Dragon Knights Fan Fiction ❯ Inside Tetheus's Head ❯ Consequences ( Chapter 4 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
A Nice Fish Lunch Wow is this chapter four already? I'll have run out of ideas soon. Anyhow, thanks to everyone who reviewed, however I find it strange that no-one pointed out that I'd spelt Cernozoa and Raselene's names wrong. I could go through the other chapters and rewrite it, but if no-one's said anything I guess no-one's bothered about it.

The embarrassing thing is that I remember checking the spelling in one of the books before I loaded up the first chapter.

As before italics are Tetheus's thoughts and he is a pervert.

Tetheus and Alfeegi met early this morning, to go over their notes from the previous days events. They're still talking about it as they make their way to the dining room for lunch.

'Luckily, Ruwalk's sober this morning. I think he's got a pretty bad hangover, he's been holding his head since he emerged this morning, he looks really bad.' Alfeegi thinks, then continues 'and he's walking funny.'
'I wonder if he had a rough night?' Did I manage to keep that light enough? Hwah hwah, oh man what a night. I can't believe that the castle didn't wake up and bang on the walls/ceiling/floor. He was voracious. It's good to be me. Mmmmm. I'm going to remember last night forever, every night, I'll never have trouble getting it u...ooouch.
'Cernozoa, is something wrong?' Alfeegi's voice rouses Tetheus from his wet dream, as much as the stabbing pain in his arm.

Cernozoa is glaring at Tetheus's head. As soon as he turns to face her she looks away and stomps off pointedly. Tetheus is left rubbing his arm, that's gonna bruise and sighing sadly. Alfeegi looks at him questioningly.

'She's mad at me.'
Maybe because I left her tied up all night and only noticed when she wasn't at breakfast this morning. 'Oh because I was supposed to meet her last night and after everything that happened, I forgot. She doesn't look like forgiving me anytime soon.' I don't know what kind of an excuse she'd accept. Maybe if she knew I'd a chance at Ruwalk, she'd forgive me. Then again, she might get upset that she wasn't invited, after all, she thinks he's hot too and is always sounding me out about a threesome when we're in bed together.

'You and Cernozoa are...?' Alfeegi looks kinda shocked, but then, everything surprises him, poor lad.
'Yeah, we are.'
'Oh no, not really, still avoiding gossip at the moment. And right now, we aren't looking too hot.'
'Wow, soon I'll be the only single Dragon Officer.'
'Well, Ruwalk and Kai-Stern will always be single. Unless the lord orders them to marry one of their flings, they'll never settle down.'
'...I think that they...'

The object of Tetheus's lust comes into view, looking everywhere and anywhere but at Tetheus and Alfeegi. Tetheus completely loses interest in what Alfeegi has to say.

Ruwalk, mmmmmmm. Hey, he's the only one that can sort things out between me and Cernozoa. She likes talking to him, it always puts her in a sweet mood, so even if she's still upset, she won't be as upset.

Tetheus calls out to Ruwalk.

'Ruwalk! Could you please tell Cernozoa that we were together last night?'
'But we weren't!' Ruwalk walks swiftly past Tetheus, talking to the air surrounding him and avoiding all eye-contact.

Ouch, I think he's regretting last night. Damn, if he won't tell her, there goes regular sex.
Oh Ruwalk. How much do you remember? I hope you at least remember that it was good. You certainly said so, over and over and over and sideways too. Oh man. I really need to make up with Cernozoa.

'Tetheus, he's acting very oddly.'
They always tend to. He'll come back, maybe drunk, disgusted with himself for wanting me, but no-one loves like Tetheus, hoo-ya! Ah, I've got to place an extra-large tick beside his name on the list. Mmmmm, Ruwalk.





Ok, who's next?

'Mmmm? Oh? What? Yes, Alfeegi?'
'Don't you think that he's acting a little oddly today?' Alfeegi eyes Tetheus doubtfully. Compose yourself Tetheus. You have to keep up appearances. If the dope fiend here can sense that something's happened with you, it should be obvious to everyone else.
'Well, he's probably ashamed of the state he got into last night.' That's certainly true. Hoo-ya! 'I mean, I think we managed to cover all the bases, there should be no nasty surprises.' Like there were for him this morning. Hoo-ya!... I have got to stop doing that. Tetheus runs his hand over his hair, lightly, with minimal grease pick-up. 'In a way it reflects really badly on him, that we can cope while he's incapacitated and actively interfering with our duties.' And he was worried about losing his job before...

