Fake Fan Fiction ❯ The Unexpected II ❯ Valentine's Day ( Chapter 10 )

[ Y - Young Adult: Not suitable for readers under 16 ]

Title: The Unexpected II
Chapter 10
Rating: R
Fandom: FAKE
Pairings: Ryo/Dee (mostly), some Dee/Ryo
Warnings: Yaoi, Male/male, MPREG, AU If you don't like, don't read!
Disclaimer: FAKE is not mine. We have Sanami Matoh for giving us Dee, Ryo and the rest of the 27th precinct characters. Any OCs appearing in this fic are mine.
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February 14, 2006
Ryo peeked cautiously in the bedroom, assured that Dee was really asleep and not just lounging in the bed, and would at any moment get up and walk into the living room.
Dee slept in late that morning. Playing host to their visitors seemed to take more out of him than they all thought the night before. He had woke up twice during the night to use the bathroom. Ryo fell back to sleep shortly after Dee left the bed both times, but found himself waking up again shortly after the second time Dee returned. He sensed Dee sitting in the room and it pulled him from sleep. He found Dee was having a bout of nausea. Ryo went into his routine of making Dee feel better and not long after, they both fell asleep, Dee in Ryo's arms. In the morning, Dee woke up long enough to use the bathroom again before sleeping for a few more hours.
Ryo took advantage of the time, going into the back hallway that Dee hardly went into since he quit smoking. Ryo opened the windows to air it out, removing the ash trays left there for guests. He cleaned up the hallway, wiping down the walls and used air freshener. It would do them no good for Dee to get sick over residual smoke. Drake had used the hallway the night before, and once his uncle went to accompany Drake to smoke his pipe.
When Dee woke up, Ryo thought Dee might be all slept out to take a real nap later in the day. During the day, Dee sat up more, instead of lounging or laying down. His color was returning, and when he spoke, his voice was stronger and clearer than it had been in days.
They had taken the time to look into the wedding coordinator, and Dee had given his consent for them to call. By the time they said their goodbyes to Sharon, they had made an appointment for later that week. They were to bring their binder with ideas and planning with them to hear what she could do for them. It was a no obligation visit. If they did not feel satisfied with the meeting, they could just walk out, no charge. Ryo assured Dee that he would take his cue from Dee. If Dee did not like her or had a good feeling about the services offered, all he had to say was “No thanks,” and Ryo would be with him as they walked out the door. They sat on the couch for a while after the call, going over more planning for the wedding, before Dee started to look tired and went into the bedroom to take a nap.
Ryo was glad to see Dee well on his way to looking healthy again. It was a mixed blessing for Ryo, because it meant within a day or two, Dee would no longer be content to stay inside all day. He'll be wanting to go back to work. Dee was already talking about Friday as if he intended to be working. Which, Ryo had to admit, was very likely true.
Every sign Ryo was told to watch for as a warning did not show. It was what Vince had said it was, just a warning that Dee's nutritional values had to be readjusted, and nothing more. Meaning he'd get the clean bill of health come the tests on Thursday. Dee had experienced no dizziness in the last few days, even of the normal type when he went into action too fast, because he had been going into motion slower since he was released from the hospital.
Ryo hated that he could not feel totally happy Dee was going back to his usual healthy self. He cursed the killer still loose and killing pregnant Carriers for putting that fear in Ryo where there should be joy.
He watched Dee sleep for a few minutes. Dee, looking so handsome and beautiful, and even innocent in his sleep. He seemed content and secure. Ryo smiled tenderly before forcing himself to stop wasting minutes. He still had things to do and only had the time Dee slept to do it in.
He closed the door softly and went back to work. Ryo smiled as he heard movement coming from the kitchen. Bikky and Carol had come in from school not long before and were enjoying an afternoon snack. He made a brief stop in the kitchen to check on them, before picking up the box sitting by the front door and going out of the apartment into the back hallway.
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Dee walked out of the bedroom, fresh from a shower, dressed in the pajamas Ryo gave him for Christmas. He looked at Ryo sitting on the couch, dressed in a pair of comfortable jeans and the cashmere sweater Dee had given him for Christmas, watching television.
With a sigh, Dee sat down next to Ryo, putting his arms around the other man.
“What's wrong?” Ryo asked, turning his attention from the television as he leaned against Dee. It was hard work not to smile, knowing exactly what was wrong.
“I'm sorry,” Dee said, resting his chin on Ryo's shoulder.
“For what?” Ryo asked.
I wanted us to have a nice Valentine's Day, dinner out and all that,” Dee sighed.
“That's okay, baby. You didn't plan this. I don't mind spending it at home, as long as you're with me.”
“No, I didn't plan this, and yes, you're right. We're together.” Dee kissed Ryo's ear. “At least I didn't wait until the last minute to get you a gift this year.”
Ryo smiled. “We'd have a nice evening anyway. Besides, I love how both flower bouquets arrived at the same time.”
Dee laughed. “Yeah, that was good, huh? Thank you for the beautiful calla lilies and teddy bear.”
“And thank you for the lovely sunflowers in a new window box.”
“Do you want your gift now or later?” Dee asked.
“Are you hungry?”
“Yeah, I am.”
Ryo kissed Dee's nose. “Good. Go get your gift, and I'll get mine. Then we'll see about food.”
“Are we having sandwiches?” Dee asked amused, since he did not smell anything cooking yet.
“I'll worry about the food,” Ryo assured him. “Now go get the gift.”
Dee went back into the bedroom, while Ryo got up and quickly went into Bikky's room.
He smiled at the two teens sitting there. “Okay you two. Give us ten minutes.” He winked at them. “And thanks.”
“No problem, Ryo,” Carol said, giggling excitedly. “I know Dee's going to love it. And you better enjoy yourself too.”
“Oh I will,” Ryo agreed. “See you in a bit.”
“Later, Ryo. We'll stay in here until we hear you leave the apartment.”
Ryo winked at Bikky, and rushed back into the living room to find Dee coming out of the bedroom.
“Here, baby,” Dee said, holding out a box.
Ryo smiled as he took the box from Dee, before reaching under a cushion on the couch where he sat. He held out a small rectangular flat box tied with a red ribbon. “A little something for my sweetheart,” he said, handing it to Dee. “But you have to open my gift first. I promise you, it'll be worth it.” He grinned up at Dee.
“If you insist.” Dee never had willpower when it came to presents. He pulled off the red ribbon and lifted the cover. “It's a….” He removed the strip of black silk and held it up for closer inspection. “Blindfold.” He grinned devilishly.
“Now let me see if it fits over that fat head of yours,” Ryo said playfully, taking it from Dee. He moved to stand behind Dee, playfully putting the blindfold on the slightly taller man.
“Ohhh… this is exciting enough that I'll let you get away with the comment about my head,” Dee remarked.
“I know you will. How's it feel?” Ryo asked, checking the knot.
“Can you see?”
“Really, Dee.”
“Seriously. I'm totally in the dark. What next?”
“Good.” Ryo kissed Dee. “Now, c'mon.” Tugging on the hand he held in his, Ryo guided Dee through the living room.
“What are you up to?” Dee asked, grinning.
“You'll see.” With his hands on Dee's shoulders, he walked behind Dee, out into the hall and toward the back hallway.
