Fake Fan Fiction ❯ FAKE in Love: Act VII, Relations and Celebrations ❯ Chapter 5

[ X - Adult: No readers under 18. Contains Graphic Adult Themes/Extreme violence. ]

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This story is rated for hot boy on boy action, and is not meant for children. Love to you all!
“Come on Ryo,” Carol said happily as she tugged at his hand. “I don't want to be late!”
“We won't be late,” Ryo laughed. “Bye Dee, bye Bikky, we'll see you later!”
The door clicked shut and Dee sighed as he slumped down on the couch. Bikky stared at the door and then turned to Dee.
“Should we be worried?” Bikky asked flatly.
A long moment passed.
“I wish I could have gone,” Bikky said as he flipped on the X-Box.
“Me too,” Dee said as Bikky tossed him a controller.
“It's not fair.”
“Now I'm stuck here with you.”
“My sentiments exactly you punk bitch.”
“Skanky pervert.”
“I think Bikky's jealous,” Carol said as the car sailed through traffic.
“I know Dee is,” Ryo laughed. “How's school going?”
“Alright, I love my new art class!”
“Good, I haven't seen any of your work in a while.”
“You've been busy.”
“Don't worry, I have to.”
Ryo smiled at her as he quickly parked and then swept out of the car, holding her door open and ushering her out. She hooked her arm through his and gave him a happy smile as they headed inside.
“Oh my god,” Sherry said.
Carol grinned happily and pulled Ryo out onto the dance floor.
“I miss Ryo,” Dee said.
The video games had given way to pizza, which had surrendered to a movie, and now they were sprawled in front of the burring TV. Bikky's head dropped heavily against Dee's shoulder and Dee sighed.
“I really miss Ryo.”
Bikky snored in answer.
Dee felt a warm set of lips press against his neck, Ryo's arms wrapping tightly around his waist. Dee smiled and leaned against Ryo, his eyes opening slowly as Ryo kissed his neck again.
“You're home,” Dee murmured.
He was still on the couch, but Bikky was gone now, and Ryo was carefully perched on top of him.
“Hi,” Ryo breathed and slid his lips over Dee's.
Dee hungrily answered, his tongue caressing over Ryo's as Ryo stretched out on top of him and held Dee close.
“How was the dance?” Dee asked softly when their lips finally parted.
“Fine,” Ryo chuckled. “How was your evening?”
“Awful,” Dee growled. “Your son is a monster.”
“I wonder where he gets that from,” Ryo teased.
“Shut up and kiss me.”
Ryo readily complied.
“Damn,” Dee murmured as Ryo pulled back and Dee's head spun.
He grinned and Ryo smiled at him. Dee's hands brushed over Ryo's waist and then pulled him down, gently embracing him as Ryo sighed against him.
“I'm sore,” Ryo said softly.
Dee's fingers curled through Ryo's hair.
“I had to dance with all of Carol's friends.”
“I doubt any of them were paying attention to their feet.”
Dee toyed with a lock of Ryo's hair as his partner shot him an annoyed and embarrassed glance. Dee chuckled and Ryo rested his chin against Dee's chest.
“Are you all set for Christmas?” Ryo asked quietly.
“Yes,” Dee said with a grin. “You?”
“Are we still exchanging gifts on the Eve?”
“Yes,” Ryo smiled. “Are you going to bring me a tree?”
Dee laughed and ran his hand through Ryo's hair.
“It is a tradition,” Dee said.
Ryo yawned suddenly and gave Dee a small smile.
“You ready to go to bed?”
Dee sighed. “You probably just want to sleep.”
Dee's eyes kept flicking to the clock. Come on, come on. He tapped his pencil against the desk and Ryo glanced up at him.
“That's not going to make time move any faster, Dee,” Ryo said.
Dee stared across their desks and Ryo met his gaze unflinchingly.
“It's Christmas Eve,” Dee said. “You can't tell me that you don't want to get out of here.”
