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Chapter 6

Bulma was meditating in her green room. She was trying to filter the anger from her mind. She was still seething with resentment for Vegeta. She had worked hard all day to get the Gravity Chamber completed. All she wanted was a small sign of gratitude. She had said thank you to him for saving her life. Though as she thought about it he had never actually acknowledged her when she had said it.

*The arrogant self absorbed asshole.* Bulma thought. She wished she could send that thought into his head. Unfortunately his mind was sealed tight and the protection of the chamber saved him from her wrath.

Bulma sighed again, breathing through her teeth. She tried to focus again on a calm soothing ocean. An open blue sky with rolling fluffy clouds. A large and pounding fist smashing that arrogant face.

Bulma growled at herself. She tried thinking of the nice things Vegeta had done. He had endured her nostalgic jaunt back into her teenage years. He had sat by her while she recovered. That had been strange. *Why did he sit by me? I've always done things' alone.* She began to levitate a few inches off the ground. She remembered how he'd said she wasn't weak. *Then he winked at me.* He was contradicting himself all the time. One minute calling her his enemy then helping her the next.

*I better face it. I'm never going to understand that Saiyan.* Her thoughts then went towards Yamcha. It had been sweet for him to worry. She was still fond of him and really wished he'd plucked up the courage to ask her out all those years ago.

*Yamcha is more absorbed in his baseball career now.* Her own anger was now gone. Replaced quite quickly with her self pity and loneliness. Her mind moved into a deep trance. She concentrated on her own goals. She was the only great mage of the planet. She had to stay alive to protect the planet. She had to forget all emotion links.

*I am destined to be alone.* She thought sadly. Her depressed mind sought out on the astral plane. She could feel something familiar. Someone on the mental plane was feeling as lonely as her.

~Who are you?~ She tried saying telepathically. There was no answer. The being had retreated away from her. Bulma was left alone. There was a sharp knock on the door and Bulma was brought back with a bump as she hit the ground.


Vegeta woke from his trance. He had been resting from his training. He had been trying to concentrate his mind on his sole ambition. He wanted to be a Super Saiyan. To become the strongest being in the universe. To have this empty void filled.

Technically he wasn't the last of his race. His only subject, Kakarrot didn't respect him and never acted like a Saiyan. He was more human, all soft and forgiving. He was the only Saiyan, he was alone.

When he had been meditating he had felt something reaching out to him. It had been bright and twinkling. Vegeta had automatically drew up his defences. Whatever it was it wasn't getting into his mind.

*I am alone and it stays that way.*

Vegeta picked up a towel and draped it over his shoulders. There was a chance the being had been a devil. Bulma had warned him that the Oni attacked the mind. Plus he still had nightmares of his time in hell. He had made a lot of enemies in his career as a planet purger. They were in hell waiting for him. When he had left they had taunted they'd see him again. They would have their revenge.

*I will fight forever if I have to.* Vegeta said to himself. He went out the room determined to get his dinner before the witch did.


Bulma opened the door to see who had disturbed her. It couldn't be Mrs. Blunt she usually knocked and walked straight in. She was welcomed by a smiling Chi Chi baring a gift.

Bulma had never been shouted at by Chi Chi. She had always shown a great respect for Bulma. She had never gotten jealous or threatened Bulma. Bulma suspected it was because she thought being a Sorceress was like being a nun. Though she was sure Chi Chi liked to make sure she stayed like a nun.

"Oh, hi ChiChi. What brings you here?" Bulma asked.

"I heard about the accident from Goku. I just popped by to see how you were doing." Chi Chi said while examining her.

"I recovered quite quickly." Bulma said hoping to stop any of Chi Chi's suspicions. "What's in the package?"

"It's a dress I don't need." Chi Chi explained. "It's got a dragon on it and I know how much you like dragons."

"Thank you." Bulma said smiling. She opened it up expecting an old maids' dress with a small dragon. The same style of clothes that Chi Chi wore. She was surprised to see a red silk Chinese dress. It was embroidered with a golden dragon. "It's gorgeous." Bulma gasped. "I'd never think of making this myself." She carefully put it down on a table unsure when she would have a chance to wear it.

