Dragon Ball/Z/GT Fan Fiction ❯ Touketsu ❯ Master ( Chapter 25 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]


Touketsu had not counted on the myriad, unwritten rules that dictated the limitations of the dragon's power. The dragon could not revive those who had been dead for more than one Earth year, as the body of the deceased was beyond the point of restoration past that time limit. Shenron explained that while he could bring Frieza back to life, his body would be in the state it was in right before death; that is, in pieces. A pointless wish - if it were anyone other than Frieza. Frieza's species could survive even after the body was reduced to bits. The emperor would not be brought back whole, but he would be alive.

His tail still wrapped tightly around Bulmla's ankle, Touketsu wished Frieza back to life and quickly used his second wish to make Frieza's destroyed body whole again. He had been dismayed to learn that a person was brought back to the place in which they died, which was certainly not where he was now standing. There was only one wish left, and he had to reserve it for Frieza as promised.

"You're alive, Frieza, and you have your final wish waiting for you," Touketsu growled under his breath. "I fulfilled my end of the deal. Now you're going to fulfill yours." He held his hand out before him and, giving Bulma a warning glare, released his tail from her ankle as he prepared to channel the dark energy.


"In a minute!" Touketsu snapped over his shoulder.


"Whatever," he muttered under his breath.

Bulma's breath caught in her throat. Lying in the snow on her back, she looked up at Shenron. This was her last chance. Too frightened that Touketsu would retaliate for her interference and later hurt Trunks, she had looked on helplessly as he quickly made his first two wishes. Because of her hesitation Frieza was back, but things could get even worse if she continued to sit idly by. It was beyond Shenron's powers to kill; her mind raced for a wish she could make.

Think of something you hate. As ever, Touketsu hated Frieza with every fiber of his being. He didn't trust the tyrant to not skip out on their deal, and the thought was infuriating. After everything he had gone through to bring the bastard back, Touketsu was going to get what he was promised. "Get your ass over here," he growled, his arm trembling with exertion. Touketsu grit his teeth in rising rage and urgency.


SHUT UP you overgrown reptile! The impatient beast hovering in the sky pushed Touketsu's anger to the boiling point. He felt his rage coalesce within him to a single point, and he felt that inward pull.

Bulma was about to blurt out a hasty wish to imprison Frieza somewhere when the words died on her tongue; a shadow suddenly cast over Touketsu's body and the dark light manifested. In the next instant it raced up his outstretched arm to tear a hole into the atmosphere.

Touketsu's eyes widened, a greedy grin spreading across his face. Yes, YES! The gateway widened, revealing a desolate, arid land beyond. There on the other side with his back to them stood Frieza in his perfect form. The tyrant made a quarter turn, a brief expression of surprise on his face. His eyes settled on Touketsu, and a pleased look spread across his features. He turned and walked towards him, stepping through the portal before it closed behind him in a spiral of flame.

"Well done, Touketsu. It seems there is some hope for you yet."

Bulma felt her blood run cold. This was the first time she had seen the infamous emperor up close, and she immediately wished she hadn't. She again looked up to the dragon, its expansive body still undulating impatiently in the dark sky.

"Shenron!" she shouted. Touketsu's head snapped in her direction. "I wish for you to send Frieza to-"

Eyes wide with alarm, Touketsu immediately tackled the woman lying in the snow and clamped a hand over her mouth. "Shut the fuck up, woman!" he snarled. Anyone could just blurt out whatever they wished once the dragon was summoned?! Gods, if he had known that

Frieza arched an eyebrow up at the display before his attention turned to the titanic dragon languidly writhing above them. "SPEAK YOUR THIRD AND FINAL WISH," it boomed. Frieza's eyes widened slightly in avarice.

Meanwhile, Bulma was struggling underneath Touketsu, trying in vain to pry his hand from off her mouth. In desperation, she bit down.

"Aaagh! You BITCH!" Touketsu jerked his hand back in surprise and pain, instinctively curling it into a fist. At that moment, Frieza looked over his shoulder towards the two in the snow.

"Is that female too much for you to handle, Touketsu?" Frieza asked blandly. "I'm trying concentrate."

"No my lord," the words automatically tumbling out of Touketsu's mouth.

