Fake Fan Fiction ❯ FAKE in Love: Act VII, Relations and Celebrations ❯ Chapter 3

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“I never said you had to go,” Ryo said as he straightened the bowtie at his neck.
Bikky sighed heavily and ruffled his hands through his blonde hair.
“I know, but…”
Ryo chuckled and Bikky angrily shook his head.
“I look like an idiot.”
“You look fine,” Ryo said and smoothed his dark jacket.
Bikky continued to grumble as they finished getting ready, Dee entering the apartment a few minutes later, Carol happily in tow.
“I'm back, and I brought a lovely lady!”
Ryo smiled and Carol grinned at him as she bounced forward, her hair cascading in an ornate style as she began to open her coat.
“Ready?” she asked.
“Wait,” Ryo said. “Is this one of your designs?”
Carol nodded and Ryo smiled again.
“Okay, I'm ready.”
She slid the coat off and Bikky dropped the glass he had been holding.
“What do you think?” Carol asked.
“Wow,” Dee said as they pulled up at the hotel's entrance, Ryo quickly paying the cab driver. “Look at this place.”
Bikky sprang out of the taxi and held the door open for Carol, blushing darkly as she thanked him and waited patiently for Dee and Ryo to join them. Bikky muttered something as Carol hooked her arm through his and, with an almost too mature smile, began to saunter towards the door. Ryo watched with an amused smile and then shook his head.
“Poor Bikky,” he said softly. “He's got it bad.”
Dee winked at him and grinned.
“Is that really such a bad thing?”
A faint blush played over Ryo's cheeks as he smiled in answer and they trailed after the young couple. Ryo's eyes kept darting over to Dee, furtively appraising him in the smooth tux and carefully styled hair. He smiled again as he realized what he was doing and he handed his coat over to the checker waiting for it. Dee pressed a hand to Ryo's back as he discarded his own coat and Ryo smiled at him again.
“Let's go find the bride,” Dee said happily.
“Sounds like a plan. Bikky, Carol, behave yourselves. I expect to be able to find you when it's time to leave.”
“Yes sir,” Bikky said, his eyes still locked on Carol, her stunning dress again visible.
Dee burst out laughing and Bikky spun on him with an angry glare and a blush that was so Ryo-ish that Dee actually laughed harder. Ryo hid a small smile behind his hand and grabbed Dee's arm.
“Come on.”
“Pervert,” Bikky snapped.
“Freak,” Dee answered happily.
“Let's go Bikky,” Carol said, again sliding her arm through Bikky's. “I want to dance.”
“Uh, yeah, okay.”
His voice dropped to a murmur again as Carol led him away, Ryo again chuckling and shaking his head. Dee sighed and glanced over at Ryo with a raised eyebrow.
“He's turning into you.”
“Did you see that blush?”
“I never said it was a bad thing,” Dee said with a wave of his hand. “If anything, I'm glad to see it. I was always a little worried that he would grow up like…”
His voice faded and he shrugged. Ryo chuckled and jammed his hands in his pockets as he walked away.
“Like you?” he asked knowingly.
Dee's mouth thinned and Ryo glanced back at him with a small smile.
“I don't think that's a bad thing at all.”
Dee grinned and quickly caught up as they headed into the hotel's large reception room. It wasn't hard to spot Diana and Drake. They were practically being swarmed with well-wishers, Drake already looking a little overwhelmed. Dee chuckled and strong armed his way through the crowd to slap Drake on the back.
“Hey there Drakey-boy,” he said happily.
“Dee,” Drake said with open relief. “How's it going man?”
“Fine,” Dee leaned closer and his voice dropped. “You need a drink?”
“So badly,” Drake answered in the same volume.
“Then let's go!”
His hand snagged into Drake's jacket sleeve and he hauled the man off, dragging him quickly through the crowd and to the bar where Ted and Marty were both sitting. Ryo watched and shook his head. Typical. Diana's hand pressed lightly to his arm and he leaned down to give her the customary peck on the cheek.
“Congratulations again,” he said.
“Thanks,” she answered and locked her arm in his. “Didn't you say that you owed me a dance?”
Ryo stared at her in confusion and Diana shot him a warning glance.
“Oh, ha ha,” he said shakily. “How could I have forgotten? Of course I do. Do you have time?”