“Of course I do,” Ryo said as he adjusted his glasses and turned his attention back to the file on his desk. “But we're at work, so you might as well try and get something accomplished.”
“Hmm,” Dee answered.
He stared intently at Ryo, watching the deep dark brown eyes magnified behind the thick framed glasses. Ryo's hair was a little disheveled after their long day, and hung across his face in a way that made Dee itch to brush it back. God he wanted to kiss Ryo. Something about those glasses just made him look so irresistible. If only his sexy partner wasn't so self conscious about wearing them. It was practically impossible to get within striking range when Ryo had them on.
“You're not working,” Ryo said without looking up.
Dee sighed and flipped open the folder on his desk. He stared at the forms and then his eyes drifted back up to the clock. He tapped his pencil on the desk again and rested his head in his hand. Almost time, almost time. He couldn't help the small secretive smile that danced across his lips.
“And three, two…”
“Here,” Ryo said, jamming the file into Dee's hands.
“What? Ryo, it's quitting time.”
“This needs to go downstairs,” Ryo said as he pulled off his glasses and gave Dee a stern look. “I think since you spent the last half-hour staring off into space instead of helping me finish it, it's perfectly fair for you walk it down there.”
“What! No, let's go home!”
“You can meet me there,” Ryo said as he pulled on his jacket. “It's your own fault Dee.”
“Alright,” Dee said with an exaggerated sigh.
He walked down the hallway with the file in his hand, the precinct almost deathly quiet. Dee fumbled with his cigarettes and finally slid one between his lips as he handed the file off and headed back for his jacket. Christmas Eve, time to celebrate with Sexy.
Dee froze and turned, a murderous glint in his eye as he stared at the Chief.
“I don't care what it is!” Dee roared. “I am officially off the clock!”
“The hell you are,” the old man growled. “You've got a body. Get your ass in gear.”
“You badger bitch,” Dee snapped.
“Merry Christmas,” was the only response.
Dee scowled at the small crowd he had to push through to get to the body. He had called Ryo to let him know what was going on and to assure his partner that there was no reason for Ryo to change their plans. Dee would make the initial report and scout the scene and meet Ryo back at the apartment afterwards. Dee ground out his cigarette and shoved through the throng of people.
“Good god,” he groaned as he flashed his ID and stepped under the police tape. “It's Christmas Eve, don't these people have someplace to be.”
“The joys of New York,” Jamie Karlisle said as she looked up from the body. “It looks professional, but with things like this you can never tell.”
“Well shit,” Dee said as he squatted down.
“Problem?” the blonde CSI brushed some hair back from her face.
“This is Kurt Montez,” Dee said as he fished out a cigarette.
“Friend of yours? Don't smoke, we're still picking up evidence.”
“It's a goddamn alleyway,” Dee snapped and lit his cigarette. “What can you tell me?”
“This was a body drop, he died someplace else. From the body's position, it looks like the car that he was thrown from didn't even slow down much. The body's a few days old, but I can't give you the exact time of death until after the autopsy.”
Dee took a long drag from his cigarette and sighed. Damn. This complicated things some.
“Alright,” he said as he stood and dusted off his hands. “Let's get this finished. I've got places to go.”
“Isn't it fun working on holidays?” Jamie said bitterly.
“Yeah, whatever. Go flirt with your boyfriend.”
Dee tried to think seriously about the new case as he rode the elevator up to the apartment, but the small tree in his hands kept making him smile. Ryo's present was resting heavily in his pocket and a bottle of wine was clutched under his arm. The stupid grin wouldn't disappear.
He chuckled as the elevator glided upwards. Christmas Eve, it always had been a wonderful night, but Christmas Eve with Ryo was something else. His smile curled warmly as he drifted to their first Eve together. He closed his eyes for an instant as he remembered the soft feel of Ryo's skin beneath his tongue and the salty taste of his lover's tears. And then the gentle kisses, so pure and generous, Ryo's arms cautiously pulling him closer. And just when everything was moving in the right direction…Dee smiled and shook his head. Poor Ryo had worked himself into exhaustion and had passed out contentedly in Dee's arms.