“Okay, I hope you like,” Ryo said, positioning Dee in the open doorway to the little hallway. He removed the blindfold from Dee.
Dee opened his eyes and blinked, before his eyes went wide. The hallway was transformed into an intimate restaurant for two. A table just big enough for two was set with red and white linen, fine china and silverware. There was an ice bucket with a bottle of sparkling grape juice waiting for them. The hallway was lit by candles, some in red holders, while others gave off a soft white glow. A string of lights lined the ceiling. A heater was set up and combined with the candles, provided enough warmth to make the hallway comfortable.
Dee gasped, his eyes filling with tears as he felt Ryo's arms wrap around him from behind. Ryo kissed his neck. “Happy Valentine's Day, Dee,” Ryo said softly in Dee's ear.
“Oh God, Ryo…. It's beautiful. Oh man… wow….”
“Well you better take your seat, before the waiter comes in with our first course.”
“What?” Dee asked as he allowed Ryo to guide him to a chair and seat him. Ryo sat across the table from Dee.
“Since we can't go out tonight, I thought to bring the restaurant to us.”
Dee was looking around at the decorating Ryo had done. There were red curtains in the windows, tied back to reveal the city view down and beyond.
“This is amazing,” Dee said.
“I had some help,” Ryo said with a smile. “Bikky and Carol gave me a hand.” Ryo's smile widened, reaching across the table to take Dee's hand. He heard the door to their apartment open and close on the other side of the hallway. At the same time, the seldom used door from the back of their apartment to the hallway opened.
Carol stepped through the door, wearing a red skirt, white blouse, red vest and bow tie. She carried a tray as she walked toward them, smiling and giggling.
“We hope you will enjoy the selections tonight,” she said, winking at Ryo. She set a plate with herb salad before Dee, then Ryo, along with two decorative bottles with salad dressing. “Would you like me to pour your drinks?” she asked Ryo.
“No thank you. I can take care of that.” Ryo smiled at Carol and winked. “This is great.”
Carol giggled again. “First course will be served shortly. Please enjoy your food… and each other.” She could not help to giggle more.
“Princess,” Dee chuckled. “Thank you, sweetheart.”
She leaned down to kiss Dee's cheek. “Happy Valentine's Day, Dee. Enjoy.”
“Oh, I will! This is incredible,” Dee remarked.
The two men watched as Carol went back into the apartment.
Ryo opened the bottle of grape juice. He poured first into Dee's champagne glass, then his. “Shall we make a toast?” he asked.
Dee lifted his glass, his eyes meeting Ryo's. “I'd like to toast the most wonderful, sweet, kind, loving and handsome man. You make me feel special even with something so simple as a smile meant only for me. I love you, Ryo.”
Ryo found himself blushing, but his eyes still steadily met Dee's. “I love you, too, Dee. More than anything. Once again I want to thank you for falling in love with me, for your patience and persistence and not giving up on me - on us. I have everything because I have you.” He grinned devilishly. “And we best enjoy the peace of this Valentine's Day, because next year, there will be a sweet baby as part of our family. God Dee…. Thank you for the ultimate gift of love.”
It was a wonderful sight to Ryo after the last few days of Dee looking pale, to watch the dark haired man's face flush. Unlike Ryo's earlier blush, Dee's face radiated with warmth, contentment and love.
“Only for you, babe and no one else,” Dee replied. “Yes. I do love you this much. Now and always.”
Ryo sat up from his seat to lean over across the table. He found Dee meeting him halfway and their lips touched softly, before mouths joined for a kiss.
Ryo felt his knees get weak from the passion flowing through the kiss. Judging from the slight tremor he felt from Dee, his fiancé was having a similar problem.
Ryo broke the kiss, smiling lovingly at Dee. “I think we should be sitting down next time we do this.”
Dee nodded as he settled back in his chair, returning Ryo's smile with his own. “Yeah.”
They started on their salad, both men unable to stray their eyes long from the other as they ate. A few minutes after they finished their salad, Carol came back out to take their empty plates. The moment she went through the door, Bikky came out dressed similarly to Carol in red pants and vest, white shirt and a red bow tie, to serve them the first course.
Dee grinned upon seeing Bikky. “I hope the help is eating as well as we are,” he commented, eyeing the gourmet food on Bikky's tray.
“They would be,” Ryo replied for Bikky, “But I told them they could order whatever they wanted.”
Dee laughed and Bikky stuck his tongue out at Ryo. “It's bad enough serving this crap.” He wrinkled his nose. “No way you're gonna get me to eat it.”
Ryo and Dee chuckled at Bikky.
“Well, you look very nice, sport,” Dee stated. “I'm sure the lady inside is enjoying it.” He winked at Bikky.
The blush on Bikky was visible despite his skin color.
“Hey look he blushes like you, Ryo. In all the same places.” Dee smiled at Bikky, who blushed more. “Anyway, thank you.”
“For what?” Bikky asked, confused.
“For helping out Ryo with this idea of his. I'm enjoying it very much, probably more than if we did go to some crowded place to eat.”
“Aw sheesh, Dee, It's cool. Besides, Ryo helped set up a little something nice while Carol and I ate.”
“Good. Well, have fun,” Dee stated amused.
“Just remember your dads are out here,” Ryo added with a wink.
Ryo and Dee laughed at Bikky, who put their food down and quickly retreated, blushing more. The door closed and the two men went back to their meal. For Dee, Valentine's Day could not have been any more perfect. Ryo was glad he had been able to give Dee a Valentine's Day that they would both remember for a very long time.
Inside the apartment, the two teens had a very nice Valentine's Day, even if Bikky did blush more often than not during their dinner.
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February 16, 2006
“Dee!” Ryo called toward the bedroom from the dining room. “It's almost time to leave.” He waited a few seconds rather than return to the kitchen to finish his coffee.
Dee and Ryo had enjoyed a nice leisurely breakfast before they started to get ready for Dee's appointment with Vince over at the hospital. Originally Ryo had Wednesday off, but managed to trade with Marty so he could go with Dee on Thursday. He knew if he asked, he probably could have had Wednesday and Thursday off, making it 3 days including Tuesday, but did not want to push it. He was going to lose as little time as possible and trade off shifts whenever he could as Dee's pregnancy progressed. Like Dee, Ryo just did not want to depend too much on favors or favoritism unless there was no other way.
Dee was looking forward to the appointment, certain he was going to get the clean bill of health from Vince and able to go back to work. The day before, he was feeling much better and more like his old self. Ryo noticed the signs of cabin fever quickly settle in now that Dee was out of the haze of recovery. So it surprised Ryo that Dee was not already dressed and insisting to finally go outside for the first time since Ryo brought him home from the hospital on Saturday.
“Dee?” he called out again when he got no reply, this time walking into the living room. Frowning at the following silence, Ryo hastened to the closed bedroom door to check on Dee.
He walked into a mess. Dee's clothes were strewn over the bed and floor in the vicinity of the closet. He heard movement in the bathroom. “Dee?” he asked, looking past the open door into the bathroom.
Dee was standing before the mirror, wearing one of his button up shirts unbuttoned, his boxers and socks and nothing else. The hardly dressed, distraught man looked one second away from a good cry, if his red puffy eyes were any indication.