“Absolutely,” she crooned and led him out onto the dance floor.
They moved with a graceful fluidness that Diana absolutely reveled in. Grace was not one of Drake's strong points, and it was nice to dance with someone who could look in her eyes and now down at their feet. She chuckled softly and Ryo shook his head.
“You're thinking about Drake.”
“Of course I am, the big doofus can't dance worth a damn.”
Ryo laughed and Diana sighed.
“Thanks, I really needed the break. I hate things like this, it's partly why I agreed to move to New York. I thought I could get away from my family. Hell, it worked for Berkeley, I was sure it would work for me too.”
“Family is family,” Ryo said.
“Yes, I suppose so,” she answered tiredly. “Make sure Dee's at least civil to Berkeley tonight, he's…well, just be nice to him.”
Ryo frowned and stared down at Diana, but she determinedly refused to meet his eyes.
“What's going on with him, Diana?”
She was silent and then sighed and looked up at him.
“His sister had a baby.”
“He has a sister?”
“You really don't know him, do you?”
Ryo shook his head.
“Well, he does have a sister, she's the blond over there by the balcony.”
They spun a little so Ryo could catch sight of a stunning woman casually speaking with a flock of open admirers. She looked amazing, and even from that distance he could feel the intensity in her eyes that he so readily associated with their commissioner.
“And…I don't know if I should be telling you this Ryo. It's his business.”
“Alright,” he said and dipped her gently. “Is he here?”
“He's around. I'm sure he's hiding out somewhere.”
Ryo frowned. That definitely didn't sound like the Commissioner. The man was a natural party cruiser, he took the spotlight whenever he wanted and pointed it on anything that he desired. His charm and personality had helped the 27th to win big financial backers and looking around the room Ryo couldn't believe Rose was going to miss this chance. His eyebrow lifted as he looked down at Diana and she shrugged.
“I know. Oh crap, the song's about to end. I guess it's back to the meet and greet for me since my darling husband seems to have made his escape.”
Ryo glanced over at the bar and chuckled as he watched Dee call for a loud toast, half the people around the bar raising their glasses and the other half quickly following suit. Diana sighed and rolled her eyes.
“Your boyfriend is a bad influence on him.”
“Dee's a bad influence on most everyone,” Ryo said with a laugh.
The song came to an abrupt end and Diana reluctantly stepped back, clapping politely as the band bowed and began to play the next piece. Diana waved to Ryo as she disappeared back into the crowd and he shook his head as he began to walk towards the bar.
“I'm surprised to see you here.”
Ryo frowned at the words, the voice laced with such cold pain that he shivered a little as he turned. The woman that Diana had identified as Berkeley's sister had caught sight of her brother. He was staring blankly back at her, his face impassive and almost bored as she glared at him.
“Hello Rebecca,” he said flatly. “So nice to see you again. Congratulations on the baby.”
She snorted cold laughter and turned quickly away from him, her posture immediately dismissive and uninterested. Berkeley's mouth dropped open, something sparking across his eyes as he started to speak again, but suddenly Ryo stepped to his side, his cell phone held firmly in one hand.
“Commissioner? I'm sorry to intrude, but it's urgent. This way please.”
Rose blinked thickly, but the confused emotion in his eyes disappeared and he followed Ryo without another word. Ryo easily picked a trail through the shifting room and led Rose out onto the small balcony, the night cold and frosty as they stared out over the city.
“Better?” Ryo asked as he dropped his cell phone back into his pocket.
Rose stared at him in confusion and then smiled. He leaned against the railing and sighed.
“Thank you Ryo.”
“You looked like you needed some air,” Ryo said. “Is she really your sister?”
“You've been talking to Diana.”
“Yes, she's my sister. Biologically speaking at least.”
Rose ran a tired hand through his hair and laughed.
“How have you been Ryo? I haven't seen you for a while.”
“Fine sir,” Ryo answered. “Busy.”
“Who isn't?”
Ryo chuckled and leaned against the railing next to Rose.
“I like the city like this,” Ryo said quietly. “It looks peaceful.”
“Yes it does. Almost romantic isn't it?”
Ryo tensed immediately but Rose's voice remained friendly and a little tired.
“You should bring Dee out here.”
Ryo blinked in surprise and then chuckled.
