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Author's Note: Yeah, it did seem like a closure to the story but I'm not finished yet! Find out what happens next!

Chapter 15

Piccolo scanned the horizon. The large cloud of the volcano had erupted over 18 hours ago. He had tried reaching out to feel for Bulma's or Vegeta's ki, but he had felt nothing. He would go over to her palace to figure out what was happening but he was left with the possessed dragon.

The ball than encased the beast was starting to crumble. *It's too early for that.* He thought. *The binding spell should have a few days left out of it. Unless Bulma is pulling all her magic together.*

If Piccolo was desperate for information he could contact his 'father.' Kami on his lookout station could see what the human was doing. Plus he had an invested interest in the young sorceress. The old Namek had given her some training in her youth. Not that she knew who he was until she became a sorceress. No, he wasn't desperate yet. He could try to reach out telepathically again.

~Sorceress!~ He tried.

There was no answer.

"Gohan." Piccolo called.

The young demi Saiyan was playing in the back garden. He ran over to his friend. "Yes, Mr. Piccolo?"

Piccolo allowed himself a small smile for the boy's persistent politeness. "Can you sense either Bulma or Vegeta?"

Gohan screwed up his face for a second as he tried to feel either ki. He shook his head. "I was having trouble before as well."

"What do you mean?"

"When Bulma and Vegeta were here, their ki was kinda funny." Gohan said. "I don't know how to explain it without sounding weird."

"Try me." Piccolo said smirking. The child did have the same type of insight like his father's.

"It was as if Vegeta's ki was part of Bulma's and Bulma's part of Vegeta's." Gohan shrugged. "It was just weird. I thought it was a sorceress thing."

"Yes, perhaps they're suppressing it." Piccolo said more to himself. "I need to get in contact with Bulma quickly. The seal is starting to crumble."

As the Namekin said this a piece chipped away. It was slowly starting to resemble a curled up dragon.

"Do you want me to fly over there and see?" Gohan asked. "I think the volcano exploded earlier. My mom might not approve."

"It should be fine." Piccolo growled. "Just don't get careless."

"There sure is a lot of smoke over there." Gohan said looking towards the direction of Bulma's palace.

"From what I can tell it has stopped." Piccolo said as his antenna twitched. "Just wear your scarf around your face. Those fumes are quite dangerous."

"Sure thing Mr. Piccolo." Gohan waved to his large green friend as he took off. Piccolo watched him go allowing a small crack of a smile to surface. It disappeared when he turned back to the dragon. Another piece had crumbled. If Bulma hadn't eliminated the Oni lair's then there could be trouble.

"Is it safe to come out yet?" Goku yawned. He had spent most of yesterday concentrating on food and was now driving Chi-Chi nuts. Now he had just woken up to Chi-Chi yelling at him to do some chores. He was desperate to get outside and train.

"I don't know." Piccolo grumbled. "Can you sense Bulma or Vegeta?"

Goku cocked his head to the side and his goofy face turned into a frown. The only time Piccolo could tell he was taking things seriously.

"Gee, I don't get it." Goku said scratching his head. "I would used instant transmission but the volcano just exploded. It would be safer to fly."

"Gohan has just left to visit Bulma."

"Aw man, I wish I could go." Goku moaned. "Couldn't I just ask Bulma when I see her not to read my mind?"

"When has Bulma ever done anything you've asked?" Piccolo growled. He knew how unthoughtfully selfish the young woman could be. "Besides she might read your mind before you even approach."

"Yeah." Goku grinned sheepishly. "She is kind of forceful."

"Who are you talking about?' Came a female voice.

The pair turned sweat dropping. Chi Chi was standing with a frying pan in her hand.

"Uh..." Goku said scratching his head.

"We're just discussing how Bulma can be kind of forceful with her mind reading." Piccolo said quickly. He wasn't that scared of Chi Chi but something about her gave him a cold chill.

"Oh..." Chi Chi said. "She does like to do that doesn't she?"

Goku nodded.

"I mean I remember I was talking to her one day and she just told me to stop worrying over Gohan." Chi Chi sighed. "She just went into my head and scooped up the information."

"That's just Bulma though." Goku laughed. "Ever since she learned telepathy she's been doing it."

"You're just as bad." Piccolo growled more to himself.

Goku did hear him but laughed in good humour. "Yeah I guess."

"So what's happening with that thing?" Chi Chi asked. "Is it going to be outside my house forever?"

"I'm waiting for Gohan to get back." Piccolo said. "He went to get Bulma."

"Is it safe?" Chi Chi said her motherly instincts setting in.

"He just went over to the volcano." Goku said. "I'm sure he'll be fine."


"..Ahh!" Goku jumped slightly at the scary face Chi Chi was making.

"Goku cannot go in case Bulma reads his mind." Piccolo said.

"Like it really matters." Chi Chi snarled. "Goku you better go get Gohan now and hope to Kami that he's all right!"

