Fake Fan Fiction ❯ FAKE in Love: Act I, Stalkers and Protectors ❯ Chapter 4

[ X - Adult: No readers under 18. Contains Graphic Adult Themes/Extreme violence. ]

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Ryo slowly took the Dramamine and stared at the car irritably.
“What's the matter, handsome?” Diana said as she stepped to his side.
“Long car rides,” Ryo said with a little blush. “I get car sick.”
“Then why don't you ride up front until your pill kicks in? That always helps me.”
“Thanks Diana.”
“So how'd Bikky take the news?”
“About as expected,” Ryo said as he put on his sunglasses. “He's glad for a break from school, but he was mad that he didn't get to come with and that he wouldn't see Carol for a while,” Ryo paused and flashed Diana another smile. “Thanks again by the way.”
“Don't worry about it.”
Bikky had been shipped off to Ryo's Aunt Elena for the duration of this little game. The boy had been almost livid when Ryo had refused to take him to whatever safe house Diana had picked out, but seemed to calm down after Ryo reminded him that Elena would need someone to keep an eye on her too. Of course the FBI agents that were camping out on her front yard probably had it mostly under control. Ryo grinned a little as he thought about Bikky springing on them in the middle of the night; he really wouldn't put it past the boy to do so.
Dee ground his cigarette out on the pavement and started to pull open the driver's side door.
“Just what do you think you're doing, Laytner?” Rose said lowly.
“I'm getting in the car, sir.”
“Do you even know where we're going?”
Dee bristled angrily. “I think I can manage to follow directions.”
“You've proven time and again that that's not true,” Rose said and slid into the driver's seat, smiling a little at Ryo as he started the car.
“Goddamn you,” Dee growled lowly.
“Get in the car Laytner,” Rose said. “Or ride in the next one.”
Dee flinched and climbed quickly in, Diana grinning at him a little as Dee irritably buckled up. The car behind them contained the rest of this little protective custody party; Drake, Ted, and J.J. Dee shuddered as he thought about being locked in a small car with the overactive sharpshooter and resigned himself irritably to staring daggers into the back of Rose's head.
“So where exactly are we going?” Dee said finally as the car glided away from New York City.
“An FBI safe house,” Diana said and leaned back in her seat. “Well, actually it's more of a training site, but that makes it even better.”
“How far away is it?” Ryo asked from the front seat.
“Eight or nine hours,” Diana said. “Give or take.”
Ryo sighed. He hated riding in cars for that long. Hopefully he would fall asleep at some point, that usually made the trips go a little faster. It still seemed weird to be running away like this, especially with almost the entire department. He had no idea how that had happened, but Rose had probably pulled some strings. Ryo mentally sighed, wishing again that Diana had just taken over and made it a flat out FBI case. It was irritating to have to step back, but even more so because he had to watch people he knew step up and protect him.
Ryo leaned his head against the door and willed himself to sleep. Slowly, his body relaxed with the movement of the car and he drifted off. Diana made small talk from the back, but Dee and Rose didn't seem too interested in keeping the conversation going. She finally had to take Dee's cigarettes away from him after he attempted to light up six times in the space of an hour.
“It's an FBI car,” she snapped angrily as she wrenched them away. “No smoking.”
At last they pulled off for a rest break, everyone piling out of the cars gratefully, muscles stretching and bones popping a little. Ryo walked around yawning, his neck painfully sore as he rubbed at it gently. He stopped at a soda machine and bought a coke, knowing that the caffeine was probably a bad idea, but he really needed something to drink. Strong arms wrapped around his waist and pulled him close.
“Ack, Dee! What are you doing? We're…”
“In the middle of nowhere,” Dee said against his neck. “Come on, I just spent the last few hours trapped in a car with Rose, I've got some pent up energy to work off.”
“Dee, no.”
Dee nuzzled against his neck and Ryo tried to think of why he was telling Dee to stop.
Dee slumped against Ryo and shook his head. He stepped back and warily braced himself as J.J. raced towards them.
“Dear god, no,” he muttered. “J.J. if you touch me I'm going to rip your arm off and smack you with it!”
“Oh, come on you stud, there's no reason to be so mean,” J.J. said as he skidded to a halt and began to examine the contents of the vending machines. “This is like a mini-vacation, and it's so nice to take it with my sexy-sempai!”
Dee ground his teeth angrily and Ryo smiled as he noticed J.J. select a caffeine free drink. He wondered distantly about what J.J. would be like if he was hyped on sugar and caffeine. J.J. wrapped himself happily around Dee's arm, ignoring the threats and angry roars that rained down on him. Ryo chuckled and headed back to the car, leaving Dee to pound roughly on J.J.'s head.
“Get off already!”
“Oh, you're so cute together,” Diana said with a wide smile, making J.J. beam happily.
“Dammit Diana, don't encourage him,” Dee snapped and then stared intently at her.
“What?” she said with a little worry.
“Diana, would you do me a favor?”
“I really am sorry, Ryo. Are you sure you don't mind?”
“No, it's perfectly alright, I feel fine. Do you want a Dramamine?”
“No thank you, I just don't think I can ride in back anymore.”
“Don't worry about it,” Ryo said and climbed into the back as Rose walked up.
“What's this?” the Commissioner said with one raised eyebrow.
“Diana's not feeling too well so she's going to ride up front for a while,” Dee said flatly.
Rose stared at him.
“And how are you feeling Detective?”
“Me? Oh, I'm fine, never better.”
“Good, because my eyes hurt. You drive,” he tossed Dee the keys and climbed into the backseat.
Dee's mouth dropped open and Diana laughed loudly.
“You have to admit he is good,” she said, trying to get herself under control. “And you walked right into that one.”
