Dragon Knights Fan Fiction ❯ Someone Call the Doctor! ❯ The Middle ( Chapter 2 )

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Summary: The Dragon Tribe wake up one day to find their normal chaotic routine disrupted…by Alfeegi! GASP! He's happy! He's smiling! He's…carefree! Someone call the doctor! Something's WRONG!
Dedictaed to: Belated B-Day present for Leeayre and to all my Dragon Knights fans who have been so patient with me and my updating…right?
A/N: Please remember that Dr. Avis Laira is really Kharl in disguise.
Someone Call the Doctor!
“You don't understand!” Ruwalk howled inconsolably as he and Thatz walked down the hallways of the Dragon Castle on their mission to find and keep the overseers in one place so they would not happen to cross paths with the absent, seemingly out-of-his-mind-at-the-moment White Dragon Officer.
“The overseers are the devil incarnate! All they do is sit around and argue about whose Durna is bigger than the other persons and then if they can't decide on that, they go into a verbal battle over which of their Durna's names is the most elegantly extraordinaire! `Ooh, my Durna is named Mr. Roary vonDurna-y!' `Oh, yeah, mine is named Durna-Wurna Snooplewooms!' And so on and so on and so on!” Ruwalk wailed, clutching the sides of his face in the utmost terror as he and Thatz turned the corner and were now fast-approaching the two giant doors which led to the Council Room.
“NONONONONONO!” the Yellow Dragon Officer shrieked, growing positively hysterical as they stopped in front of the entrance to the dreaded destination, “I WON'T GO IN THERE! I WON'T SUBJECT MYSELF TO THEIR SELFISH, UNABASHED, IDIOTIC BABBLINGS ANYMORE!”
“Ruwalk, Ruwalk, chill, okay?” Thatz said, turning to face his fellow Dragon tribesman, “Believe me, sitting and listening to a bunch of snooty old geezers is not on my schedule for today.”
“Really?” Ruwalk cried, his face shining alight with hope.
“Well, not me, anyways,” Thatz stated, grinning like a Cheshire cat, the only warning poor Ruwalk received, before the Earth Dragon Knight grasped his arm firmly, yanked open one of the double doors and swung him unceremoniously inside, before shutting the door swiftly into the Officer's face, and barricading it from outside to ward off a possible escape route.
“Oh, Ruwalk! I didn't think you'd come. Please, have a seat,” a familiar voice filled with relief and the Dragon Officer swiveled his head to see Lord Lykuleon sitting at the head of a table smiling gratefully at his unexpected presence while surrounded by overseers of the land of Dusis.
“Yellow Dragon Officer Ruwalk,” one of the aforementioned overseers addressed standing up, “Share with us your opinion: isn't having a carriage drawn by eight Durnas being a little too extravagant and merely boasting the accumulation of your wealth?”
“Ha! Says the man who goes around in a carriage drawn by twelve Durnas!” yelled another overseer standing up.
“I'll have you know that carriage belonged to my sister and women are quite frivolous in their ways of expressing their sense of fashion!” defended the first overseer stoutly.
“Oh, is that reason then? That's good to hear. I did wonder why your carriage was so girly-looking!” taunted the second overseer, causing an outbreak of laughter from the rest of the rooms occupants.
“Are you implying something?!” screamed the first overseer, growing bright red in the face, “You-you-back alley cross-dresser!”
The second overseer gasped in shock as they others did their respective “ooooooohs!” of awe.
Lykuleon sighed, beads of sweat breaking out across his forehead and Ruwalk directed his face upward, gripped his hair by its roots and let out a blood-curdling, imploration of the injustice of his fate to the room's ceiling:
“Isn't this simply wonderful? Don't we look absolutely beautiful?” the Dragon Queen giggled in girlish delight as she twirled around the room in her long, flowing white dress, which also happened to be her wedding gown.
Cesia kept her face towards the floor, not wanting to giver her expression of exasperation, irritation and embarrassment away. Lady Raseleane had tricked her into her coming to her room by pretending to be sick. It seemed that the Dragon Queen wanted nothing more to do than to play her favorite game: Dress Up the Live Cesia Doll.
