Dragon Ball/Z/GT Fan Fiction ❯ Touketsu ❯ Servitude ( Chapter 32 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]


Kabito stepped in front of his master in a protective gesture. For a moment the harsh-faced warrior and the ghost-white demon stood across from each other, motionless. Suddenly the horned creature's skin became obfuscated by darkness as pulsing light raced up and down the markings on its face and arms. The stone in its chest began to glow, and its body burst with an aura of dripping indigo flames. The fires spread out from its feet, creeping across the grass and searing it with black frost.

The figure strode towards them, malicious intent in every step as darkness followed it. The demon's skin continued to rapidly darken until it was black as night, and the flames plunged to an icy blue before quickly deepening to sapphire. Without hesitation Kabito flew at the advancing monster, his arm drawn back as he prepared to strike it down.

They engaged, the wild-haired oni dodging every offensive Kabito threw at it. Finally it retaliated. Swinging a clawed hand of icy fire upwards, it raked through the guardian's clothing and into his chest. The guardian cried out in agony as he fell to the ground, gripping the wound as the injury continued to be savaged by the unquenchable flames. The ruddy shade of his skin drained of color, and he felt his life force ebb. He looked up at the monster that stood over him. Glittering, pyrope eyes flared as it swung its right arm out to the side.

"Svaroken!" The demon instantly became white as death again as the darkness and fire raced up its arm. A wickedly curved blade of black energy dripping with the toxic aura coalesced over a hand tightly flexed into a claw. With a cry of fury he swung the blade down and through Kabito, ripping apart his being in an all-consuming black fire. The creature turned its attention to the Supreme Kai before quickly advancing on him.

Horrified, the Supreme Kai fell back, firing one ki blast after the other at the creature. The demon brought up its blade each and every time, but rather than deflect the attacks they were simply swallowed by the dark weapon. The beast leapt up and swung the sword at the Supreme Kai as the weapon erupted with the accrued energy. The god leapt back but still caught the attack as the sword raked diagonally across his chest. A bleeding wound of dripping, smoking blackness was left in its wake, the icy fires trickling down in rivulets as they ravaged the open wound.

With a cry of pain the Supreme Kai fell upon his back, instantly weakened. The creature stalked up to him. It simply stood over him for a moment, an expression of disgust on its features. The corner of its mouth cracked into a snarl, exposing a sharp canine. It spoke.

"Yes. Sit on your ass and do nothing. That is your way, isn't it?" the creature accused in a gravely voice.

The Supreme Kai blinked in some bewilderment when it spoke. He braced one hand on the ground and cautiously sat up. "What? Who are you?"

The demon's nose twitched in annoyance, and its blade dissipated. It crossed its arms in disdain. "And here I thought the God of All Things would be more knowledgeable. I shouldn't be surprised. Disappointment seems to be in my cards after all," it bit out. It began to circle the kai like a predator sizing up wounded prey. "Would that I even knew who I was anymore."

The Supreme Kai warily stood on weakened legs, his hand covering his wound protectively. "I'm sorry. The universe is vast, and as such I must focus my attention in order to hone in on a specific individual."

The looming creature stopped in front of him and sneered. "A weak excuse if I ever heard one, but I'll humor you because I want some answers too. It's the least you could possibly do before I shred you into oblivion. My name is...," it faltered a moment, "it was Vegeta. I was the prince of the Saiyans." The Supreme Kai's eyes lit up with recognition. The demon prince looked at him pointedly. "It's also Touketsu. Does that help?"

"Yes, Prince Vegeta." The Supreme Kai answered quietly. "I'm familiar with you and your life's path."

Touketsu-Vegeta sneered. "Yes, a path. A path that goes in a complete fucking circle." He narrowed his eyes. "Do you gods enjoy this? Are you that bored lazing about on your asses that you feel the need to use us in the physical world as your entertainment?"