Dee's eyes kept flashing to the rearview mirror as he tried to think of some curse that was good enough (bad enough) to described Berkeley Rose. Ryo had fallen asleep again almost immediately, his arms crossed loosely over his chest, head slumped forward. He looked peaceful, Dee thought, wonderfully relaxed and comfortable.
And I could be…grrrr.
Rose was leaned against his own car door, his eyes also closed, but Dee was having a hard time believing that the man was asleep. Something was pricking at his mind and telling him he still needed to keep an eye on him. The car bounced sharply and Rose shifted, his entire body slumping the other direction, his head resting on Ryo's shoulder. Dee jerked the wheel hard and Diana gasped.
“Dee! Eyes on the fucking road!”
“Goddammit,” Dee hissed and reached for the radio.
“No, don't, you'll wake Ryo,” Diana said pushing his hand back.
“And Rose,” Dee said sharply.
“He's not asleep,” Diana said with an annoyed frown.
She glanced back and Rose smiled at her a little, his eyes opening to bare slits.
“Then he can get the fuck off my Ryo,” Dee said a little louder.
“He could, but he won't,” Diana grumbled.
Rose closed his eyes again and breathed in that wonderful smell that seemed to belong only to Detective MacLean. Ryo…he thought happily. He liked the sound of the name, he liked the whole package in fact. He should have found some way to insert himself in Ryo's life sooner, maybe not letting Dee run off to him in England, maybe going himself. He knew he didn't have a chance now, and probably never would, but he couldn't seem to stop himself. Rose liked making Ryo blush and sputter, and couldn't stop imagining what it would be like to kiss him and have those soft lips kiss back. He sighed and let himself really drift off to sleep now, enjoying being this close to his handsome favorite detective.
Ryo awoke a little over an hour later, and frowned slightly as he glanced down at Berkeley. A slight blush raced across his face.
“Oh,” he said softly.
Dee glared back at him in the rearview mirror.
“Just push him off,” Dee fumed.
“Well, I guess…”
“Don't wake him up,” Diana snapped. “At least this way we don't have to listen to him talk.”
Ryo glanced at the back of Diana's head, a little startled to hear her so angry. Of course the woman had been carrying a torch for Berkeley Rose for god only knew how long and here he was…Ryo sighed and pushed a little at Rose's shoulder. The man muttered something and slumped back onto the door, his eyes never opening. Ryo rubbed at his shoulder and leaned forward.
“How close are we?”
“Not close enough,” Diana grumbled, and Ryo sat back silently.
The fading light barely illuminated the outline of the wide building they finally pulled up to. The headlights cut out and they climbed out of the cars, all staring up at it silently before Diana sighed.
“It used to be a hotel, but the FBI picked it up a couple of years ago for training missions. It's got an obstacle course, a shooting range, and plenty of rooms.”
“Good god it's a dump in the middle of a fucking forest,” Dee said as he lit a cigarette.
“Keep it up and they'll be a no smoking policy,” Diana growled.
“I like it,” Ryo said.
“You would,” Dee said as he took a long pull from his cigarette. “You have weird tastes.”
Ryo and Diana stared flatly back at him.
“In places, goddammit! Weird taste in places!”
“Yeah, right,” Diana said. “Grab your stuff kiddies and let's get moved in.”
It was like watching some weird tennis match. First one would shout then the other would answer, then a new insult would be lobbed over. They sat quietly between the two, their heads turning back and forth with each new cry, all sighing and waiting irritably for the fight to end.
“Well this is fun,” Diana said finally.
“Hmmm,” Ryo said and drained the last of his tea from his cup.
No one was really sure what Dee and Rose were fighting about, but it was pretty much a given that neither one would admit he was wrong. God, they'll probably keep this up all night, Ryo thought with irritation and shook his head.
“I've had enough, I'm going to bed.”
“Goodnight,” Drake and Ted called.
“See you in the morning,” Diana said with a sigh.
J.J. muttered something from around a mouth full of food, but didn't take his eyes off Dee. Ryo headed upstairs, tiredly entering his dark and barren room, a little depressed that he was stuck here for some unknown span of time. He changed into his pajamas and climbed into bed, curling up deep down in the blankets and wishing that he would just pass out. The room was too empty, too quiet, it made him feel lonely and nervous. A few minutes passed in dark silence, and then a soft thunk slide sounded through the room. Ryo frowned and started to sit up when a heavy weight pressed down on him and searching lips pressed over his.
“Dammit, Dee!” Ryo whispered when Dee finally released him. “You scared the shit out of me.”
Dee grinned at him in the dim light and jerked his head back towards the window.
“You should have locked that.”
“I did,” he snapped back.
Dee clicked his tongue and started to kiss Ryo's neck gently.
“What are you doing?”
“Do I really need to answer that?” Dee breathed. “Sexy little Ryo…”
“We're in a house full of people! We can't!” Ryo said, pushing him off.
“Well we could if someone would learn to be a little bit quieter.”
Ryo blushed and Dee chuckled.
“Don't worry about it, I like it when you're loud.”
The grin slid across Dee's face; just when he thought Ryo couldn't blush any darker…He leaned in for another kiss and then contentedly wrapped his arms around Ryo and rested his head on the soft shoulder. Ryo closed his eyes happily, and felt sleep easily coming.
Suddenly the door slid open and Rose stared in at them. Dee sat up with an angry growl.
“What the fuck do you want?”
“That's `what the fuck do you want, sir,' Laytner,” Rose said dryly as he entered the room.
Dee spotted the blanket and pillow under his arm and his eyes narrowed suspiciously.
“Sir,” Ryo said, resting a hand on Dee's arm, “What exactly are you doing here?”