It did not take much for Ryo to figure out the problem, but he thought it best to still ask the obvious question and avoid any possible wording Dee could misinterpret. That would not only make the situation worse, it could cause them to miss the appointment.
“Dee?” he asked softly, coming up behind the slightly taller man, looking over Dee's shoulder so his face appeared in the mirror along with Dee's reflection. “What's wrong, love?”
Dee snorted, his eyes going down to the reflection of the very noticeable swell of his midsection.
Ryo reached around Dee and placed his hand on the swell, rubbing gently. “You're going to be late, you know.”
“What's the use?” Dee sighed mournfully. “Nothing fits anymore.”
“Aw baby,” Ryo cooed, pressing himself up against Dee's back, “we knew it was coming. I was hoping to get you to buy some things before then.”
“How could this happen in a week?” Dee grumbled.
“Easy, baby. Everything was tight enough last week and you kept grumbling about it getting a little more tighter in the week or two before. You just spent almost a week in nothing but pajamas and sweats.” Ryo smiled tenderly. “Our chibi took advantage of it so it won't be so cramped in there.”
Dee sighed. “I'm….”
Ryo reached up to kiss Dee's neck, never letting him finish. “Beautiful,” he murmured into Dee's neck, before moving his lips up along the strong jawline. “God, you're so damn beautiful.”
Dee heard a telling sound as Ryo spoke and studied the dark eyes reflected in the mirror. He found himself smiling, the smile growing as Ryo's lips continued their path along the side of his face, while both hands were reverently rubbing Dee's belly. “Aw baby,” Dee sighed happily. He knew Ryo was not lying about how he saw him. He heard it in Ryo's voice, felt it through the lips and hands. Most importantly, he saw it in Ryo's tears of joy. It did not matter what the rest of the world thought. He was beautiful to Ryo. “I'm sorry for being a brat,” he found himself apologizing.
“It's okay, love. Now, I know we have clean sweats that will fit comfortably and a tee-shirt and sweater. After the appointment, I'll take you shopping for clothes. Okay, sweetheart?”
“You make it hard to say no.”
### ##### ### ##### ### ##### ### ##### ### ##### ### ##### ### ##### ###
Ryo stood next to Dee outside the boutique in Soho that was a few blocks from where they lived. Ryo was looking at the display of Carrier clothes in the window. With a smile, he turned to the fidgeting man next to him. “So are you ready to go in there, baby?” he asked, taking Dee's hand in his.
Dee made a face, his eyes trying to avoid the window display before him. “Do we have to go in there?” he whined.
Ryo squeezed Dee's hand gently. “Yes, we do. You need new clothes, love.” He moved closer to Dee to gently touch Dee's belly with his free hand. “You don't wanna squeeze our chibi into too tight pants anymore. Right?”
Dee remained quiet as his head turned to stare longingly at a normal men's clothing store a few stores down.
Ryo sighed. The hand on Dee's bump went to his lover's head and made the stubborn man look at him. Ryo smiled gently, then tugged Dee's hand as he took a step toward the door. “Come on, Dee,” Ryo said in his no nonsense tone.
Dee sighed loudly and allowed himself to be dragged to the door.
Ryo pulled Dee closer to him and took both hands in his to rub them in a soothing fashion. “I promise when the chibi is born, we're going to buy you all the new normal clothes you like, Dee. Deal?”
Dee's lower lip quivered a little as he replied, “Okay.”
Shaking his head fondly, Ryo gently shoved Dee through the door and into the store.
Once inside the door, Dee stepped away from the door and cautiously looked around the store.
Ryo also moved out of the way of the door and stood next to Dee. Like Dee, he was looking around the interior and gaped a little at all the pregnant Carriers buying clothes. He turned and smiled encouragingly at Dee. “See?” he said softly, leaning close to Dee. His hand rubbed Dee's lower back. “You're far from the only one.”
Dee was still looking around, also aware of all the men in various stages of pregnancy. “Um… yeah. I guess. But they're not me.” Dee looked more than slightly embarrassed.
A very pregnant man came over to them, smiling brightly. Ryo noted the tag on the man's shirt and identified him as a salesman.
“Good day, gentlemen,” he cheerfully greeted. “May I be of assistance to you?” His gaze went to Dee.
“Uh,” Ryo started. He looked over to Dee, who seemed a bit unsettled by the sudden intrusion. “I think we'd just like to have a look around first…?” he replied to the salesman, still looking at Dee in question.
He saw Dee's visible attempt to shake off some of his discomfort.
Dee nodded to the salesman hesitantly. “Umm… suits?” he asked.
The salesman smiled at Dee. “Of course. Right over there. If you would follow me?” He lead them in the direction where the suits were.
Ryo took Dee's hand and they started to follow the cheerful salesman. To Ryo, it felt more as if the salesman's very pregnant belly was leading them. He stifled a laugh, and looked over at Dee, smiling at him as they walked.
The salesman seemed perfectly at ease with his condition. He was wearing a long beige tunic style shirt that buttoned only halfway down from the top with brown tweed pants.
“Is this your first?” Ryo could not help asking, knowing Dee's attention was more on the salesman than the clothes on racks they passed.
“My third,” the salesman replied proudly. He turned his head to look at Dee. “And you?”
“First,” Dee stated. “It was a surprise to us.”
Ryo smiled as Dee offered to give more information than the initial one word reply he was certain Dee would leave it at.
“My first was a surprise. So was my second. This one was planned,” the salesman informed them.
“Oh,” was all Dee managed. Dee had hoped that knowing he was a producing Carrier, that after this baby was born, he would be wise enough to prevent any further surprises in the future. If he ever found himself pregnant again, it would be only after a mutual decision between himself and Ryo. A big if, because at that time, Dee saw this as his first and last pregnancy.
“Here we are, gentlemen,” the salesman said, stopping before a long rack running the length of the store near the far wall. “These are all our standard to moderately priced suits, and along the wall there are some of the exclusive collection ones. You will notice some familiar designer names over there, as some include a Carrier line, while other designers have made their names with designer brand Carrier clothes. Shirts are two racks over, with more along the back wall there. If you require any further assistance, just give me a wave.” He smiled at both men.
Dee nodded, and looked down, appearing to quickly scan the selection.
As the salesman started to leave, he paused next to Ryo. He discreetly pointed to Dee's sweatpants and in a low tone, asked, “Did you have to force him?” The man winked at Ryo.
Ryo smiled, trying not to nod in case Dee should look up.
The salesman winked again before bustling off to another customer. Ryo watched him for a moment. The salesman was younger than Dee, but could not be younger than 25. He had the aura and mannerism which classified him as what one would generally expect a Carrier to be. More like if David, or JJ, were pregnant, as opposed to Dee or Vince. Ryo glanced around the store again, taking in all the men shopping. There was no one type of man to be a Carrier, Ryo noted, judging by the vast variety of men in various stages of pregnancy. Some seemed at ease, others reveling in needing to buy more Carrier clothes and others like Dee, hesitant, almost shyly going through the options of comfortable clothing.
Ryo's attention went back to his lover, who was shyly picking through the suits on the rack, gingerly fingering the material as if he was afraid the item would burn him.
