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Chapter 23
Power and Control
Inside the mind of Bulma she could feel her spirits rise as she began to understand the Saiyan that was a mystery to her. He was without doubt her choice of lover. He was everything she longed for that she had always wished. He understood her needs just as she understood his. Vegeta was not going to be an openly caring lover. He was more likely to be the distant lover who would come to her when he felt lonely.
He had said as much himself but as Vegeta held her in his arms as they lay in the soft grass she felt content. It brought her mind to think of her previous love interest, Yamcha. The man that had never faced his fear of her, she had tried everything in her spellbook to try and ensnare him. The first time they had met he had fainted in fear and shock. That was nothing when he learned of the magic spells she could conjure. When she faced off against Goku when he turned into a giant ape he thought she would be crushed. But Bulma had been trained better and managed to slice off Goku's tail. She had focused her energy into a sword that Yamcha had and used it on Goku. True she had been aiming for his torso but slicing his tail had reduced the boy back to normal. The great Witch Bulma saved the day!
Bulma remembered when she had done it the look of pure terror on Yamcha's face. The thought that she could do something so savage to Goku. It had given him trauma for years. He had just been accepting being able to talk to her. After that he kept his distance but Bulma could still feel the attraction to him.
`Just imagine if I had been with Yamcha first, I wonder if I would ever have been tempted by the Prince?'
She glanced across to Vegeta who lay breathing deeply. She needed to wake up and exit to the real world but with Vegeta sleeping she had to wait.
“Hey!” she said poking his side. “Are you going to sleep there all day?”
“I'm meditating, there's a difference.” Vegeta huffed as he rolled round to face her.
“What where you meditating about?”
“That I'm going to need the gravity chamber soon if I'm to reach Super Saiyan.” Vegeta growled.
“I'll get to work on it today.” Bulma sighed as she turned away from him. She knew the quiet moment wouldn't last long. He was obsessed with becoming powerful and stronger than everyone. `Reminds me of being a teenager struggling to get the power of the elements under my control.'
“As it should be.” Vegeta grunted standing up oblivious to her private comparison. “Now get us out of this place.”
“This place happens to be an extension of my mind, a place that you shouldn't be able to gain such easy access!” she poked her finger accusingly at his chest but he only smirked at her. “Just concentrate on your body, you have to return first in order for me to close this place.”
Vegeta acknowledged her with a quiet `mmm' and closed his eyes. He vanished from her side in seconds. Bulma reached out grasping the air where his mental presence had been. She swore she could still smell his sweat. She concentrated and began to return to the physical world. A rush of colour and smell assaulted her senses and she was brought back with a thud as her levitation finished abruptly. Vegeta had vanished from the room, for what seemed like only seconds to her must have been a few minutes to the impatient Prince.
Bulma wandered into the hallway and she could hear the shower. She turned and left, she may have spent more exciting times with her Prince but he never was the one to stay around and cuddle. She understood that, he was a man that needed to keep his distance. It was how he fought and won battles.
If she didn't understand him she would be forever tormented by his lack of public emotions. It wasn't worth wasting time reflecting on. That was just the kind of man or Saiyan he was.
“Father!” Bulma cried out as she saw the kind-hearted man standing beside the cats watching her.
“Ah yes, how are you my dear?” He asked while petting the cat on his shoulder.
“Um fine, but I have a favour to ask.” Bulma said cautiously. She couldn't get used to the way Dr. Briefs seemed so distant, but that was only because he was thinking of machines or other things. Bulma could now see the shadow of his mind, the shape of it and all the thoughts that buzzed and sparked inside. He was continually thinking so it wasn't a surprise he had trouble relating to things outside his head.
“Oh?” He turned as he pulled out a cigarette.
“Do you know of any caves nearby?” Bulma asked. “I need to create a gravity chamber for Vegeta.”
“Now how would that work?” Dr. Briefs asked genuinely interested.
“It's done through a series of crystals and spells that increase the gravity in the room. That's why it needs to be a cave or something solid that would be able to take the strain.”
“I see.” Dr Briefs stroked his moustache his mind at work thinking. “I have some things that may be of use, but I'd like to work with you Bulma. This sounds intriguing, how far up would the pressure of gravity be?”
“I managed 400g at one point.” Bulma answered amazed at the speed her father was thinking. It was true she did get her mind from him. He could have made a great Sorcerer if he had ever applied himself to the art of magic. But then science would have been denied so much as well.
“Well I'm sure if we put our heads together we can create something.” Her father said. “ I really would like to see how this magic would react with technology.”
“I don't think its ever been done before.” Bulma answered.
“Interesting, well it should be,” Dr. Briefs chuckled. “Lets find out.”
Piccolo never really gave into magic as much as he'd like. His fists where the chosen weapons but on occasion he would levitate something with his mind. Or bind something from doing harm. It wasn't his style though it was more the old man. His other half or father, whatever the hell the relationship with Kami was. The only thing he knew was that his life was inseparable from him.
“You called old Man,” Piccolo growled.
“Ah, Piccolo how nice to see you again.”
“Save the pleasantries, you'll make me sick.”
