Dragon Half Fan Fiction ❯ Leren ❯ The Three Sacred Treasures ( Chapter 3 )

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Been a while. Updates will take longer because bowling season has started. So until it's over I will have less time to write.By the way, if you want to read the manga, the site I found it on was www.onemanga.com. It's pretty good, you should read it, you'll understand more about the fan fic.
On to the chapter. Long Author's Notes bore me.
Bold type is Relik's thoughts
Italicized is Leren's thoughts.
Chapter 3: Why me?
“It sure is nice today,” Mink said. I was true. No clouds, the sun was shining. It had been a week since we started to search for away to beat Azatodeth. If it comes down to it, Leren might force me to kill him. It would be fun, though. I doubt he'd let me unless there was no other way.
“Hey Mink,” Pia said, “What's that Demon-Lord like anyways?” Like she would know.
Pia is small and stupid and obviously sees Mink as a role model. She probably thinks Mink knows everything.
“Is he scary?” Pia continued.
“Hm, probably,” Mink said.
“Don't worry about it,” Rufa jumped into the conversation, “After all, Mink is the daughter of a red dragon and a dragon slayer. Mink will chop that demon lord up no problem!”
“That's right!” Pia agreed.
They can't be serious. She hasn't even been through ecdysis yet
Mink is the strongest person these people know. They can't imagine her losing.
They're more naïve than I thought.
“Well, I hope so,” Mink said. At least one of them is mature enough to realize that losing is possible.
Meanwhile, Rufa was off in her own fantasy. Suddenly, she lunged towards Pia, knocking her into me, and knocking me into Mink. Mink then slipped on a rock and we all plummeted to the bottom of a gigantic hole.
“What the-? There wasn't this huge hole the last time I came here,” I said, rubbing my aching back tenderly.
Rufa and Pia began to fight like usual…. Maybe I should say Rufa and Mappy, since Mappy is the one that does all of Pia's fighting.
“Hey, stop fighting and let's climb out already!” Mink yelled at them. She was already starting to climb out.
“Fighting in the bottom of a giant hole doesn't get us anywhere,” I added as I began to climb up myself. When Mink reached the top, she gasped in surprise. When I got there myself, I saw why. “I thought we were farther from the ocean than that. There should have been a village before we got to it.”
Mink and Pia were playing happily in the ocean. I was lying on the beach studying my spell book, a massive tome half a foot thick. Rufa was lying on the beach too, the reason, I don't know.
Mink noticed this too. “Hey, Rufa, why aren't you swimming?”
“I wasted all my energy fighting with that stupid monster mouse.” She explained.
Lame excuse.
“I'm an elf you know. Though we're strong in magic our stamina is low,” She finished as she collapsed back onto the ground.
“You think you're strong in magic!?” both Mink and Pia said at the same time, their faces masks of shock and amazement. I must admit, I was surprised too.
“What's that supposed to mean?” she screamed back. I shook my head and smiled, returning my attention to my spell book. Ah, ignorance is bliss.
Indeed it is. I turned the page and frowned as I reached one of the encrypted parts. Why can't we find the last keys to this damn book!
They certainly are very well hidden. I continued to flip until I left the encrypted part. When I finally reached a readable page, someone shouting, “Siren!” scattered my thoughts and broke my concentration.
“What the-?” I said. Looking over to see a man sitting on the beach looking out to sea with Rufa standing nearby, I noticed Mink having a similar reaction to mine.
When the man saw Mink, he seemed to be excited. “Ah it's you, please save Siren,” he said.
“Who's that?” Mink, being the clueless girl she was, asked.
“My mermaid honey,” the man responded.
Rufa looked alarmed at this. “What?! Even though you've got a girlfriend, you tried to seduce me?” she said, looking hurt.
“Um, Rufa, you were the one doing the seducing,” Pia said. How a small child like that knows the proper use of that word, I will never know. Anyways, after that statement, the usual bout of Rufa chasing pia around while hitting her on the head ensued. Meanwhile, the man introduced himself.
“I'm the son of the village chief. My name is Adol,” he said to Mink.
Mink looked confused. “Village?” she began to look around, searching for said village. “Town? City? Burg? Where is it?”
Adol pointed to the giant hole from before.
“Ho-ed! That's the hole from before!” Mink said.
“Four days ago, Azatodeth stepped on my village,” Adol explained, tears streaming from his eyes.
I looked over at the hole again. That guy's got a really big foot.