Ryo took a step to stand next to Dee, starting to look over the suits for himself.
“They look nice,” Dee mumbled, aware of Ryo joining him.
Ryo rubbed Dee's lower back in a soothing manner, smiling fondly as he watched Dee.
Finally Dee dared to lift a dark blue suit off the rack for a closer inspection. Ryo's smile widened.
The jacket passed Dee's quick look and he went to study the pants. He picked up the band and balked. “Ryo!!!”
“What love?” It was extremely hard to keep all the amusement out of his tone.
Looking absolutely scandalized, Dee held out the top of the pants so Ryo could get a better look. Ryo gazed down at the expected elastic stretchy front panel.
“I'm supposed to wear these?” Dee was beyond skittish into mortified.
“Hm?” Ryo asked, knowing exactly what the problem was. He did not believe Dee was naïve enough to think Carrier pants were any different than maternity ones, considering their purpose. The major difference he noticed was the Velcro fly. It was exactly for that reason Dee had been so hesitant in wearing the clothes. He had been identifying it with wearing women's clothing, something Dee never had any inclination to do, not even for Halloween.
Ryo grabbed onto the waistband of Dee's sweatpants, tugging them a little. “What's the difference to these?” he asked.
“These are supposed to have elastic waistbands. And they don't have that panel in the front that stretches,” Dee replied.
Ryo let out a heavy sigh. “Baby….”
“I know, I know. I'm trying here,” Dee stated defensively.
“Look, if it's any comfort, pants for Carriers are supposed to stretch around your belly so it will be comfortable. Besides, maternity pants don't have this.” He pointed out the Velcro fly to Dee.
Dee plucked at a tag inside the pants, noticing the size. His eyes looked at the size indicated by a marker on the rack, then scanned along the rack at the other sizes. He put the suit back. “Wrong size.”
Ryo had been watching Dee and chuckled at the relieved comment.
Dee looked back to Ryo. “What?”
“You are too cute, you know that?” Ryo gushed with a huge grin.
“Ryo….” Dee started to protest.
Ryo hugged Dee and kissed his cheek. “No, seriously. You are,” he insisted.
Dee managed a smile at Ryo.
“Now stop frowning like that.” Ryo gently rubbed the spot between his lover's eyebrows.
Dee's eyes shifted to the rack. “It's just… weird,” he said with a sigh. “It's going to take some time getting used to wearing,” he indicated the rack of clothes, “this.”
Ryo leaned over to kiss Dee's nose. “I know, baby.”
Dee shook his head and sighed dramatically. “I suppose I'm to pick something and try it on, huh?” He gave Ryo a lopsided smile.
Ryo hugged Dee reassuringly. “Baby, you'd look sexy in a potato sack, and these…” he pointed to the collection of clothing, “are a lot nicer than potato sacks. So imagine what you're gonna look like to me. I'll have trouble letting you keep your clothes on.” Ryo smiled at the grin Dee was unable to stop. “If you like, I can pick something for you.”
“Okay,” Dee relented, looking relieved. After a quick glance around, he started over to where his size was. Ryo walked next to him. As Dee came to a stop, Ryo lightly kissed Dee before looking through the suits.
Dee stepped to the side and watched as Ryo went through the suits. Unconsciously, he started to rub his bump. His attention wandered to look over at other areas of the store. It was a medium sized space inside what was formerly an art and antique gallery a few years before with wide arched doorways separating the store into 3 sections. The side they entered from displayed the casual clothes, and the fitting rooms were in the back of the center section. While he did have on his mind to see about a pair of jeans, it was not that clothes that captured Dee's attention.
With much amusement, Dee watched a small man make a major fuss having to wear Carrier clothes. He seemed more pregnant than Dee by about a month. Oddly, the little man reminded Dee of JJ. Not so much in looks, except for the height. It was more JJ's flair for high theatrics. The other man was loudly announcing all his protests to wearing Carrier clothes, although the size of the man's pregnant belly suggested he was long past wearing regular clothes. The majority of the protests were the same Dee had quietly voiced to Ryo, along with a few others he had thought but not yet voiced.
The other man was not so loud yet to distract most of the shoppers, but still had the amused attention of several shoppers near him, Dee noted.
Unfazed by the distraction was Ryo, who was still looking over suits in Dee's size. Ryo removed a mocha colored suit from the rack, eyeing the cut, then looked back at Dee. Coming to a decision, he held up the suit in front of Dee.
“What do you think about this color, Dee?” Ryo asked.
“Nice,” Dee agreed, picking up a sleeve. He felt the material, checking that it was not some type of stretchy polyester-like material. He studied the cut of the jacket, wondering what was used to assure it would fit over his expanding abdomen.
“You like?” Ryo asked, smiling at Dee.
Not seeing any visible embarrassing panels, he nodded. “Yes. It's very nice.”
“Okay, now a shirt to go with it.” Ryo shoved the suit into Dee's hands to hold. He turned and walked over to the display with dress shirts, Dee following, but making sure the other man across the store was still in view. He remained a bit away from Ryo, his attention went back to him as Ryo started to look through the shirts.
“White?” Ryo asked. “Or maybe black? Maybe beige or ivory would be good.” He looked behind him for Dee's opinion, expecting his fiancé to be right behind him.
Dee looked back to Ryo, hearing the question. “Dunno,” he replied with a shrug. “White for starters, I guess. Just to play it safe.”
Dee's attention went back to the man across the store.
“We can get you a couple of shirts, since you can wear that suit more often than a shirt,” Ryo replied. “Baby?” he asked, realizing Dee's attention was elsewhere.
“I don't feel bad anymore,” Dee said, with a highly amused smirk.
“Why? What's going on?” Ryo asked, now looking to where Dee's attention was.
“Be thankful I'm not acting like him,” Dee stated.
“Jesus Christ!” the other customer exclaimed loudly, a look of disgust on his face. “If the majority of pregnant Carriers are gay, then why in the hell are the clothes so wretchedly horrid?!?”
Just about everyone in the store, salesmen and customers, paused in what they were doing to stare at perturbed man. There were some snickers and giggles while others shook their heads and went back to their shopping.
Among the snickers was Dee. “See what I mean?” he asked Ryo, who was also laughing. Dee leaned over to lightly kiss Ryo. “At least you don't have me making a loud protest.” He started to laugh again.
“No kidding,” Ryo remarked.
“Baby, who does he remind you of?” Dee looked down at the white shirt Ryo had his hand on, picking up the sleeve for closer inspection.
Ryo smirked as he stared at the man across the store, who was still ranting but in a somewhat lower tone. “A very highly dramatic JJ,” he replied.
Dee had the shirt off the rack, looking it over, running a hand across the front. He noticed the pleats on the side seams halfway down and the gathered material under them. He frowned at his discovery. “Definitely JJ,” he stated, his eyes going to other white shirts, hoping there was a variety of ways for shirts to cover very pregnant male bellies.
“Hell yes,” Ryo agreed with a laugh. “And you know? His partner looks just as helpless as Drake when JJ gets like that.”
Dee glanced back and noticed the red faced man who appeared to be attempting to hide at the same time as trying to subdue the indignant pregnant man. Dee laughed. “Tell me about it!”