Alfeegi's stunned for a moment. 'But he's the Dragonlord's best friend! I doubt that Lykouleon would get rid of him even if he spent half the treasury in a drinking binge.'
'Or lost the castle in a game of cards?'
'He'd get it back soon enough. No-one can say no to Lykouleon.' Alfeegi sighs wistfully and Tetheus can almost believe what Raselene told him last night. He's no more gay than I am. Who wouldn't want the Dragonlord, but still, who'd ever give up women? There are so many sweet, delectable flavours in the castle, and even more beyond the walls. Of all the women I've had though, Cernozoa is a perfect ten. She's almost as big of a pervert as I am. I guess that's why we keep returning to circle each other.

Alfeegi's continued to talk as Tetheus muses to himself. He's back onto the subject of Ruwalk and Dragon Officers in general. '...I don't think that it's actually possible to get rid of us. I can't stop being the white Dragon officer any more than you can stop being the Black Dragon Officer.'
'Black and white. We should be polar opposites. What do you think Alfeegi?'
'I think we've got more in common than you realise.' Alfeegi's speech gets a bit breathy and he swiftly reaches into his jacket pocket and brings out his bottle of pills. Two pills quickly disappear down his throat. Tetheus turns to him and frowns a little.
'You should be careful of those Alfeegi. You should only really use them when you need to. You don't want to get stuck on them, after all. We'd be in trouble if you became a junkie.' He places his hand on Alfeegi's shoulder. 'Take care of yourself Alfeegi. There are people here that depend on you.' He looks at the direction Ruwalk disappeared in. 'Ruwalk will always be the yellow Dragon Officer, but he may not always be the Secretary of State. You could easily fill in for him, or even Kai-Stern in a pinch.' Tetheus gestures as he continues. 'Not that we could keep him here for too long. His feet'd get itchy and he'd be even worse than the Dragonlord himself when he's in a funk.'
'Anyway, Ruwalk's sober now and doesn't look like he'll drink any more in a hurry. We don't need to watch him and just have to wait for the Dragonlord to come home.'
'Yes.' They've reached the doors to the dining room and Tetheus flings them open grandly, then turns to look at Alfeegi. 'Have you decided what you're going to say to him when he gets back?'
Alfeegi grimaces. 'The speech gets longer every hour. If he takes more than a day to come home, I'll have to write it out or risk forgetting some. And I've some very choice words to say to him.' Alfeegi spits the last few words out. I'll have to book myself a front row seat for that one. I think I'll pass the message down the line too. Everyone likes to see the Dragonlord get chewed out by Alfeegi. It's great entertainment.

Lunch today is smoked fish with a nice side salad. Alfeegi and Tetheus take the last two seats which happen to be down the table from Ruwalk, who sneaks a glimpse at Tetheus every now and again, but whose motives are undiscernable. Cernozoa herself plonks Tetheus's food down in front of him, but doesn't once make eye contact with him. She can't have forgiven me, not this quickly. He eyes her suspiciously as she makes her way to the kitchen for the next lunch. Just in case...

'Alfeegi, you look half starved. Here, take my lunch,' he pushes the plate over to his fellow Dragon Officer. 'I'll get mine from the next round.'
'Thanks Tetheus. I am quite hungry.'

Alfeegi immediately tucks in. No ill effects at all so far. Maybe I'm just being paranoid. As Cernozoa comes out with the other maids, Tetheus gets her attention.
'Another plate for me Cernozoa.'
He watches her gaze flow from his face, to the empty space on the table in front of him, to Alfeegi, gulping down the fish with gusto. It slowly turns into one of horror. Score. I wonder what she put in it. It should be good for a laugh when it kicks in and I suppose I should feel guilty, so I'll mind you this evening Alfeegi. Hmmm.

The lunch is a rather sober affair. No-one really has much to say, any gossip about Ruwalk's stint as the Dragonlord last night is muted and Raselene is shooting daggers at anyone that sticks their head up. Looks like Ruwalk's not the only one regretting last night. Ruwalk himself has turned his wineglass upside down and is sticking with water. There's a change. I hope our night together didn't turn you from the path of a lush. Although, it could be something to be proud of. If I want to get with you again it looks as though it's going to be a lot harder. I just hope that little alchemist runs out of excuses soon. Even if I've crossed Ruwalk off the list, a strong love potion can't hurt when I choose my next target.

