Dragon Ball/Z/GT Fan Fiction ❯ The Prince and the Sorceress ❯ Fight to the Death ( Chapter 10 )

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Previously in The Prince and the Sorceress.


"Vegeta?" Bulma cried hoping there was some part of the prince in there.

"We is not Vegeta any mores." His voice said with a back tone of other darker voices.

"This was your trap?" Bulma yelled understanding the Oni's trick. "Vegeta.. fight it!"

The saiyan stalked towards her ignoring what she had said. Bulma telekinetically moved her staff to her.

"If I have to I'll kill your prisoner Oni." Bulma warned raising her staff in a fighting position.

"We is going to kill you first." The Oni possessed Vegeta snarled.

"Then you'll never have me." Bulma yelled.

"We does not wants you now witch." The Oni said through Vegeta. "We have gots ourselves a King."


Chapter 9

Bulma looked into the angry red eyes of Vegeta. It was just like the nightmare she'd had on Namek. Only worse, this time it was real and Vegeta really did want to kill her. She raised a deflection shield. She knew she had to get close enough to Vegeta to exorcise the demons. The only question was 'how could she do that without dying?'

"Vegeta fight it!" Bulma yelled.

"He cannot hear you witch." The Oni taunted. "We's keeping him safe from your spells."

"I'll kill Vegeta if I have to." Bulma snarled.

"We knows you lie." The Oni said. "We's hears all you two say. You cannot kill another person."

"You've been eavesdropping on our conversations?"

"We is shadows and fear, we is everywhere." The Oni sang. They fired up a ki blast from Vegeta's finger.

Bulma swore and dove for cover. A large part of her bedroom wall was blasted away. The rubble bounced off her shield.

"You think the Prince of Saiyans will keep under your control." Bulma shouted, hoping to reach Vegeta under the Oni's mist. "He is controlled by no-one!"

"We is not controlling him." The Oni said with Vegeta's voice. "He is just imprisoned in the back of his mind. He is easier to manipulate than you."

Bulma shuddered and moved again from another blast.

"He has anger, vengeance, lust for power." The Oni said. "We crept in easy."

Bulma rolled out the hole in the wall. She had to get to an open space where stray rubble could be clear. "I think we should bring this outside." Bulma yelled.

"It is of no consequence whether you die here or outside." The Oni hissed.

The Sorceress began summoning a storm. In the gravity chamber it was limited to the chamber but outside it could fill the whole sky. The dark clouds whirled and moved towards Bulma.

"Release Vegeta Oni." Bulma shouted. "This is your last warning!"

There was a horrible laugh coming from the possessed Vegeta. "We smells your fear." They chuckled. "Your death is near, witch."

The ki blasts sped up and a hundred balls of energy hurtled towards Bulma. She squealed as she felt her protective shield wavering.

~VEGETA~ She telepathically shouted in his head. There was no answer. The ki attack kept pulverising her defenses. Bulma didn't have any openings to strike back. She tried telepathically shouting again. ~VEGETA, PLEASE FIGHT IT! YOU ARE A PROUD PRINCE DON'T LET THEM CONTROL YOU!~

"There is a part of Vegeta that wants you dead." Vegeta hissed, his voice laced with the added background noise of the Oni. "You make him weak."

Bulma didn't answer. She was too busy keeping her mind on her shield. She needed to something soon or Vegeta's constant onslaught would break through. A direct hit from a ki blast would kill her instantly, or make her completely vulnerable to a final blow. There was only one place she could hide. The sky was too open, the same for the land. She needed to go underground. Also it would be the safest place when her thunder storm reached its full capacity.

The ground rumbled as Bulma silently willed her new plan. It felt like her mind was being pulled in two directions. One part focusing on her shield the other on the earth beneath her.

"What is the matter Woman?" The Oni possessed Vegeta hissed. "Concentrating too hard. I will not stop our ki attacks till you is dead."

"You are not fit to call me woman." Bulma growled. "Only the real Vegeta can get away with that!"

The sweat was dripping off her forehead. Her orb shield was starting to break up. The strain was beginning to show. It was obvious to the Oni who had now begun to laugh evilly through Vegeta. A ki ball shot past Bulma's nose. She could feel the force as it passed. She fell backwards, stumbling to find her footing. The cruel laughter continued as Bulma couldn't hold herself upright. She took a deep breath and let herself fall to the ground.