Ryo turned to Dee, noticing his fiancé was holding the white shirt. “So, you wanna try it on?”
Dee's attention was still on the two men on the other side for a moment before he gave Ryo a comical pained expression. “Please don't let that be an omen.”
“Huh?” Ryo asked. Sudden understanding drew a grimace to his face. “Oh!” He started to laugh. “Oh God, no!”
Dee was laughing with Ryo. “That's a scary thought. Let's erase it and get this over with already.”
“Yes!” Ryo wholeheartedly agreed, still chuckling. “I don't think we're ready for the impending arrival of little JJ's.”
Dee looked around and noticed the fitting room entrance at the rear of the store. He took Ryo's hand and started to walk, the suit and shirt in his other hand.
Near the doorway, Dee stopped a few feet from the clerk who checked items going in and out of the fitting rooms.
Ryo grinned at Dee. “Go on.” He softly kissed Dee and gave him a gentle shove toward the clerk. “Shoo.”
Ryo watched while Dee checked the shirt and shirt, getting a medallion on a string designating the number of items he was going in with, then disappeared.
Dee meekly made his way toward an open door to a stall almost near the back and scooted quickly inside, closing the door behind him. He stood in the stall for a few seconds before shaking his head. He realized he had just dodged around at least 5 other pregnant men. With a rueful grin, he took off his coat and placed it on a hook, then proceeded to take off his clothes to try on the suit and shirt.
Ryo stood off to the side, looking at the clothes on the nearby wall while he waited for Dee. He noticed a couple who went in together. Ryo would have liked to have done that, but until Dee got accustomed to the idea of wearing Carrier clothes, his lover would probably be a bit meek about it. So Ryo waited, noticing two other men waiting. He took note that the clothes before him were part of the more exclusive lines. He was just about to take a closer look when he noticed a woman standing off to the side, appearing to be waiting for someone to come out of the fitting room.
The woman caught his curious glance and smiled at him.
Looking confused, Ryo smiled back. “Brother?” he asked.
She shook her head with a smile. “My husband,” she replied. “I can't have children. My husband, he's a Carrier, so….” She shrugged and smiled again at Ryo.
Ryo's eyebrows shot up in surprise. “Oh! Wow!” He smiled at him. “I think that's wonderful,” he remarked.
He engaged in a conversation with her, learning how they went for in vitro method. It was costly and the chances of the embryo being accepted was less than it was for a woman, but her and her husband were both willing to try since he was certified that all his equipment was working.
As Ryo talked to the woman, he kept glancing back to the fitting room entrance. The woman said her goodbyes to join a man who left the fitting room with an armful of clothes. She took some of the clothes from him. Ryo smiled as the husband and wife stole a quick kiss in the action. The man, more of a Vince type, put a loving arm around his petite wife as they walked toward the front of the store.
Ryo looked back to the fitting room entrance and still no Dee. He walked up to the clerk, who waved him in with a knowing smile. It was obvious that Dee was far from the first customer who appeared to hide in a changing room.
He looked down the center aisle of the fitting room to find there were ten stalls, five on each side. The back wall was entirely mirrored before an area for several customers to fuss with their perspective purchases a bit before deciding to buy. Several men were taking advantage of it, none of them being Dee. He took notice of four stalls with the doors open, signifying they were not in use. Two seconds later, it was three as a man excused himself to go past Ryo and went into the closest empty stall.
“Dee?” Ryo called out loud enough to be heard over the chatter in the fitting room.
“Here,” he heard Dee's voice call from his right. A door opened and he saw a waggle of fingers, the ring finger having the engagement ring he had given Dee.
With a smile, he went over to the door and peeked in. “How you doing in here?” he asked. He smiled, his eyes on Dee's back, dressed in the white shirt and suit pants. Dee appeared to be studying his reflection in the mirror that went down the wall as far as the bench.
Dee turned to look at Ryo, an odd look on his face.
Ryo smiled more, noting how the shirt fit Dee well, yet somehow making the bump seem more noticeable. He also checked Dee's legs. From his quick scan of back and front, he thought the pants fit Dee's legs better than the larger size pants he had been wearing a couple of weeks before. The shirt looked much better on him too, instead of Ryo's uncle's shirts that Dee had taken to wearing. “So?” he asked, knowing already he liked how the clothes looked on Dee.
Dee shrugged uncertainly. “The shirt's fine. Not sure about the pants.”
Ryo started to open his mouth to once again remind Dee on the necessity of the elastic panel. He closed his mouth as Dee held up a hand to forestall him.
“Wait. Lemme finish,” Dee requested.
Ryo raised an eyebrow in curiosity. “Hmm?
Dee lifted the shirt to show the waistband going around his midsection. “I'm not sure this will stretch like that thing under it in front,” he explained, sounding concerned.
Ryo took a further step in, moving close to Dee. “Maybe this,” he tugged at the waistband, “goes higher than… this.” He gently rubbed Dee's belly. “You'll probably grow bigger down here, not up there.”
Dee leaned into Ryo's touch with a soft contented sigh.
Ryo laughed. “Someone needs a belly rub?” he asked affectionately.
Still holding his shirt up, Dee replied, “Always.” He leaned forward for a quick kiss.
Ryo started to tug at the waistband again, pulling it up. He leaned back a bit to check the length of the pants to assure they still hung right. “There. I think they call this style full belly.” He smiled at Dee. With his foot, he kicked the door shut, giggling quietly.
Dee looked at Ryo in surprise. “What are you…?”
Ryo put his arms around Dee and pulled him close, then started to kiss him.
No protest came from Dee, not even a token one, as the kiss deepened. Putting his arms around Ryo's neck, he returned the kiss. “Mmm…” he moaned into the kiss.
One of Ryo's hands went back to the swell of Dee's belly, softly rubbing it as he continued to kiss Dee. Ryo pulled his head away slightly to break the kiss. He rubbed his nose against Dee's. “Feeling better?” he asked softly.
Dee smiled as he nodded. “Yeah. Much.”
“Well….” Ryo kissed Dee again. “Now, put this on.” He pulled away to pick the jacket up, still on the hanger, from the hook. With a soft smile, he kissed Dee's nose before taking the jacket off the hanger.
Dee leaned in for one more kiss as he took the jacket from Ryo. Ryo moved back to give Dee room to put the jacket on, helping him.
Looking in the mirror again, Dee shrugged his shoulders a few times to make sure it was the right fit, checking the sleeve length.
“Looks nice,” Ryo remarked. He ran his hands along Dee's arms, giving him the once over. “Very nice.”
Dee could not help but smile as he buttoned the jacket. He looked at the mirror, his eyes fixed on the reflection of Ryo's appreciative gaze.
Ryo tugged on his sides. “Room to grow. And there's inner bands to allow more stretching if needed.”
Dee looked at himself in the mirror. “So?” he asked Ryo.
Ryo opened the door a little and slipped out of the stall while Dee giggled. Ryo turned to him. “Come on. Let me have a decent look at you.” He pulled Dee out by the hand.
Dee left the stall with a bit of flair, as if he was a model showing off the outfit.
Ryo's eyes lit up as he watched Dee, walking backward as they made their way over to the back area. “Ooh! Yum!” he exclaimed.