To make her walking, breathing mannequin not feel exploited, the Dragon Queen herself decided to dress up as well.
So far, Cesia wasn't feeling any less uncomfortable. The wedding dress which she stood in wasn't helping the situation either.
Yes, the Dragon Queen had ordered a tailored, special-made wedding dress just for Cesia and apparently had been making nuptial arrangements without her knowledge or consent.
Cesia struggled to get her emotions under control and was extremely thankful that the Lord Lykuleon's Dragon Amulet was still fastened securely around her neck, otherwise, she was sure her alter ego would have taken over and demonstrated just how much she thought of Lady Raseleane's match-making.
“I was thinking when you and your husband get married, Lykie-poo and I would renew our wedding vows at the same time,” Raseleane tittered, blushing giddily at the thought.
“And just who am I supposed to marry exactly?” Cesia inquired, reverently hoping Rune's name wouldn't be announced, otherwise she was sure she would be murdered by Lim-Kana and Tintlett before sunset this evening. Any information concerning the elf's love life and living status was known by them and she sincerely pitied the Water Dragon Knight's future and sanity.
“Why you and Rath, of course, silly!” the Dragon Queen giggled again, before clasping her hands to her chest and gasping dramatically, “Ooh, I can't wait to be a grandmother! Please, Cesia dear, promise me you'll name of the babies after me, even if it's just their middle name!”
One of the babies?!
Just as Cesia was about to give in to the inner screams of her alter ego's thirst for vengeance and tear off the Dragon Amulet, there came a commotion outside the door of shouting and ripping sounds and also one large THUD!
Eager to find an excuse to escape the insanity of the room and it's occupant, Cesia dashed forward and flung the door open to reveal a struggling Black Dragon Officer Tetheus attempting to ward off the unwanted advances of an enthusiastic yet determined Kitchel.
It looked like Kitchel was winning, for the girl thief at the present time was on Tetheus' back with her legs locked around his chest and her arms about his head, and was shrieking in his ear, “Nyuuuuuuuuuuuuu! Tetheus-sama, why do you resist?! This could work out! I could be the greatest thief of all time and because I would be your mistress, no one could arrest me! Think about it! WE BOTH COULD BE SO HAPPY!”
Actually, it seemed to Cesia that the only thing which would make Tetheus happy were if Kitchel would conveniently disappear off his back and off the face of the map forever. Apparently, Rune wasn't the only one with female troubles.
“Oh, how lovely! A lover's first quarrel!” the Dragon Queen gushed excitedly, oblivious as usual, as she stood in the doorway next to Cesia surveying the scene, “Are you two getting married as well? A triple wedding should be marvelous! And if you need a dress, I could supply one.”
This halted Kitchel's furious attempts on Tetheus to interest her enough to hop off the Dragon Officer's back and stare greedily at the rich white silk, embroidered lace, and diamond studded sequins which made up the dress.
“Hoo-yeah,” Kitchel stated, as she almost drooled in anticipation, stars flashing in her eyes, “Tell me, do I get a diamond tiara or necklace as well?”
Tetheus at this point had fled streaking down the hallway which broke Kitchel out of her rich aristocratic fantasy to start anew her chase of the man.
“GAAAAH! Why do you flee, Tetheus-sama?! YOU CAN'T ESCAPE CUPID'S ARROWS!”
“Such raging passion!” Lady Raseleane swooned merrily, watching the pair race down the corridor, “Young love is the surely the most splendid thing!”
Cesia, meanwhile, decided then would be the best time to escape unnoticed. So while the Dragon Queen was busy twirling about again engrossed in her own delusions, Cesia hitched up her skirts and took off down the opposite hallway as fast as she was able to in her satin high heel shoes.
In the meantime, on the grounds of the Dragon Castle in the Fighters Guild, (1) the Dragon Fighters were bemoaning their inevitable, potential disastrous performance in front of the overseers at the Sword Ceremony later in the day, and were drowning their sorrows in liquor and half-hearted gambling when the doors of their not-so secret get-away burst open and their pity party was disrupted by the appearance of Blue Dragon Officer Kai-stern and White Dragon Officer Alfeegi.