"Vegeta don't let him!" Bulma screamed. Touketsu looked back down at her, and he made the mistake of looking into her pleading eyes. He felt himself again ensnared in her gaze, and his thoughts went to her words of warning earlier. Frieza could deceive meI know this is a possibility. I could steal the final wish. I could wish for mastery over my power, immortality, anything. He was being sorely tempted now. Steal the wish. He grit his teeth. Steal the wish!

But what if it wasn't enough?

Bulma saw the uncertainty in his eyes. She reached out to him. "Vegeta. Please. Please don't let him do it!"

With a roll of his eyes, Frieza returned his attention back to them. "It seems I must take care of everything," he drawled, annoyance dripping off every syllable.

Touketsu leaned away from her to look over his shoulder at Frieza. To his horror, he saw the tyrant pointing straight at her heart, the tip of his index finger glowing with deadly ki. The haunting sensation of his own heart being destroyed again assaulted him.

"No! No, wait!" he cried in panic, holding his hand out in supplication. He got off her completely and hauled her up. Wrapping one strong arm around her waist, he buried her mouth in the crook of his other arm. "I'll keep her quiet. Please, make your wish," he implored. He turned to the side, unconsciously shielding Bulma from the tyrant as she kicked and clawed uselessly.

"I AM TIRED OF WAITING," Shenron boomed above them.

Frieza regarded them curiously for only a moment before returning his attention to the celestial dragon. "Beast!" Frieza called out. "I wish for power that completely eclipses anything ever reached by any Saiyan!"


Instantly Frieza was suffused with a brilliant gold light, and Touketsu and Bulma squinted from the blinding energy. Alabaster armor and skin became a shining gold and purple, and even those who could not sense ki could feel the terrible power radiating off of him.

"FAREWELL," Shenron spoke as he disappeared. The Dragon Balls shot across the sky in different directions, scattering across the Earth once more as the blackness covering the sky lifted. Dawn was approaching.

Frieza held his hands out in front of himself, marveling over the immense power he could feel coursing through his veins. He chuckled softly to himself before it developed into full-blown laughter of near hysterical glee. He was free of Hell at last! What's more, he now wielded a power he could have never before imagined. He composed himself, a grim smile of satisfaction firmly affixed to his dark lips as he flexed his hands before him.

Frieza looked sidelong over his shoulder at the pair. "Tell me Touketsu, has Goku departed yet?"

Touketsu swallowed. Something was warning him against divulging to Frieza that he had hastened the Super Saiyan's departure. He doubtless would have gone back to Otherworld before Touketsu revived Frieza anyway. He nodded stiffly.

"Hm. Pity. With the power I have now I would have liked to have seen the monkey again. Ah well. There is still that other, sword-wielding ape to confront." Frieza powered down to his previous ivory form. He would save his energy for now. After all, he had an entire empire to rebuild. He turned his red eyes upon Touketsu and the woman before walking towards them, smiling unctuously.

Touketsu rigidly held the tyrant's gaze. Frieza was unstoppable now, and he tried to ignore the voice screaming from within that he had made a terrible, terrible mistake. "Our bargain?" he demanded, suddenly gripped with anxiety.

Frieza's smile broadened. "Ah yes. Guidance you were looking for, was it?"

This was it. Frieza could kill him if he deemed that he was of no further use. Touketsu spoke slowly so as not to betray the fear and uncertainty he actually felt. "You need me. You have an empire to rebuild. I have the potential to instantly take you anywhere you wish. You can rebuild your empire and re-establish your authority throughout the universe within no time at all. But, I need mastery over my abilities. You taught me that. Teach me how to control my power, and I'll continue to help you."

"Just what kind of power could I possibly wield when I'd be serving you?"

Touketsu stiffened slightly at the sudden intrusive thought, unease settling in the pit of his stomach. Frieza's voice recaptured his attention.

"That's well and good, Touketsu," Frieza chuckled. "I'm quite pleased with your service thus far. You've been very useful to me." His attention turned towards Bulma. "So. What use is this woman to you? You seem rather…attached to her."

Touketsu's breath caught in his throat. "She's a technical genius and an inventor" he spoke quickly. "She has technology capable of reducing even large vehicles into portable forms." Looking around for proof, He nodded to the capsules lying in the snow, emptied from the knapsack earlier. "Those capsules there - you need only depress the button at the top and toss it a short distance. Their contents will materialize."

Frieza nonchalantly picked up one of the capsules. He depressed the switch and tossed it away, a helicopter appearing in the snow with a loud 'POP'. Frieza arched his brow. "My my, most impressive," he muttered.