I hope he's not planning on sleeping tonight, Dee thought with a confident smirk.
The elevator doors opened and Dee hummed a few lines of Jingle Bells as he unlocked the apartment door.
“Ryo! I'm home!”
Silence met him. Dee frowned and glanced around, the tree still clutched in one hand.
“Ryo? Are you here?”
He pushed open the bedroom door and smiled warmly. Ryo was curled up in the bed, his eyes lightly closed as he dreamt, his features relaxed and peaceful. Dee set down the tree and the wine and sat next to his lover. His smile softened as he gently caressed Ryo's face.
“Ryo, come on, wake up.”
Ryo shifted and pressed himself deeper into the bed, his eyes closing tighter as he rolled away from Dee, more interested in sleep than anything else. Dee chuckled and rubbed his hand down Ryo's side.
“Wake up.”
Ryo squirmed away and Dee leaned down and kissed his cheek. His lips traced across Ryo's face and pressed to his mouth. Dee felt the instant when Ryo really woke up. Ryo's eyes opened slowly and Dee pulled back, smiling as Ryo squinted up at him.
“You're so cute,” Dee teased gently as he brushed a hand through Ryo's hair again.
Ryo frowned and his eyes slid shut again.
“Ah, ah, ah,” Dee said and straddled Ryo. “Don't do that. Wake up Sexy.”
Ryo's arms snaked out and pulled Dee close, Dee temporarily losing his focus as Ryo's breath tickled across his face.
“Shhh,” Ryo murmured.
Dee had to admit it was nice to lay within Ryo's arms. He felt peaceful and loved and it was tempting to just remain there. Dee smiled and pulled back some, his touch growing firmer as he brushed his hands down Ryo's body.
“Wake up, I want my present.”
“Present?” Ryo muttered.
“Yes. Christmas Eve.”
“Sleep,” Ryo breathed and nuzzled Dee's neck.
“No, no, no. You. Me. A tiny tree. Presents.”
“Oh,” Ryo sat up suddenly and Dee fell back with a surprised grunt. “Sorry.”
“Don't worry about it.”
They headed back out into the living room, Ryo rubbing at his eyes a little as Dee plugged the Christmas tree in. Both stared at it and then Dee handed Ryo the small tree he had brought and fetched two glasses from the kitchen. They curled up on the couch, silently looking at the glowing lights and sipping their wine. Dee's arm draped around Ryo and Ryo leaned close to him as a fine powdery snow began to fall.
“Who goes first?” Ryo murmured softly.
“You decide,” Dee said.
Ryo leaned down and pulled a thin present from beneath the tree. He handed it to Dee and lightly kissed his cheek.
“Merry Christmas.”
Dee smiled and began to rip the paper free, Ryo sliding back around him as he finally tugged the wrapping off. Dee frowned and stared down. A book. Only Ryo would get him a book. He stared down at the ornate cover and tried to look at least interested.
“The Kama--”
“Sutra,” Ryo finished for him.
Dee glanced down in surprise at the sultry tone in his lover's voice, but Ryo didn't look at him. Instead, Ryo's lips nipped lightly at his neck as his fingers began to dart between the buttons of Dee's shirt. Dee flipped the book open and began to turn the pages.
“Wait,” Dee said. “Are they…”
“Yes,” Ryo answered as he licked Dee's neck. “They most certainly are.”
Dee smiled as he turned the page and Ryo undid one button to allow his hand to slide inside Dee's shirt. His fingertips played over Dee's skin and circled around his nipple.
“Oh,” Dee said.
Ryo couldn't really explain it. There was something so sensual and erotic about the Kama sutra. It had taken some courage for him to go into a bookstore and find a copy for Dee, it just wasn't something that he wanted people to know he was buying. Especially since he had been very picky about which one he wanted and had spent several hours paging through different translations in different stores. There were probably quite a few booksellers out there who were convinced he was some kind of shiftless pervert.
