Dragon Half Fan Fiction ❯ Leren ❯ The Dragon-Borne ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Okay, I just wanted you to know before you read this that this fanfic is based off of the Manganot the anime. If you haven't read it, then you will have no clue as to what is going on.Everything mentioned in this story is also based off of the translation of the manga that I read.WARNING: spoilers for the manga will take place.
Any time you see a large amount of spaces between paragraphs, that means that it's either a time skip or a scene change.
Chapter 1: The Weary Wanderer
I sighed. I had been wandering the lands for so long. If memory served correct, there should be a human settlement somewhere around here. But I had been having no luck finding it.
I walked down the path, my tail swishing back and forth. I'm guessing you're wondering who I am and what I look like. Fine then, I shall oblige.
My name is Leren. I am a Dragon Half. My hair is as red as fire, my eight horns circle and twist around my head in the shape of a small ornate crown. My eyes are a piercing yellow. I wore a red shirt without sleeves and blue pants. I wore a bracelet around my left hand. The bracelet was a memento of my mother and it contained my sword. My pants have a hole at the base of the spine to allow my red tail to be able to move freely and my shirt has slits for my pitch-black wings. My useless wings…
Long ago, when I was young, something terrible happened. Because of that, my right wing was crippled. It is now nothing more than a slightly misshapen appendage on my back. In between these wings, a small, worn-out knapsack was tucked securely.
Suddenly, a noise came from a little ways away. It sounded like someone was being attacked by a monster. Crap, just what I need, I thought. Quickly, to hide my existence as a Dragon Half, an old habit, I muttered a spell and my tail retracted into my spine and my wings slid into the wing slits while the horns on my head untangled themselves and slid into my skull. My clothing changed to blood red armor, even a red helm appeared on my head. I had bisected my DNA and took on the shape of the human half. I was rather proud of this spell. After all, I made it myself.
Quickly, I headed towards the sound. I pushed apart the bushes to get a view of the scene before me… And thus I received the shock of my life.
In front of me, a young, Dragon Half girl grabbed a monster by the tail and slammed it onto the ground.
I followed her as she carried the monster and set it down by the lakebed. How can there be another of my kind? I shook my head as I gazed at her long, red hair. Then, to my surprise, she began to undress.
I'm so pitiful, I thought as I turned away, I'm stalking a young Dragon Half girl. I'm even watching her bathe! I shook my head, she hasn't even been through Ecdysis yet. I doubt she's a Kaiser Dragon Half like me, anyway.
Suddenly, I heard a rustling nearby and froze.
“Who's there?” The Dragon Half shouted as she threw a rock into the bushes.
A loud Konk! Accompanied the stone's contact and a young elvish woman fell back with a large bump on her head.
“Rufa!” the girl shouted. Apparently they knew each other.
Hmmm, they can't live too far away. It looks like the Dragon Half was out hunting for food. This means that the village can't be too far away. If I follow them, I should be lead straight there. My plan of action formulated in my mind subconsciously, I also would like to learn as much as I can about this girl.
To make a long story short, I was right. There was a village nearby. It was time for me to get some shelter. After the girls had gone in through the gate, I walked up and asked for a place to stay. The guard showed me to an inn. I stayed there for a week and a half now. I was “human” the entire time.
I hadn't seen much of the Dragon Half, whose name I had learned to be Mink. Apparently, she had vanished for ten of those days. I sighed. I grabbed my knapsack and paid for my breakfast. I slowly began to walk to the gate.
I guess I'm meant to be alone for my entire life, I thought, how cruel irony is. When I was halfway to the gate I came upon an interesting scene. A short man and a tall woman were shouting at a man wearing armor. They were angry about something.
“You're brutish daughter took our precious Pia!” The short man was shouting.
“I'm so worried, I've fainted 13 times since yesterday,” The woman said.
“I've fainted twenty times,” the midget said, holding up his fingers in a “v” for victory.
He's… proud of that? I thought as I sweat-dropped.
“ah… My Pia could be in danger as we speak…” The woman said. Then she suddenly fainted.
“Mama- 14 times.” The man said, marking a tally on a sheet of paper.
This is a waste of my time. I thought, quickly turning to leave.
“Please tell us where Mink-san has gone!” The short man shouted.
Mink? I turned back. Is this guy Mink's father? I thought, looking at the man in armor.
“hmm…” the man wearing armor pondered for a moment. “She'll probably be back in a year or two.” He told them. The short man instantly fainted. “Let's see… Papa-21 times.”
They're all idiots.