“Not that bad, I guess,” Dee admitted, glancing in the mirror.
“Nice!” Ryo exclaimed.
Ryo vigorously nodded his head. “Oh yes, definitely. Well…” he chuckled, his eyes on Dee's feet. “Except for the Roadrunner socks.” He laughed more. “I know, I know. Bikky's Christmas gift.”
Dee stuck his tongue out at Ryo. “He did give them to me. Better bad socks than bad ties.” He chuckled along with Ryo.
“They're not bad. Just funny.”
“Yeah, well, you know what I meant. I'd take socks like these any day over bad ties.”
“You, Bikky and the Roadrunner,” Ryo said fondly. “At least there's no hole with your big toe sticking out or something.” He laughed.
“I can fix that,” Dee remarked with a teasing grin. He looked down as he started to wiggle his toes. “Hey well, not too bad yet. I can still see my toes.”
Ryo smiled at Dee. “Speaking of ties, want to find one to match this suit, sexy?”
“Why?” Dee asked. “I need Carrier approved ties too?” He started to laugh.
“No!” Ryo feigned an annoyed look. “Silly!” The look left when he started to laugh. “I just thought that a tie in a matching color would be nice.” He grinned wickedly at Dee. “If only to impress JJ.” He laughed more.
“Now why in the hell would I be wanting to impress JJ?” Dee asked. He smiled lovingly at Ryo. “But if it makes you happy to find a matching tie.” He gazed at himself once more in the mirror. He had to admit the suit looked better on him than the ones he had. For one thing, his suit pants did not close anymore. For another, his jackets did not seem to drape well when he buttoned them. Even with the shirt fitting a little loose in the front, it looked sharper than wearing Rick's.
Looking back at Ryo, he picked up on their conversation again. “Besides, the only way to impress JJ is to have your socks, your tie, your suit and your boxers all color coordinated.” He faltered a bit as his comment bought to mind something else they needed to buy, but he did not consider until then. He cursed himself when the thought made him start to blush. But damn if he was going to have to wear boxers that had front elastic panels on them.
Ryo's eyebrow shot up. Instead of the expected cooing on how adorable Dee was, Ryo crossed his arms over his chest, looking at Dee with a slight frown. “Oh?” he asked coolly.
Dee looked at Ryo confused. “What?” he asked.
“I don't know. You're the one blushing.”
It sounded like an accusation to Dee. Dee only looked more confused, which was how he was feeling.
Ryo seemed to drop his guard a bit, seeing Dee's reaction. “Or are you just having another bout again?”
“It's because boxers reminded me of something,” Dee said. In a low voice, he continued, “Of what else we probably should get while we're here.”
Ryo nodded, understand what Dee meant. His dark eyes rested on Dee, urging his lover to finish.
“Underwear,” Dee muttered. Once again, he looked scandalized. The thought of wearing underwear like the pants did him in.
“Yes,” Ryo agreed, smiling. “I understand now, cutiepie.”
“Aw geez,” Dee groaned. His eyes then lit with sudden understanding. “Oh!” he exclaimed with a chuckle. “You thought….” He started to laugh. “No way I'd check out JJ in his underwear. Baby, how many times do we have to hear it from JJ about his boxers matching his tie?” he asked.
“Hm, yeah. You're right.” Ryo looked thoughtful. “You know this one tie he has? The Christmas motif one?”
“Yeah? What about it?”
Ryo stared at Dee. “With the dancing snowmen..” He rubbed his chin, a pained expression on his face.
“Ow… yeah. You're right.” Dee laughed.
“'Nuff said.” He winked at Dee and laughed too. “Hey, if you want, you can stay here and fuss some more with your new suit. And yes, we're buying it. It looks great on you. You're beautiful, Dee.” He smiled lovingly at Dee.
“I'll just grab a couple of more things I think you'll like and then you can pick what you want. Meanwhile you just relax a bit. Okay?”
Dee did not realize it while he was trying on the suit, but it occurred to him then. Ryo had left him to go on his own for a few minutes. His fiancé, who also actively assumed the role of his chief bodyguard, was allowing him to be on his own for a short while again. Dee understood. He felt safer in the store. The most suspicious one he noticed was the excitable JJ-wanna-be. Dee nodded as he gazed at Ryo.
“Okay,” he agreed.
“I won't be too long.” Ryo gave Dee a quick kiss and left the fitting room.
Dee found himself talking to someone who was full of suggestions and answered Dee's questions about clothes, including the different styles available, depending on how much Dee was willing to spend. He noticed on a wall what appeared to be a community bulletin board for Carriers. Very prominent was a poster that was issued from the 27th's PR department, alerting Carriers about the serial killer and steps to take to ensure safety. He felt satisfied that not only was the NYPD cooperating in hoping the poster would make Carriers stop and think about safety first, making it harder for the killer to target his next victim, but places that attracted large numbers of Carriers posted the warnings.
Listening to talk around him, which covered a variety of topics, including the serial killer, Dee went back to his stall. Before going in, he noted there were still a few unoccupied, so he was not holding someone else up while Ryo went off to pick up more work clothes for him. He took off the jacket to hang up and started to unbutton the shirt when Ryo returned, loaded with various shirts in different colors, another suit and some ties.
Dee's eyes opened wide with surprise. “Holy….” he gasped.
Ryo started to laugh at Dee's face. He set the selected items up in an organized way on the various hooks in the stall.
“Okay…. I see I'll be off to a good start with work clothes,” Dee laughed.
Ryo had separated what shirts needed to be tried on from what was the same cut as the shirt Dee already had tried on. All Dee needed to do was pick out one or two of those in different colors. Ryo started a discard hook for rejected items. The first shirt Dee tried on, he did not like how it hung and felt it was too short. Had it been a lesser quality shirt, the length would have been fine to wear at home, but not at work. When Dee took it off, Ryo placed it with the other shirts they were not going to buy.
The second shirt Dee was happy with. It was a better material in an olive color.
Ryo gazed at Dee, also loving how the pregnant man looked in it. He picked up a black suit he had noticed on the designer wall on his way back to the fitting room.
“Here, try this on while you're wearing that shirt. I just figured one better suit would be a good idea.” As Dee took the slacks he held out for the other man, Ryo added, “Just don't look at the price tag.”
“Ryo,” Dee warned. He eyed the pants critically, noting the finer material and to his surprise, a waistband with a zippered fly in the front. “Is it really that expensive?” he asked.
“You do need one really good suit,” Ryo stated defensively. “I'm betting the one you have won't fit until after August.”
“Still.” Dee shrugged. He had already noticed the price tags for the shirts and came up with an rounded figure of how much the shopping trip was going to cost them.
He did not work in the cost of a suit that he was certain cost several hundred dollars. His one finer quality suit he owned had cost him over $300. Carrier clothing seemed to coast at least 25% more than normal clothes. He eyed the first suit he had tried on, knowing it cost $250. He reasoned he would need at least one more suit, maybe two, to wear everyday for work. Unlike the seemingly unlimited money they had for the wedding, buying new clothes for him was coming out of their own pockets and Dee feared it would take away from what they would need for the baby.
“I'm sorry, Ryo,” Dee found himself apologizing.
Ryo looked at Dee in confusion. “What are you sorry about?”