The Dragon Fighters, having missed out on the information concerning the recent presumed mental breakdown of Alfeegi, reacted accordingly.
“AUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHH!” screamed the Dragon Fighters as one, clutching each other in terror, under the assumption that the White Dragon Officer was there to beat them senseless out of their miserable wallowing.
To say they were surprised when Alfeegi skipped happily into the guild, ignoring the building's terrified, shaking occupants, waltzed over to the gambling table, picked up a coin and exclaimed, “GOLD-WRAPPED CHOCOLATE PIECES! YAY!” and attempt to bite down on it, was understatement.
“Um, all right,” spoke up a spiked yellow-haired young man to Kai-stern, unsure, “Did someone kidnap Alfeegi, make a clone and replace the real one with that?”
The Dragon Fighter pointed to Alfeegi who was frowning in concentration trying to unpeel the solid coin to get to the believed gooey sweetness in the middle.
“WAH! THIS CHOCOLATE COIN DOES LIKE ALFEEGI-SAN!” the White Dragon Officer exclaimed in tearful frustration, before whirling on a nearby unfortunate Dragon Fighter and hold out the coin to him. “UNWRAP IT FOR ME!”
“But that's not a-” the Dragon Officer attempted to explain.
“CHOCOLATE GOLD PIECE!” Alfeegi screamed, eyes screwing up and looking as if he might have a temper tantrum right then and there.
“Just watch this,” Kai-stern said smirking as he walked forward and swung a comforting arm around the irate, emotional man and led him over to the guild's bar counter.
“Don't cry over chocolate now, `Feegi,” Kai-stern stated, taking full advantage of the White Dragon Officer's state of mind to address him by this unliked nicknamed, “We've got something here that's way better than that.”
“Really?” Alfeegi asked through sniffles wide-eyed.
“WINE! VODKA! RUUUUUUUUUUM!” exclaimed Kai-stern, letting all reservations go, flinging himself over the counter and throwing open the liquor cabinet's doors, “OR AS I LIKE TO CALL IT: THE DRINKS OF THE GODS! WAHAHAHAHAHAHA!”
“Ah! What are you doing Officer Kai-stern?!” cried the Dragon Fighters in horror, watching as the bleached white-haired man snatch up a bottle and rub it in pure joy against his cheek, “And right in front of Officer Alfeegi too!”
“If you boys haven't noticed by now, our dear Alfeegi-san isn't exactly himself at the moment,” Kai-stern explained as he uncorked a bottle of rum and held it under his fellow Dragon Officer's nose, “Here, `Feegi-san! Drink this and pretty soon, everything will be in absolute perfection and harmony!”
“You mean Mr. Caterpillar is okay, then?” the White Dragon Officer gasped, clutching the edge of the bar's counter tightly. “Mr. Caterpillar won't be eaten and can still go on to Dancing With the Bugs, win the prize, elope with his butterfly girlfriend and vacation in Costa Rica Village's lakeside beach?!”
Kai-stern gaped at Alfeegi, not sure how exactly the topic had gotten off of alcohol and onto caterpillars or what exactly the Dragon Officer was talking about, however, it was best to play along.
“Uh, yep!” Kai-stern declared nodding, “Anything's possible with liquor, you know!”
“YAY!” Alfeegi shrieked happily, swiping the bottle away from Kai-stern and guzzled it down like it was water.
“Whoa, you weren't joking!” a chin-length brown-haired Dragon Fighter stated, as he and his companions watched in awe as Alfeegi finished the bottle in five seconds flat, let out a gigantic belch, began laughing and pointing at the empty space of air in front of him, exclaiming, “OOH! LOOKY! SPARKLY FIRELFIES EVERYWHERE! AND THEY'RE DOING THE MARACANA!”
“This is too good,” stated a green-haired Dragon Fighter, watching as the White Dragon Officer, Chief Torturer and Bane of the Dragon Fighters' lives…proceed to copy the invisible fireflies dance movements and bop his way around the floor of the Dragon Guild, occasionally crashing into chairs.
