Fake Fan Fiction ❯ FAKE in Love: Act VII, Relations and Celebrations ❯ Chapter 1

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Dee smiled as he ran his fingers through Ryo's soft hair, his graceful lover sprawled across the bed, cool moonlight tracing over his strong back. Ryo shifted a little, sighing quietly as Dee smoothed his hair back down and pulled the comforter tighter around them. His beautiful lover, so…the smile shifted, became contented and pleased and he pressed a little closer to Ryo. He loved Ryo, and he chuckled as Ryo immediately flung an arm over his chest and curled up against him.
The cold night pressed around them, the apartment a little cool, which had given Dee a wonderful excuse to lure Ryo into bed early. From there it had only taken a few caresses and some light kissing before…
Dee's smile shifted again, it grew wolfish and coyly satisfied as his eyes traced over Ryo's sleeping face. He'd never be able to get enough of this man, could never touch him enough. Ryo seemed to sense his thoughts and hugged Dee tighter, his face nuzzling gently against Dee's heated skin. Ryo sighed and Dee shivered at the light puff of breath.
Damn, he's just sleeping and I can't help myself.
The wind howled loudly outside and Ryo arched closer to him, his skin still cool to the touch despite the blankets covering him. Dee smiled again as he tucked the comforter a little more tightly around his lover and rolled to lightly wrap his arms around Ryo. Ryo always seemed to be cold, draping himself in sweaters and jackets and drinking warm tea. His hands were like ice sometimes and Dee chuckled as Ryo's face pressed hungrily up against his neck.
Cold hands, warm heart.
Mother Maria used to say that whenever he complained about her hands being cold. Maybe it was true. Dee ran a hand up through Ryo's hair and then sighed lightly as his hand slid back down and pressed against Ryo's waist. The wind howled again and Dee glanced over at the window. Two weeks till Christmas and the cold snap that had descended on the city was refusing to break. They spent their days huddling in their poorly heated office and cursing whenever they had to go outside. Crime, unfortunately, didn't seem to fall off too much with the cold spell.
Dee felt Ryo's eyes open, a light fluttering tickle against his skin. Ryo leaned back and glanced up at him, his eyes squinting and dazed as he peered over Dee and at the clock.
“Why are you awake?” he murmured.
“Can't sleep,” Dee said simply.
“I don't know,” Dee said with a smile.
Ryo sighed and pressed his face back against the warmth of Dee's neck, his body soon molded even more tightly to Dee's. Dee's smile became that of a well pleased cat as Ryo kissed his neck.
“You're so warm,” Ryo murmured sleepily.
Dee kissed the top of his head and listened as Ryo's breathing slowly deepened again and he drifted back off to sleep. Ryo's peaceful breathing soon filled the room, the sound of the wind fading in Dee's mind as he closed his eyes and focused on Ryo. Time slowed and ceased to matter and soon Dee was dreaming alongside his partner.
“Hey! Ryo!”
Ryo glanced up from the mat on the training room floor where he was carefully stretching. Ted grinned at him and Dee felt a vicious smile dart across his face; fresh meat.
“This is Mike Johnson,” Ted said. “He just transferred in, a new recruit from the academy.”
“Yes,” Ryo said with a warm smile. “We met earlier.”
He stood and held a hand out, Mike taking it quickly and shaking it.
“He needs a partner for today's training,” Ted said.
A confident smile slid across Mike's face as he surveyed Ryo's lean body. Ryo shrugged and smiled at Mike again.
“Alright,” Ryo said. “You all set?”
“Sure,” Mike said, a smirk almost on his face. “Whenever you're ready.”
Dee chuckled as the two talked for a moment longer and then slid into fighting stances. Ted blew some hair out of his eyes and glanced over at Dee with a dark grin.
“What do you think?”
“Ryo takes him in two minutes,” Dee said. “No contest.”
“Ryo's luck can't hold forever,” JJ said as he inserted himself between them. “The new guy'll pin him.”
“You want to back that up?” Dee asked.
“Fifty,” Dee dared.
JJ hesitated and then nodded.
“Yeah, I'll put fifty on Ryo,” Ted said.
“You haven't seen the new guy,” Drake said as he rubbed at his shoulder. “I'll put fifty on Mike.”
“Ouch! Dammit!”
