El Hazard Fan Fiction ❯ Ever More (Ifurita) ❯ Ever More (Ifurita) ( One-Shot )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Blood and bone,
Fire and steel,
The endless wars of fools do peal,
Onward gong the songs of war,
Blindly they march to settle the score,

Caught in this web of hate and fear,
The slicing, silent sound of death,
I the weapon do draw near,
Created in the image of a maiden fair,
Sent to slaughter their march, no care,
I the war bringer doth draw near,

Loathing as deep as any yet known,
The lives of those shattered souls, away hath been thrown,
The song of triumph, a call to arms,
I feel empty amid the swarms,
My own soul battered by the stench of such death,
But my masters force me on, no such time for a breath,

Soon I am filled with a bitter, sweet revelation.
No long is my creator trusted and I his prime creation,
Buried and sealed with the other relics, I am gladdened,
For now my tainted hand no more to be soaked in blood, no more like a beast maddened,
By the sounds of the war beats triumphant blaze,
By the screams of the innocents who in the way were razed,
By the final fool's tool, the Eye Of God's gaze,
If their folly is survived, I shall be amazed,

A thousand years later of time have slipped my grasp,
And now once more my key is turned, the clock wound fast,
Now I am told once more to ride the mantle of war,
But the enemy this time a weapon holds tight,
The compassion of one whose eye are unclouded as the truest night,
A taste of sensation nigh felt before in a flood do rush, take flight,
The fresh innocence of a soul, wishing only to cleanse me of blight,
And from bondage released to know loves first bite,
Feeling only the gaze of my willowy knight.

Then fear it doth strike at mine very heart,
God's Eye awakens, its stare settled upon the land,
And hark the knowledge is clear to me now,
The truth of redemptions price...
10 000 years of waiting, just to have know him,
The only certainty... uncertain dreams he hath given
His parting bequest,
And now I go...
Another 10 000 years of rest

Blood and bone
Fire and steel
The endless wars of fools no longer do peal
Silent the gong and songs of war,
Nigh again they march to settle the score,
And across the sea of nights 1000 score
My love he awaits me,
Ever more.

This is my meager tribute to the lady Ifurita, one of my absolute favorite tragic heroines of anime (the other being Ryoko of Tenchi-Muyo). I hope it is enjoyed!