“These windows don't lock very well,” Rose said as he tossed his pillow onto the couch next to the window. “Someone needs to keep an eye on things. Now Laytner, don't you think you're crowding Detective MacLean a little?”
“What? This bed is plenty big enough, there's room here for th--”
Dee suddenly cut himself off, that same suspicious look darting back in place as he remembered how easily Rose had tricked him in the car. Better not to give him an opening to spoon with his Ryo again. Dee sighed and climbed out of the bed, silently trekking out of the room. Rose smiled at him and lay down on the couch, pulling the blanket up to his chin. Ryo flopped back into bed, suddenly very annoyed with the commissioner, and wishing that he had maybe hit him a little harder in the past.
The door clicked open again and Dee returned with his own blanket and pillow. He and Rose glared at each other as he spread out a makeshift bed on the floor next to Ryo and curled up in an angry ball. Ryo smiled a little and scooted to the edge of the bed, listening to Dee's irritable breathing as he tried to sleep.
“Um, Ryo?” there was a quiet knock on the door and then J.J. looked in. “DEE! There you are! You were gone and I was worried!”
“Ack, J.J. go away!”
J.J. cleared the room with barely three jumps and tackled Dee happily, burying his face against the other man's chest.
“J.J.! Stop it! Ryo, help!”
“Dee! Why are you here, why are you sleeping on the floor? If you don't like your bed, you can sleep in mine!”
“J.J. get off!” Dee threw him sharply aside. “We're here to make sure no one sneaks in on Ryo.”
J.J. glanced up at Ryo and then over at Rose.
“Oh, I see.”
He bounced out of the room and Dee grunted. Not even two minutes passed before he returned and proceeded to curl up next to Dee, his eyes sparkling with joy.
“Other side of the room!” Dee roared and tossed him back. “I swear to god if I wake up with you anywhere near me I'll beat you into next week, are we clear?”
“Ah, don't be so mean!”
“Gentlemen,” Rose said coolly. “Do you think you could finish your lover's quarrel elsewhere?”
“Shut up!” Dee yelled at him and turned his back on J.J.
J.J. purred quietly from the other side of the room, happily watching Dee as he drifted off to sleep before falling to dreams himself.
Dee awoke to something warm stretching out beside him. He opened his mouth to give J.J. a one second warning when the familiar scent of Ryo spread out over him. Dee cautiously opened his eyes and smiled as he watched Ryo press up next to him, one hand wiping absently at his face. He's crying, Dee realized suddenly.
“Ryo?” he said softly.
“Oh, sorry, I didn't mean to wake you,” Ryo nestled in closer as Dee wrapped his arms around him.
“That's okay, why are you…” the words faded and Dee felt Ryo bury his face in his chest.
“Just a bad dream,” Ryo said quietly. “I just wanted to make sure you were okay.”
Dee ran a hand through Ryo's hair and closed his eyes. He loved the way Ryo felt, he loved the way Ryo smiled, he loved the sound of Ryo's laugh, he loved how Ryo turned to him for comfort, he loved how Ryo leaned into their kisses now. He loved Ryo. And he had come so close to losing all that…Dee's arms tightened around him, and he rested his face against Ryo's head, needing suddenly to be as close to him as he could.
Dee sat up slowly in the morning, his back painfully reminding him that he had just spent the night on the cold hard floor. J.J. and Rose were still two indistinguishable lumps, but the bed next to him had been neatly made, and Ryo's folded pajamas rested on the corner. Not only had Ryo managed to get up, make his bed, leave, shower, and return, he had done it all without waking anyone, including the man sleeping right next to his bed.
The man's a ghost. Dee got up as quietly as he could, sneaking out with blanket and pillow under arm. It would bug Ryo to no end if he came back and had to trip over Dee's mess. The friendly scent of cooking filled his nose as he exited the room and began to pad down the stairs. Diana's and Ryo's voices intermingled and Dee frowned; another morning person.
He showered fast and came into the kitchen, grinning at Drake and Ted as he sat down next to them.
“Oooo, pancakes!”
“If you want any more,” Ryo said with a frown to Ted, Drake, and Diana, “Grab them now.”
Ted laughed. “Yeah right, there's gotta be like twenty on that plate.”
“Fine,” Ryo said as he turned the stove off. “I warned you.”
Dee's smile shrunk a little bit as he pulled the plate over and then he looked back up at Ted.
“Care to make a wager, Detective?”
“Don't do it Ted,” Ryo said lowly.
Dee smiled and bounced the plate a little and Ted snorted.
“What? That you'll explode before you eat twenty of those things. I'll say twenty bucks.”
“I'm with Ted,” Drake said. “No way.”
They both fished in their wallets for their cash, Dee grinning evilly as he eyed the pancakes and the money.
“You want in on this Diana? Ryo?” Drake said.
“I'm not getting involved,” Diana said. “You are all children.”
“I'll bet twenty that he eats them all and then raids the fridge for more food,” Ryo said and set down his own bill.
Dee chuckled and rubbed his hands together. “Where's the syrup?”
Ted shook his head with disbelief as the final bite disappeared. Not only had Dee finished the pancakes, three cups of coffee, and a few strips of bacon, but he had actually made himself an egg sandwich. He grinned and scooped the money up.
“Thank you for playing gentlemen,” he said and handed forty bucks to Ryo.
“I can't believe that just happened,” Ted said as he shook his head again.
“What can I say, I'm a growing boy with insatiable appetites.”
Ryo blushed hotly at that, but turned around quickly to set the rest of the dishes in the sink. Dee lit up a cigarette and sighed.
“I know Ryo's a morning person, but I never had the two of you pegged for getting out of bed before noon.”