“Rouce-san. Our daughter is also gone.” An elf came and said.
The young elf girl that was with Mink? I silently pondered my options. This was a good chance. If I can convince them to let me look for her, I could have an excuse to find her. I smiled. Thank you, irony.
I turned back to introduce myself and noticed that the man and woman had fainted… Again. I sighed. This shouldn't be too hard.
“Excuse me,” I said as I approached them. Everyone there immediately turned to me. “I couldn't help overhearing you're problem. I think I can help.”
It was easier than I thought to convince them to let me go.
I stopped by a small stream to get a drink of water. Once I was far enough away from the village, I allowed the magic that maintained my human form to fall and reverted back to my true self. So much more comfortable.
Someone laughed behind me. Instantly, the sword from my bracelet was in my hands, the point inches away from the neck of a man. “Who are you?” I demanded
He just kept laughing. I sweat dropped. “I asked you who you were!” I shouted, thrusting the point closer to the man's neck. I then noticed two other men laughing as well and making gestures. Then I realized what had happened. “You've been cursed, haven't you?”
They all nodded their heads vigorously. “Then let me help.” I quickly muttered a counter-curse under my breath. Instantly, their laughter changed to coherent words.
“Thank you ever so much! How can we ever repay you?” The first man said, throwing himself on the ground before my feet while crying.
“Have you seen a girl with wings, horns, and a tail come this way?” I asked.
“Yes, they went that way,” One of the others said.
“Thank you.”
“Found ya!” I whispered.
I had finally found them. They were sitting around a piece of meat roasting on a fire. I was about to reveal myself when a hydra popped up. A young woman was sitting upon the middle head's neck. Is that Princess Vena?
There was a little bantering and then Mink slammed her sword on top of one of the Hydra's heads. Idiot, a sword like that can't do anything to the Hydra. I thought.
Then the elf girl, Rufa was her name, I think, shouted at Mink to get away. She raised a staff with a crystal ball clutched in a claw at the top. No way! How could they have the Rod of Thunder!
The elf used it and lightning streaked from the crystal ball… And struck Mink. I fell over from disbelief.
“Let's try to prevent Mink from getting killed,” I said. Quickly, I enchanted Mink's sword so it could kill the Hydra.
As the sword began to glow, Mink noticed it. Then, with a new look of determination on her face, she sliced off the head of the middle dragon. The Hydra instantly began to run away.
I smiled. Excellent.
Suddenly, my stomach growled. Crap. I guess I should go find something to eat. Oh well. I turned and left. I morphed into the Dragon half of my DNA. She should be able to take care of Vena. Even if she hasn't even reached her Ecdysis yet.
I finished my meal, still in dragon form. As I picked my teeth with the monster's femur, I heard someone singing. I turned my head and found a man approaching me. He was singing about slaying some red dragon. Suddenly, he drew his sword. “I've finally found you, Dragon!” he shouted.
“Who are you?” I asked.
“Don't play dumb, Mink. You know who I am.” He said.
“I'm serious, Who are you? And I'm not Mink! Her position is about a mile to the south.”
“Don't try to fool me,”
“Are you stupid!!! If you're trying to be a dragon slayer, you should learn more about your prey. At least be able to tell a gender difference,” I fumed. This guy was an idiot.
“Oh, sorry. My name is Dick Saucer,” the man introduced himself. Where have I heard that name before? “I'm sorry. You said Mink was to the south?”
“Yeah. Now get out of here before I decide to kill you, buffoon.” The idiot began to walk in the indicated direction and began singing again.
Dick Saucer, Dick Saucer, Dick Saucer. Who is that? I bugged myself as I walked back, in my human form again. Then, I remembered. He was that dragon slayer/famous singer! I made a big mistake. I began to run back.
When I got back, the fool had engaged Mink. Mink was dodging all of his attacks easily. Good, she's still alive.
”Fine then take this!” Baka was shouting. “Secret Technique: Meditative Sword of Reincarnation! Also known as the Saucer Special!” Crap, Ba-Fine I'll use his name- Saucer was about to use a certain-death blow on Mink.
“No!” I shouted, darting from my hiding place and planting myself in front of Mink with my sword drawn. Suddenly, the blue crest on Saucer's chest began to beep and glow.
“Aw, crap!” Saucer said, “I need to get to my concert!” Mink and I both fell down. I was right, he's an idiot. “This isn't over! See ya!” He shouted as he ran away.
“Umm, mister?”
I turned around. Mink was looking at me. “Thank you for trying to help me.”