"She is one of the wealthiest humans on this planet," Touketsu continued rambling as Frieza turned and walked back to him. "She has vast resources at her disposal - technology, space faring vehicles, weaponry. The woman can create virtually anything - she would be very useful to you."

Frieza studied Touketsu prudently. "Yes. Now, as I had asked: What use is she to you?" Frieza asked, his eyes narrowing.

Touketsu felt exposed under Frieza's intense gaze. Finally, he confessed. "She was Vegeta's mate." Frieza's cool gaze continued to bore into him, the corner of his mouth twitching almost imperceptibly. Touketsu corrected himself. "She…she's my mate." Frieza's placid expression slowly broke into an ugly grin of amusement. He began to laugh, and Touketsu blinked in bewilderment over Frieza's inexplicable mirth.

"So the little elitist monkey, for all his talk of pride and Saiyan heritage, took an Earth woman as his mate?! Ha ha! Oh my, some people do indeed change." Frieza composed himself. "Well, I'll be generous with you, Touketsu. These capsules of hers are indeed intriguing. If she has the skills and resources as you claim then I do agree that she would be of some value to me as well."

Touketsu had since relaxed his grip on Bulma, and she pulled her head up just above his shaggy forearm. "Go to Hell, asshole! I'm not going to help you!"

"Shut up, woman!" Touketsu hissed, alarmed by her audacity.

Frieza reached out and gripped her face in his hand, squeezing with just enough pressure to make her cry out in pain. Touketsu looked on, tension gripping his body with a steel hold.

"Hm, hm," Frieza chuckled. "She has quite a mouth. You should listen to your mate, female." His red eyes slid back over to Touketsu. "I trust I have your allegiance, then?" Frieza asked politely. His grip on Bulma's face tightened, and she whimpered in pain over the increasing pressure.

Touketsu's heart was again seized with fear for the life of the woman he held in his arms. As much as had tried to free himself from his old life, in that moment he knew for certain: Vegeta's shadow was still tethered to him. His mouth felt like it was filled with sand. He swallowed. "Yes, Lord Frieza," he whispered.


Early on, Gohan, Piccolo, Trunks, and Goten had found few of the Kagemazoku. They dispatched them quickly, but continued to patrol in search of any others. Gohan frequently checked in on the ki signatures of his father and Yamcha, as he was unable to pick up on Vegeta's eerily subdued ki and Bulma's weak signature over the distance. He had heeded his father's warnings about Vegeta's unpredictable behavior, and so he was keeping close tabs on his father's party.

Suddenly he felt their energy levels spike. He quickly gathered that they were in the sudden midst of a battle. After a quick explanation to his group, Gohan sped a course to the Imoy Mountain Range. He felt his father push himself up to Super Saiyan 3. Flaring to Super Saiyan 2 himself, he increased his speed. When Goku's ki quickly plummeted before disappearing altogether, he felt his stomach drop; his father had pushed himself too far.

Shortly after, he felt Yamcha's ki spike in distress. Gohan reached out to him telepathically only to find he couldn't get through; whatever Yamcha was doing, he was completely preoccupied. Moments later, Yamcha's ki disappeared as well. His father was gone, and now Bulma may be in trouble. Gohan resumed his course to the mountain range, a sense of profound urgency pushing him along. He was not prepared for the abrupt appearance of a ki signature that he'd thought to never sense again, miles away in the opposite direction.

He stopped mid-air, an expression of horror and disbelief on his face. "Frieza," he mumbled. "No, no it can't be. How-"

Then it hit him: the Dragon Balls. It had to have been Vegeta; there was no other explanation. But it still begged the question why he would EVER wish his oppressor back. "Vegeta…what have you done?" he whispered to himself. He changed course. Bulma could be in danger, but it was Frieza that posed a threat to the entire planet. At Super Saiyan 2, Gohan would send the tyrant back to Hell without a problem at all.

He closed the distance quickly as he made his way towards the badlands. Gohan suddenly stopped mid-air, blinking in astonishment. Frieza's ki had disappeared from the area - only to reappear in the direction of the mountain range. What the hell was going on? "Damn it," Gohan hissed as he again changed course. He was wasting valuable time. Within the next minute, Gohan felt Frieza's energy soar to levels he had never before experienced. At that point, his mind had all but stopped working. He was about to reach out to Piccolo when his mentor beat him to the punch.