"Vegeta," the Supreme Kai spoke gently but firmly. "The kais do not interfere with the lives of mortals. While mortals have their own destinies, they also have the free will to realize their destinies within their lifetimes or not. Any active intervention on our part would violate that. We cannot force anything, nor do we. We can only offer guidance. Whether or not mortals accept that guidance is entirely up to them."

"What the fuck guidance are you talking about?" he snapped. "Not once have I ever received any guidance from the likes of you."

"We do offer guidance…when we are asked. It is up to that individual to both ask for our advice and to listen for it. We can speak through you and through your world, but you must be able to quiet your mind in order to hear what we are saying and showing to you. If people are unable to clear their minds of that which troubles them, then our advice may become twisted by their own thoughts. It then becomes difficult for us to communicate with mortals without our words being misinterpreted."

"Tch. What a bullshit answer. Is there any "guidance" you could have given me to avoid this deplorable destiny of mine?"

"Deplorable? What destiny do you believe is yours?" The Supreme Kai asked patiently.

Toukestu-Vegeta snorted mirthlessly. "Again, the all-knowing god doesn't know," he sneered. "From the beginning I've been teased about what I should be. I was born a prince. From a young age I was lead to believe I had power, control, and authority. I was told I was destined for greatness, that my future would be one of pride and honor. For a short time in my life I expected to inherit my father's kingdom and become king myself one day." He took a step forward. "None of that happened," he hissed. "My life has been the exact opposite of a king's. Since I was five years old I've been nothing but a slave. I had to die a humiliating, slow death before I could be free of Frieza's reign, and then I wake up to realize that it was some third class clown that usurped my birthright." The Supreme Kai knew to whom he was referring. Goku and Vegeta's lives were inextricably intertwined.

"Somehow, somewhere, I found myself in service to Zhernobog's army. I fought to free myself of them, to finally regain control, only to wake up and find myself right back where I was with Frieza." His voice dropped. "Then…on top of it all…I find out that I have been serving the Kagemazoku quite possibly before I was even born." Touketsu-Vegeta's eyes drilled into the god accusingly. His hands began to curl into trembling fists.

"BEFORE I WAS BORN!" He roared. "How can that be? You're trying to tell me that I could have prevented this from happening? That I had a choice as to whether or not I accept this fate?!" Breathing hard now, Touketsu-Vegeta began to lose himself. "This is all written out, isn't it?" he gestured with a fervid hand, his eyes intense with rising madness. "It doesn't matter what choices I make. It doesn't matter where I am or where I've been - the past, the present, the future, this dimension or another - I'm destined for slavery. Tell me I'm wrong!" he demanded. "Tell me that in some other dimension I'm not serving some other war-lord, or groveling to some other god of destruction, or…enslaved by some fucking wizard or a witch for all I know! My birthright as a destined king has only filled me with false hope and aspirations that I couldn't possibly reach. It's a sick fucking game! YOUR sick fucking game!" he screamed, jabbing a taloned finger at the god. "WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME!?"

The Supreme Kai let him finish his tirade. He took a deep breath and spoke slowly and calmly. "Vegeta, you do have a destiny, as do all things. You are not wrong." The Supreme Kai looked him bravely in the eyes. "Your destiny is to serve."

Touketsu-Vegeta's eyes flared and his jaw clenched. He felt as though he had been stabbed through the heart. He knew it to be true, didn't he? He merely wanted confirmation. He demanded it from the little god, and he got it. His nostrils flared as his breathing quickened, his mouth a thin line as he began shaking with torturous rage. There had been a small part of him that held out hope that this terrible destiny wasn't true. In just a few words the God of All Things snuffed out that last bit of hope like the dying ember it was. He felt the last bit of himself die. The shadow crept over his body.

The Supreme Kai bravely held the burning gaze of the darkening demon looming over him. "You are destined to serve, because a leader - a true leader, a good leader - serves others. You were born to lead, Vegeta."