"I'm glad you liked it. You should get yourself a man Bulma." Chi Chi said to her. "It's not healthy being cooped up with that monster all the time."

"Vegeta is not a monster." Bulma sighed. "He's just a misunderstood ..."

".......Homicidal maniac." Chi Chi finished. "He hurt you with that explosion."

"We were only training." Bulma said. "He just over loaded his ki. He hurt himself as well."

"Perhaps he knew your weakness." Chi Chi said. "Maybe he wanted to kill you."

"Vegeta has had ample enough opportunities to kill me Chi." Bulma said. "He's been here since the Nameks. He hasn't laid a finger on me."

"Do you have to train with Him." Chi Chi spat. She couldn't bring herself to say Vegeta's name.

"He's the only one that's willing to give me a challenge." Bulma said. "Yamcha is too scared.." Bulma had an image Yamcha running away after he'd seen Vegeta. "...and Krillin's a pervert."

Chi Chi nodded the bald ex-monk did have a porn collection to rival Master Roshi's. "There's always Goku." She added with a wince. She still didn't agree with her husbands' fighting.

"Goku wouldn't spar with me." Bulma laughed. "I've got no physical strength and Goku would just be soft on me."

"So you prefer to be beaten up?" Chi Chi said angrily.

"Vegeta does hold back a little, but he still tries to win the spar." Bulma said her own anger getting the better of her. "I need someone to challenge me. Vegeta is cunning and devious just like the androids will be. If I am to be the only survivor I want to be able to defend this planet in the most efficient way as I can. I could go train with Goku but he would just humor me and would only fight me on my own level. Yamcha would just run and block, I doubt he would even attack me. No, Vegeta is the only person that gives me any opposition. I want to be strong enough to really survive." Bulma stopped and tried to breathe. She had ranted a little bit longer than she wanted to but her aim had succeeded.

Chi Chi was white with shock. "I... I'd never thought of that." She stuttered. "I guess you know what you're doing."

Bulma smiled, Chi Chi had backed off. If she had been anyone else; she would probably be getting some more tongue lashing.

"Lets get some tea and you can tell me what your boys have been doing." Bulma said guiding Chi Chi out of the room. She glanced down the corridor, sure she had felt a slight chill.

She was soon brought out of her thoughts by Chi Chi on her favourite subject.

"Well my Gohan has been studying but unfortunately he's had to spar as well." Chi Chi said.

Bulma kept eye contact trying to look interested. "Oh really." She could still feel pin pricks on the back of her neck. She tried to ignore it. It was most likely her imagination.

"I've been desperate for Goku to pass his driving license." Chi Chi said. "You'll never guess what him and that green man did!"

Bulma could only nod as they walked away. She still couldn't sense any ki behind her but she could swear she felt like she was being watched.

She was being watched. Vegeta had been coming down the corridor to the kitchen. He had stopped to listen when he'd heard his name. By surpressing his ki he hoped to be undetected by the witch. She had paused and glared to the corner where he hid but had said nothing.

He was trying to figure out why Bulma had defended him. He had caused the explosion. It would have been easy for her to agree with the harpy.

*Why had she done it?* He thought. *I have never been defended like that before.*

He moved on to the kitchen. He could hear the two woman chattering. He was not going to be phased by their presence. He knew he had to go in there get his dinner and leave. As he entered the dark haired harpy glanced up. She stopped talking for a moment, looking directly at Vegeta.

"Hey Vegeta." Bulma greeted him while her companion stayed silent. "I think Mrs. Blunt left you something in the oven. It sure smells good."

Vegeta didn't return the greeting. Instead he headed straight towards his food.

"I best be going Sorceress." Chi Chi said with an obvious dislike in her voice. "I can't leave the boys alone too long."

"That's okay Chi Chi I understand." Bulma said. "You are just over on the other mountain. You should visit more often."