"Yes dear." Goku said. He took off instantly and flew quickly away.

"Why aren't you going?" Chi Chi said. For some reason she still thought Piccolo leeching guest. It didn't seem to matter that he only drunk water. She still made extra helpings anyway in case he changed his mind.

"I have to guard the dragon." Piccolo explained.

"Just don't loiter too much." Chi Chi said. "I have work to do."

Piccolo crossed his arms and turned his back to the her and the house. While they had been talking the dragon was still breaking loose. Perhaps it was best that Goku wasn't here. If the Oni were still in possession then it wouldn't take much to pass into Goku's mind.

The Namekin tensed and prepared for an incoming battle. Its eye was opening.

"I'd stand back if I were you." Someone said.

Piccolo turned to see Vegeta smirking at him. Somehow he had been standing behind him without him sensing it.

"Where's the Sorceress?" Piccolo said.

"There is no Sorceress." Vegeta snarled. He didn't want to fully explain. *Let the idiots work it out.*

"What!" Piccolo visible tensed. The dragon was almost free. *Had Bulma failed?*

"It's nothing to do with you anyway." Vegeta growled. "So where is Kakarrot and his brat?"

"They went looking for you and Bulma."

"They won't find me, I'm here." Vegeta kept his smirk on his face.

"Are the Oni Lairs destroyed." Piccolo's voice was full of urgency. The dragon's eye was fully open and looking at them in confusion.

Before Vegeta could answer Piccolo's question the dragon broke out of its casing. It soared up into the sky screaming a deafening call. Vegeta swore as he saw how scared and alarmed the beast was. Bulma had asked him to retrieve the thing for her. She most likely wanted it alive and in one calm and whole piece.

"Stupid dragon." Vegeta snarled. He flew up in the air after it.

Piccolo focused on the pair but he could only feel the dragon's ki. The beast seemed clear of all demonic possession but he was scared. *Perhaps the creature is linked to Bulma somehow?*

"What's going on?" Chi Chi said as she peered out her door.

"Get back inside." Piccolo warned. "The dragon's free."

Chi Chi screamed as she saw the serpentine creature in the air. Binky was thrashing around crying out for his mistress. Vegeta intercepted the purple dragon and held it by its horns.

"Look!" Vegeta shouted his face directly in front of Binky. "You're coming with me whether you like it or not."

Binky stared at the strange spikey haired humanoid. There was a familiar smell and ki about him.

Vegeta kept his eye contact with him but he relaxed his hold on the horns. He didn't want to rip the creature's head off no matter how annoying it was.

Binky was visibly calming down and he stared back at Vegeta. He couldn't sense his mistress but she was somehow connected to this male now. He knew where she was hiding. The demons where gone from his head. The dragon grunted happily, the nasty voices were gone.

Vegeta let go of the purple dragon. He didn't like animals much. He didn't like anyone much, so you couldn't say he was being particular.

"Bulma's waiting for you." He said, hoping the animal understood. It was a magical creature, he was sure he'd heard Bulma talking to it before.

The dragon understood, his mistress was alive! He was so happy he licked Vegeta on the cheek.

Piccolo had arrived just as the dragon was rubbing his head against the annoyed Saiyan.

"Should I leave you two alone?" Piccolo asked.

"GET OFF ME BUNKY!" Vegeta roared.

"It's Binky actually." Piccolo chuckled. The dragon was dancing around Vegeta, not caring that the humanoid had got his name wrong. His mistress was still alive and somehow this male was connected to her.

"Right, so we'll be going now." Vegeta said.

Binky coiled up in the air, doing what could only be described as a happy dance. He would follow the grumpy and angry looking man.

"So is Bulma alive?" Piccolo asked. He did have some unanswered questions.

"Only just." Vegeta grumbled. "She used the last of her power to destroy the Oni lairs."


'There was more than one." Vegeta said. Not really wishing to explain what exactly had happened. It was a private matter between him and his woman. He smirked as he thought. *Yes, she is all mine now.*

"So where is she?" Piccolo said.

"That is none of your business." Vegeta snarled. "Now excuse me, I have other matters to attend to."

Piccolo watched the Saiyan prince and the dragon leave. They headed in the opposite direction to Bulma's palace. He didn't understand what was going on but he didn't think it was too serious. The main thing he needed to know was that the Oni threat was over and it was all clear to concentrate on the future fight with the Androids.


Vegeta soared through the air angry and annoyed. He wished there was a way to keep Bulma's and his life private. The encounter with Piccolo only enforced his belief that he didn't like socialising. He hated the idea that everyone would know his weakness. His woman was his only weakness. He would play it by ear for now, but if for one second their relationship interfered with his goals. She would be frozen out of his life.

No matter what he would reach super Saiyan. No romance or mushy feelings were ever going to get in his way.


Author's Note: Whoo hoo another chapter done!

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