The darkness spreading through Touketsu-Vegeta waned at this as he looked at the god in bewilderment. His features quickly hardened, his body darkening again as the negative energy pulsed once throughout his body. "You dare," he whispered dangerously. "Lead?" I lead NO ONE. Time and again I've been forced into servitude by some entity or another-"

"They have free will just as you do, Vegeta. All things do," the Supreme Kai calmly interjected. "Your destiny is your own, but you will find that your will may run counter to that of others. Not you nor any mortal is meant to suffer. Mortals are only meant to realize their full potential - their destinies. The path to one's destiny can be fraught with obstacles that one can either succumb to or overcome. Overcome them, and you will be reshaped into something stronger. As a Saiyan, you should know this well. Your increased strength will aid you in realizing your purpose. On the path to your destiny however, you have unconsciously accepted the will of others as your own. They've twisted your destiny. What you are now is a shadow of what you're supposed to be.-"

"FUCK YOU!" He screamed over him. "Who the hell could I have ever lead?! My people were destroyed by Frieza long ago, along with my entire planet!" His voice began to crack. "I have NO people to lead! My entire life is a fucking joke!"

"Even a kingdom starts with a family. What of your family, Vegeta?"

Touketsu-Vegeta faltered for several moments, grief and regret spreading over his features. "They're dead," he rasped.

"You once died. Yet, here you are. Alive."

"Am I?" he hissed.

"You are among that handful of mortals in the universe aware of the existence of the wish orbs. You don't have to continue down this path, Vegeta. Your family is in a good place in the Spirit Realm, but just as you do, they have a destiny to fulfill. If you wish to try again with them, you can. You can choose to go back and find the Dragon Balls. You can wish them back into your life, and together, through each other, you can fulfill your true destinies. Serve your family and the people of the planet you have come to call home. Stand by your partner's side and guide your descendants together. Lead them."

Touketsu-Vegeta's eyes softened with indecision and confusion. The shadow that covered his body began to wane, until finally it receded completely. His mind was reeling, and he took a step back. Destined to lead? As his father always told him? He lead Nappa and Raditz, the only two Saiyans in existence…or did they follow his title and his power? Was leadership different from titles, intimidation and coercion? Was there such a thing as leading without wielding the power that would force others to follow? Would anyone willingly follow him? Would his family stand by him, after the way he betrayed them?

"I can't," he confessed quietly, remembering the broken way Bulma had looked at him. He dropped his head, his brow furrowing. "She won't forgive me, and neither would my son."

"That is certainly true if you do nothing."

Touketsu-Vegeta glanced back up at the deity, shaking his head. "I had a chance with them, and I made all the wrong decisions, all the wrong moves. I can't trust myself to get it right this time. I - I can't lead them!" he hissed through clenched teeth.

The Supreme Kai approached the despondent creature. "You can lead, Vegeta. You must trust in yourself. If your decisions are motivated by selfless service to those you truly care about, then they are the right ones.

"I don't know them!" Touketsu-Vegeta protested.

"You do. Your bond with them is ingrained. You don't have to be conscious of this in order for it to be true. Your memories of them are there deep within you, and you can recover them. You must be open to that part of your mind in order to be receive them. Your family can help shape you into the person you were always meant to be, and you them. You can help each other fulfill your destinies."

Touketsu-Vegeta shook his head in denial. "I've done too much wrong, I-" A thought suddenly occurred to him. He straightened, a distant look in his eyes. "No one lives forever," he murmured to himself. He looked back to the Supreme Kai, his voice level. "You said they were in a good place. Eventually, they will die again, and they will go back there." He stepped towards the god, fixing him in place with his eyes. "Where will I be?"

The Supreme Kai said nothing.

"That's right," he said quietly. "Nothing I do now will erase what I've already done. I'll be in Hell, just as I've always been. Those people were never meant to stay in my life. They were never really a part of it to begin with." His body grew dark. "Nothing can get me out of Hell."