“Well,” Drake said loudly and then grinned at Ted. “You're going to love this pal. After you disappeared last night, Rose informed us that we're taking night watch shifts. He then proceeded to partner everyone up. I got Ted, Diana got Rose, and you got…”
“You're shitting me,” Dee said lowly.
“J.J.'s all yours man,” Ted said with a grin.
“Fuck,” Dee snapped. “I hate that son of a bitch!”
“Which one, Rose or J.J.?”
“Rose,” Dee said as he savagely ground out his half-smoked cigarette. “Goddammit.”
“Um, when do I…” Ryo said softly.
“You don't,” Diana said as she nursed her coffee and she smiled at the hurt look on Ryo's face. “Ryo, it's a good thing, you get to sleep at night.”
“You and J.J. are up tonight,” Ted said. “I hope you have as much fun as Drake and I had.”
“Fucking owls,” Drake said lowly. “Scared the shit out of me.”
Ryo snorted laughter and glanced apologetically at Drake.
“I'm sorry,” he said and then laughed again. “I'm r-really s-sorry.”
He laughed again, almost doubling over, a few tears gathering in his eyes. Dee grinned happily as he watched Ryo, a tension that he didn't even know he had been carrying loosening in his chest. Ryo wiped at his eyes and shook his head.
“Owls,” he said and chuckled again, the wide smile still on his face. “Damn.”
Ryo collapsed into a panting heap as he reached the end of the obstacle course, sweat streaming down his face as he threw one arm over his eyes. He gasped for breath and listened to Dee cursing angrily as he struggled to finish. Diana was cheering and Ryo could almost feel money changing hands between the other officers. Dee finally crumpled next to him and Ryo glanced over.
Dee's face was flushed and glistened with sweat. His clothes clung to him, along with a few stray blades of grass and a little mud. It had started out as a friendly game that had somehow turned into a competition. J.J. and Ted had run it first, but had both finished at about the same time. Then Rose had creamed Drake, and now Ryo had managed to beat Dee.
“Damn,” Dee said as he finally started to catch his breath. “You're fast.”
Ryo grinned. He knew he looked small and wiry, but there was solid muscle there, and he ran at least three days a week. He stretched out on the grass, enjoying the warmth of the sun and the sound of Dee panting next to him. He blushed suddenly at his thoughts, and hoped that he was still flushed enough from his run that Dee wouldn't notice.
Ryo sat up and pulled off his damp T-shirt, one hand wiping the sweat off his face. He glanced over to see Dee watching him, the man openly appraising Ryo and smiling devilishly up. Ryo blushed darkly and Dee chuckled.
“Sexy,” Dee said.
Ryo threw the sweaty shirt at him, but Dee only laughed.
“Come on!” Diana yelled to them. “Get back here! How can we make fun of Dee if he stays all the way over there?”
“By yelling really loudly!” Ryo shouted to her.
“You!” Dee tackled him, kissing Ryo hotly as their skin brushed.
“Hurry up!” Diana yelled again.
“We better go,” Ryo said with a sigh.
“Yeah,” Dee said, his own voice hinting at his disappointment, but he rolled aside and let Ryo up.
“Come on,” Ryo said, smiling warmly at Dee as he grabbed his hand. “Let's go!”
Dee allowed himself to be drug back, grinning madly the whole time. He really had it bad if just the touch of Ryo's hand could make him so happy.
Dee raised his glass. “To our obstacle course champion!”
Diana grinned happily and accepted their toasts with good humor, her eyes sparkling happily. The remnants of supper still lay spread on the table before them, Ryo's superb cooking putting everyone in a good mood. Now they were on their second bottle of wine, and the conversation had lightened.
“Well it's just a good thing you New York boys have us Fibbies to show you how it's done.”
“Be honest Diana,” Drake said. “How many times have you run that course?”
“Do you mean that particular course or…”
“Cheat, cheat, cheat!”
Diana laughed. “It's not cheating, it's experience.”
Drake yawned widely and shook his head.
“It's been fun guys, but I've been awake since nine a.m. yesterday. Goodnight.”
“Watch out for owls,” Dee said smartly.
Ryo choked on his wine and Dee grinned at him. Drake smacked him in the back of the head as he passed and headed upstairs.
Ted sighed. “I hate to admit it, but he's right, I'm wiped. I'll see you guys sometime tomorrow, maybe.”
“Good night,” Diana called. “Well boys, now what?”
“Mr. Sexy and I are on watch tonight,” J.J. said happily and Dee shot Rose an annoyed look.
“You understand this means no sleeping and no sneaking off,” Rose said flatly. “You keep an eye on the cameras.”
“Yeah, yeah,” Dee snapped irritably as he got up and flipped the small surveillance TV on.
Black and white images of the shoddy hotel and the surrounding forest filled the screen. Dee stared at it and then lit a cigarette.
“This sucks.”
“Get over it,” Rose said and poured himself another glass of wine.
Ryo sighed and stood up.
“I'm going to bed, would you like me to escort you up, Diana?”
“Why yes Ryo, that sounds great. I'm glad to see that there's at least one gentleman mixed in with these apes.”
“God,” Diana said as they walked up the stairs. “Anything to get away from their petty bickering.”
“Maybe they'll reach an understanding.”
Diana glanced at him and both chuckled darkly.
Rose woke up suddenly on Ryo's couch, the strange room shifting into focus as he tried to figure out what had awakened him. He listened to the quiet darkness with a frown. The window was closed, the door was closed, Laytner hadn't managed to sneak in, he was sure of that, there was something else. The small sound reached him again and he sat up, glancing over at Ryo's sleeping figure. As he watched the man twisted violently in his bed, hands gripping the sheets tightly, then he spoke, the words unintelligible, but the tone filled with fear.