They stood in comfortable silence and Ryo was surprised to find that the familiar nervousness that Rose had always inspired in him was gone. He smiled and carefully let out a long puff of air, his breath white and cloudy in the night air. Rose glanced over and chuckled at the innocent amused expression Ryo's face.
“What?” Ryo asked.
“Nothing,” Rose answered. “You're like a five year old.”
“Bite me sir,” Ryo laughed.
Rose chuckled again and felt some of the tension drift away. He was suddenly glad that Ryo was no longer a conquest, but a friend now.
“Do we look alike?” he asked suddenly.
“Rebecca, my sister, and I. Do we look alike?”
“Well, a little. Your hair and eyes are the same I guess.”
“People used to think we were twins. We practically were. She and I used to go everywhere together.”
“What changed?” Ryo asked softly.
Rose shrugged. “My oldest brother was a stock broker before he died, Rebecca's a corporate lawyer, and my little brother is a politician in California. High money high powered careers. Here I am a lowly policeman,” Rose's voice shifted suddenly and took on a hint of bitterness and sorrow. “Oh, and I like men.”
“I see,” Ryo said quietly.
“I should never have told them,” he murmured.
“Do you really think that?”
Rose looked up at the cool determination in Ryo's voice. Ryo was staring at him intently, his dark eyes full and warm in the frosty air.
Rose sighed and shook his head. “No. It's just what I say when I'm feeling sorry for myself.”
Silence pressed between them again and Rose suddenly smiled and puffed out his own long blast of air. Ryo chuckled now in triumph.
“Yes,” Rose said as his smile grew.
“So California?”
“I grew up there, Diana and I were neighbors. We used to winter in New York.”
“Sounds nice.”
“I always loved it here,” Rose said and his eyes glinted out to the city again. “It was always more alive than home. I used to know a few of your cousins.”
“Yes,” Rose smiled at him again. “If things had worked out differently, chances are good that you and I would have grown up together.”
“If things had worked out differently,” Ryo echoed and shrugged. “Small world, isn't it?”
“Getting smaller everyday.”
“What are you doing out here?” Dee said as he stepped to Ryo's side and leaned against the railing.
“Nothing,” Ryo answered and bumped his shoulder against Dee's. “Just enjoying the view.”
Dee smiled as he stared out over the city.
“It is a nice one,” he shivered. “Cold though.”
“Perhaps you should go back inside then Laytner,” Rose said. “I wouldn't want you to get sick again,” his voice suddenly was dripping in sarcasm. “You do so much work that I don't know how we'd manage without you.”
“You prick,” Dee snapped. “I do more work than your pampered ass.”
“Yeah, really.”
“I highly doubt that you street punk.”
“You arrogant dick!”
“Useless moron!”
Ryo sighed and slumped against the railing. No point in trying to stop them. They were both obviously enjoying themselves anyway. He took a deep breath and puffed it out, smiling again as it hung suspended in front of him. Rose paused and smiled as he turned away from Dee and looked back out over the city. Dee stared at him, surprised at the sudden shift, but simply shrugged and leaned back against Ryo.
The silence remained close and companionable and Ryo chuckled as he felt Dee shiver next to him. Dee shot him an annoyed glance but Ryo only smiled warmly and leaned closer to Dee.
“Come on Bikky…”
Carol's voice echoed to them as she and Bikky stepped out onto the balcony from another set of the ornate doors.
“I need some air.”
“You're going to catch a cold,” Bikky said and pulled off his jacket.
The three men smiled as they watched Bikky drape it around Carol's shoulders. So far the young couple was oblivious of their presence and Ryo wondered how much longer Dee could hold his tongue.
“Commissioner Rose?”
Rose glanced over at the man who stepped from the shadows, his face set and dull.
A gun appeared in his hand and Ryo felt an annoyed stone drop in his stomach. Couldn't they go anywhere?
“If you'll come this way Commissioner.”
“I don't think so,” Rose said coolly.
The gun was cocked and the click was loud in the cold night air. The man's eyes narrowed in warning and Dee shook his head.
“Good,” Dee said flatly. “Shoot him.”
Rose scowled at him and Dee shrugged.
“Turn about's fair play, bastard.”
“Come with me Commissioner,” the thug said. “I don't want to have to drag you there.”
