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Chapter 4
The Secret of Mrs Blunt.

Bulma slowly stirred into consciousness. The spiky silhouette brought a little comfort to her. Vegeta was asleep leaning against the wall with his arms crossed. He seemed calm and even a little bit at peace, but the scowl was still there. Bulma found herself looking at his profile, the pointed nose, the strong chin, and tall hair. It was all screaming regal and prince. She doubted whether Vegeta could be anything else.

Bulma knew she could have been something else. She could have followed her father's wishes and become a scientist, an inventor. However, at the time she had been more interested in reading about witches and wizards. The clincher had been when she was five and she found out that magic was real. Why do something so constrained when she could do something that had no limits.

Her thoughts on magic were idealistic and she learned that early on there were limits to everything, even magic.

Bulma shook her head. It didn't matter, it in was past; her choice was made. She had choices for her life, Vegeta didn't. Again, Bulma found herself admiring him. He had saved her from the Oni. If he hadn't entered her mind she would have been lost in the darkness.

'No, I can't keep thinking like this. I'll just end up in love,' Bulma thought to herself. She moved to get up but Vegeta had woken suddenly. He reacted like a coiled spring grabbing her arm.

"Is it alright for me to get up?" Bulma hissed, afraid that he had been aware of her looking at him.

Vegeta blinked, still half asleep. "Do what you like Woman," he snarled, letting go of her. He seemed annoyed she'd caught him asleep.

"I feel better now," Bulma said gently. "Thank you Vegeta."

Vegeta stood up, ignoring her comment. "I have training to do."

"Training...." Bulma echoed. Her head was throbbing. She had a fuzzy feeling that you only got for being asleep too long.

"I promised you a gravity training room," Bulma mumbled in a low voice.

"Whenever you're ready." Vegeta huffed, "I will be outside if you need me."

Bulma began to nod her head, but stopped because of the pain inside her head. Vegeta had blasted an attack inside her head, and that explained the now pudding like feeling she got from inside her skull. She made a decision to take it easy today. The Oni would hopefully wait for another day. With any luck Vegeta should have scared them away.

'This must be what a hangover feels like,' Bulma mused to herself. She had never drunk alcohol, never done drugs, and never been to college. For a few moments, she indulged in self-pity. She was soon broken from her reverie by her housekeeper.

Mrs. Blunt entered the room smiling and bringing breakfast. "Someone has a crush," she sang as she walked towards Bulma.

Bulma inwardly wished she had a non-blushing spell. "I don't know what you mean," Bulma said through clenched teeth. Her face was hot from her embarrassment.

"Why that darling man, Vegeta," Mrs. Blunt hummed; her voice was always so chirpy it seemed like singing to Bulma, "He was by your bed for days. I couldn't move him."

"What?" Bulma said in shock.

"Well I did manage to convince him to go to the bathroom a couple of times, but apart from that he stuck to you like glue." Mrs. Blunt set her tray down and started fluffing Bulma's pillows.

"But, I thought..." Bulma stuttered; she was at a loss for words. This wasn't like Vegeta, yet she wasn't surprised to see him when she awoke. Bulma's headache throbbed some more; she put her hands up to her temples.

"Do you want some pain killers?" Mrs. Blunt asked, thankfully changing the subject.

"Yes please," Bulma whispered.

"I've already got some," she chirped. "I came prepared."

"Thanks," Bulma said, smiling. Mrs. Blunt always knew the right thing to do to make her smile. "I'm going to be working in the lower caves."

"Okay dear, take it easy today," Mrs. Blunt said as she handed her the pills.

"Mrs. Blunt, why do you always act like a mother to me?" Bulma asked.

Mrs. Blunt gave her best goofy smile. "Somebody has to."

"No, really," Bulma asked, more determined.

"I'm always being accused of being a mother hen," Mrs. Blunt replied. "It's just my way."

"It's just I've been thinking about my past a little," Bulma commented. "I mean I've got real parents out there that I haven't spoken to in over 20 years."

"Why now?" Mrs. Blunt sat down on the side of the bed.

"I guess it's the impending doom of the androids. Everyone's destined to die.... except me," Bulma said the last part softly as if ashamed.

"Don't worry about that," Mrs. Blunt said as if she was a silly girl, "You all know about them now you'll be prepared."

"But, my parents won't be prepared," Bulma moaned.

"Ahh, that's what you're worried about," Mrs. Blunt sighed. "You'll just have to stop being so stubborn and actually contact them."

Bulma nodded, "I'll think about it. I've got 3 more years." She moved to get her breakfast. "I'd like to be alone now, please."

Mrs. Blunt got up and looked at Bulma sadly from the doorway. Bulma didn't notice, her attention was on the boiled eggs.

'For someone so smart she really isn't that observant,' Mrs. Blunt woefully thought.


Vegeta threw another fist into the rock, and the contact rewarded with a pounding boom. Vegeta was angry, but this was normal for him; he was always angry. He was angry with Kakarrot, Frieza, Bulma and now himself. He was letting himself get soft. He could blame the planet, his new home. He could blame the witch, but he knew that it wasn't Bulma.

He was starting to care about her. He realised it when she had woken up. He had leapt awake with worry. He never worried about anyone but himself. That was the best survival tactic, it had helped him survive all those years with Frieza.

"What did the rock do?"

Vegeta turned to see Mrs. Blunt smiling at him.

"It is there," Vegeta snarled.

"I think Bulma is better now," Mrs. Blunt said softly. "It was very sweet of you to stay by her."

"I am indebted to her," Vegeta said trying to bury the truth. "She provided me a home while the others would see me freeze to death."