“Yep, and I'm going to keep the memories alive,” Kai-stern sniggered as he pulled out a square object from his coat pocket, held it up to his face and pressed a button which emitted a brilliant flash, temporarily blinding people.
“IIII-YAAAAAAAAA!” Alfeegi screamed, clamping both hands over his eyes and proceeded to shriek in baleful astonishment, “THE LIGHTNING GOD HAS FRIGHTENED THE FIRELIES AWAY! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!”
“Just exactly is that thing?” questioned the spiked yellow-haired Dragon Fighter, motioning to the object in Kai-stern's grasp.
“I don't know,” the Blue Dragon Officer shrugged, as he proceeded to press the button which emitted flashes several times more, capturing Alfeegi's tirade against the heavens for making his invisible firefly friends desert him, just like Mr. Robin and Mr. Caterpillar.
“But I borrowed it off Dr. Avis Laira. He said he knew the creator of these personally and could always get another one. Apparently, he's been using this little gizmo to `cherish memories of his Beloved',” Kai-stern quoted, turning the square device over to view the inscription on the bottom, “Renkin, huh? I hear people from there are strange…”
Cesia streaked down the shiny hard-scrubbed floors and hallways of the Dragon Castle, reverently praying she would not run into Cernozurna or any maid servants, who were sure to turn her location over to the Lady Raseleane or even worse, drag her back kicking and screaming. It was nice that the Dragon Queen inspired such loyalty, but really, a person could only take so much of her gooey sweet niceness without going insane.
Cesia wanted nothing more than to escape to her room, lock herself in, and perhaps immerse herself in memories of the good old days when she lived with her old foster mother witch, who would eat anyone who happened to annoy them.
The girl was so intent on her goal, that she did not manage to hear the hurried patter of footsteps coming down the opposite side of the corridor which she, herself was racing in. Thus, when she turned the corner rather swiftly, she smacked head-first with another person in a violent blow, causing them both to crash backwards.
“OOOOOOOOOOW!” howled the other person, staggering to his feet, clutching his bruised forehead angrily, “Watch where you're going, will ya?”
“Thatz?” Cesia asked, attempting to struggle up amidst the legions of bustles and skirts beneath her dress that weighed her down. Her quest was in vain though. She could only helplessly flail her stocking legs this way and that like a goldfish out of the water, gasping for air. Curse the dratted dress and what it stood for! She most assuredly believed when people said that to be in marriage was bondage.
“Cesia? Is that you?” Thatz questioned, uncertain as he peered down trying to find a face amongst the thick, puffy folds of the white material. “Are you wearing a wedding dress?”
Cesia managed to kick out one of her satin high heeled shoes and catch the ex-thief sharply on his kneecap, causing him to screech in pain.
“A LITTLE HELP YOU THICK-HEADED LOUT?!” the girl screamed, extremely enraged. This was really not her day.
Thatz hoisted her up most ungraciously by her arm, giving her the evil eye and mumbling about evil women and their girlish, insensitive attitudes.
“So, what happened to you? Runaway bride or did the groom leave you standing at the altar?” Thatz taunted, wanting to get pay-back on someone who might have damaged one of a thief's most important essentials for making a steal.
Cesia had no intention of telling him that the Dragon Queen had unofficially betrothed her to Rath. That would just make the ex-thief's day and no doubt, he'd go running off to share the news with the other two Dragon Knights and Dragon Fighters, and Dusis, she didn't want to know what Rath's reaction would be.
So, hitching up her dress and underskirts in a bunch again, she stalked off in a huff, not resisting to call over her shoulder in a knowing sing-song voice a sentence which she was sure to ruin Thatz's merriment.
“Why don't you go ask Kitchel the same thing? Last time I saw, she and Tetheus were looking to tie the knot.”
Cesia smirked as she heard the Earth Dragon Knight let loose a stream of vile profanity and a huge crash as he knocked over a vase in his haste to locate his rival in l-er, rival thief, right!