All four looked up as Ryo knelt heavily on Mike's back, one arm twisted in his hold as Mike sputtered against the matt.
“You put too much force into your attack,” Ryo said with a calm voice. “Don't rely so heavily on your brute strength.”
“Well, shit,” Drake grunted.
“How you going to explain losing all that money to Diana? Hmm?” Dee laughed.
“We've got to get some smarter recruits,” JJ grumbled. “They always underestimate him.”
“Not this again.”
They turned and Berkeley Rose stared at them with a little annoyance.
“I thought I made it clear that these training sessions were to improve your skills, not lighten your wallets.”
“Hey,” Dee said. “It was just a friendly wager, we're all adults here.”
“That's debatable,” Rose snapped. “Make yourself useful and get this place cleaned up.”
The Commissioner purposefully strode away and Dee frowned as he stared at his back.
“What's his problem?”
“Dammit! How do you keep doing that?” Mike yelled as Ryo pinned him again.
Ryo flipped open the file and slid on his glasses as Dee washed the rest of the dishes. The quiet of the apartment hung stealthily around them as each worked, Dee quickly finishing and soon hovering behind Ryo. He leaned over his partner's shoulder for a second and frowned.
“Wait a second, who's this guy?”
“They found him dead in Central Park,” Ryo muttered. “They think he was a member of the Downstreet gang. We've got witnesses who saw him fighting with them earlier that evening, so the investigating officer thinks that they turned on him and he ended up dead. The smart money's on this guy.”
Ryo flipped open another file and an angry man glared up at him, a dark tattoo spiraling around his right eye.
“He looks like a pleasant one,” Dee said.
“Hmm,” Ryo answered and then stared up at Dee. “By the way, speaking of smart money…”
Dee grinned at him and planted a light kiss on Ryo's cheek, his hand resting gently against Ryo's shoulder.
“Hey, we won again.”
Ryo sighed. “Is that why Rose looked so pissed off?”
“I don't know what crawled up his ass,” Dee said with a scowl. “He's bet on you before too so why now is so different I don't know.”
“He what?”
“Yeah. Anyway, what's our next move on this? I didn't know that we were getting involved with the gang task force.”
“We're not,” Ryo said. “They're starting to break-up. This guy, Kurt “Pistol Whip” Montez, is breaking out with a few of his friends. They're getting vicious.”
“Hey!” Bikky yelled. “I'm home!”
The boy clattered into the room, his book bag and skates dropping loudly to the floor. He bustled by into the kitchen and returned an instant later with an apple clamped in his mouth.
“How was school?” Ryo asked. “How's Carol?”
“Fine,” Bikky grinned around the apple and then frowned. “I know that guy.”
“Huh?” Ryo said. “How?”
Bikky glanced up at the sharpness in Ryo's voice and he shrugged a little as he pulled the apple free.
“That's Pistol Whip,” Bikky said. “He hangs out down on the street corner by the old courts. He's loud, he's always yelling shi—er stuff at us.”
Dee grinned. “The guy's a talker, huh?”
“Oh yeah,” Bikky said and took another bite of his apple. “He can't help but brag too. He's always going on and on about the crap he's done.”
“That should make this a lot easier,” Ryo murmured as he made a few notes in the case file. “We'll just send someone over there to listen in.”
“Good luck with that,” Bikky snorted. “The guy can sniff out a cop in three seconds.”
Bikky chewed thoughtfully at his apple and then frowned.
“I could do it.”
“No,” Ryo said flatly.
“Come on Dad,” Bikky urged. “It makes sense. He's seen me around; he knows I hang down there. You guys'll be close so it's not like I'd be in any kind of danger or anything. I'll just stand there with a…a…what the hell is that thing called? A wire, right?”
“Right,” Dee said.
“Don't encourage him,” Ryo said as he glanced up at Dee.
“Jeez Dad,” Bikky said as he rolled his eyes. “I can handle just standing there. I do it all the time anyway.”
“There is no way this is going to happen,” Ryo said sternly as he flipped the file closed and headed to the kitchen for something to drink. “No way at all.”
Dee and Bikky grinned at each other.
“How in the hell did you talk me into this?” Ryo groaned.