Berkeley Rose walked slowly to the bed and sat down, staring at Ryo's face as it clenched with some unknown terror. Gently, very gently, he lay down and pulled Ryo to him, breathing in that warm smell. Ryo calmed immediately, his arms wrapping around Berkeley and pulling him closer. The dream passed, and Ryo became calm and still in his arms. Berkeley leaned in, allowing that silky hair to tickle across his face. Suddenly, Ryo tensed in his hold.
“Dee?” he said softly.
“Shhh,” Berkeley whispered. “You were having a nightmare.”
Ryo pushed sharply back, breaking away from Berkeley's arms. He couldn't see Ryo's face clearly in the dark room, but he could imagine the look of surprise and the deep blush that accompanied it.
“Shhh, Ryo,” Berkeley said, reaching for him again. “It's alright. You were having a nightmare.”
“You could have just woken me up,” Ryo snapped, still keeping Berkeley at arm's length.
“Why do you let him comfort you, and not me?”
Ryo frowned, and he felt one of Berkeley's hands gently caress his face. Ryo blinked slowly, his heart still pounding a little as he stared blindly at Berkeley's shadowy form.
“I love him,” Ryo said softly. “That's why.”
Berkeley's thumb lightly touched his lips, and Ryo waited, wondering what he should say next. Suddenly, the hand slid to his neck and pulled him roughly forward, his lips pressing against Berkeley's, his body struggling to regain its balance. Ryo pushed him again, sending the Commissioner falling to the floor. Immediately Ryo got up and stalked to the door. He grabbed the handle and Berkeley slammed one hand against the door, his eyes set as he loomed behind Ryo.
“Why him?” Berkeley said softly.
Ryo wrenched the door open. “Get out.”
Berkeley Rose stared at him in the dim light that flooded in from the hallway, but said nothing else as he left, his cool composure already slipping back into place. Ryo shut the door quietly and closed his eyes. He leaned against the cold wood for a moment then weakly made his way back to bed.
Ryo lay in the darkness, his whole body suddenly sore and painful. He had just been asleep, why did he have to wake up?
Because that wasn't Dee, his mind answered easily. You only want to be in Dee's arms.
He blushed again at that and pressed one hand over his beating heart. It was true, it was all…he closed his eyes and listened to the silence in the room. He was suddenly lonely, and almost regretted kicking Berkeley out. He frowned irritably then, it was all Dee's fault that Ryo couldn't sleep alone anymore. Damn you, Dee. He smiled a little as he thought of Dee's warm hands and his glittering eyes. The quiet in the room leaned back in and Ryo sighed. He got up and pulled on his robe.
The building was strangely quiet and dark, the night seemed to have seeped into everything. Ryo frowned as he walked the long hall and knocked on Diana's door.
“Wha…Come in,” came the sleepy reply.
Ryo opened the door and peered almost demurely inside. Diana flipped on the light by her bed and squinted at him.
“Ryo? What is it? What's wrong?”
“Well,” he blushed then and stared down at the carpet. “Diana, would it be alright if maybe I just…”
Diana sighed loudly to cut off his stumbling request. She flipped down the corner of the blankets, inviting him over. Ryo climbed into the bed and Diana lay back down, the light clicking off.
“I knew Berkeley wouldn't keep his hands to himself,” she said with a yawn.
Ryo was silent a minute.
“I'm sorry Diana.”
“Well,” Ryo paused. “Berkeley.”
“Berkeley's an idiot,” she said flatly. “And I here and now resolve not to waste another minute on him.”
Ryo chuckled. “Really?”
“Really,” she said and smiled a little to herself. “After all, why should I spend all that time chasing him when Ryo MacLean is so willing to hop into bed with me?”
She laughed loudly and poked him in the ribs.
“Calm down Prissy,” she teased and hugged him lightly. “You're so cute when you're flustered though, I can just imagine that hot blush.”
“I'm not blushing,” Ryo lied.
“I'm not.”
“Maybe I should do something else to make you blush?”
She laughed again and released him, rolling back to her side of the bed.
“Goodnight Ryo.”
“Goodnight Diana.”
Dee smiled as he walked silently up the stairs. Even Ryo wouldn't be awake this early, he could be the one to wake his partner for once. His smile shifted a little as he slowly opened Ryo's door and then froze. He frowned as he looked around the empty little room, even Rose gone.
He didn't come downstairs.
The frown remained as Dee walked down the hall and lightly rapped on Rose's door. He slid it quietly open as Rose sat up and stared at him from the bed.
“What is it Laytner?” Rose grumbled, his eyes still filled with sleep.
“Have you seen Ryo?”
“What do you mean?”
“He's not in his room and he hasn't come downstairs.”
Rose shook his head slowly and then got up.
“Have you checked the other rooms?”
“Not yet. I thought I'd start with the guy that was supposed to be keeping an eye on him,” Dee growled lowly.
Rose's mouth thinned.
“He's not here.”
Dee slammed the door sharply and started back down the hall. He rapped on Diana's door and threw it open, not waiting for a reply. Ryo sat up sleepily, Diana yawning at Dee as he stared in.
“Diana!” Dee roared. “What are you doing with my Ryo!”
Diana flung her arms around the groggy Ryo and grinned at Dee.
“Making a man out of him!”
“Diana!” Ryo said, his face turning bright red.
“Sorry sweetie,” Diana said with a laugh. “I just wanted to see that sexy blush.”
She slid out of bed, giving them both a full view of the genderless flannel pajamas she wore.
“Yeah, they're hot, I know,” Diana said as she strolled past Dee. “Try not to do anything questionable on my bed, I'm going for coffee.”