I smiled. “No problem.”
“Saucer was terrible, wasn't he?” a little girl-Pia?-said.
“No. He's just confused by my wings and tail,” Mink told her. I doubted that was the cause. Saucer was specifically looking for Mink. “There's only one way for me to marry saucer, and that's the Pido Potion!”
“That's the spirit!” Rufa and Pia said together.
I was lost. “Why do you want the Pido Potion?” I asked.
“So I can become human!” Mink told me.
“I figured that much. But I mean, why do you want to be human? Being a Dragon Half is much preferable to being one of those apes!”
“Why are you insulting humans when you're one too?” Rufa asked me.
I realized then I was still in my human form. “Oh, I forgot to revert back. Just a second,” I began to chant the words that would return me to my true self. As the words left my mouth, the armor around my body began to fade and was replaced with my usual shirt and pants. My wings grew out as my tail and horns reappeared. When my transformation was done, I opened my eyes to a stunned group of children looking at me. “Yeah, I'm a Dragon Half too, so what?” I said.
“What happened to your wing?” Pia asked, pointing to my ruined right wing that was pertpetually stuck in a half-in, half-out position.
I flinched. “I don't like to talk about it,” I said turning away.
“How did you do that?” Mink asked.
“You mean turn human? I… created… a spell a long time ago that allows me to bisect my DNA and select which half I desire the cells of my body to use. Unfortunately, I don't think I can use it on another person. So if you were hoping to use that, it won't work,” I said. Then I slapped myself on the head, “I'm so stupid! I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Leren.”
“I already know all you're names. You're Mink” I pointed to Mink, “You're Rufa,” pointed to the elf, “And You're Pia.” I finished, pointing to the little girl. “You're parents asked me to find you for them.”
“Well, we can't go back. We haven't found the Pido Potion yet.” Mink said.
“I just said they asked me to find you. I never told them I would bring you back.”
They all looked at me with looks of disbelief. “It's not my fault humans are stupid. I think the only ones really worried are Pia's parents. They've fainted a lot. Mink's dad, I think, doesn't even really care.”
“Yep, that's dad all right,” Mink sighed.
“Rufa's father seems to be taking it pretty well. Your mother's however, I didn't meet. So I don't know about them.” I finished.
“So, you're going after the Pido Potion, right? The village is to the west. I can help you find it.” I said.
“Okay,” They all said. “I'm sure you'll be a lot more reliable than Rufa.” Pia added. Directly after that, Rufa started hitting Pia on the head.
I sat before the dying fire after we had set up camp that night. Everyone had eaten and we were all full.
“Um, Mr. Leren?” Mink started.
“No need for formalities. We are going to be travelling together after all,” I told her.
“Okay. Can I ask you a question?”
“You just did. But I'll be nice and let you ask another.”
“Why are you're wings black and why do you have eight horns?”
“Ah, an excellent question. You see, a Dragon Half sheds its skin but once in its lifetime. This happens around the age of seventeen. When it sheds its skin, the true power of the Dragon Half species awakens within it. This process is called Ecdysis. Ecdysis also affects the physical appearance of the Dragon Half, though how it affects it is different for each Dragon half,” I explained. I looked at the star speckled sky. “We should probably be getting to sleep. We'll reach Pido by tomorrow.” All of the children nodded and pulled out their blankets and got comfortable. I took off my knapsack and started to dig through it. “Where is it?” I muttered.
“Um, Leren, if that knapsack is so small, how come you have trouble finding things in it?” Rufa asked.
“Oh, well, I enchanted it so that you can put an innumerable amount of things in it. Unfortunately, I'm still working on making it so it doesn't get heavier as you add things.” I said, still digging in the bag.
“What do you mean by that?” little Pia asked.
“Ah, here it is!” I proclaimed as I produced as small ocarina. I set it to the side and closed the knapsack. “Come here and try to pick it up.”
Pia came over and grabbed the knapsack. When she tried to pick it up, it didn't budge. “Wow, that's heavy!” She said, giving up.
“Yeah. Over the years, I've gathered a lot of stuff. No human or elf could hope to lift that bag up.” I said, picking up my ocarina. I put it to my lips and began to play. Sad, soft music drifted over the landscape. Slowly, the noises of the creatures of the night around us quieted and fell silent. When I stopped playing, I opened my eyes and saw that the others had drifted off to sleep along with the creatures around us. “Sleep well. My `Song of Sleep' only has an effect of eight hours.” With that, I dug around in my knapsack for my blanket and fell asleep myself.
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