"Gohan, did you feel that?"

"Yeah, Piccolo I did. I'm on my over to them now."

"Gohan this is not the Frieza you last dealt with, you know that. This is unlike any power he has ever had before. We need to come up with a strategy."

"Piccolo, Bulma's in danger-"

"Bulma's clever enough to survive on her own for a while. She'll have to. Keep your power level low; We'll regroup at Kami's tower."

Gohan let out a hiss of worry and frustration. It tore him up to leave Bulma to fend for herself, but he knew his old teacher was right; if any of them went headlong into battle with the power level Frieza was at, they were all as good as dead. He made his way to Kami's Tower.


In the mountains, The rising sun lanced through the waning night to briefly ensanguine the heavy cloud cover. Two ghost white demons stood in the equally white snow, a human female held tightly in the arms of the black haired one.

Frieza released his grip on Bulma's face and turned his attention back to Touketsu. "We're not going to accomplish much idling about in the mountains, now are we? How is the power of flight coming for you?" he asked sweetly. Touketsu clenched his jaw and looked away self consciously. Frieza chuckled. "I see. Well, I suppose if flight is still beyond your grasp, now would be a good time to employ that technique of yours that actually holds some promise. Here, I'll hold that for you."

The tyrant grasped Bulma by the arm, his eye's locked on Touketsu's. Touketsu went rigid, and he glanced to Bulma for a moment. Reluctantly, he released his hold and Frieza stepped away from him, Bulma now in his grip. Unaware of it, Touketsu's eyes were pleading with Bulma's not to test the tyrant. Bulma only returned his imploring gaze with a look of disappointment and betrayal.

"It's been some time, but doubtless there are remnants of my Galactic Army still in existence throughout the universe," Frieza spoke. "Show me your worth, and take us to them."

Shit. Swallowing, Touketsu nodded. His posture tense and is heart twisting in fear for Bulma, he turned and held his right hand out before him. Concentrate, he thought. If I fail in this now Frieza could end us both.

He tried to focus…but on what? He didn't know of this army Frieza spoke of. As the seconds ticked by without results, his self-doubt intensified, further compounding his futile efforts. He could feel beads of cold sweat begin to prick his skin.

Frieza's reedy voice punctured the growing silence. "Do you recall your first lesson in Hell, Touketsu, when you opened the portal back to Earth?"

Touketsu started a little, and he looked hesitantly out the corner of his eye. "Yes. In order to create a portal to my objective, I had to feel hate.

"Ah, ah," Frieza chided, wagging an index finger. "Remember, it is what is behind the hatred that affects results."

Lowering his arm, Touketsu's eyes flicked to the side in thought for a moment. "Absolute conviction?" He queried, an eyebrow cocking up.

"Veeery good," Frieza answered patronizingly.

Toukesu scowled in frustration. "But what does that even mean?"

Frieza sighed, closing his eyes for a moment. "My dear boy it simply means you must make an unwavering decision to carry out your objective."

"I've done that, I've tried!" Touketsu protested.

Frieza's eyes immediately hardened. "Well then by all means, create a portal if you are so knowledgeable," he replied, his voice stern. "Just know that if you fail this time, I am ending your education, do you understand?"

Touketsu snapped his mouth shut at the threat. Swallowing, he found his voice. "I'm sorry. I just - earlier I tried to create a portal to the last Dragon Ball. I was unable to, and I can't understand why. Please…please explain what I was doing wrong."

Expressionless, Frieza eyed him cooly for a moment. Satisfied with Touketsu's deference, he continued his lesson. "It is not enough to make a decision on a conscious level; it must be unconscious as well." Touketsu's brows drew together in confusion, and Frieza elaborated. "Your emotions must be aligned with your rational mind. If you have a clear objective on a conscious level but your emotions are pulling you in the opposite direction, you will move nowhere. They must be in agreement."

Touketsu blinked at this revelation before scowling in thought. There must have been some part of him that didn't want to lead him to the last Dragon Ball. Was it the anxiety attached to them that repelled him? He couldn't know.

"We both know this is a new technique for you," Frieza's voice cut in, his tone again patient. "Indeed, it will require some practice. Try again."

Touketsu was getting nervous again. This 'Galactic Army' Frieza spoke of failed to prompt recollection of anything specific. How could he create a portal when he didn't have so much as a clear objective? Taking a deep breath, he voiced his admission. "I can't recall this army." Touketsu steeled himself for Frieza's reaction.

