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Demon Queen

Kinshin: Sorry, I had to replace chapter 2 because I wasn't satisfied with it. Well here's the new one but basically it just changes at the end!

Part 2

Rath, Rune, and Thatz were walking to another long road that they managed to get lost in. It has been three days.

"Guys? I think we're lost," Thatz said reading the map not knowing which direction he was really in.

"Again?" Rath said.

Rune grabbed the map Thatz was holding and read it. "No wonder we're lost, you were reading the map upside down!" Rune scolded. He turned the map the right way and managed to find out where they were. "We're right here, so we should be heading back since we've been heading the wrong way," Rune said.

"So then where are we?" Rath asked thinking that he'd seen this area before and couldn't pinpoint it. "Isn't this where we fought the demon woman few days ago?" Rath questioned. The other two looked around and saw that it was true. They were back where the demon woman fought them a few days ago.

Rune sighed. "Looks like we have to go back that way again," he said in disappointment. He didn't feel like walking. In fact he felt tired… very tired…and it seemed like it was taking its toll. As soon as he took another stop forward he fell back with Rath barely there to catch him.

As soon as Rath caught his fallen friend demons came and surrounded the three. Rath did his best to place Rune on the ground gently before and fend off some demons that seem to only attack him. He stood in front of Rune to protect him since he was sort of defenseless right now. Thatz joined in and they went fighting off the demons.

Then they remembered that they were the same demons with the witch a few days ago and were multiplying as soon as they were cut in half. Rath and Thatz growled in annoyance. Rath managed to use some of his fire on some of them but didn't get all of them. As the other demons were being barbecued they didn't notice two slips past them and went after Rune.

One of them took a syringe and injected it into the water knight's arm. This movement jerked him into wake. The two demons were caught off guard for a moment before they restrained him but Rune's cries didn't go unheard of. Immediately Thatz went to help out his friend while Rath barbecued the others.

Thatz blasted the two demons back using his own vanquishing magic and they turned into dust. But of course the demons were lucky that the syringe was empty meaning it was all injected to where it should be. The only thing that they failed was to bring their captive back to their master.

Thus their master was watching them. She cursed the dragon knights for a second time. She was putting away her information of making her demons fire proof. The other demons with her just watched her throw a fit.

"Must I do everything myself?" she said disappearing to her destination.

She appeared where the dragon knights were. They had their back turned and didn't see her. She was glad for that because she wasn't that powerful now. But she could win with the water knight fighting against her since he didn't have his, or should she think she, didn't have her powers now.

"Hello," she greeted. They immediately turned and got their swords ready except Rune since they just figured that the liquid contained in the syringe bound his dragon powers so all he has was his healing powers.

"What do you want?" Thatz asked glaring at the witch.

"What I want? There are plenty of things I want. But I don't think that you could give them all to me," she answered.

"Stop with the act and tell us the truth." Rath spoke.

"Nothing I just came to ask a question. Water knight enjoying your new body?" she asked smirking.

"What are you talking about?" Rune said then clamped a hand over his mouth. He didn't think that it just sounded like him. It was a bit higher than usual. He knew that it just wasn't him. He looked down and saw that he wasn't flat chested anymore. He gasped. The other two looked at their friend and stared in shock. He had…bumps.

"Are you telling me that you're not appreciating what I am giving you? I gave you new body along with new powers, that are stronger, than that even the dragon lord can't give you."

They looked at her clueless. Yes there are times when they do get confused just like this time, which happens to be the first.

"How pathetic. Maybe I should test how powerful you've become with the one dosage. The two of you can hang around for a bit. Elemental psionics." She said and Rath and Thatz were in an invisible ball hanging up in the air. "Shall you wish for me to let them go you will show me what you've gained."

"What are you talking about? I don't know what I've gained. Just let them go," Rune pleaded. To him, I mean her; it wasn't like her to be doing that. It must've come with the liquid injected into her.

"No can do. C'mon show me. Water!" the witch yelled out as a ball of water formed in her hand. She blasted it towards Rune. Rune jumped to avoid it and made a splash to where she used to be.

"Show it to me! Fire!" A wave of fire headed in Rune's direction and she just stared in shock. Before it could hit her she silently, unconsciously called out Shield!

The fire surrounded her form. Rath and Thatz banged on the invisible cage trying to get to their friend. But it was no use. They yelled out her name but didn't know if it will get through.

"You fools it's useless to yell or speak she can't hear you at least not anymore. Too bad, a failed experiment that actually worked." She said looking at them.

"Water!" They heard a cry come from someone else. The fire, surrounding Rune disappeared being replaced by a shield of water.

"Yeah!" Rath and Thatz cheered.

Unfortunately this didn't disappoint the witch at all. Instead of being angry, she was the complete opposite.

"I congratulate you elf. At least now I've gotten half what I came for."

"Half what you came for?" Rune questioned, not liking the tone of voice of the other woman.

"Yes. Now I think this time I'm playing for keeps. Holy Winds!" She shouted. Where Rath and Thatz were being held a whirlwind was surrounding them cutting out their air supply.


"I'll strike you a deal. Shall you come with me I will set your friends free."

Rune took a look from his friends to her than back to his friends.

"Fine," he gave up.


She released the two dragon knights. Grasped the former water knight's hand and disappeared with him leaving the two knights unconscious and little note. It was a part of her plan. She knew that the demon Lord Nadil couldn't resist the prize being sold at her auction. Pretty soon she would have power over the whole race and the elf is going to help her unknowingly.


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