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Chapter 8

Bulma limped back up the stairs. She hadn't meant to lose her temper. She had been stupid and careless. *Vegeta is still a killer. He could kill me if he wanted to.*

"Oh honey are you okay?"

Bulma looked up to see Mrs. Blunt in the hallway. She was standing clasping her hands. For a moment it reminded Bulma of her own mother, the day she left. Her mother had stood at the door while she ran away, never to return.

"Bulma?" Mrs. Blunt whispered.

Bulma could only hold up her hand and groan. "I got reminded of something for a minute." She tried to smile but she couldn't shake that déjà vu feeling. *I've lived with the woman for 10 years how can I start imagining things about her now?* Bulma thought.

"Could you find my supply of senzu beans?" She asked Mrs. Blunt. "I got hit a little hard by Vegeta."

"I'm sure he didn't mean it." Mrs. Blunt assured her.

"I'm sure he did." Bulma snarled. "He doesn't like people getting close or showing concern."

"He's the strong silent type." Mrs. Blunt cooed. "So dark and handsome.... (sigh.)"

"I'm going to lie down for a while." Bulma said not wanting to agree with her house keeper. She was finding Vegeta highly attractive lately. She didn't think it was anything but lust. Something that she couldn't give in to.

"I'll find those senzu beans directly." Mrs. Blunt said. "It's a shame we can't grow them ourselves."

Bulma listened to what Mrs. Blunt had said and smiled. "I think that's an excellent idea Mrs. Blunt."

"It is?"

"Yes it is, I'll call Korin later today about it." Bulma then procceded to her room. Her bed was calling her and she couldn't ignore it.


Vegeta blasted a few more ki blasts against the wall. They bounced back towards him and he continued with the dodgeball game. He wondered why the woman had bailed so quickly. His ki transfer should have healed any muscle pain. Unless it was a larger injury than she'd let on.

*Sh*t, she's far too stubborn.* Vegeta inwardly cursed. *She probably got some sort of internal injury.*

"Gravity 1g." Vegeta said.

"Gravity returning to normal." The voice said.

Vegeta intercepted the ki balls and let them hit him. He wasn't sure why but he was going to check on Bulma. He reasoned it was only because he didn't want her to die. *Without her I would have no shelter or toys to play with.*

"We knows why you go to her." Hissed a dark voice.

"Who's there?" Vegeta snarled.

"We is not anywhere." The dark voice taunted. Vegeta listened closley, it sounded like hundreds of voices talking as one. There had been only one time he'd heard that. It was the Oni.

"Oni?" He questioned. "You cannot defeat the Prince of all Saiyans."

"We is not looking for defeat." The Oni said. "We is only merely saying what we say."

"I don't think you'll win this by mind games." Vegeta warned.

"We is not playing games." The Oni said. "We is only here to warn you."

"I need no warning from demons." Vegeta said glancing around. Shadows had surrounded him, but he couldn't pin point where the voices were coming from.

"The Sorceress is ours." They said. "Stay away from her, we sees you caring for her. We need not your interference."

"I care for no one." Vegeta growled. "I need her services, she cannot die."

"She cannot die anyways."


"She is immortal, she will be our queen." The Oni said.

Vegeta growled at what they said. "She is only human."

"For now she is only human." The Oni said. "But she is immortal, she cannot die of old age or illness. She did not mention that to her precious prince did she?"

"You lie." Vegeta spat. "She gets harmed physically."

"She can die physically." The Oni said. "Soon she will be ours and she will not need this weakness. She will not need you."

"She is not yours." Vegeta said, the anger rising in him. His ki flared and the shadows lengthened.

"She will be soon." The Oni said.

"She is not yours." Vegeta repeated, he couldn't say what he wanted, 'She is mine.' He had no claim on the witch and he wasn't sure why he wanted it.

"Heed our words prince." The Oni said. "She will soon be ours and there will be nothing you can do."

Vegeta yelled out in anger and fired energy blasts into the darkness. They bounced back and he heard his voice say. "500g activate." Before he could yell out to cancel he was forced to the floor. The Oni had been able to duplicate his voice, he tried speaking out. Unfortunately the gravity was crushing his chest. He could hardly breathe to speak.

"Gravity 500 activated, warning, untried level of gravitation." The Chamber voice said.

Laughter echoed around the chamber. "We hopes you die." They chuckled. Then the laughter was gone and Vegeta was left to his own shallow breaths. He panicked as his thoughts were brought to Bulma. She had to be hurt or weakened again. The Oni had to have been waiting for their chance. His ki aura matched his mood, seething and angry. His previous energy blasts rebounded around the room. Eventually they would hit his body and he wasn't sure what would happen in this intense gravity. He fired up his aura further. If he could raise his shield enough, perhaps he could speak and deactivate. The energy blasts hit his shield and dissippated. Vegeta winced with pain.