"Vegeta, please listen to yourself. You're placing your desires before them. If you are to be in service to them you must not do this." Touketsu-Vegeta's body burst into dripping blue and purple fires, and the Supreme Kai's voice became more impassioned. "If you proceed down this path you will destroy the entire cosmos - you could destroy the Spirit World! What do you think will happen to the souls you care about? There will be nothing left-"

Touketsu-Vegeta struck the god in the face with a clawed palm, sending him flying to roll across the grass. He slowly walked up to the god that was struggling to get up. The demon looked like a living eclipse. "You'll say anything to live, won't you?" he seethed. "Ultimately, in the end, even the All Mighty God puts self preservation above all else. Now that's something you have in common with the most lowly mortal," he snarled. He flung his right hand out to his side, the darkness leaving his body to concentrate into Svaroken. "There is nothing. He raised the dark sword over his head. "And I am going to expose all of existence for what it actually is: AN ILLUSION!" He brought the sword down.

Touketsu-Vegeta was suddenly struck in his left temple, knocking him back several yards and making the sword disappear in a cascade of black smoke and fire. He somersaulted across the earth, tearing trenches into the land before he finally came to a stop on his stomach. He pushed himself up on his arms. Blinking, he angrily shook off the blow. What the hell was that? He looked up.

A Super Saiyan 2 Goku, a halo above his head, stood between him and the Supreme Kai.

Touketsu-Vegeta blinked in astonishment before his eyes narrowed in hatred. He drew himself up to his feet, his tail lashing angrily behind him. "Kakarot. How in the fuck is it that you're here?" he hissed. He gave a snort of sarcastic amusement. "But then I suppose you don't have many places to go, being dead and all."

Goku blinked. Kakarot? "Vegeta? What do you remember?"

"I remember two pointless lives," he spat. "I'm breaking this cycle, and no one's going to stop me, least of all a clown like you."

Here on the Supreme Kai's planet, the living and the dead could co-exist on the same plane; this gave Goku an advantage. Every blow he landed would be just as powerful as it would have been on the physical plane, but he was free of the restrictions of a physical body. Without a body to tire, he had longer endurance. However, his lack of a body also made him more susceptible to Touketsu-Vegeta's blade and siphoning attacks; without a body to take the hit first, his soul would instead bear the brunt of it.

Goku got down into his battle stance. "I won't let you kill the Supreme Kai."

"Do you think you can stop me from destroying the entire cosmos, Kakarot?"

"Yes. I'm not going to let you do this. I heard what the Supreme Kai told you. I had King Kai's help with that. Don't you see he's trying to help you? You don't want to make the same mistakes anymore? Well, he's trying to tell you how! Listen to him, Vegeta!"

"I'm through listening," Touketsu-Vegeta snarled. His skin began to darken like an approaching thunderstorm. "I'm through being lectured to and manipulated like some fucking child. And you can go straight to Hell!" He threw his palm out, charged with destructive black energy.

Before the blast could be released, Goku IT'd behind him and performed a spin kick to the prince's jaw. The demon prince was flung back, the dark energy still contained within a tightly closed fist. Backflipping and landing on his feet, he pushed off the ground and launched back at Goku.

"Kurokei!" Touketus-Vegeta blasted the ball of dark energy that he had managed to hold onto. Goku quickly countered with a powerful ki blast of his own. The dark energy swallowed it before imploding, sucking everything towards the point of impact before disappearing. With a roar, Touketsu-Vegeta summoned Svaroken. Leaping at Goku, he swung the blade again and again. Goku quickly went Super Saiyan 3 as he dodged every strike, much to the demon's frustration.

Suddenly Goku phased behind Touketsu-Vegeta, catching his right arm as it was being drawn back for another strike. He brought the demon's captured arm down hard over his knee, instantly shattering his elbow. Touketsu-Vegeta howled in pain and unbridled rage as he lost hold of the ki-blade. His skin instantly went black, his body bursting into icy flames as he whirled around and grabbed Goku by the face, sucking out the Saiyan's spirit energy and repairing his broken arm.