They were huddled in an unmarked car, their breath puffing whitely in front of them as they stared out at the street. Kurt Montez and a gang of young men roughly his own age were sprawled on a stoop in front of them, roaring with laughter and yelling loudly despite the cold.
“It'll be fine,” Dee said. “Stop worrying so much.”
“Then I told the guy to eat shit and die!”
The voice crackled to them through the radio in the car, picked up on the small microphone tapped carefully to Bikky that morning. Bikky had patiently shadowed Montez throughout the city, eerily capable of disappearing and blending perfectly into the cityscape. Ryo slumped in his seat and pulled his jacket more tightly around himself. He didn't like this. This was a stupid risk. Someone was going to get hurt.
“Eat shit and die,” Montez said and snorted. “Like that bitch Fred. Fuckin' ass.”
“No shit,” one of the others said. “He won't bother us again.”
“Sucka screamed like the little bitch he was,” Montez said lowly and lit a cigarette. “We shouldn't have shot him so soon.”
“You're sick Pistol Whip.”
“Fuck yeah.”
“That sounds like a confession to me,” Dee said with a grin and glanced up.
The smile disappeared immediately and he winced.
“Here comes trouble.”
Carol was calmly strolling down the street, her young body draped in a flowing coat that was cut to accent and reveal her blossoming curves. She had spotted Bikky and was smiling as she moved towards him. The quiet appraisal began the instant the punks in front of them spotted her.
“Hey baby,” Montez leered at her. “You want to feel something hard and hot?”
“Fuck you,” Carol snapped and didn't even glance at them.
“Oh ho,” Montez said as he stood up and sidled in front of her, his grin hungry now as he loomed over her. “Dirty mouth. Want me to make it dirtier?”
“Hey, leave her alone,” Bikky said angrily and tried to push past him. “Come on Carol.”
“Back off,” Montez growled at Bikky. “Don't make me beat you down Oreo. Don't think I won't just because your Dick Goldman's son. Dicky's little Bikky. Fuckin' punk. You as big a pussy as your dad?”
“I'm more man than you useless shits,” Bikky answered.
“Oh shit,” Dee moaned.
Ryo pulled the gun from his shoulder holster and checked the clip, his eyes angry and set as he reached for the car door. Dee flinched and pulled his own weapon, a long sigh escaping him as they stepped out of the car. He'd never forgive himself if something happened to Bikky. Dammit, this had been a bad idea.
“What did you say?” Montez roared and slammed a fist into the side of Bikky's head.
Bikky staggered back and fell roughly to the ground, a garbage can toppling underneath him. Carol rushed forward and crouched next to him, gently resting her hands over him.
“Bikky! Are you okay?”
“Fine,” he muttered.
“Fine,” Montez repeated in an angry taunt and kicked Bikky in the ribs, barely missing Carol as Bikky shoved her out of the way. “You fine now, bitch?”
“Leave him alone,” Carol said, her voice filled with rage and danger as she swung out her leg and kicked his calf.
“Ow!” Montez yelled and backhanded Carol.
She stumbled back and Bikky sprang to his feet, his eyes filled with anger.
“You shit!” Bikky roared. “Don't you touch her!”
“She your little girlfriend?” Montez said.
The gang of men behind him chuckled as Bikky's hands clenched into fists and his eyes burned into Montez. Bikky gritted his teeth and Montez grinned at him.
“She'll be free for tomorrow night.”
Another fist slammed into Bikky, striking his jaw hard and sending him back to the ground. His lip split and a thin line of blood traced down from his mouth as he sat back up.
“Freeze!” Ryo yelled angrily.
Bikky smiled and stared up at Montez.
“You're going to get it now.”
“You piece of shit,” Montez growled and pulled his fist back again.
“What part of freeze don't you understand?” Ryo said lowly as the barrel of his gun pressed firmly against Montez's temple.
“Fuck,” Montez panted.
The gang of punks seated on the doorstep got to their feet and Dee gave them a confident smirk.
“You better think carefully before you make any choices,” he said as he held his gun up.
Angry glares and dangerous muttering answered him, but they dropped back to the stone steps. Montez growled and Ryo's eyes narrowed.
“Shut up. Carol, Bikky get out of here. Now.”
“Alright,” Carol said. “Come on Bikky.”
She tugged at his arm and Bikky glanced between Dee and Ryo once more before he allowed Carol to lead him away. He was limping slightly and Carol gently pulled him close, her arm wrapping protectively around him as they walked away.