“Always such a nice attitude.” Kami chuckled. “I suppose you know what is happening with the Sorceress Bulma?”
“That her and the Saiyan Prince are actually a couple?” Piccolo asked. “Yeah, I know. I have excellent hearing, I found out from the boy from the future.”
“He will be returning in 2 years.” Kami sighed. “I do not know how long Bulma can manage to get pregnant at this rate.”
“So what is the problem, apart from you being an old pervert?”
“Just be aware that the Sorceress may be under some strain.” Kami explained. “Her magic may begin to take a more interference with the future fight.”
“She hasn't directly fought before.” Piccolo huffed.
“She did before your time, when she was only 16 she tried fighting Goku when he turned into an Oozaru.”
“You mean she fought Goku as a giant ape?”
“She tried magic she never had before, quite violent magic, but then she was directed by me to follow the elemental path.” Kami said. “It seemed safer and if she could control her emotions I knew Bulma would benefit.”
“So you told her to try and supress her emotions?”
“No, well maybe.” Kami muttered. “I said the best way to reach the power and control that she needed she would need to cure herself of negative emotions like I did.”
“See how much that helped.” Piccolo scoffed. “You created a demon while attaining your own godhood.”
“Using our situation as an example won't help.” Kami said. “The Sorceress is now fully expressing herself and I doubt she understands the magic she will be creating.”
“So that cool aloof act from the Sorceress all these years was her pushing down her real self?”
Kami nodded.
“You fool, you've helped create this volcano that is going to explode!” Piccolo snarled angry. “What do you expect me to do about this? That's why you summoned me wasn't it?”
“I just need to ask you to keep an eye on her.” Kami said. “I cannot directly interfere with the decisions of Earth.”
“Thought it's your fault because you taught Bulma to hide her emotions.”
“I only taught her the control, she gained the power by herself.” Kami sighed. Talking to Piccolo was always going to be a fight, though Kami knew he understood what he was asking he just had a hard time taking orders, even if he was trying to make it sound like a request.
“I'm merely asking you to keep an eye on her.” Kami said trying to pick his words carefully. “Please only do this for the planet not for any favours from myself.”
“I intend to keep an eye on her anyway.” Piccolo snarled and whipped his cloak round in a dramatic fashion. “By the way, where exactly is Bulma?”
Kami smirked; silently amused that he couldn't detect the growing magical force but tried not to make any mischievous comment. “You'll find both Bulma and Vegeta in West City in the Capsule Corporation.”
“Why there exactly?”
“Oh you'll find out.” Kami nodded as he tried not to chuckle at the annoyance this caused in Piccolo. He hated the fact Kami knew too much.
“Well I'll be seeing you, hopefully not too soon.” Piccolo growled and flew off.
“Not for another 2 years boy, then we'll see far too much of each other,” Kami muttered under his breath.
“What was that Kami Sir?” Mr Popo asked.
“Oh nothing Mr Popo, carry on with whatever it is you're doing,” the old Namek waved his hand to try to assure Mr Popo but he kept a grim look on his face as he leaned on his stick. His gaze not focused on the sky but at the future that was looming in front of the Earth.
“So you say you can conduct magic through the metal?” Dr Briefs asked.
“Any element really, it doesn't have to be metal, but stone or metal would be good to form the base of the spell.” Bulma explained to her father who was pulling apart his prototype space ship. The machine had been build based on the recovery of the Saiyan ship that crashed near the city.
Bulma knew that someone had taken care of taking away the craft but she had no idea it had been her father. Now the truth was coming through, how her parents had always been there for her. Whether she wanted them or not because of her stubborn pride she had created the bizarre situation of background help.
“So what about this craft, think you can use it?”
“Yeah, Daddy, I think it'll be great.” Bulma smirked, her mind on other things as she whirled spells in her head. She wasn't aware of the happy smile she got back.
Vegeta pounded out of the shower, his frustration still plaguing him. He wanted to be Super Saiyan NOW. He wanted all the power and control his rival had and more. He wanted more than anything in the world than to pound the smirking idiot into the ground!
He paused in his thought, `Wait isn't it death I wished for Kakarrot?' he shrugged, he would just have to make it pounding to death and he thought more about it.
The day was still bright and sunny, Bulma was no longer in her meditation room and Vegeta was amazed at how long he had spent in the shower. A few hours had past as he sat under a tree thinking some more, it wasn't meditation. It was only Vegeta collecting his thoughts.
It wasn't about anything; he couldn't do anything until he had the gravity chamber back. Training in the weak gravity was more a hindrance than anything else. It was setting him back; the ocean while good was weak as well. Two years ago training under the water would fine but he had grown stronger. He had been able to defeat Dordoria and Zarbon without much effort, it was proof at how much he had grown. But it still wasn't enough. It was never enough.
There was always going to be Kakarrot and until he was defeated he would never stop.
“My, my aren't you a gloomy face.”
Vegeta turned to see who disturbed him. It was the blonde woman, Mrs Briefs. The goofy smile on her face and tea on a tray just made her all the more annoying.
“Leave me be.”
“I just thought you would like some refreshment Mr Vegeta.” She said smiling.