Cesia cackled fiendishly, feeling a bit better after having passed on a small portion of her irritancy and urge to cause chaos and suffering on those who dared to toy with her like a child. Oh yes, her demon side was quite active today. Perhaps, it would be the safest thing to shut herself in her room, not talk to anyone, and…brood terrible happenings on those inferior to her supreme superiority and also, the demise of all Dusis!
Cesia halted suddenly and frowned, clutching the Dragon Amulet around her throat. The girl fingered it musingly, then carefully unwrapped it from her neck and stared at it. Wasn't this thing to keep her from falling into her evil alter ego? It certainly wasn't working to its fullest potential today. Was it defective?
Perhaps the fates of the life simply decided to have some fun and gang up against her, for the instant the girl took off her Dragon Amulet, she happened to hear some awfully strange sounds coming from beyond the door she had stopped unaware in front of.
Sounds such as muffled laughter, intense moaning, and the sound of shifting rustle of cloth, and then hurried fast breathing.
Cesia, being overly curious pressed her ear against the door, hoping to catch some audible words of what exactly was going on, but got more than she bargained for when the door swung inward due to it not being locked; and the girl stumbled into quite an extraordinary sight.
A sight which consisted of Rath bound and gagged, and tied quite firmly by his wrists and ankles on the couch, desperately trying to get away from Dr. Avis Laira who was perched atop his patient, straddling him, and seeming listening intently to Rath's heartbeat by means of his stethoscope, but really was only running it up and down the his upper torso, while he stared hungrily at the black-haired young man's bare chest.
Time seemed to freeze in place for a moment as all three surveyed one another wide-eyed, before everything exploded.
“ALL RIGHT! THAT'S IT! I'VE HAD IT!” Cesia screamed in rage, frothing at the mouth and her golden eyes glowing blood-red as the Dragon Amulet slipped from her fingers and she willingly allowed her alter ego to take full possession of her body for the first time ever. “NO ONE MESSES WITH MY PLAYTHINGS! I'M THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN TOY WITH THE WEAKLING BRAT! DIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEE!”
The room fairly erupted with violently strong wind magic which vented out its owner's fury by picking up, hurling and shattering objects in an impressive fit of temper.
Suffice to say, had it been any other person, Black Cesia would have won hands down, had not their opponent been one fiercely determined, particularly adept in magic as well, certain white-haired doctor.
“YOU!” Dr.Avis Laira exclaimed, leaping off poor Rath and pointing at the half-Yokai girl, his face showing extreme displeasure that his pleasure had been interrupted, “I'VE HAD A BONE TO PICK WITH YOU FOR QUITE SOME TIME! RATH-KUN IS MY SOUL MATE AND YOU ARE NOT GOING TO INTERFERE WITH US PROCLAIMING OUR UNDYING DEVOTION! YOUR TIME'S UP, BITCH!”
And with that bold decree, the two launched a declaration of war upon the other and proceeded to fling attacks of wind and ash magic in vicious bouts along with low-degrees of name-calling.
“YOU POOFY-HAIRED POOF!” Black Cesia screeched, unleashing a tidal wave of particularly ferocious wind magic at the doctor.
“YOU BIG-MOUTHED, CHICKEN-LEGGED, FLABBY-BOTTOMED SKANK!” Dr. Avis Laira retorted, blasting a powerful wave of ash towards his opponent.
Black Cesia gasped in horror, eyes growing wide, before the air behind her seemed to darken considerable, and she spoke in a low, threatening tone, “Oh no you didn't…”
“HAHAHAHAHA!” Dr. Avis Laira laughed triumphantly, hands on his hips, the sweat from the exertion of his attacks making his hair spring up from the gel holding it in its smoothed down position. “GO JUMP OUT OF A WINDOW, GOTH BARBIE! AND FEEL FREE TO TAKE THE CURTAINS WITH YOU FOR MORE PADDING! HAHAHAHA!”
“OH, YOU'RE GOING DOWN, GRANDPA!” Black Cesia screamed, temporarily forgetting that she possessed the ability of the wind to do her dirty work for her. All the half-Yokai girl wanted at that moment was the pleasure of physically hurting the doctor who thought himself so superior to her.
“YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!” Black Cesia screamed as she raced forward more swiftly than she thought was capable in her huge, billowy wedding gown, leapt into the air, did a turn-around kick and caught the doctor squarely in the chest with her satin, yet firm high heels, knocking him backwards out of the room's window along with herself from the brunt of her assault, causing them both to fall two stories.
Luckily, they both summoned their wind and ash elements to be of service to them again and resumed their battle the moment both feet were on the ground below.
Meanwhile, back in the doctor's office…
“Curse my insanely handsome features and hot bishounen pheromones,” Rath stated to himself or rather the ceiling, as he was still tied with all four appendages to the couch.
“Hey, wait a minute, I'm the Fire Dragon Knight! I can rescue myself!” Rath exclaimed suddenly as if a light bulb had just blinked on in his head.
Closing his eyes, the black-haired young man called upon his power, focused it all to a center, and then released it. Smelling the familiar acrid scent of burning fire, Rath opened his eyes to find the entire room filled with a heavy smoke and everything fiercely ablaze…except of course his bonds.
“Well, this sure sucks,” Rath stated as the fire loomed larger.
Rune's eyes darted wildly to the left and then the right from the bush which he was crouched under. It was no surprise who he was hiding from. Lim Kana and Tintlett's Battle of Girl Power hadn't gone very well. When it appeared that both girls were equally matched in their strength and only marring their beautiful physique with their cat-fights, they each had opted for different tatics. Lim Kana had turned herself into a spider in hopes of scaring her rival. Tintlett had turned herself into her child form and promptly began stomping her feet in attempts to smush the Lim Kana for good. Lim Kana had then grown into an even larger spider about the size of a Durna and had scuttled about the Dragon Castle's grounds clicking her pincers hoping to snap Toddler Tintlett, who was desperately fleeing from her, in two.
Rune had decided then that it would be best for him to escape before Lim Kana realized she could simply shoot a web at him if she wanted and get him in an even stickier situation with no hopes of getting untangled.
So, now he was crouched under bush, wondering what to do, making plans that he would become bachelor as it would be less dangerous. If he did that, the only thing he would have to worry about was if Rath acted out one of his demon-hunting dreams in his sleep upon his two fellow Dragon Knights or Thatz gnawing off his arm on the illusion that it was a tasty side of ham when he hadn't eaten for the excruciating pain of two minutes. Yes, being a bachelor was looking very promising indeed compared to the prospect of having both a spider and toddler girlfriend.
“YOO-HOO! RUNE-KUN, WHERE ARE YOU?” came Spider Lim Kana's voice merrily in a great booming shout.
“DON'T YOU `RUNE-KUN' MY ELF, YOU WALKING FREAK OF NATURE!” shrilled Tintlett's high-pitched tone as a toddler.
Then the fairy child must have whacked or bitten Lim Kana the Giant Spider on one of her huge legs or something, because then the screams and vibrations of big footsteps grew louder and closer to the elf's hiding place.
Rune glanced about desperately and caught sight of the Dragon Fighters' Guild, a place that he normally despised and avoided, yet this time brought sheer hope and joy to his eyes. Making a wild dash across the open space of the grounds, the elf reached the building, flung open the door, threw himself inside, and slammed and barricaded the entrance.
Panting heavily, the elf turned around thinking he had escaped the madness only to find he had fallen into another kind altogether.
Alfeegi, the White Dragon Officer stood atop the bar's counter dancing, skipping, swaying and basically getting jiggy with the song the Dragon Knights were horribly caterwauling as they encouraged him on with their cheers and applause.
“Wha'?” Rune gaped, his eyes bugging out and his jaw-hitting the floor at the spectacle.
Obviously Alfeegi's condition was worse than they had thought.
“WOO-HOO! YEAH! WHO'S THE VICTOR OF THIS MATCH?!” Kai-stern roared, red-faced in drunken happiness as he slammed down another empty glass upon the numerous empty ones in front of him, and jumped up from his seat pumping both arms in the air.