The door clicked quietly shut as Dee leaned against it and Ryo played with the corner of the blanket. A long moment passed and finally Dee spoke.
“What happened?”
“Well…” Ryo's voice faded after that one word and he sighed.
“Rose,” Dee said flatly.
Ryo nodded. Dee crossed the room and gently sat down on the bed, Ryo finally looking up at him. Dee stared into his eyes and then pulled Ryo close, kissing him lightly. Ryo's hand tangled in Dee's collar and refused to release him when Dee tried to slip back, dragging the kiss out as his tongue slipped into Dee's mouth. Finally, Ryo let go and Dee sat back and took a deep breath, his vision blurry and his body shaky.
“I'm sorry,” Ryo said quietly.
“For what?”
Ryo blushed and Dee growled low in his throat.
“He kissed you again!”
Ryo nodded and Dee angrily leapt off the bed.
“Goddamn it! I am going to kill him! I swear to god he's a dead man!”
“Calm down!” Ryo grabbed the back of Dee's shirt and pulled him back onto the bed, wrapping his arms around his fuming partner.
“No, this has got to stop,” Dee said angrily.
Ryo sighed and gently caressed Dee's face, holding him close and resting his head against Dee's shoulder. He closed his eyes and lightly kissed Dee's cheek.
“I don't love him, I'm not interested in him, and you're the only one I want.”
Dee smiled in spite of himself, but the anger didn't fade.
“But still, he shouldn't…”
“No, he shouldn't,” Ryo's calm voice said. “But you're not going to get fired over it either. I'll just have to start hitting harder. He'll either take the hint or rack up some pretty impressive hospital bills.”
Dee laughed.
“Did you hit him last night?”
“No, but I pushed him off the bed and kicked him out.”
“Wait a minute, what was he doing in the bed with you?”
“I had a nightmare,” Ryo said.
Dee's anger evaporated.
“Another one?” he said softly.
“The same one,” Ryo whispered.
He pressed his eyes against Dee's shoulder, and felt those strong hands rest firmly over his. Dee rocked a little bit, and kissed Ryo's temple.
“Do you want to tell me about it?”
“Alright,” Dee said quietly and kissed him again. “I'm here, I'm always here, okay?”
“I know.”
“Good. I love you.”
“I love you too.”
Rose poured himself some coffee quietly, and ran one hand through his freshly brushed hair. He straightened his tie and took a small sip before he sat down next to Diana.
“Nice pajamas.”
“You better quit,” Diana said lowly, her eyes resting heavily on Berkeley. “He's not going to change his mind.”
Rose was silent and Diana sighed. “Trust me, I'm an expert. He's not interested in you, give up.”
“Strange advice coming from you.”
“It's my new mantra,” she said and set down her empty cup. “Consider this a friendly warning. He'll kill you if you keep pushing it, and I'm not talking about Dee. Ryo loves Dee, and he's getting sick of you hurting him.”
Rose's eyes remained cold and impassive and Diana sighed.
“Fine, do what you want. But remember, I warned you.”
She left him alone with his thoughts and headed back upstairs to shower.
“Hey, Ryo, what's for supper tonight?”
Ryo frowned over at Ted. “What makes you think I'm going to cook anything? Feed yourself.”
“Damn Ryo,” Drake said. “Don't be bitchy with us, it's not our fault Dee's taking a nap.”
“Oooo,” Diana said lowly. “Bad move.”
“Bite me Drake,” Ryo said flatly.
“Now he's really not going to cook,” Ted said dejectedly.
“Right you are,” Ryo answered.
They turned hopefully to Diana.
“No way,” she said.
“Come on Diana,” Drake begged. “This is my only chance to eat real food. I can't cook, I can't make anything!”
“And you think I look like I can?” she gestured to the fabulously designed outfit and the perfectly manicured nails. “What here says `I cook'?”
The conversation was cut off as Diana's phone rang and she irritably glared at Drake and Ted. Ryo dug around in the fridge for a minute, raising their hopes, but both were disappointed when he just pulled out some juice.
“Really?” Diana said with surprise. “When? Who got him? No I don't know him, the name doesn't even sound familiar. He's what? What? I can't hear you… Hello? Hello? Damn, the service up here sucks.”
She set the phone down then grinned at the circle of faces in the kitchen.
“Well boys, looks like this little bonding trip is over, the FBI picked up Marsh this morning.”
Ryo let out a long sigh of relief, surprised at how tense he really had been. Diana hugged him lightly and he shook hands with Ted and Drake.
“What's going on in here?” Rose said sharply, J.J. following irritably on his heels.
“We picked up Marsh,” Diana said with a laugh. “We nailed him!”
“Well,” Rose said, his face breaking into an easy smile. “Congratulations all around.”
“We can go home!” J.J. said happily. “Thank god!”
“We'll leave tomorrow,” Diana said waving a hand as she dialed her phone. “Tonight we party.”
“Who are you calling?” Ted said.
“I'm getting us a couple of cabs. There's a bar in town that always gives great deals to FBI agents and I'm sure they'll do the same for you boys. Let's get slammed!”
“Diana you are one amazing woman!” Drake laughed.
Diana beamed at him as she listened to the phone and then glanced over at Ryo.
“Better go wake the lout.”
Ryo smiled and nodded, leaving on the trail of a suddenly light hearted room.
Ryo felt his smile soften as he stared down at Dee, the sleeping figure happily sprawled across the bed, one pillow wrapped tightly in his arms. Ryo sat down on the bed and kissed Dee's cheek, causing the man to grumble a little and turn his head, his lips sliding to meet Ryo's. The kiss deepened, and Ryo felt the moment when Dee really woke up. He smiled at Ryo as his eyes opened and Ryo sat back up.