“But if you're village was destroyed, why are you okay, Adol-san?” Mink asked.
“I was on the beach with Siren that night,” He said, striking a triumphant pose, “We were doing *censoring*”
“Don't brag about it!” Mink shouted.
“I can't believe you!” Rufa added. Both girls were blushing heavily.
“Nut, then, Siren was also taken away by a weird octopus thing that serves the Demon Lord. He told me to ask the girl with a tail that will come by here soon to get her back for me. He said only that `stupidly powerful monster girl' can save her. That's what he said! He told me to ask you!” He finished, grabbing Mink's tail.
Mink looked surprised. “Me…?” she asked.
Rufa was trying to get away from him since she found out she has a lover. “Let's ditch this guy.” She said.
“Why didn't you go save her Adol-san?” Mink asked.
“Because he's a pathetic weakling, despite his appearance,” I said. Adol, who hadn't seen me, jumped at the sound of my voice and turned towards me. He was confused by my having a tail as well. “Something wrong with the way I look, small fry?” I growled at him, the look with unhidden killing intent coupled with my reptilian eyes enough to make any creature wet themselves out of fear. He hesitantly shook his head. Easy there, Relik.
How long are you going to nag me? You're like an old woman. I'm not killing anyone so just leave me alone!
You may not be killing anyone, but if given to the wrong person, that look can kill.
Not my fault.
While the brother's bickering ensued, Adol made the mistake of calling Mink a monster girl. This caused her to become enraged at him. Suddenly, a giant red octopus came from the ocean depths. “You came, Tako! I've been waiting, Tako.” It cried.
“It's you! The weird octopus from before! All right, the stupidly powerful monster girl will deal with you!” Adol cried. He then rushed over to Mink. “Go get'em,” He said cheerfully.
“Screw you!” she yelled at him.
“So you're that Mink that opposes the Demon Lord-sama?!” the octopus continued.
Mink was silent for a moment. “So what if I am?” she asked, finally.
“I'll never let you have the Holy Chalice of Palta!” It cried, lunging at her. My eyes widened. Wasn't that one of the three sacred treasures? I thought those were only a legend.
They are apparently real. The fragments of the Holy Gourd, the only thing possible of sealing the Demon Lord, exist. It looks like you won't get to kill him after all, Relik.
A downcast look was on my face.
Mink was clueless as to what that was, so the octopus's reaction was to begin to slink back into the ocean. I was on it in the blink of an eye, sword drawn and rasied above its head. “Such a shame that my first kill in decades is nothing more than a talking octopus. Oh well,” I sad. Relik, what are you doing?!
Doing what I was meant to do. I slashed down and split the octopus's head in half. Sheathing my sword, I returned to my fallen spellbook by the beach and began to study it again. Everyone was silent, all eyes were on me. Sighing, I looked up. “The three sacred treasures can combine into the Holy Gourd, the only thing that can seal Azatodeth. The Holy Chalice of Palta is one of them. The Siren's Cave is probably where it is stored.” I returned my attention to a particularly interesting spell on transforming someone into a worm.
“Thank you. Really, I can't thank you enough.” the Siren said.
“Just sing the song that opens the cave. That's thanks enough for me,” I said. I was impatient. I don't know why, I just felt this extreme sense of urgency about getting into the cave.
“Of course,” she said. She sang a short song, during which both I and Adol were quite mesmerized, but the girls looked to be in pain.
The girls suffered, since the Siren had to sing one hundred times to open the cave. I, however, rather enjoyed it. The singing must be gender targeted.
The cave was dark and moist. I was rushing through. I stumbled upon a large room with a small, cup-like object in the middle of the room. Quickly, I ran up to the cup, which was obviously the Holy Chalice of Palta. I picked it up and emptied the contents into my hand. A small, silvery metal piece fell into my hand. My eyes widened. Could it be?
That's why we were so impatient. The pull of this key was calling to us.
I whipped out the spell book and held the key over it. “Key to ancient power, unlock this binding which stops our progression.” The book shone and flipped to an encrypted area. The gibberish began to form coherent words. The title of the area was Summoning.
Not the one we wanted, but others are surely amongst these sacred treasures.
We are that much closer. The book is almost complete, after all these years.
Soon we will be able to pay back our debt to Titan for killing mother.
We will be able to do more than that, fool.
The end. Yay! I'll be skipping a few chunks from now on cause I really want to get out of the part where Leren is with them and get to the real story. Not this self-insert crap.