“KAI-STERN! KAI-STERN! KAI-STERN! KAI-STERN!” chanted the Dragon Fighters who were apparently intoxicated as well.
“WHAT IS GOING ON IN HERE?!' Rune yelped, wondering if he was having a really bad nightmare. There was no way so many things could be so crazy, at least not at the perfect, orderly Dragon Castle.
“LIKE, OMIGAWD, IT'S RUNIE!” Kai-stern bellowed, his eyes widening in shock, as he staggered over and slung an arm across the elf's shoulders, “LOOK, `FEEGI-DUDE! RUNIE'S HERE NOW!”
“YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!” Alfeegi exclaimed, leaping down from the counter, grabbing both his fellow Dragon tribesman's hands and spinning them all around in a circle, singing a jaunty charade of, “ `WHY CAN'T WE BE FRIENDS?! LALALA! WHY CAN'T WE BE FRIENDS?! LALALA!'”
For the first time ever in his life, Rune feverishly wished fate had somehow led him to join Nadil and the Yokai's side. He was sure they never had days like this.
Dr. Avis Laira was having a rather amusing time sitting calmly upon a stone bench, sipping tea while he watched his opponent battle…well, herself.
“No, we mustn't hurt such a kind, gentle-looking nice old man!” White Cesia attempted to dissuade her evil other half, before losing control of her possession.
“YOU WON'T HURT, RATH, YOU MEGALOMANIC BITCH! NOW GET OUT OF MY BODY!” Cesia shrieked, slapping herself on the left side of the face.
“Oh, how can you speak so horribly about your own third self?” White Cesia implored, deeply hurt as she emerged once more. “We should all unite as One and breath in the harmonic peace life brings!”
“SHUT UP!” Black Cesia and Cesia exclaimed simultaneously, before losing control once more to their softer side.
Dr. Avis Laira couldn't hold in his glee any longer and fell backwards head over heels laughing hysterically.
Meanwhile in the Dragon Castle's Council Room…
Think happy thoughts, think happy thoughts! Ruwalk repeated sweating profusely, before turning to Lykuleon, who so far had not shown any signs of distress for the continuously long and pointless meeting.
“How do you manage to keep your head with these people?” the Yellow Dragon Officer whispered desperately.
“Why, I just spend time looking at pictures of my Rasie-bear that I took with Dr. Avis Laira's odd thingamajig!” the Dragon Lord beamed at him, holding up a strange square object.
“I'd show you the pictures, but I don't think Rasie-bear would like others seeing them. Oho! My, these are faaaaaaaaaaaaaaabulous!” Lykuleon exclaimed, sorting through several pictures and turning a pleasant red in the face, “I had forgotten I had suggested we do that! Heehee!”
“YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!” poor Ruwalk screamed, springing out of his seat, racing to the blocked doorway and beating at it frantically with his fists, “HELP! HELP! SOMEBODY! ANYBODY, LET ME OUT!”
“Now, what is the matter with him?” the Dragon Lord pondered confused, “I thought that picnic by the lake was very romantic. It was a nice vacation from work.”
And in still in the doctor's office…
`Late last night when we were all in bed,” Rath sang dully as the flames roared about him, `Mrs. O'Leary left a lantern in the shed, and when the cow kicked it over, she winked her eye and said, `There'll be a hot time in the old town tonight'. Fire! Fire!'
To Be Continued…
A/N: Yes, I finally finished it. Naha, NOW I am totally satisfied with it! I couldn't post it until I felt happy about it, you know. Some tidbits on this chapter. Obviously, since this is a parody, of course, there are things non-canon like Lim-Kana able to transform into a giant spider and Cesia fighting her alter egos…wait, she does, but not to the extent I made her here XD! Also, the song poor Rath sings at the end is not mine. It is called the Chicago Fire Song. I thought it was appropriate for the situation. I know what you all are thinking. WHERE'S KHARL TO RESCUE HIM? You'll have to read the next chapter to find out what happens to him and our other Dragon Tribe members, heehee.
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