Goku felt his spirit flicker and he reflexively kicked out, striking the demon in the midsection and sending him flying in the opposite direction. The siphoning attack aborted, Touketsu-Vegeta backflipping once before landing on his feet. Goku dropped to Super Saiyan 2. They stood on guard for a moment, appraising each other.

The demon prince's body faded back to white, his now indigo aura still dripping from his form. "Hn. Hero complex. Some things never change." His diabolical objective wavered a little. He was now seeing Goku through the eyes of Vegeta, and he found himself burning with the desire to know. He had to know. "It was satisfying slicing you in half on that mountain, Kakkarot. I don't think the experience was nearly as enjoyable as it should have been however, not when I couldn't fully comprehend just who you were. I feel a little robbed," he quipped in mock-hurt. His mouth slowly broke into a fanged grin. "So, we both reached Super Saiyan 2, did we? It's a terrible shame I don't remember your defeat."

Goku blinked in some bewilderment before he realized what he was alluding to.

Touketsu-Vegeta tapped a taloned finger to his temple. "My uh, memory isn't what it was," he said quietly, a small, a mirthless smile tugging his lips before dropping completely. "So you're going to tell me how I killed you."

"Vegeta, that's not what happened," Goku told him slowly. "We were allies-"

"And we were allies on that mountain, Kakarot," Touketsu-Vegeta interrupted. "I fail to see your point. We had a score to settle, and I know full well how I would have restored my honor, past alliances be damned."

The younger Saiyan looked into the other's eyes. The prince didn't remember how Goku died, or their alliance against the Androids and Cell. A part of Goku wasn't convinced that Vegeta would have killed him if they ever had their rematch, not when the prince had grown so close to his oldest friend. The prince had regained a few lost memories since returning to Earth with the Kagemazoku. Regardless, right then, Goku knew beyond a shadow of a doubt: this was the old Vegeta.

"You didn't kill me, Vegeta."


"You didn't! We put off our rematch to unite against a common threat, the Androids."

"We didn't put it off for long, and you know it," he snapped. "Are you too humiliated to admit your defeat, Kakarot?"

"We didn't get around to it-"

"Stop lying and tell me-"

"I'm tell the tru-"



Touketsu-Vegeta was stunned into silence. He blinked. "…Wha?" Touketsu-Vegeta knew there was no way he could have defeated the younger Saiyan without being on equal footing. "YOU LIE!"

"It's true. I told you we were allies. We all fought together to protect the Earth from Dr. Gero's Androids. I was killed fighting the android Cell."

Touketsu-Vegeta stared at him incredulously before he began shaking his head in denial. "No. No, that's BULLSHIT! What of the Dragon Balls? I was killed by Frieza on Namek, I know this now! Yet I had a fam-" He stopped himself. When he spoke again his voice was low and quiet. "I was brought back. It was the Dragon Balls, it had to have been. How could I have been wished back to life with those things and your idiot friends not do the same for you!? I don't believe it!"

"They were going to wish me back, but I decided to stay dead."

Touketsu-Vegeta was in disbelief. "What?" he hissed. "Why?"

"I thought that by being alive on Earth I was attracting enemies. I wanted to keep my friends and family safe."

Touketsu-Vegeta's skin began to darken like an approaching thunderstorm. Familiar words whispered through his mind: He must have not deemed you worthy. "We never settled our score," He asserted, his voice trembling with growing rage.

"I…we - never had the chance," Goku stuttered.

The demon prince could barely form words now. "You…you outpaced me again, and then you left?" His eyes narrowed. "You told that midget cueball not to kill me so we could fight again. I was wished back to life after Frieza killed me. I became a Super Saiyan…and our rematch never HAPPENED!?" Touketsu-Vegeta's body burst into dripping blue and purple flames that quickly darkened to a blood red.