Dee gestured to the shirts and the first suit, then lifted the pants he still held. “All this money being spent on a wardrobe for me.” He sighed.
Ryo looked positively shocked as he stared at Dee. “Dee!” he exclaimed. “How could you say such a thing?”
When all Dee did was shrug for a reply, Ryo rambled on. “First of all, we can afford it! Secondly, this is not for fun, but because you need it. And third, don't you worry your pretty head over this. You deserve this more than anyone! Now try those pants on!” He leaned over to kiss Dee briefly.
Dee shrugged again and started to put on the pants. “It just seems like a lot of unplanned money when we have Bikky right now and the baby coming.”
“Dee,” Ryo warned.
Dee sighed as he started to take off the pants he had on, setting the other pants on the bench. “Not that I don't like getting new clothes, but….” He eyed the pants on the bench and then the jacket, still hanging on a rack. “Is it really that expensive?”
“I just said you shouldn't look at the price tag, because I know you'll freak.”
Dee nodded. “Yup,” he said, as he handed Ryo the pants to the first suit. “It is.” He kissed Ryo.
“But it's nicer material and you need a good suit, too.”
“Only if you insist,” Dee relented, putting on the pants as Ryo hung the other pants up with the jacket. He leaned over to rub his nose against his lover's. “Because you know, I can never resist you.”
“Look, who knows,” Ryo said, now watching Dee happily zip up the fly, despite his reservations on buying the suit. He smiled knowingly. “It's not like if this is going to waste after the bay is born. I mean….” He looked down. “Who know….” He shrugged.
He felt Dee lift his head with fingers under his chin to look up at him. “Aw baby,” Dee sighed. He hugged Ryo to him tenderly. “Don't worry about that now.” He kissed him, the kiss lingering longer than the previous ones. “But I love you.”
“I'm not worried,” Ryo replied, smiling at Dee. “Just thinking ahead.”
“Okay,” Dee said with a nod. “If it looks good, we'll get it.”
Ryo smirked as he pulled away from Dee. “Now select a tie, put on the jacket and wait for me. I'm going to look for a second suit for work. Okay?” He didn't give Dee a chance to reply before he grabbed the shirts they were not buying and was leaving the stall again.
“Don't get lost,” Dee replied, shaking his head. He watched as the door closed behind Ryo, leaving him once again on his own.
Once he was fully dressed, including a black silk tie and the jacket buttoned, he fussed with the suit a little, looking in the mirror in the stall. He was trying to find something wrong with the suit, so there would be no reason to buy it. He could not find one. In fact, he loved it. He loved the zipper in the front and that he could tuck his shirt in his pants. The pants came up to the lower portion of his swell, so the shirt did not look so bad tucked in if he chose not to wear the jacket at some point. He briefly wondered if they had belts too.
He decided he wanted a better view and opened the door a little, poking his head out. Once again, he looked around at the other Carriers coming and going in the fitting room. He noticed the little excitable man from earlier being escorted to an empty stall, carrying a pile of clothing, his partner also loaded down with more. Dee bit back a laugh.
Ryo came back into the fitting room with another casual suit in a dark green. He noticed Dee's head sticking out of the door. “So?” he asked, coming to a stop before the door.
Dee smiled at Ryo, then opened the door fully to step out.
Ryo's jaw dropped as he stared at Dee.
Dee raised an eyebrow. “That good?” he asked.
For a reply, Ryo walked up to Dee, and gently pushed him backward into the stall, closing the door behind them. Backing Dee up against a wall, he proceeded to kiss Dee senseless.
Dee's eyes were open wide with surprise, but he happily allowed himself to be kissed by Ryo.
Breaking the kiss with a sigh, Ryo pulled back to give Dee the once over again. “God, Dee….”
Dee remained leaning against the wall, glad Ryo still maintained a hold on him because his legs were trembling from the intensity of the kiss. Taking into account where they were as he was being so passionately kissed, Dee felt more than a slight thrill. He had to take a slow deep breath to keep himself from outright panting while they were in a dressing stall in the fitting room of a clothing boutique. The thought alone of what had just happened was enough to drive Dee near senseless again. “Wow…” was all he managed to utter.
Ryo leaned closer again to nibble on Dee's earlobe. “God, you look good enough to eat,” he murmured.
Dee sighed blissfully. “Eat me then,” he replied softly.
There had been a wonderful night of romance and passion on Valentine's Day. That was the first time since his collapse they had sex. Ryo had been worried about being a little too rough the next day, and Dee was a little sore from the vigorous workout they had, so the night before, Ryo had put his foot down, deciding they should not take the chance of having sex that night. Dee was just sore enough to allow only cuddling and kissing the night before.
Now, the next day, it did not seem enough. He wanted more of what they had come to enjoy over their years together. He wanted more of what they had done the other night.
Ryo pulled his head back a little and threw Dee a challenging look.
Dee laughed. “Well, we should wait until we get home?” he asked.
Ryo's dark eyes intensely gazed into Dee's. Dee felt hands open first his jacket, then his pants. “You sure?” Ryo asked in a husky tone. He started to kiss Dee's long, graceful neck.
Dee threw his head back. “Ryo…” he sighed. He started to tremble again from what Ryo was doing to him, and from excitement of where it was happening.
Ryo continued to open Dee's shirt, his hands caressing across his belly and then downward back into his pants.
“Jesus,” Dee swore softly, closing his eyes. He started to slide down the wall a bit, his legs threatening to stop holding him up. “What you do to me….” He placed his arms around Ryo's neck to help keep him from sinking completely down to the floor.
Ryo placed one arm firmly around Dee to hold him up, while his other hand made long smooth sensual strokes along the curve of Dee's belly and into the pants, stopping just above Dee's aching manhood, then back up again, to repeat the process. Ryo's lips were attached to Dee's neck, kissing and sucking, giving him a nip here and there in a random pattern.
Despite the lack of stimulation on his throbbing erection, Dee felt as if he was going to blow right there anyway if Ryo kept up his sensuous assault on him. Dee was tempted to push Ryo away and to drop to his knees over the bench.
He felt a shift in Ryo's body as the other's mouth started to work it's way to his chest. He knew if he allowed it, Ryo would soon be on his knees before Dee, doing… Dee could only imagine what, being he knew his lover well enough, except it had never happened in such an openly public place.
Ryo's mouth moved to Dee's and hungrily kissed him, his tongue pummeling in the velvety moist mouth, stroking Dee's tongue. Dee realized Ryo was so overcome with pent up passion, he most probably had forgotten where they were. He was so tempted to allow whatever Ryo wanted to happen right then and there. Dee had barely enough sense of mind to realize they needed to get home and quickly. He doubted not even the Commissioner would bail them out of this one if they were caught.
Dee gasped when Ryo broke the kiss, his mouth starting to move downward again, his fingertips now brushing the hair nestled at the base of Dee's erection. “B-baby…” he wheezed, “Ryo? W-we're… in a stall… in a store… public.”
Ryo lifted his head to gaze up at Dee, his eyes glazed over with pure passion and need. “So?” he vaguely remarked, moving his head to once again latch onto the smooth flesh of Dee's chest.
