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Darcy was being a total gentleman, he even gave me a tour of the cabin he built! When we got to the bathroom in the cabin I went to use it and found a small mirror. one thought went through my head as I look at myself in that mirror. WHAT.THE.HELL. I look gross! I takes a real man to call ‘this’ gorgeous. I had a huge gash over my right eye about two inches long and a bruise on my left cheek. My face was splattered with mud. Not to mention my pants were ripped right down the side! And how could i not notice the rip in my shirt!? my boob was practically hanging out! Gosh..no wonder Darcy was drawn to me. Luckily I’m wearing a bra under my now-ripped tee shirt. I look no better than the cave-woman on T.V.

After a very long walk down the dirt path to the river i finally was able to get cleaned up. Apparently its super hard to make water come all the way up to the house without heavy equipment, which Darcy obviously didn’t have. The river was about knee deep and WAYY too cold for my liking but I wasn’t one to complain when it came down to survival. And by survival I meant a relationship with Darcy! I haven't had a boyfriend since Nate Died 2 years ago. And we hadn't been married for more than 1 year. And I had to make myself look at least half decent if I wanted even a small chance with Darcy. When I finally got dressed and walked back to the cabin I had decided to go with the ripped clothing look. One because there was no way to fix my clothes, two because it was kinda sexy. You know, my bra showing and my upper thigh..kinda revealing(and sexy!).

“Hey! Feel better now that you're all cleaned up?” Asked Darcy when I reached his cabin
“Yes thank you” I said reaching down to pick up a nail he dropped hoping he could see up my shirt. Wow, I’m really good at this flirting thing. I thought as Darcy thanked me for picking up his nails.
“your shirt is ripped” Stated Darcy
“Yea so it is..” I replied casually
“Would you like to fix it?” asked Darcy
“No its fine” I said that one because I don't know how to sew and two because I liked the thought of Darcy looking up my shirt when i bent over. who am I? I wondered Hoping boys look up my shirt? hmmm..

Later that night Darcy and I decided to get some sleep. But heres the problem, Darcy never planned on having guests out here in the woods, so there is only one bed. And being the gentleman Darcy is, he told me to use it and he slept on the hardwood floor.

Hey! Layna here!! I wrote this whole chapter by my self! WOW! I guess I just got excited..
Anyways! I hope you think Marcie is trying to take things too fast...well because she IS! She hasn’t been loved for a while and is aching for a mans love and affection, so when she found Darcy she just WENT FOR IT! :)

Love ya!
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