“What in the hell makes you think this is a good idea?” Rose said dismissively. “Half the guests at this party are FBI agents and the other half are NYPD.”
“So we'll have to be quiet. Now move it.”
“What's going on over there?”
Ryo tensed at the sound of Bikky's voice and he felt Dee's hand lock tightly around his arm. Bikky. Not now, the boy couldn't come over, not now.
“Nothing,” Dee called. “Why don't you go back inside?”
“Bite me you skank,” Bikky said. “What are you doing to my dad?”
“Bikky, go back inside,” Ryo said sternly.
“What? Dad…” Bikky's voice suddenly croaked and he pulled Carol roughly behind him. “Shit.”
“You should have listened to them,” the man with the gun said and the pistol shifted.
“No!” Ryo yelled.
He dove forward and slammed into the man, the gun jarring sharply as they collided, the shot echoing loudly in the night. Bikky grunted and dropped to the ground, Ryo's head spinning as he turned to stare at the boy's prone figure. Dee scrambled forward and tried to wrench the gun from steely fingers, but something slammed into the back of his head and he landed hard on the balcony floor. Dark tendrils swirled at the edge of his vision and he blinked thickly as he tried to hold onto consciousness.
Ryo abandoned the downed man and flung himself at Bikky, Carol screaming and clutching at his hand as Bikky groaned and clenched his eyes shut.
“It's okay,” Ryo murmured, more to himself than Bikky. “It's in the shoulder, it didn't hit anything. It's going to be fine.”
Bikky moaned softly and drifted away, his breathing ragged and slow as Ryo hovered over him.
“Commissioner, I suggest you come along peacefully if you don't want this to get anymore out of hand.”
Terrance Vones, notorious underworld boss, stepped into the light.
“You,” Rose growled lowly.
Vones stared at him and then his eyes slid to Ryo, Bikky, and Carol. He smiled, his gaze resting appreciatively on Ryo and then locking on Carol.
“You, get over here.”
Carol's eyes widened and Ryo's head shot up, dark glare piercing Vones.
“No,” Ryo said flatly.
Vones shook his head and pulled a gun from his jacket pocket.
“Now,” he said with a smirk.
Ryo glanced back at the balcony doors. Why hadn't anyone come? Why hadn't anyone responded to the gunshots? What the hell was going on? They needed some back up.
“I'll go,” Rose said softly.
“Yes, you will,” Vones said with a chuckle. “But the girl goes too. You're too strong willed to come along peaceably so I'm going to take a little insurance.”
“No,” Ryo said again, his hands still locked over the bullet wound in Bikky's shoulder.
“Calm down Randy,” Vones said gently. “I'm not going to hurt a hair on her head, so long as the Commissioner behaves himself. Now get over here girl or I'll start shooting again.”
Carol was shaking, and her hand wrapped tightly in Ryo's jacket. Ryo hooked an arm around her and pulled her close, his eyes narrowing dangerously as he stared at Vones.
“Leave her alone,” Ryo said lowly.
“Listen up girl,” Vones said as the gun swung slowly and sighted in on Ryo. “You have until the count of three and then we'll see how well Randy can keep the blood from running out of two bodies.”
Carol's breath caught and she gasped as she clung to Ryo's jacket. Ryo's hold tightened and Carol's eyes darted between his face, the gun, and the wound in Bikky's shoulder.
“One,” Vones said softly.
Carol bit her lip and closed her eyes as she tried to clear her head. Why had this happened? She had just wanted some air, not this. She shouldn't have to make decisions like this, for Christ's sake this wasn't fair.
“Two,” Vones' voice was hollow and distant.
Carol pulled free from Ryo's arm and a surprised sound escaped him. She glanced down at him as she stood up and gave him a weak smile.
“I'll see you soon Ryo,” Carol said and blinked quickly. “Keep an eye on my Bikky for me.”
“Carol, no…”
“Good girl,” Vones said softly as she stepped to his side and he grabbed her arm firmly. “Now come along Commissioner.”
Rose's mouth thinned darkly and he glanced over at Ryo. Ryo stared helplessly up at him as Vones pressed the gun against Carol's temple. Rose sighed and trailed after the two men and Carol as Ryo continued to press tightly against the wet warmth oozing from Bikky's shoulder.
“Wait,” Ryo murmured softly.