Fables/Fairytales Fan Fiction / Original Stories Fan Fiction / Romance Fan Fiction ❯ Life is a Fashion Fairytale ❯ Through the Looking Glass/What happened that day and who saw it: Enter Antiperfect Woman ( Chapter 3 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
“Flight 26 to Paris, France takes off in five minutes”, there's that voice again... Wait... it just said what I think it said, didn't it? Oh no. I'd better ask for directions!

I looked for somebody to ask and found a woman so I asked her “Um, excuse me ma'am?”

“Hmm?”, she sounded funny but I put that out of my mind when I looked at her doll face.

"Could you tell me how to get to Flight 26 that takes off to Paris in less than five minutes?", I was talking to a woman in a scarlet vest that looked like she was a flight attendant. She was VERY tall and she had very long and slender legs (I was envious). She had the most amazing eyes and not to mention her beautiful jewelry. You should have seen those adorable freckles that went perfectly with her dimples.

She opened her mouth and boy I wish she hadn't because it ruined her perfectly perfect perfectness.

"How in the wil', wil' east am I 'aposed tah know that, woman?!", her mouth was full of pearly whites but her voice was chock full of comedic responses. The way she said 'woman', if you hadn't seen her perfectly perfect perfectness, you would've thought that she was your husband you've been married to for forty sum years!!

While she scared me (though not NEARLY as much as Brooklyn), I had to be polite or else the world would punish me (also something that my friend told me in grade school her mother told her). So I politely said, "Je suis désolé, je ne comprends pas!?".

I guess I thought she was talking in french but then I thought to myself, <<Why would a beautiful brunette in New York be speaking FRENCH to a young blonde woman?!>> But then I understood fully what she was saying! <<she must be speaking SPANISH!!>>

So this is what I said to her, "Escusemme moi! NO COMPRENDO SEñORITA!!", I thought I had aced it that time...

Bad idea. You would know from what she said to me next.... But this is a lil grown up for you guys so lemme paraphrase a teensy weensy bit.

"YOU STUPID DUMB BLONDE! YOU IDIOTIC [bad word]!", I couldn't find another way to downgrade what she said, so I just looked at her with a dirty look and went on my way. <<I'm not a dumb blonde, I just am a lil ditz sometimes....>>

For some reason I just knew that this wasn't the last of that NOW antiperfect woman...

After our terrible meeting, I looked for someone else to ask for help. After what seemed like forEVER, there was a man in black who looked a little suspiscious, I needed help and I wanted to keep an eye on him so I decided to ask him. But not before the antiperfect woman beat me to it. I was only a few meters away but I was behind them so they didn't see me. I could hear what they were saying though.

The man in black opened his mouth and it scared me to hear what he said. Let alone whose voice he said it with...

It sounded like my grandfather.