He had finally settled on an antique reprint, the images tasteful and the translation still wonderfully erotic. It was the words that stirred Ryo, words about loving and making love, about satisfying and being so completely satisfied. His eyes skimmed over a passage and he latched his lips back onto Dee's neck.
“Read it,” he murmured.
Dee shivered and his hands tightened on the book's cover.
“Yet it is such a delight to kiss, to caress…no part of the beloved's body should be neglected…”
“Mmm,” Ryo's hand slid lower and brushed across Dee's firm stomach.
Dee smiled and leaned back, his eyes only half-open as Ryo continued to kiss at his neck. He was really starting to enjoy this book. Ryo's tongue scraped up his neck and gently slid behind his ear, Ryo's breath hot and inviting on the skin. Dee fumbled the book a little and the pages flopped forward, an envelope falling into his hands.
“What's this?” he asked as one arm snaked around Ryo and pulled him close.
Ryo smiled and continued to kiss and lick Dee's skin.
“Open it.”
Dee flipped the envelope open and stared down in open surprise.
“Merry Christmas,” Ryo purred.
Dee grinned.
“England,” he said and Ryo turned and rested his head against Dee's shoulder, his fingers still lightly brushing over Dee's chest. “For a whole week…”
“Just you and me,” Ryo said.
“Why England? Why at that particular inn?”
Ryo's head lifted to stare up at him and Ryo smiled.
“You said it yourself. It's isolated, difficult to get to, no reliable communication. I guess we'll just have to be incommunicado for our vacation. Plus, if I recall correctly, you've got some unfinished business there.”
“How do you figure that?”
“Well, the last time we were there you said that you had planned to just throw me down and have your way with me, and I don't think that ever happened.”
Dee grinned at the brilliant blush that fanned across Ryo's face. “I'll have to see to that.”
Ryo kissed Dee's collar bone.
“Do you like it?” he asked softly.
“It's perfect.”
Ryo smiled again and Dee pulled a small box from his pocket.
“This is yours.”
Ryo took the box and flipped it open, a short laugh escaping him.
“Well,” Dee said. “You know what they say.”
“Great minds think alike,” Ryo said as he pulled out the two plane tickets. “You sprang for first class.”
“Nothing's too good for my Ryo.”
“Mmm,” Ryo's hand became more insistent. “Is that so?”
Dee chuckled and gently rolled until Ryo was loosely pinned beneath him, the Kama Sutra resting lightly on Ryo's chest.
“Want me to read you a story, Sexy?”
Ryo gave him a coy smile and gently caressed Dee's face.
“I love you Dee.”
“I love you too.”
Their lips brushed together and then pressed more tightly. It was slow, it was gentle, it was hungry. It was filled with deep passion and both poured everything into it, drowning beneath the taste and swiping strokes that passed through them. They panted into it, clinging to each other as the kiss drug out, both falling deeply into ecstasy. Finally they pulled apart and stared at each other. Ryo smiled again and Dee leaned down for another kiss.
On cue, the phone rang.
“Son of a bitch,” Dee growled.
Ryo sighed as he untangled himself from his lover and padded to the phone.
“Hello? Yes, this is him.”
Dee scowled as he flipped open the Kama Sutra and began to irritably whip through the pages. The expression on his face soon calmed and he twisted the book a little as he began to plan how to best explore some of the suggested positions.
“Yes,” Ryo said. “Thank you for calling.”
Ryo hung up and came back to the couch.
“Get your coat.”
Ryo leaned down and lightly kissed Dee's lips.
“Get your coat,” he said again.
Ryo kissed him again.
“We're going out.”
“Out where? It's Christmas Eve Ryo.”
Another light kiss.
“To the hospital.”
“And why are we going there?”
Another kiss.
Dee's eyes narrowed.
Ryo kissed him again.
“No, I mean it Ryo. No.”
Ryo's lips pressed a little more firmly and his tongue lightly caressed over Dee's mouth.