Goku straightened. "That's right, Vegeta. I wasn't thinking about our rivalry. My decision was motivated by my family and friends - your family too. Every threat that had come to Earth - Radditz, Frieza, the Androids, Cell, even you - you all wanted to kill me, and the Earth was always at the center of the danger."

"You flatter yourself," he ground out, his body shaking with his skyrocketing fury. Then, an inextricably placid expression took over his features. His body stopped shaking, and it plunged into a shade of darkest onyx. The flames flowing from his body and pooling at his feet cooled to an icy blue. He straightened, his expression cold and dead when he looked Goku in the eyes.

When he spoke again, his voice was low and calm. "Tell me Kakarot, do you believe you made the right decision?" Goku said nothing, his body tense. Touketsu-Vegeta took a step towards him. "Did your absence on Earth protect your friends and family?" Touketsu-Vegeta saw the weakness of self doubt pass fleetingly through the other's eyes. "Where are they now?" he asked softly. At Goku's continued silence he offered, "Perhaps you should go see them while you still can." Not taking his eyes off Goku, Touketsu-Vegeta held his right arm out to the side, palm out. The darkness left his body to travel up his outstretched arm as the atmosphere began to warp around his hand.

"Back when I was just Vegeta all I wanted was a rematch with you. But you're already a ghost, and I have a larger agenda than to play contact sports with a dead man. Stay here and come to terms with the decisions you've made. I'm done with you." His eyes slid over to the small deity behind Goku. "Soon enough, dear god," he sneered. "KUROMON!" A portal was torn into the atmosphere. "Visiting hours are over, Kakarot. Good luck following me onto the physical plane without a body."

Goku stiffened. Oh no.

Still weakened from the vampiric attack, Goku was unable to move fast enough to stop him. Touketsu-Vegeta gave him a lingering look before stepping through the portal, and it quickly closed behind him.

The Supreme Kai struggled to stand. "Goku! He has to be stopped. He's going to destroy all of Creation. He won't stop with the physical plane. He could continue through every dimension, including the Spirit World. There'll be absolutely nothing left!"

"But I can't cross over!" Goku's mind raced. The Earth's Dragon Balls were again dormant. "We can contact Mirin on Namek, ask them to gather the Dragon Balls-"

"There's no time, Goku! Take my life."

Goku faltered. "What?"

"I will give you my life if you accept it. It's a technique I learned from my ancestors long ago. I think the situation merits it," he said, giving him a strained smile.

Goku nodded stiffly. The Supreme Kai sat cross-legged upon the grass and closed his eyes. In the next instant a needle of light flashed through the god's head, and he slumped over. To Goku's amazement, the little god simply sat back up, a halo now hovering over his head.

"Go, Goku. No time to lose."

"The halo that had been over Goku's head was gone. He flexed a fist, and he could feel the blood pumping through a newly restored body. "Oh wow," he breathed. He nodded in gratitude. "Thank you, Supreme Kai."

Goku put two fingers to his head and prepared to latch onto Touketsu-Vegeta's ki when he had a second thought; he was going to make a detour, but he had to act fast. Focusing on Korin's ki, he teleported back to the physical plane.


The white cat looked over his shoulder in surprise at the unexpected visitor. "Goku! You're alive! What-"

"No time, Korin. Do you have any senzu beans?" Goku asked urgently.

The old cat leaned on his staff. "I'm sorry, Goku. I gave the last five I had to Gohan. "

"Shit," Goku muttered, clenching his fist. Gohan was gone, the beans in all likelihood destroyed with him. He grit his teeth over the reminder of his eldest son's death. Even if the beans were out there somewhere there was no way he could find them now; there were no fighters left whose ki signature he could latch onto. He had to leave and face the demon prince, senzu or no. He put two fingers to his head as he prepared to use Instant Transmission when he noticed something on the floor out of the corner of his eye. He reached down and picked it up. It was a single senzu bean.

