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[ P - Pre-Teen ]

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Pairing: None

Category: Angst

Rating: PG

Title: If Only

Author: yellowhorde

Challenge issued at the lj community, anime100 : 11/18/04 - 11/22/04: Three random phrases - distant barking, breath, salt

Words: 100

Note: This takes place right after the events in the end of Volume 3. Mitsuo's words to Hasunuma were paraphrased due to word limits.

Hunderedword challenge Day 2:3 Only 97 left, that is, unless I miss another day, then I have to start all over again...





The night was chilly and a distant barking was heard. But Hasunuma didn't pay attention. Mitsuo's words drifted through his mind. An innocent rejection. The pain they inflicted upon his heart made his breath shudder.


The warmth of Mitsui's body, how right it had felt holding him. The scent of his hair. The softness of his lips as he kissed him. It had been perfect but...


If you were a woman, I'd fall for you.


Tears welled up, spilled down his face. He tasted their salt on his lips as his heart and hope crumbled.


If only...