“I'm not going to change my mind on this. You can't manipulate me with sex.”
Ryo seemed to take this as a challenge and his tongue became more insistent in the next kiss. Dee tried to hold out, but he just couldn't seem to keep himself in control when Ryo kissed him. He soon found himself leaning into the kiss hungrily.
“Alright, alright,” Dee panted as they broke apart.
Ryo lightly brushed his lips over Dee's again.
“He'll be staying here for the next few days.”
“How did you talk me into this?” Rose groaned as he climbed out of the car.
“Calm down,” Ryo said as he handed Rose his crutches. “It's just for a few days until you heal enough to get around on your own.”
“In other words, don't get too comfortable,” Dee growled.
Rose glared at him and Ryo sighed.
“Come on, let's just get upstairs.”
The elevator ride was long and uncomfortable as Rose and Dee refused to do anything but glare at each other. Ryo was beginning to suspect that this hadn't been the best plan. Oh well, it wasn't like he could leave Rose sitting alone in the hospital over Christmas. He glanced over at Rose; he'd just have to make sure that the Commissioner never suspected who had given him the call, he'd kill Diana for sure.
“Here we are,” Ryo announced, trying to ignore the irritable looks being shot back and forth behind his back. “Why don't you show him around Dee while I make up the couch?”
Ryo disappeared to bring back some clean sheets and blankets and Dee's gaze narrowed as he stared at Rose, a cigarette lightly clamped in his mouth.
“Living room, kitchen, dining room, bathroom,” Dee gestured vaguely around the apartment. “Brat's room, and the master bedroom. And if I ever catch you in there I'll sprain your other ankle for you and snap off a hand. Clear?”
“I'm not interested in Ryo,” Rose said flatly and hobbled to one of the chairs.
He sat down heavily and leaned back, his eyes locking onto the tree as Dee stared at him. Dee's eyes narrowed further in contemplation but then he just sighed heavily and shrugged.
Ryo came out and glanced between them, a slightly tense look on his face but both just stared blankly back. The brown haired man paused, his mouth dropping open, but then he dropped the blankets onto the couch and headed into the kitchen.
“Would you like anything to eat sir? We were just going to have some leftovers, but if you're hungry I could cook something for you.”
“No, it's fine,” Rose called. “I don't want to interrupt your evening.”
“Too late for that,” Dee grumbled.
Rose leaned down gingerly and picked up the book lying on the floor at his feet. He glanced at the title and his eyebrow lifted as he looked up at Dee.
“Your present to Ryo, Laytner?”
Dee stared at him and then grinned wolfishly.
“His present to me, actually.”
Rose's eyes widened in surprise and he actually blushed a little as he dropped the book onto the floor. Dee chuckled and dropped to the couch.
“Bikky'll be back tomorrow,” Dee said. “So expect to be woken up at the crack of dawn. The brat's been poking at his presents for the past couple of weeks and I don't think he's going to be polite about it. The little shit.”
“I see,” Rose said.
“Dinner is served,” Ryo called as he set down a large tray on the table in front of them. “Help yourselves.”
They spent the rest of the night talking quietly and watching a couple of old Christmas movies on TV. Overall it was a peaceful night, the snow continuing to fall in soft sheets as Ryo finally spread the blankets on the couch and said goodnight to the commissioner. Dee shot him one more warning glance, but Rose didn't look like he was going anywhere as he pulled off his glasses and passed out on the couch.
Ryo pulled Dee into bed and sighed against his neck.
“This isn't how I planned on spending tonight,” he whispered softly.
“Really?” Dee murmured and drug his hand down Ryo's spine.
Ryo chuckled and shook his head. “He's our boss and he's sleeping just on the other side of the wall.”
“You owe me,” Dee said. “Big time. I hate that guy.”
“No you don't,” Ryo said and leaned up for a short kiss. “Goodnight Dee. Merry Christmas.”
“G'night Ryo,” Dee answered. “I love you.”
“I love you too.”