"I would if I could but I'm forever cooking, cleaning and making sure my boys are behaving." Chi Chi said moving to the exit. "Goku wants to train instead of visiting."

Bulma waved goodbye to her friend. She turned sharply to Vegeta. "You could have said something to her." She said. "I hardly ever get visitors."

"Why would I want to talk to THAT?" He snarled.

"She's Goku's wife if you must know." Bulma said sitting back down. "You should be nice to her. She thinks you're a monster, you should prove her wrong."

Vegeta mearely grunted. "I have no wish to prove myself to a wench like that." He sat down beside her and began eating.

"You're so self obsessed Vegeta." Bulma snapped. "The world doesn't revolve around you."

"So it revolves around you?" Vegeta snapped back.

"Don't be ridiculous." Bulma snorted. Her eyes locked with Vegeta's. "I am not that selfish. I have worked out all my character flaws."

"Seems you've got a long way to go." Vegeta said. He still kept his eyes focused on hers. To back down now would be a weakness.

"You have more character flaws than anyone I've ever known." Bulma said her eyes keeping the staring contest..

"I am the ideal warrior, no emotional baggage to get in the way." Vegeta said smugly.

"That's really sad Vegeta." Bulma whispered. She wanted to look away now but couldn't. "I bet you don't even care about me."

"If you died tomorrow. I would not cry." Vegeta coldly said.

"I don't want your tears." Bulma growled.

They stood in their staring match for a few minutes. Vegeta tried to find a flaw in her features. Something to tease her about. He couldn't, she was perfect. It didn't help that her anger had made her cheeks redden and her eyes gleam. Bulma was also finding herself tracing Vegeta's clenched jaw. His dark bottomless pits of eyes. He was very handsome when he was trying to dominate her. His stubborness mirroring her own. He the closest thing she'd found to a perfect match. His character was almost identical to hers.

"That's so sweet I should get my camera." A voice simpered.

Bulma turned to see Mrs. Blunt. The only woman that could simper over her and Vegeta.

She looked back to Vegeta. He was smirking like he had won. She had looked away, he had won. Bulma inwardly cursed.

"We're sparring tomorrow Vegeta." Bulma said glaring at him. "It's time for a rematch."

"Name the time and place Woman." Vegeta said still smirking.

"2 0' clock, Gravity Chamber, tomorrow." Bulma said.

Vegeta picked up his plate. "Very well, I'd make sure your bed is ready."

"What?" Bulma snapped thinking he meant something sexual.

"You will be unconscious by 2:05." Vegeta said as he walked away with his meal.

Bulma felt like hissing at him but stopped herself

"He's such a handsome man." Mrs. Blunt cooed as she brought out Bulma's meal.

Bulma grunted and sat back down. She didn't want to admit to her housekeeper he was the most handsome man on the planet.

*I have to get Vegeta for that.* Bulma thought. *By 2 0 clock tomorrow he will see me as the most beautiful woman on the planet.*

"Mrs. Blunt do you have any red ribbons?" Bulma asked trying to make it sound innocent.

"Of course I do. You want to glam yourself up for Mr. Vegeta." Mrs. Blunt said. "I can't blame you he's such a stud."

"It's not like that. I just have a new outfit I wanted to wear." Bulma groaned.

"Something that's not a frumpy robe?" Mrs. Blunt gasped.

"It's very different." Bulma admitted, still a little hurt about the frumpy remark.

"I can't wait to see his face!" Mrs. Blunt exclaimed.

"I'm not trying to impress him." Bulma snarled. "I just want to look . . . different."

Mrs. Blunt gave her a big goofy smile. "I think you protest too much."

Bulma remained silent, it was true. She was out to impress the prince. It really mattered about her appearance now. *I just want to show him what I can look like out of the thick robes.* She tried to reassure herself. *I do not want that arrogant asshole.*


Author's Note: So a rematch next chapter? Will it end up with a double KO again? Will Bulma's new dress impress Vegeta? How many questions can I ask about next chapter?

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