Frieza studied him a for a moment, and Touketsu inwardly prayed that the tyrant's patience wasn't gone. "This woman here has resources at her disposal?" He asked somewhat tiredly, tipping his head towards Bulma.

"Yes," Touketsu answered eagerly. "Yes, she has a lab containing equipment and inventions-"

"Very well," Frieza cut him off. "As you are familiar with this woman's facilities, take us there. If she has the technology and knowledge that you claim, then I will have her dispatch a communique to a number of my empire's outposts. In the meantime, I will temporarily set up the seat of my empire here on this planet. It will not take long for my fleets to arrive."

Touketsu quietly breathed a sigh of relief as he made a second attempt to create the portal. He had been half expecting Frieza to execute him right then and there. In that moment however it was not death itself that he feared: it was the knowledge that the woman would be left alone with the diabolical emperor.

"Might I make another suggestion?" Frieza politely asked. Touketsu held his breath. "Give your technique a name. Voicing your intention will help your focus."

Touketsu turned his head slightly towards Frieza and quirked an eyebrow. Name it? That sounded ridiculous. He suddenly recalled his first fight with Goku; "Kamehameha" was what the Saiyan had cried out before deploying a powerful ki attack. Then there was the boy Trunks, who had called his attack "Gallic Gun". It worked for them, and he didn't dare question Frieza again.

Touketsu again turned to focus on his task. He grit his teeth in determination and put all his focus into his will. He knew of the woman's facilities, but it was the living room where he was introduced to the boy that he kept seeing in his mind's eye. He had to make this happen. If he didn't, Frieza could finally decide to kill him…and Bulma would be at the emperor's mercy.

The shadow fell over him and he felt the dark energy strum within. Aware that it was beginning to work, he latched onto the sensation. Don't choke now. To his alarm, the moment that thought ran through his head the power began to wane. Name it! Give it a name, damn it! His thoughts suddenly racing, he intoned the first word that came to mind:

"Kuromon." In an instant the dark energy coursed through his body, the ensuing fires traveling up his arm along with the shadow to tear into the atmosphere. On the other side lay Bulma's living room.

Touketsu's eyes widened, and he straightened as he was flooded with relief and a powerful sense of accomplishment. Bulma's stomach dropped at the familiar sight of her home. She had never thought she'd feel so much despair at the sight of her own living room.

"Very good, Touketsu. I knew you could do it," Frieza smiled. He walked ahead through the portal, dragging Bulma with him. Touketsu felt a surge of pride over the rare compliment, his concern for Bulma suddenly clouded over. He walked after them and the portal closed.


Gohan touched down at the Lookout. Goten ran up to him, Trunks on his heels as Piccolo stood grimly behind them, arms crossed.

"Gohan, I can't feel dad! What happened? And what's that power we felt?"

"Yeah - what's he doing with my mom and dad?!" Trunks demanded.

Gohan held his hands up in supplication before looking seriously to his younger brother. He placed a hand on his shoulder. "Goten, Dad's gone back to Otherworld. He went Super Saiyan 3 again, and it just used up too much of his energy."

Goten looked crestfallen that his father was already gone. He had barely gotten to see him. Gohan continued. "Now I don't know fully what's going on here, but Frieza's been wished back. Neither of you were born yet when we fought him, but years ago he came close to destroying us all along with this planet." He took a deep breath. "And now he's stronger than dad at his best. Far stronger than Super Saiyan 3."

The boys' faces fell before Trunk's expression drew into a scowl. Frieza again; that guy that his mother told him about - the one that his father had been forced to work for. Trunks had gotten most of his information about the tyrant from his mother, his dad having mentioned him only once or twice before; Trunks had gathered early on that his father didn't want to talk about him. He looked up at Gohan, fierce determination blazing in his blue eyes.

"Well what are waiting for?! He has my mom and dad! We have to help them!" Trunks shouted.

"Now hang on, Trunks," Gohan cautioned. He left out his suspicions that Vegeta had apparently been the one to wish his old master back. "We can't just run into battle without some kind of strategy. Frieza's more powerful than ever - more than any of us right now. We could be putting our lives in danger, not to mention your mother's.

"You could use the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, Gohan," Dende suggested. It's your best bet to reach a level beyond that of what Frieza has.