The Oni possessed Vegeta stopped his ki attack. The Oni inside him wanted to crush the sorceress. Bulma lowered her shield. She could sense Vegeta drawing nearer. She closed her eyes and the earth enclosed around her, encasing her in stone and dirt.

"IMPOSSIBLE!" Vegeta yelled as he saw her dissappear underground. His ki aura flared around him. The ground shaking and breaking from the force. He was interrupted by a spike of rock jerking up and hitting him. He smashed the spike instantly.

"What trick is this." He snarled.

~It is no trick.~ Bulma said telepathically.

Stone golems erupted from the earth. There was about a hundred of them. Each one devoid of any expression. Two black dots for eyes and a line for a mouth.

Vegeta used a big bang attack. He plowed through the field of stone men with the enormous energy blast.

"Pathetic." The Oni snarled through Vegeta. Some more golems appeared and Vegeta did the same. The rubble began to pile up as one by one of Bulma's stone army was destroyed under Vegeta's attacks. The rubble began to accumulate. More spikes appeared and tried to lance Vegeta. He dodged and crumbled each one. Vegeta punched the earth.

"We knows you're in there." The Oni roared. "We will hit you eventually." Vegeta punched the earth again, sending an earthquake through the ground. The Golems rose again marching in a large circle surrounding Vegeta. Each one fell on him, holding him down. Golem after Golem slammed their bodies down on him.

Bulma emerged from the earth taking another breath of air. The only problem with her hiding space was she had to hold her breath. She dove back into the solid earth as Vegeta broke free. Golem's exploded and turned into rocks as Vegeta's ki energy blasted out.

"Witch!" Vegeta roared. "We is getting tired of these games!!"

The clouds above him swirled around the possessed Saiyan. Bulma's storm was getting close to fruition.

*Soon.* Bulma thought as she kept her eyes closed her mind set on her spells. *Soon my storm will be complete.*

Some more spikes tore out of the ground, aiming for Vegeta. He deflected each stone lance. His hands were dripping with blood but the Oni didn't care they pushed Vegeta on. They tapped into his drive and rage. His Saiyan will to fight and conquer was all that mattered now. His whole being buzzed with the primal urges of his ancestors.

He finally felt free, together with the Oni he could rule the universe. The witch would die by his hands. He would choke her slender little neck, snapping it like a twig. A small voice inside Vegeta rose and asked... *Why?*

It was small and child like barely a whisper, but Vegeta paused to listen to it.

*Bulma is our only ally, she is not our enemy.*

"Do not listen our King." The Oni chanted inside his head. "That is the weakling inside you speaking, ignore it, stamp it out. We is your only allies, we makes you strong."

"I am the Saiyan Prince!" Vegeta yelled. "I am destined to be the strongest."

"Yes, Yes you is." The Oni chanted.

Bulma heard the rumbling of Vegeta's voice. She wondered what was going on. Was Vegeta fighting the Oni's control? She couldn't risk popping her head up to see. She would have to use someone else's eyes.

~Binky, please come to my aid.~ Bulma telepathically called her dragon. He slept in a cave in the mountain; she could use him as her guide.

Up above Vegeta still under the Oni's control. "We shall become the strongest." He growled. "We shall become the super saiyan and crush everyone on this planet." More Golem soldiers pounced on Vegeta, he swatted them away.

Bulma's purple dragon had swooped down from his hiding spot in the mountains. He called out for his mistress. All he could see was the annoying male and a huge pile of rocks.

~Relax Binky, I'm fine~ Bulma said in the creature's head. ~Let me see what you see.~

Bulma glanced through her steed's eyes. She could see now Vegeta still pounding away at her distracting Golem army. Golems were easy to control you created them and set them with a task. The good thing was they wouldn't stop till their task was done. They were distracting Vegeta, just as she'd hoped they would.

~Okay, Binky I'm going to come out of the earth~ She said to her dragon. ~Make sure you don't get in the way.~

The dragon snorted and settled down to the ground.

Vegeta saw the beast and snarled. "Pretty purple dragon, how nice." He smashed down any Golems in his way and strode towards it.

"Leave him alone!"

Vegeta turned to see Bulma emerge from the earth her staff held high. The storm raged behind her, silhouetting her slim form.