"Warning body unable to cope with level." The Gravity Chamber said. "Recommended deactivation."

Vegeta inwardly wished he was stronger. He pushed himself up with his hands. He managed a deeper breath from before.

"De..activate gravity." He gasped and fell back down. He hoped he had spoken loud enough.

"Deactivation of gravity." The voice mirrored.

Vegeta lay on the floor panting with exhaustion. His ribcage had nearly been crushed and he was sure a few ribs had broken. He forced himself up. He had to get to Bulma. She had to be in trouble. Without thinking of anything else Vegeta dashed out of the Chamber and up the long stairs. He began flying now. He could swear he could still hear the cold laughter. Laughter like that reminded him of Freiza. Those things weren't messing around. They had meant what they had said. Just as Freiza had done all those times he had taunted him. Every jeer and snide remark were always meant.

He crashed through Bulma's door. He expecting her to be covered in the blackness, choking and gasping for freedom. What he saw was a woman looking at him like he was crazy.

Vegeta stood up to his full height and coughed. "I was..." He stumbled for words. "I thought the Oni were coming here." He crossed his arms and scowled as if trying to make it seem it was Bulma's fault.

"What made you think that?" Bulma snapped.

"They came to me and told me." Vegeta said. "I didn't just pluck it out of nowhere." He looked at her again with his masked face.

"So you broke my door?" Bulma said pointing to the shattered remains.

"I know what I heard." He looked away from her.

Bulma walked over to him. The senzu bean she had taken had fully healed her. "It really was the Oni?"

Vegeta grunted affirmative.

"Then I believe you." Bulma said. She looked at his battered and bruised body. "They can't cause physical harm though."

"They activated the gravity Chamber to 500g's." He snarled. "I suggest you fix it."

"Are you all right Vegeta?" She asked seeing his bleeding forehead.

"It is nothing a warrior can't handle." He said. "I will be outside training. I will not step foot in that chamber till you fix it."

"The only way to fix it would be to banish the Oni." Bulma said.

"Then do it." Vegeta said fiercely. "I shall offer my assistance but I think you are too stubborn to take it."

"Me stubborn?" Bulma snapped. "You're such a hypocrite!"

"What happened to your cool demeanour woman?" Vegeta asked smirking.

"I feel it being sapped by your very presence." Bulma said with her hand against her head.

Vegeta glared at her and said nothing.

"Look if it'll make you happy I'll put a protection spell on the chamber." Bulma offered. "As I've said before the Oni are my responsibility."

"They want you." Vegeta said quietly.

"I know Vegeta." Bulma sighed. "They have this obsession of corrupting me and making me their queen."

"If you get corrupted what will happen?" Vegeta asked.

"Oh, I dunno end of the world?" Bulma said calmly. "It's nice to see you caring Vegeta."

"I don't care." Vegeta snarled. "All I care about is keeping my place to stay and the gravity Chamber."

"You're a big sweetie sometimes." Bulma said smiling.

"I am not sweet." Vegeta growled. He had a strange tugging feeling in his head but he ignored it.

"You came rushing up here to rescue me." Bulma said. "It's really super sweet."

Vegeta grunted and turned to go away. He stopped at the doorway. One thing was bugging him. He felt he had to ask her for the truth.

"The Oni said you were immortal." He said. "You can't die from illness or old age. Is it true"

"It's true." Bulma answered. "I don't class myself immortal because anyone can come in and shoot me and I would die.".

"So I can choke you to death." Vegeta growled eyeing her neck. His anger was beginning to rise. He could smell her death it was so close. He could end her miserable life now.

"Yes you could." Bulma sighed.

"Then you shall die." Vegeta snarled.

Bulma looked up shocked into Vegeta's eyes. But it wasn't Vegeta's, they were red and soulless. He had become possessed by the Oni.

"Vegeta?" Bulma cried hoping there was some part of the prince in there.

"We is not Vegeta any mores." His voice said with a back tone of other darker voices.

"This was your trap?" Bulma yelled understanding the Oni's trick. "Vegeta.. fight it!"

The saiyan stalked towards her ignoring what she had said. Bulma telekinetically moved her staff to her.

"If I have to I'll kill your prisoner Oni." Bulma warned raising her staff in a fighting position.

"We is going to kill you first." The Oni possessed Vegeta snarled.

"Then you'll never have me." Bulma yelled.

"We does not wants you now witch." The Oni said through Vegeta. "We have gots ourselves a King." The demons inside Vegeta marched towards Bulma. The sorceress began praying to every god she knew. If she died now there would be nothing stopping the Oni possessed Vegeta from killing everyone. If she failed to stop Vegeta now the world and the universe was doomed.


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