Dragon Ball/Z/GT Fan Fiction ❯ Treasure Planet: The Parody! ❯ The Cast And Crew ( Prologue )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Disclaimer-Treasure Planet belongs to Walt Disney Productions, Treasure Island belongs to Robert Louis Stevenson, and DBZ belongs to Akira Toriyama. *Raises Toriyama flag* We'll never surrender to Funimation! NEVER!! And Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous belongs to Good Charlotte

The Cast And Crew

Sailor J-chan: OK, it's time for J-chan Productions to put on a parody!

Everyone: *Groans*

Sailor J-chan: Shut up! Who's using your sorry dubbed @$$3$, anyway? I only got 7 subbed DVDs. BUT I RELISH IN THEM!!!!!!

Vegeta: That means we can't curse?

Sailor J-chan: It'll have to be censored, but you can curse!

Vegeta: *Goes into a round of cursing that is unsuitable to even censor, so you will use your imaginations*

Sailor J-chan: After that…lovely conversation on Vegeta's part, we will start! We will be doing 'Treasure Planet'!

Everyone: *Wild cheers*

Sailor J-chan: Wonder if they'll give it a sequel?

Everyone: *Shudders, thinking of Tarzan and Jane and Cinderella II: Dreams Come True*

Sailor J-chan: OK, we'll start with the cast:

Jim-Mirai Trunks






Mr. Arrow-Hercule

Mr. Scroop-19

Sarah-Mirai Bulma

Capt. Flint-Dr. Gero

Silver's Crew-Ginyu Farce…I mean Force

Background shots of Jim's father-Vegeta

Trunks: Hey, why do Mirai Me get to be Jim? He won't even show up to rehearsal. Since your wrote 'All The Things She Said', all he does is make-out with Mirai Marron!

Sailor J-chan: HE'S JIM 'CAUSE IT FITS BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gohan: Uh, J-chan, why isn't my Mirai Me Delbert?

Sailor J-chan: 'CAUSE HE'S DEAD, IDIOT!!

Gohan: But so is 19, and he's playing Scroop.

Sailor J-chan: Uh…DON'T QUESTION ME!!!!!!!! Now, for the crew

Director-Sailor J-chan

Screenplay/Script writer-Sailor J-chan

Producer-Sailor J-chan




Stagehands-Every one else

Sailor J-chan: (Singing) Lifestyles of the rich and the famous *Sees everyone looking at her* WHAT!?

Everyone: Nothing.

Sailor J-chan: OK, we'll report back tomorrow. Remember kids, smoking is bad. Funimation is worse. Say a prayer to your god/gods/goddess/goddesses, and if you're atheist, just hope, that our troops stay safe and that the war ends soon. PEACE! *Looks at Vegeta* DON'T YOU LAUGH AT ME, VEGETA!!!!!!!!!! *Chases him around with the Almighty Clicky Pen of Annoyance and Irritability*