"Can we really afford a day?" Piccolo asked, walking up.

"I'm worried about that too, Piccolo," Gohan said, turning to his old mentor. "But I can't think of a better idea."

While the adults debated, Trunks and Goten gave each other a look. Submerging their ki, they quietly slipped away and took to the air towards Capsule Corp.


Dragging Bulma with him as Touketsu followed behind, Frieza stepped into the living room as the portal closed. "Take this for me will you, Touketsu?" Frieza said politely, pushing Bulma towards him. Obediently, Touketsu grasped her by the arm as Frieza turned around.

A shattered, crumpled picture on the coffee table caught the tyrant's attention, and he quirked an eyebrow. It was a picture of the woman and Vegeta, an infant on his shoulders pulling at his face. Vegeta apparently had sired offspring with this woman as well.

Frieza lifted his eyes to the fireplace just in front of him and the myriad framed photos that adorned its mantel piece. In many of them was a blue eyed boy with purple hair, often seen standing with the blue haired woman who was obviously his mother. It was the same child as the infant in the damaged photo, no doubt. He narrowed his eyes. The boy looked remarkably like the teenage punk that sliced him to pieces years ago. Was it his child then? But then what was the child's relationship with Vegeta? He tuned into Touketsu speaking to him from behind.

"The underground lab is just beneath this compound. "I'll take you to it."

"Touketsu," Frieza spoke, stopping the demon prince in his tracks. The tyrant turned to him. "Did…Vegeta sire any offspring?"

Bulma looked to Touketsu, fear in her eyes. Touketsu hesitated in answering for a moment, not missing her expression. "Yes, Lord Frieza." He nodded to the photos on the mantel. "A boy. That is him in those images."

Frieza looked back to the pictures, studying them. "Hm. Are you sure? "The boy here looks like a young version of the Super Saiyan that killed me."

Touketsu's back stiffened. What? He blinked in bewilderment, his brows drawing together. "H-how do you mean, my lord?"

Frieza wasn't paying any attention to the pair behind him as he continued to scrutinize the pictures. "The Saiyan punk that cut me down had purple hair just like this…blue eyes. Hmm. Yes. The resemblance is unmistakable." He snorted in disgust. "Saiyans have such a propensity to look like their sires."

Touketsu was staring blankly, his mind reeling. He barely registered the woman next to him insisting it wasn't true. She had taken another mate? While she was mated to Vegeta? To…him?! She lied to him. He knew it. He knew it, and yet he bought her lies. The way she hung out with that scar-faced idiot, telling him they were just "friends". The scar faced one, a lavender hair teenager - how many other males was she fooling around with?!

Frieza turned, his eyes going to Bulma. He could read her well. He knew the look on an individual's face when their family was in danger. "You - woman." She snapped her head in Frieza's direction. "Your penchant for younger men lead you to be a little faithless with Vegeta?" he snickered dirtily.

Finally snapping out of his catatonic state, Touketsu looked to Bulma accusingly. He seethed. He had HAD his suspicions of her, and Frieza just confirmed them. Filthy, lying, conniving bitch! In that moment he was so furious he wanted to kill her. He struggled to keep the shadow repressed. It was taking every ounce of his will power not to tear her apart right then and there while Frieza was still interrogating her. His grip on her arm tightened to the point of being painful.

"Ow, Vegeta," Bulma pleaded. "It's not true-"

"Oh come now," Frieza interrupted, highly amused by the spat that was unfolding. "Your little boy is a mirror image of the teenager that killed me. You can't tell me he didn't father your child."

"He didn't!" Bulma shot back, incensed. "Vegeta is his father!" Bulma had been ready to lie to the very end to keep Frieza from knowing that she and Vegeta had a child, but there was no helping that now; she would be damned if she was going to stand here and let the ugly, white bastard accuse her of infidelity.

Frieza sniggered, shrugging. "So you say. The truth will come out soon enough. I'll have my vengeance on that Super Saiyan punk, wherever he is. His boy will be useful leverage. First things first, however. Touketsu, take us to this lab. No time like the present."

"Of course, my lord," Touketsu ground out. His blood was ice in his veins, his heart hollow. She and the boy were a family of lies just like Zhernobog and the Kagemazoku. He was a fool - an absolute fool to have ever trusted her in the slightest. He hated himself even more than her. He pulled her along as he led his master to the lab.