A small part inside Vegeta gasped *Beautiful* but the Oni induced Vegeta didn't let him surface.

"Prepare for your inevitable death." The Oni snapped.

"This is going to hurt a lot." Bulma said and in an instant lightening shot from the sky from every angle. Each bolt meeting inside the Orb on Bulma's staff. The light became white and Bulma's hands shook from the raw power.

Vegeta prepared for another big bang attack. He didn't have time; the lightning that had been charged to Bulma's staff released in a deafening screech. The large bolt hit Vegeta's chest and through to the earth. The crack of thunder was enormous; it boomed though the mountainside causing earthquakes and windows shattering.

Vegeta's heart stopped and his dead body slumped to the ground. Furious the Oni were freed from his body and screamed in their defeat. The black shapes escaped to the air and away from the Saiyan prince. The Golems stopped their assualt, the target was gone.

Bulma landed beside the still Vegeta, tears in her eyes. It had been the only option.

"Vegeta!" She cried. "I'm so sorry, I didn't mean for this to happen."

She cupped his chin in her hand and brought his mouth to hers. She blew air into his lungs, desperately trying to revive him. Her hands pounded on his chest trying to start his heart again.

"Come on you arrogant bastard don't let them win!" She yelled. She could hear the distant laughter of the Oni.

Her lips went over Vegeta's again, air blowing into his lungs.

"Come back to me!" Bulma screamed, she brought her hands down over his heart. There was no reviving spells; she had to do it the human way.

She blew air into him again, her hand over his nose, making sure every drop of precious oxygen got to him.

"Damn it, don't be dead!" Bulma sobbed as she again pushed frantically on his chest. "I need you."

She locked lips with him again; he was still warm and soft to touch. For a second Bulma wished this was a real kiss and not a hopeless attempt at resuscitation.

She tried to break away to retry hitting his chest but something was holding the back of her head.

She wriggled her free hand to see what it was. It was a large gloved hand. She opened her tear filled eyes to see two dark eyes staring back.

She broke the kiss and managed to whisper. "Vegeta?"

His stare hardened and he pushed her off. "You should have left me dead." He rasped as he gasped for air.

"I didn't plan on killing you." Bulma said, the tears returning. "I wanted to shock the Oni out of you." For a moment she thought he cared for her. She shook the feeling away. *Of course he only cares for himself.* She thought.

"Here." Bulma stepped up and put her thumb to his forehead. Her thumbprint left a white mark.

"What did you do?" Vegeta asked as he stood up. He reached to where she had touched him but Bulma stopped him.

"It's a small protection spell, it should keep you safe from the Oni." Bulma explained. "It's not permanent but it shall do till I get something better."

"So I shouldn't wipe it off." Vegeta said, he felt drained and weak. The Oni had used up most of his ki in trying to kill Bulma.

"Not unless you want to be their puppet again."

Vegeta growled in anger, he didn't like being used. What was more scary to him was that for a moment he had liked the feel of it.

"It was beyond my control." Vegeta said.

"Is that your apology?"

Vegeta grunted. Bulma just smiled, she was starting to understand the grunts.

"Binky!" Bulma called to her dragon. "Thank you for your assistance." She walked over to her purple dragon. He was curled up like a snake. "Binky...?"

There was a growl from the chinese dragon and it uncurled.

"This is not over witch." Came a voice from her dragon.

"Oh no..." Bulma gasped. "Not again!"

She watched helplessly as the possessed dragon took off into the air.

"WOMAN!" Vegeta yelled as he flew to protect her.

But the Oni wasn't stopping to kill, they flew away over the mountains.

"What the hell just happened!" Vegeta snapped.

"The Oni possessed my dragon." Bulma squeaked. She couldn't believe it herself.

"So why didn't it attack?" Vegeta snarled.

"They will when they find a more powerful body."

"Kakarrot?" Vegeta said understanding their goal instantly. "But why take the trouble of possessing that Binny or whatever it's called."

"They cannot travel far from their lair, they need a host to move long distances." Bulma said, she was in shock; it couldn't happen to her twice!

"If the Oni possesses Kakarrot?" Vegeta said.

"Then nothing can stop them." Bulma said looking at the dark shadow of her escaping dragon.


Author's Note: I have to say I cried while typing the death bit.

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