Cernozoa gets up first from the table and rushes into the kitchens. Let the games begin. He turns his gaze to Alfeegi, who's starting to look a little pale.
'You okay 'Feegi?'
'I feel a little off colour. I'm not brushing you off...but I have to go. I'll talk to you later.' He runs off. Okay, okay. You're heading to your rooms...I think I can cut you off. Who will get there first?

Tetheus rises like an avenging shadow and makes off on his own path to Alfeegi's rooms. His route covers many more deserted corridors and he's able to reach top speed. Alfeegi will most likely be much slower than me. The way he's feeling I doubt he'll get up to a run. Tetheus is almost to the alcove across from Alfeegi's rooms when he hears a set of footsteps coming up behind him. Alfeegi? He ducks into the alcove's shadow and peers out at the white Dragon Officer. Alfeegi reaches his hand up to the door when he doubles over. By reflex his hand moves toward his jacket pocket and the pills that rest inside.

'Alfeegi wait!'

Cernozoa hurries up to Alfeegi and thus stops him from taking out his pills. 'Your fish was rather heavily spiced I'm afraid, it might be having an effect on your tummy. Here, take this.' She hands him a few stalks of a herb Tetheus doesn't recognise. I wonder if you'd have been on hand with that if I'd eaten the food instead.
Alfeegi takes it and smiles at her. 'Thank you Cernozoa.
'I'm really sorry Alfeegi.'
Ah, a pang of conscience, it's nice to see...that I'm still the master.
'Don't be, it was delicious!' Alfeegi looks so earnest. Oh man, if this gets anymore priceless I'm going to give myself away by laughing.

Cernozoa worriedly watches Alfeegi eat the herbs. It takes a while but his breathing becomes less laboured and colour returns to his cheeks. She looks quite relieved.

'I'm glad you're feeling better. I have to return to my duties now.'
'Wait.' Alfeegi looks at her until she stops and returns his glance. 'I'm glad you're here, there's something I want to talk to you about.'
'What's that?'
'It's about Tetheus.'
Me? Cernozoa stiffens and starts to turn away, but Alfeegi stops her. His face is gentle and understanding.
'Tetheus is hurt you know.'
Horny maybe, but hardly hurt. Slightly miffed at most, but I'll get her back eventually Alfeegi. I don't need your help.
'Tetheus?' She laughs right in his face. Ouch, now I'm hurt. Damn her, she knows me too well by half.
'He's been acting so strangely. Distracted. He's not really listened to a word I've said all morning.'
I never listen, I just usually hide it better.
'Alfeegi.' She motions to dismiss his argument.
'This is Tetheus we're talking about. Ice cold, hard-ass Tetheus.' Hey!
'You have a point.' Et tu Cernozoa?
'It was only when he told me about you two...'
'Wait. He told you about, about us?'
'Yes, he said that the two of you were together, though you were keeping it quiet from the gossips for the time being.' *mental nod* That's right. For the moment we're together.

This revelation has a much larger effect on Cernozoa than Tetheus would have expected. A slight smile lights up her face, which she turns to the side while thinking deeply. 'So he finally admitted it.' She turns back to Alfeegi and unleashes the full beam of her smile on him. She's beautiful. And hot too. Lucky me.
'Thank you Alfeegi. Don't worry, the break-up isn't fatal.' She strokes his arm gently and Tetheus notices the goosebumps that flow up Alfeegi's arm in response. Don't get any ideas Alfeegi, she's mine. You're really shy around girls aren't you? Maybe that's why everyone thinks you're gay. If I get bored, I can think of a few ways to use that to make entertainment.

Cernozoa turns and slowly sashays up the hallway. Alfeegi watches her go.

Come on Alfeegi, move. I want to get to the next act. I'm sure Cernozoa will have a surprise or two for me and I need to prepare.

Alfeegi smiles for a while and finding himself by his room, he moves inside.

Tetheus decloaks. 'You lazy bastard Alfeegi. It's only just gone two.' He smiles a little though. 'I'll forgive you just this once.'