"I didn't even notice it lying there with all this darkness going on," Korin remarked. "Gohan must have dropped it."

"Thank you, son," Goku whispered. He dropped the bean into a pouch and stuffed it into the folds of his gi.

"Gook luck, Goku."

"Thanks, Korin." He put two fingers to his head and spread out his senses for Vegeta's altered ki. Several agonizing seconds passed, then a minute; Goku began to perspire from the effort. Vegeta's ki was almost non-existent in this state, and on top of that, Goku was combing the entire galaxy in search of it. What if he wasn't even on this plane anymore? He could be wreaking havoc anywhere. Goku's brow creased. He closed his eyes tight as he continued to concentrate. "Come on," he hissed urgently to himself.


Touketsu-Vegeta hadn't focused on anything in particular when he crossed back over to the physical plane. He stepped out onto blue grass. He caught his breath at the sight of the verdant sky above, completely thrown off guard.

He was on New Namek. To the prince however, it may as well have been the original one; he was unaware of its destruction. It was here that he met his demise at the hands of Frieza, all in a bid for freedom. A Namekian village lay in the valley that spread before him, one of seven which each guarded the planet's Dragon Balls. He stared down at it, scarcely breathing as his hands curled into fists. The village below began to warp through a veil of bitter tears. Helplessness and furious rage quickly bubbled up, drowning his thoughts in a nightmarish cacophony of despair. It was all for nothing.

He raised a trembling hand and aimed at the village below. Through the agonized screaming in his head, far in the back, a faint voice implored to gather the orbs again. He remembered the Supreme Kai's words. He was right here. He could wish them back. He had a chance.

His skin darkened, and the energy strummed within him. I can't keep them. Their part in my life was nothing but an illusion. He grit his teeth, the lump in his throat rising as the negative energy grew over his palm. A thin, familiar voice whispered right into his ear, effortlessly cutting through the storm of conflicting thoughts:

"It's not as though you can miss what you've never had."

A millisecond before he released the blast, a fist plowed into his face. His head snapped back and he fell down sitting, the lethal energy dissipating. He cupped a hand to his bleeding nose, his growl of hatred muffled as he glared up at a Super Saiyan 2 Goku standing over him.

"DAMN YOU!" he screamed, scrambling up as he threw his hand out to blast him. Goku phased in at his side and snapped a kick to the prince's head which was quickly blocked, the prince's body darkening for a split second as his virulent aura flared. They immediately began exchanging a flurry of punches and kicks, completely deadlocked in hand-to-hand combat. As soon as they engaged, the Saiyan prince and all of his resentments towards the younger Saiyan rapidly rose again to erupt like a volcano.

"WHY CAN'T YOU STAY DEAD?!" Touketsu-Vegeta roared has he met Goku strike for strike.

"Don't be a fool, Vegeta! We can wish them back! Right here, right now! Why would you throw it all away!?"

"Ah yes, it's simple, isn't it?! Just wish them back," he panted between blows and blocks. "I could also wish to remember what I lost - this tease of a family that is a complete fucking mystery to me! I could wish to scrub my mind of my worst memories! Yes, that's the solution. Start with a clean slate." He blocked a punch from Goku before grabbing his wrist, twisting his arm and earning a scream of pain from the younger Saiyan. "Then I can go in blind and repeat this hell ALL! OVER! AGAIN!" he screamed as he repeatedly struck Goku in the face. Touketsu-Vegeta kneed him into the solar plexus and released him. Goku doubled over, and the prince immediately delivered a double-axe handle over his neck.

The Saiyan collapsed onto his hands and knees before quickly twisting around, firing a volley of ki blasts at his enemy. Touketsu-Vegeta quickly phased out of the way when he launched himself into the air. Levitating in the green sky, the demon prince's body cast in shadow as the dark energy raced and pulsed throughout. The dark prince looked down at the Namekian village below, now being vacated by its panicked populace. He again took aim.