the woman speaking to the chef.

“Oh, I'm so sorry, Ma'am, I didn't see you there!'" The young woman turned towards Bulma in a wave of dark hair and robes.

“It's fine, I was just walking in to find something to eat around here. I'm Bulma.” She
nodded at the young woman. She seemed to be about her age or a little older, dark hair and eyes and lovely pale skin. Bulma couldn't think of much else to say to her, however. What was protocol with introducing yourself on this planet?

The old woman in the black uniform, obviously one of the staff, approached her. “Would you like lunch delivered to your suite as well, dear?" But the other young woman beat her to the answer, as well as rescuing her from having to dine alone cooped up in her own room.

“Go on and send hers to my room as well, we'll be dining together.” And that was all she said before slipping her arm through Bulma's and walking. Bulma couldn't object before the woman started to talk again. ''My name is Chi chi, and you must be the new resident here. But of course, I should know you anywhere -- everyone's been talking about this 'blue-haired beauty' that's been walking the halls for the past few days.”

“Well, I don't know about that,” Bulma blushed. “But I am on a treaty mission with my husband, and our stay here will be of some duration. I guess until both my husband and the King get what they want.”

“Yes, that may take a while. Isn't it just a little annoying that the Queen has to come as well? I see a lot of them that come through here that sit in their room all day and not be concerned with it all. But I see that you're a bit different. You're involved with your kingdom's politics, aren't you?” Bulma opened her mouth to agree, but this Chi Chi seemed to be one chatterbox. Bulma couldn't get a word in edgewise.

“So, if you're here, who is running your Kingdom, miss Bulma? Politics, they're just pish posh sometimes. I get enough politics as it is, all that talk between nations. For once I want to have a social life with someone close to my own age, which is why you're here with me.'' Bulma's impression of this woman was that of a dominating political wife or something like that, but it was nice that someone else was taking charge. Kind of like her kindred spirit, but a little more pushy and dominating. They kept walking, small talk in between silence.

Chichi's room was about the size of Bulma's, but hers looked a little more lived in.

“Wow, Chi Chi, how long are you here for? You look as if you're settled in for some duration.” Bulma looked at the full closest and chests, she wouldn't have even unpacked completely if the servants hadn't done it for her.

“Oh, Bulma, I live here. Unfortunately I do not get to come and go as other's do. My father, however, is from another planet. He's the Ox King, a well known diplomat for Vegeta-Sei.'' She motioned to a small seating area in the corner. The grand windows next to it over looked a lush forest for miles which dissipated into large village homes, but even for the look and state of the homes, the window's picturesque visage was still a seemingly natural beauty.

“So, you're a Princess living in on Vegeta- Sei with your father, who's a diplomat? Must make for a pretty interesting life, especially with that King running around!” Bulma couldn't help the frustration in which that last sentence was spoken.

Chichi cocked her head. ''Yes, the king has his days, He's cocky,” she smiled, "but he's good at what he does. Being proud never hurt anyone on this planet at least.” Bulma grimaced slightly; 'Yeah, Vegeta never hurt anyone...' but she was a probably an exception since she wasn't from this planet. Oh, how much of her relationship had he ruined when he pinned her to the door and introduced her to such passion. “Anyways, I've gotten used to dealing with the politics when I have to, and I've gotten used to avoiding people like Vegeta for the rest of the time.”

“So, what made you come to live here, Chi Chi?”

“Well, father's empire fell a while back, and because of his strong relations with Vegeta-sei, he was able to move and establish a life here, while our people either went to other kingdoms or moved with us to Vegeta-sei. All my friends and companions unfortunately had to move to other nations. Father gave me the option to go with them and travel, but...” Chi Chi blushed. Her hands moved to her lap and fiddled with the edge of her shawl.

Bulma was interested now, “What made you stay?” It had to be something special for her to refused traveling, to stay here in Vegeta-sei.

“Well, on our missions to Vegeta-sei when I was younger, I met a young Sayjin youth here that I was, ahem, quite taken with. I guess you could call it my childhood crush. And the option to stay on this planet and be close to him was just too tempting.”

A knock at the door was what interrupted Bulma's astonishment at Chi Chi's love story.

“So, who is the guy that you're in love with?”

“Oh, it's Goku, my husband.”


After lunch, Bulma decided to find her room again and rest, so she said farewell to Chi Chi and promised that they would meet for lunch again.

Bulma made her way through the halls, taking the long way back to her suite. She kept thinking about what Chichi said and the love that she felt for this Goku, her husband. The thought of marrying for love was never something that Bulma allowed herself to think about, since there was no point in being sorry over something that you couldn't have.

“Make a new friend.” Once again, no question in that. Bulma would have jumped if she wasn't so used to his voice popping out of nowhere when she was alone.

“Do you do nothing but wander about the palace scaring people that are deep in thought?” His smile turned to a menacing one, sadistic and joking at the same time. He stepped out of the hole in the wall to her, never moving his eyes from hers.

There was something about his gaze that set her off again. Her body grew hot in the cool hallway. Bulma's eyes darted from his to move down to his lips and then back. Those were the lips, the strong muscular ones that were all over her own the night before.

And suddenly they were again.

Bulma wanted to ask him about all the random kissing they'd done in these hallways, but the feeling of connecting with another human being in this romantic, sexual way was too much for any brain functions to go on at the moment. Her husband had never touched her like this, no other person... but wait...

“No,” Bulma said, peeling her body from his. “You were just lecturing me on being faithful last night. For all I know, this is just some sadistic plot to embarrass me, or something...” Why couldn't she talk correctly? Bulma guessed that it had something to do with her flushed cheeks and her moist loins.

“Ah, but Woman, I believe my words were, 'You wouldn't let anyone but the King touch you' -- and I am in fact the King.” To punctuate his words, he grabbed her around the waist and threw her into the nook in the walls where he'd been standing before. He didn't really have to justify himself, but it was amusing sometimes.

Her beauty called to him, woke something deep inside. Her attitude and spark of life in those bright eyes were a beacon of light in his dark world. And while she was there, he would definitely take the chance to enjoy her company.


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