“No, thank you, I am not thirsty.”
“I see,” Mrs Briefs sighed.
Vegeta sighed as well, yes let him have some peace.
“How about a strawberry cake?”
“I am not hungry,” he growled, forgetting his manners.
“How about coming with me to go bother the pair?”
“The pair?”
“Yes, Bulma and her Dad, they've been working all morning and afternoon. I'm getting worried and they don't respond to me.”
`I wonder why?' Vegeta thought but said. “Let them work, they are preparing my gravity room.”
“Are they?” Mrs Briefs blinked confused which worried the Saiyan Prince.
Vegeta stood up, it was true he didn't know exactly what they were doing. “I should inspect their progress.”
Mrs Briefs clapped, “Very good idea Mr Vegeta.”
He strode out to the lab area followed by the ditzy blonde that was still carrying a tray of tea. They walked into the large warehouse filled with workers busy on machines and tuning equipment.
“They're just down there!” Mrs Briefs said cheerfully.
Vegeta glanced at her wondering if the woman had planned this. He shook his head and followed where Bulma's mother had pointed. There he found a large round orb it reminded him of the Space pods he used to use when under Freeza. It seemed like a Cold design but changed slightly. `Capsule Corporation' was splashed across the side and some extra parts were added but it was still just like his space pods he used on purging planets.
“Coo-ee!” Mrs Briefs cried. “Time for us all to sit down for tea!”
Bulma and her father both popped their heads out of the spaceship. “Tea?”
“Woman I am not here for some silly afternoon tea!” Vegeta snarled as he found out the evil plot.
Mrs Briefs giggled. “You can ask their progress over tea! Everyone loves having tea and a nice chat.”
“I do not chat.” Vegeta huffed.
Bulma laughed as she made her way down towards the two. “I'll have tea Mom and I'll tell Vegeta about our plans, he'll just get grumpy otherwise.”
Mrs Briefs nodded and started pouring the tea. Dr Briefs kissed his wife on the cheek and helped himself to a biscuit and picked up a kitty nibble for his pet on his shoulder.
“You do think of everything dear,” He said to his wife. “I do like the sardine biscuit, very unusual.”
“That was the cat treat Teddi!” Mrs Briefs gasped. “You fed the chocolate one to Scratch!”
The cat on Dr Briefs shoulder smirked as it swallowed the treat. “Oh dear, that's not good for you Scratch,” Dr Briefs scolded.
“You were going to give me a progress report?” Vegeta demanded. He was fed up of the cute family atmosphere. It was making him feel sick.
“Well, my father and I have thought of an excellent plan to start with. I could amplify a spell through this old space ship that Goku used. It was apparently my father that fixed this one up and leant to Goku back when we were all on Namek. So the plan is to charge this with a full gravity spell the same as I had in the cave only this time there will be back up technology.”
“What do you mean?”
“Originally, this machine was set to only go up to 100g. That's how Goku trained when he went to Namek. I can set up a spell that will amplify this and make it eventually go 5 times that strength.”
“Then make it so,” Vegeta grunted as he shrugged off Mrs Briefs as she tried to force tea into his hand. “In fact while you're at it make it so it may reach 10 times that strength.”
“I dunno, you fighters and your ten times this, it's a lot simpler to make it 5. It's a much better number to work with. You struggled at 400g when you were at my palace so you're not going to be getting to 10 times for the moment. I can fix this spell and probably finish by tonight. By tomorrow, you will be training in at least 200g gravity maybe more.”
“I suppose, that sounds acceptable.”
“Thanks for the support.” Bulma sighed. “Look, just go back to your sulking and we'll continue.”
“The Prince of Saiyans does not sulk.”
“Whatever you say Vegeta, but this work will still be only done by tomorrow no matter how much you huff and grump.”
The prince turned his back on them all and walked out, trying to keep his head high.
“My, he is such a fiery man.” Mrs Briefs sighed.
“That is my man you're talking about,” Bulma warned.
“Oh so you are an official couple now!” Mrs Briefs beamed.
Bulma cringed, “No mother we're not, it was just the slip of my tongue. I don't think Vegeta really looks at me that way. I don't even know if Saiyans have girlfriends.”
“Best ask him soon dear,” Mrs Briefs said. “Once this gravity room is done, he'll be back to disappearing all day again.”
“It's private Mom, so please butt out.”
Mrs Briefs was going to say something else but her husband patted her on the shoulder and shook his head.
Bulma made her way back into the new gravity chamber to finish her meditation before beginning the incantation. She needed a clear mind to cast the spells, her mother wasn't helping. She missed when the woman was only her housekeeper Mrs Blunt and she could ignore her the old powerful more controlled world. She glanced back at her parents chatted and smiling to each other.
She shook her head as she realised she changed her mind. No she didn't miss the power and control at all, if anything she liked the chaos better. She felt a lot more comfortable with herself now that she wasn't the high and mighty Sorceress, now she was just Bulma Briefs. In a way she would miss this time when it was gone because soon her full power would return, then what would she do?
`I have to get my focus back, I don't like where this is heading.'
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