“Hey there Sexy.”
Ryo smiled and shook his head.
“Hey there yourself. Get up and get moving, we're going out. The FBI picked Marsh up.”
“What? Really? That's great news!”
Dee flung his arms around Ryo and pulled him back down onto the bed, smothering his face in kisses. Ryo laughed and tried to push him off, but Dee held on tightly, running his hands quickly all over Ryo.
“Dee, stop! Ack, don't do that! Not there! Hey!”
Dee's roving hands finally calmed and he lightly pressed his lips to Ryo's ear.
“We'll have to really celebrate when we get home.”
Ryo blushed darkly but nodded a little, causing Dee to grin ecstatically as he finally released Ryo and got to his feet. He stretched and smoothed out his clothes.
“So what are we waiting for?”
“Wait, he was where?” Dee said as he set his beer down and took a long drag from his cigarette.
“He was in Ryo's apartment apparently,” Diana said and shook her head. “The agents staking out the place picked him without incident.”
“What a genius,” Ted said with a laugh. “And this is the guy that the FBI has been hunting for how long?”
“Shut up,” Diana snapped. “It turns out Derrick Marsh is a billionaire computer tycoon. He invented some silicone chip or software program or something. He has money coming out of his ass, so is it really all that surprising that he could just disappear whenever he wanted to?”
“Or buy off New York cops,” Rose said darkly.
Drake grunted in agreement. “But if he's such a smart guy…seriously Diana, did they really pick him up at Ryo's place?”
“Yeah, what the fuck was he doing there?” Ted said with a frown.
“I don't know,” Diana said. “It seems like such a stupid move.”
“I told you you were giving the guy too much credit,” Dee said and picked up his beer again. “But who listens to me? Just because I'm always right. Come on Ryo, you're falling behind, hurry up and finish that.”
“I've been trying to!” Ryo said, his voice rising a little. “But every time I get close you fill it up again!”
“Oh you noticed that?”
“You son of a bitch,” Ryo said with a smile.
“Holy shit, Ryo can swear!” Ted laughed.
“But can he drink?” Dee said.
“Why do I feel a challenge coming on?” Drake said with a frown.
“Must be psychotic,” Dee said and grinned.
“That was bad,” Ted said and shook his head. “Really lame.”
Dee chuckled. “Come on, let's make this interesting.”
“No,” Ryo said flatly. “I'm here to have a good time, not play games.”
“Fine, fine,” Dee said.
“Why do you listen to him?” Drake said. “You don't listen to anyone. What's so special about him?”
Ryo quickly picked up his drink to try and hide the blush that he knew was ready to come out. Dee grinned devilishly and whispered something in Drake's ear.
“No shit,” Drake muttered.
The blush spread to Ryo's ears at the small smile on Drake's face.
“What did he say?” Diana asked with a grin. “What did you say?”
Dee only smiled and slung an arm around Ryo's shoulders.
“Come on,” Diana said. “Tell me!”
“Buy the next pitcher and maybe I'll tell you.”
“What? Ah fuck.”
She flagged down the waitress, who rubbed lightly against Ted's arm as she took their order, causing the man to grin happily. She returned with the pitcher and Diana filled Dee's glass, her eyes pinned irritably to him as he slowly drew another cigarette and patiently lit it.
“Dammit Laytner, while I'm young!”
“I said…”
“Oh dear god,” Ryo said, a mortified look on his face as he waited in suspense.
He knew that Dee wouldn't deliberately embarrass him, at least not too much, but the dark haired detective had already consumed a lot of alcohol. There really was no telling what would come out of his mouth.
Dee smiled at him.
“I said,” he leaned and whispered quietly in Ryo's ear. “Because I love you.”
Ryo grinned at that and then laughed.
“She already knows that!” Ryo said.
Dee chuckled. “I think everyone here does.”
He took another drag on his cigarette as Drake relayed the message to Diana and she irritably punched Dee's arm.
“You bastard! I bought a pitcher for that?”
“Don't be so nosey next time.”
Diana rolled her eyes and wrapped her arm around J.J.'s shoulders.
“Why so quiet?”
“This bar is loud,” he said. “My chair's uncomfortable. I don't like beer.”
Diana giggled. “You should have moved faster and there would have been an open seat next to Dee.”
“I tried to, but Drake was in the way and he doesn't move easily!”
“I owe you one,” Dee said, toasting Drake with his glass.
“Alright everyone,” Diana said with a laugh. “Finish your drinks and let's move on to something harder. Shots!”
Rose remained quiet as the night wore on, the same small smile carefully in place. He was enjoying himself, but he knew that while he sat with this group of people he wasn't really one of them. They didn't particularly want his company, which he was used to, and seemed more relieved than anything else that he wasn't trying to force himself on them. Diana usually included him, made him play nice and be part of the general bedlam, but she was icily ignoring him, turning her attentions largely to Drake and Ted, and even managing to make J.J. laugh and blush.
She must really be mad about the Ryo thing.
Now there was something pleasantly distracting. As the liquor began to flow more freely, everyone had started buying drinks for Ryo, including two women at the bar who seemed a little disappointed when Diana planted one on the Japanese-American to get them to back off. Dee had almost thrown her across the bar, but Ryo had thanked her. Now he was pleasantly glowing, his skin flushed a pale pink, his eyes a little dazed as he laughed loudly and freely. He looked beautiful. Not that it mattered much.
After he had gotten a couple of shots into him, Dee had become a little more possessive, and sat with one arm comfortably wrapped around Ryo, occasionally stroking at the man's lithe waist. After a long laugh he would sometimes slip his other arm around him, completing the embrace and lightly breathing on Ryo's neck. Ryo, unfortunately for Rose, didn't seem upset by this, and actually was leaning into Dee's hold.