Dee's eyes widened, not believing what he heard. Yet the look, Dee knew it well. Knew when Ryo had that look, he was hard to stop. Especially in the last couple of months when need at times included having his way with Dee's body. The need in Ryo's look was one of dominance, wanting Dee to submit to whatever he had in store. Never before Dee had any reason to stop Ryo. He cursed himself for having a reason now. He loved it when Ryo would get into that mood. Dee was still exploring a side to himself he never knew existed until their sexual relationship took a more equal balance.
“You are so…” Ryo murmured into Dee's skin. He nipped the flesh near his teeth, causing Dee to let out a blissful little yelp. “So..” He repeated the action. “So…” Ryo's body shuddered and he pressed himself more against Dee. “God…” His head lifted to once again kiss Dee senseless.
Dee's ears picked up the sounds of the hot, wet kisses and his own moans. “Umm…. N-noise. Making noise? People out there? L-listening… Us a-arrested?” he said, trembling more. He really did not want it to stop.
Ryo stopped kissing him. With his mouth still against Dee's, he whispered, “Spoilsport.” He sighed, pulling away from Dee. He let out a shuddering breath.
Dee managed to find his balance and reached out to rub Ryo's back soothingly. “I'm sorry. I wanted it too. I'm doing this for you.”
Ryo nodded. “I know. God, I just lost myself there. But you… I find you so damn sexy lately, and we haven't been able to do all that much in the last week. Now this, with you trying on those clothes… And you standing there, in that suit that made things so obvious, yet looking so good on you… you standing there, looking so proud and handsome and beautiful….” Ryo sighed heavily again, still pulling himself together. “Jesus Dee. I'm sorry.”
Dee smiled. “I understand. And I'm glad. More than you just telling me…” His smile widened. “You make me feel sexy and beautiful. Now, care to help me change and then give me a hand walking out of here.”
Ryo turned to face Dee again, noting the other man still leaned against the wall, still trembling slightly. It was an effort not to pounce Dee again, seeing him with his shirt and pants open, the jacket pushed back, his hips slightly arched out. He wanted to complete the job he finished. He took Dee's hand in his and pulled Dee away from the wall, holding him up in his arms. “I have an idea. How about you tuck yourself all up again in that suit, to save some time, while I take the rest of this stuff to the cashier. I'll take your sweats too, and have them put it in a bag. We'll be out of here faster.”
“Well then,” Dee said, who was already with the program. He was zipping up his pants, with his shirt tucked in and started to button his shirt.
Ryo smiled, fixing Dee's tie and lightly kissed his cheek. “You trying to say something here?”
Dee nodded, finally moving away from Ryo. He put on his coat, then picked up his sweats and tee shirt.
Ryo kissed Dee deeply again, before pulling back and collecting the items they were going to buy. He started to walk around of the stall, looking back to wink at Dee.
Dee willed his legs to move and followed Ryo out of the stall, pausing while Ryo explained to the fitting room clerk about Dee wanting to wear the suit out. He handed over the medallion while the clerk counted up the items Ryo had in his arms.
“Dee, get that other stuff, please,” Ryo said.
“What other stuff?” Dee asked.
The clerk picked up a basket that had packages of tee-shirts and underwear in them.
“Oh?” Dee chuckled, then thanked the clerk to catch up with Ryo, who was already walking across the store toward the check out counter.
As they waited in line, Dee leaned up behind Ryo. He whispered in Ryo's eye, “Good thing you picked a place close to home, huh?”
Ryo shuddered from Dee's breath on his ear, and the body pressed behind him. Impatiently he wanted for the cashier to finish ringing up the purchases of the customer in front of him. He nearly sighed loudly when the cashier started to slowly and carefully fold the clothes and set them in a stylish looking large shopping bag with the boutique's name boldly printed on it. He finished off the touches with some dark red tissue paper to match the main color of the bag. “C'mon,” Ryo muttered under his breath.
He reached out behind him and placed his hand on Dee's cheek.
Dee smiled, still getting used to Ryo not only allowing the contact in public, but to return a gesture. He lightly kissed Ryo's ear. “Love you,” he whispered.
Ryo found it very difficult to keep his eyes from fluttering close. He turned his head, not caring who saw and happily returned Dee's kiss, pressing his lips firmly against his lover's.
Dee pushed Ryo back a little, trying to catch his breath. “Whoa… w-wow…” Dee stared at Ryo amazed.
Ryo smiled sweetly at Dee. “You asked for it.”
“Well, you can't start me up like the way you had and expect me to just forget it. It was painful stopping you, you know.”
Ryo laughed for a reply.
“Look, it's our turn,” Dee stated, indicating the departing customer.
Ryo went up to the counter, dropping the shirts, suit and ties in a pile. Dee set his load next to the pile, taking the time to arrange them neatly next to the haphazard pile, doing it just for giggles. He did giggle when Ryo gave him a mild glare.
Dee enjoyed watching the impatience play on Ryo's face as the clerk first rang up the items, then separated them to place the shirts and ties in one large shopping back and finished it off with tissue paper, then put the underwear and tee-shirts in another, and the sweats in one more, completing his process, using tissue paper for both. Dee noted with amusement the relief on Ryo's face when the cashier took Ryo's credit card, while another clerk picked up the suits to place in a light plastic suit bag with a zipper. The bag had the same design as the shopping bags. Dee briefly wondered if the clerk was going to try to stuff some of the tissue paper somewhere on the bag. He bit back a laugh as the second clerk handed him the suits to hold. The man then reached into a basket kept on the counter and dropped some small packets into the shopping bag with the underwear.
“It's some skin cream samples for the active Carrier,” the man said to Dee while Ryo signed for the purchases. “You have such lovely skin. This will keep it continue to be soft and radiantly glowing during your pregnancy.”
Dee raised an eyebrow, but nodded politely to the clerk. “Thanks.”
Ryo was grabbing the shopping bags from the counter and holding them in one hand. He slipped his arm around Dee's, starting to guide him out of the store. “Thank you,” he called out to the men behind the counter. Dee was finding more amusement at the pace Ryo set, trying so hard not to look like he was wanting to break into a run.
They met up with the pregnant salesclerk near the door. “Oh, it looks as if you found some suits.”
“Yes,” Ryo said, sounding not too curt.
Dee chuckled. “We'll be back, I'm sure. I didn't have time to look for casual clothes yet. Bye.” He laughed as Ryo pulled him out of the store.
The salesman smiled, watching as they left, then looked over to the men behind the counter, who were already helping the next customer in line. They all exchanged knowing looks and smiles.
“Happens all the time during first time buying for happy couples in love,” the salesman laughed, amused. Dee reminded him of himself years ago during his first expedition to buy new clothing, still getting used to the changes in his body and the necessity for such shopping. It was the first time he had come into this store, as a customer. After the baby was born and he was ready to go back to work, he found himself applying for a job in that store. He also remembered his own haste with his at the time new husband upon the realization that pregnancy was a very sensual thing between two men in love. He was certain the couple who just left was about to discover a new depth to their physical relationship once they made it home.
Hopefully they'll make it home, the salesman thought amused. It was a wonder they made it out of the fitting room stall when they had.
He smiled, hoping to see them again, wanting to see how the dark haired man further settled with his pregnancy.
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