"Oh don't be so dramatic. I'm sure Goku would have put you up if Bulma hadn't," Mrs. Blunt said, not realising she'd said a forbidden name.

"Kakarrot is a fool!" Vegeta hit the boulder hard.

"Who's Kakarrot?" Mrs. Blunt asked, confused.

"That idiot you were talking about," Vegeta paused, seeing her confusion. "Kakarrot is his Saiyan name; I refuse to call him anything else."

"Oh," Mrs. Blunt said, not really understanding. "Do you want some breakfast?"

Vegeta smashed his other fist into the rock. "If you can be bothered," He spat.

Mrs. Blunt scurried away happy to have another job.

Vegeta looked down at his bloody knuckles. Nothing brought back reality clearer than pain. It was a weakness to care about another. He knew someone as good as Bulma could never lower herself to feel anything other than pity for him. It was her pity that had made her offer her home.

The prince of Saiyans did not need pity. There was no pride in pity. The word struck a horrid cord with Vegeta as he remembered his death. The look on Kakarrot's face was full of the p-word again. It was the last thing he'd seen when he died. The last thing he needed was to see that look again, not from Bulma or anyone.

'I will become super Saiyan, then there will be nothing but awe for the Saiyan prince.' He smirked as he kept his goal in his head.


Bulma looked around the cool cave that was underneath her palace. It would be perfect for the gravity room she had promised Vegeta. All it needed was the correct positioning of crystals and a certain amount of enchantment.

'Nothing a first rate Sorceress couldn't handle,' Bulma thought confidently. She already had the energy crystals she needed. It could possibly take her all day in the dank cave but it would be worth it. Bulma didn't like debts, and she owed her life to Vegeta. She doubted whether he realised how serious it could have been; the Oni were a powerful threat. She was defender of the mental plane while Goku was unofficial defender of the physical plane. The Oni attacked the minds of their victims. Something Goku had never been able to understand. He didn't think people could be corrupted from within.

That's what the Oni did. They entered through people's fears and anger. They twisted their insides until they had complete control. It was up to her to destroy the core of their power, which was somewhere underground. Once that was gone, their influence vanished. It was just a matter of finding it.

She would only worry about that once she had Vegeta preoccupied. She couldn't risk him coming with her and getting under their influence. He could easily crush her with his hands. The same applied for Goku. Which was why the Oni was something she had to do alone.

She began chanting a spell. She had to concentrate on the chamber now. The rest of the world melted and Bulma was lost in her magic. Orbs of light and colour danced around her.


Mrs. Blunt picked up the phone and tapped a number. She couldn't help jumping around like an excited teenager.

The person she was calling picked up.

"Oh Teddi!" Mrs. Blunt squealed. "She wants to get in contact with her parents!"

The blonde woman listened to the speaker, nodding her head as she listened.

"She's not here, she's working on something for that nice Mr. Vegeta."

Mrs. Blunt was silent again. "Yes he's the saiyan prince. I think he really likes her."

Mrs. Blunt gave a few u-huh's to tell Teddi she was listening.

"She's not ready yet...I know it's been a long time," Mrs. Blunt continued her conversation. She didn't notice Vegeta had wondered in, looking for his breakfast.

"Well can't we just tell her?" Mrs. Blunt asked.

Vegeta looked at Mrs. Blunt as she was speaking. He had figured out the communication device a while ago. That didn't puzzle him, what did confuse him was what she was talking about.

"Look Teddi she is my daughter I think she needs her mother," Mrs. Blunt said more strongly. "This stubborn silence between the two of you has gone on far too long."

Mrs. Blunt looked up and met Vegeta's stare.

"Oh dear, got to go Teddi. I'll call you tonight," Mrs. Blunt said to her husband. "Love you too."

Vegeta crossed his arms and looked coldly at Mrs. Blunt.

"I have no interest..." Vegeta said slowly.

Mrs Blunt cut him off, "Oh Vegeta it's terrible, I'm an awful mother." Mrs. Blunt leaned into him. Vegeta offered her no arm for comfort he just glared at her intruding his personal space.

"Bulma is such a bright girl but she's far too stubborn and prideful," Mrs. Blunt sobbed.

"You're her mother?" Vegeta asked quietly.

"She ran away when she was five." Mrs. Blunt sniffed. "My real last name is Briefs."

"Isn't that underwear?" Vegeta asked, but wasn't answered. Mrs. Briefs a.k.a. Blunt was in tears. He roughly pushed her into a chair. Her tears were starting to soak his T-shirt.

"We've been following her for years. We could have stepped in at any time and told her," Mrs. Briefs daintily dabbed her eyes with a tissue. "I only became her housekeeper when she became a Sorceress. Me and Teddi were so proud."

"That's Teddi and I," Vegeta corrected. Mrs. Blunt/Briefs wasn't listening.

"I'm a bad mommy," She balled. "We've been paying her tutors and everything. She can't even remember what I look like." The tissue was now wet. "Please promise you won't tell her."

Vegeta remained silent; he hadn't expected this when he walked into the kitchen. What he wanted was just a decent sized meal. A life story with tears wasn't on his menu.

"I won't say a word," Vegeta promised. "It is none of my business."

"Oh you're such a darling," Mrs. Briefs sobbed. "I don't even deserve you as a house guest."

"I give you my word I don't care and won't tell your daughter," Vegeta growled. "All I want is food."

Mrs. Briefs got up smudging away her dripping mascara. "Then food is what you'll get."

Vegeta sat at the table as Mrs. Briefs gave him as much food as he could eat. He ignored the old woman as she talked about Bulma. He didn't care; he was certain he didn't. Vegeta didn't feel moved by her outburst. The only thing that bothered him was why he thought he should care.


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