“Kurt Montez,” Ryo said. “You're under arrest for murder. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford one, one will be provided for you. Do you understand these rights as I have given them to you?”
Ryo clicked the handcuffs on Montez's wrists.
“Fuck you, pig,” the man growled.
“That sounds like a `yes sir' to me,” Dee said and then turned back to the gang of men in front of him. “Looks like you all can consider yourself under arrest as accessories. Now keep your hands where I can see them kiddies or I might accidentally shoot you.”
“This is Detective MacLean,” Ryo said into his cell phone. “I have several suspects in custody and require prisoner pick up.”
His eyes grated to Dee as he patted down Montez, scowling as he pulled a wicked looking gun from the man's front pocket and a set of brass knuckles from his jacket. Dee chuckled and deftly lit a cigarette, the gun still pointing steadily at the group of men.
“Nice,” Dee said.
“What the fuck sort of evidence do you have?” Montez snapped. “You've got no right to arrest me.”
“Yeah,” Dee laughed. “Because we didn't just hear you confess out on this city street in front of all your punk friends.”
“How?” Montez hissed.
Ryo tensed suddenly but Dee just laughed.
“Microphone,” he said. “It would have worked out fine if that brat hadn't knocked it over.”
Ryo's eyes slid to the garbage can and he forced a small smile not to slip across his face. Perfect. This way Montez wouldn't have to know that Bikky was involved. He almost sighed with relief, but forced himself to remain still.
“Fuck,” Montez whispered. “Fuckin' pigs.”
“You're so well spoken,” Dee taunted and took another drag on his cigarette as sirens from the approaching cars became louder.
“I'm sure they'll be impressed in the holding cell,” Ryo said flatly.
“What in the hell?” Dee roared. “How in the fuck do we keep drawing these shitty jobs?”
The Chief stared at them with a small smile as he leaned against Rose's desk.
“You should be grateful you street punk,” the Chief said. “After that little stunt you pulled I should put you on desk duty for the rest of your short undistinguished career. The Commissioner is far more generous, however.”
“I know how much you enjoy children,” Rose said flatly as he continued to read a report.
Ryo sighed and waited for Dee to explode. The Chief was right, they had pulled something stupid. It had been too close, Bikky had been too close to getting hurt. Ryo had seen it too clearly when he had pulled the gun from Montez's pocket. Bikky could have died. They had cleared up the reports to suggest that the microphone had been hidden in the garbage can, but Rose (being Rose this wasn't too surprising) somehow knew the truth. So here they were, about to be sent out on some less than stunning errands. First up, a self defense course for teenage girls. What fun.
“Unbe-fucking-lievable,” Dee growled angrily. “You have to know how stupid this is! We're your best detectives and you're sending us out to--”
“I've had enough!” Rose roared suddenly. “Shut your mouth and do your job. I'm sick of hearing your half-assed bitching. Now get out.”
He glared at them over the top of his glasses, his eyes narrowing dangerously. Dee blinked in surprise and Ryo frowned sharply. Rose stared at them a moment longer and then turned back to his report.
“Now,” he said lowly.
“Yes sir,” Ryo said.
“Uh, yeah…sir,” Dee said finally.
The Chief ran his tongue over his teeth and got back to his feet, a curious light glinting across his eyes for a second.
“Alright,” he said. “Let's get out of here. I'll let you know what your next assignment is when it comes in.”
“Thank you sir,” Ryo said as he pulled the door open and the three began to file out.
They walked silently down the hall for a minute and then Dee finally sighed loudly and locked his hands behind his head.
“What the hell was that?” he said as he shook his head. “Something has crawled up that man's ass and died.”
“Maybe he's sick of your slack-jawed lazy ass performance,” the Chief growled. “It wouldn't kill you to show some respect for your superiors.”
“You know, I think it would.”
“You little prick.”
“Oh, you love me like a son and you know it,” Dee teased with a grin.
“If I knew I was going to end up with a son like you I would take a vow of celibacy. Punk.”
Dee laughed and glanced over at Ryo, his brown haired partner lost in thought. Ryo was staring absently off into space, a concerned look on his handsome face as they walked. Dee sighed. He knew what that look meant. Dammit.