A few more drinks and Ryo slung his arms around Dee's neck, his hot breath tingling on Dee's ear as he spoke softly.
“I think we should go.”
His hand slipped free and lightly passed over Dee's thigh, causing the other man to choke a little on his drink. He coughed and quickly drained it, setting the glass down loudly.
“You need another one Laytner?” Ted said, their waitress currently sitting in his lap.
“No, Ryo's about ready to pass out, so I'm going to take him back.”
Diana stared down at her watch, trying to get her eyes to focus. She finally gave up and thrust her wrist at Rose.
“What time is it?”
“Quarter to two.”
“Damn!” Diana yelled. “We should all go.”
“Ahhh,” Ted started. “Come on…”
“No, we have to drive back tomorrow, and I don't want to have to stop six dozen times. Let's go back to the pit, throw up for a while, and pass out until tomorrow afternoon.”
“The lady has a plan,” Drake said and lightly rubbed at her shoulder. “Let's go.”
Dee staggered a little under Ryo's weight, his partner more of a hindrance than a help as he struggled to move under his own power. This would be easier if he just passed out, Dee thought and then grinned. Of course it wouldn't be much fun when they got back to the training grounds. The taxis pulled up and they started to pile in.
Dee pulled open one of the doors and poured Ryo in, the man still clinging tightly to him. Dee chuckled as he started to climb in after him, but a cool voice stopped him.
“Taxi's full Laytner, take the next one.”
Dee peered in to see Rose, Ted uncomfortably pinned between him and the door, J.J. passed out in the front seat. Dee felt a growl rise in his throat and Ryo sighed heavily.
“Alright,” he said, his voice a little slurred. “There's one over there, let's take that one. I didn't pay for any drinks, I'll pay your way back Dee.”
“You're the boss partner,” Dee said with a grin, unable to resist smiling at Rose's scowl.
They stumbled over to the cab and climbed in, the cabbie yawning a little.
“Where to?”
“I've always wanted to say this,” Dee said and pointed to the other taxis. “Follow that cab!”
He laughed happily and then Ryo was all over him. For a split second Dee wondered how enlightened their cab driver was, but then Ryo's tongue was in his mouth and he didn't particularly care. Ryo barely let him come up for air, his mouth clamping back down, hands tugging and pressing, his whole body rubbing against Dee. Then his mouth was on Dee's neck, hot tongue running over him as Dee clung to him, pulled him closer.
“Sexy little Ryo,” Dee panted and Ryo went wild.
Unfortunately the cab ride wasn't nearly as long as Dee would have liked, and he felt them bounce to a halt all too soon. Ryo stared fuzzily at the meter and then handed the man behind the wheel a ten dollar tip.
“Keep the change,” he said as he climbed out and leaned back against Dee.
“Thanks, have a good night,” the man said neutrally.
“That was bold,” Dee whispered in Ryo's ear.
“Come on, Dee. How many cabbies have you interviewed? It's a business where it pays not to remember everything or anyone.”
“I'll have to remember to take you for more taxi rides.”
“Don't start with me,” Ryo said and shook his head. “Okay, the alcohol may have played a role in it.”
“You think?”
Ryo nipped playfully at his ear as Dee hauled him up the stairs, the house alive with the sound of half a dozen drunks trying to make their way to bed.
“DEEEEEEE!” J.J. called from downstairs. “Carry me up!”
“No!” Dee yelled back.
“He said no!” Ryo yelled and turned sharply back.
“Shit, Ryo!” Dee tugged at him hard and barely managed to keep the two of them from tumbling down the stairs. “Ignore him and focus on walking.”
They finally staggered into Ryo's room and collapsed into his bed, Dee panting a little after all the effort. Ryo chuckled and kissed his neck.
Dee grinned and rolled on top of Ryo, his eyes flashing happily.
Ryo laughed, his face still beautifully red, eyes half-lidded and sparkling.
“Damn you're hot.”
“You're not too bad yourself,” Ryo said and played his fingers through Dee's hair before pulling him close and whispering in his ear. “I think I'm too drunk to try and be quiet.”
“Come on Ryo,” Dee prodded.
“No,” Ryo said and kissed his neck. “We'll be home tomorrow anyway and we can leave Bikky with Elena for a couple extra days.”
“Oooo,” Dee said and grinned. “How can I say no to an offer like that?”
“Oh don't think you're getting away tonight,” Ryo said lowly. “There are some things I can do quietly.”
“Like what?”
“Like…take your shirt off.”
Ryo tugged Dee's shirt off and threw it aside, grinning happily up at Dee.
The door clicked open and Diana stared in at them.
“Oh my god Dee,” she loudly. “Don't take advantage of him when he's drunk!”
“What do you want?” Dee bellowed.
“J.J. won't get out of my bed until he gets to talk to you,” Diana said. “Please Dee?”
“Dee,” Diana started. “Just listen to him babble for a minute so I can kick him out with a clean conscience. I think you owe me for not feeling up your boyfriend in his sleep.”
“How do I know you didn't?”
“Talk to J.J. or I'll sleep in here!” Diana shouted.
“Fine, fine.”
Dee got up reluctantly and stared sadly back at Ryo as he followed Diana out into the hall. Ryo waved at him, the grin still in place, and Dee sighed heavily. By the time he got J.J. to calm down and thrust the little man into his room (barely escaping himself) Ryo was completely passed out. Dee sighed and stretched out next to him, trying to console himself by bringing up every memory he could conjure from that short but wonderful taxi ride.