Fake Fan Fiction ❯ The Unexpected II ❯ Countdown ( Chapter 23 )

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Title: The Unexpected II
Chapter 22 - Countdown
Rating: R
Fandom: FAKE
Pairings: Ryo/Dee (mostly), some Dee/Ryo
Warnings: Yaoi, Male/male, MPREG, AU If you don't like, don't read!
Disclaimer: FAKE is not mine. We have Sanami Matoh for giving us Dee, Ryo and the rest of the 27th precinct characters. Any OCs appearing in this fic are mine.
A/N: Big thanks to Gracie Musica, who helped with the last scene. Just a reminder about whenever Akira, Ryo's grandmother, uses Dee's name. The literal translation of the katakana for Dee is `Dei'. There's a slight difference in infliction when saying `Dee' and `Dei' using Japanese pronunciation, even if they both more or less come out to `Dee'. Akira and the rest of Ryo's family speak English well enough to make the difference. Thus most of Ryo's Japanese relatives call him `Dee'. However, Akira does not, even if she could. She prefers it, and her special way of bringing Dee into the family. So whenever she is speaking, you will notice that Dee's name is spelled `Dei'.
So I'm going to attempt a posting marathon over the weekend and see if we can get past this wedding. The Unexpected II is complete in draft form. I don't play to start writing part III until some time in September, I think. Sorry for the delay this time, but I got caught up in a challenge community over at LJ for another fandom, and then Comic-Con (and meeting my current two favorite actors!), I got a little off track. So I'm going to do my best to make up for it. Thanks to everyone who reviewed and read. I hope you all like the rest of this wedding!
+ + + + + +
Once dressed and ready for the wedding, Barry glanced over to find the women and Marcel still fussing over Dee. They had since been joined by a friend of Elena's who had taken over recording the events in the room. Behind the cameraman, the flowers had arrived.
Barry joined the group. “Hey, I'm going to check on the other guys and make sure they're all ready to go.”
Dee looked at the pocket watch. “We have 20 minutes, don't we?”
Barry nodded, smiling. “Yes we do. Twenty minutes until they start shooing all the guests to their seats and closing off the entrance so the wedding party can gather and line up.”
Elena reached up to hug Dee. “That would be my cue to get back over to your very soon to be husband and make sure he's ready to take that big walk.” She patted Dee's cheek. “I'll be seeing you soon, sweetness, with your husband in tow.”
“My husband…” Dee's eyes went wide with amazement. “Oh my God! This is really really happening! Ryo is going to be my husband.”
Mother laughed. “Yes, darling one. And you are going to be Ryo's husband.”
Dee's smile was wide. “I am. And I swear I'm going to do everything I can to be the best husband ever. `Cause Ryo deserves that.”
Akira pulled Dee into a hug. “You already are. I had noticed the difference in him ever since you came into his life, even just speaking to him on the phone. He has been changing for the better. In the last couple of years, I had started to notice he had shaken off all those barriers that was holding him back. That's because of you. And I love you for that.”
Dee hugged her back, kissing her forehead. “I love you too, Obasan,” he said softly.
Tears came to the old woman's dark eyes as she smiled up at Dee.
“I need to go and make sure Ryo is still getting dressed and not screaming out to everyone that he's getting married today. I'll see you inside, Mom,” Elena said to Estelle, hugging her. She went over to Mother and also pulled her into a hug. “And I'll be meeting you by the elevator in about 20 minutes.”
“With pleasure,” Mother said.
“Hold up, Elena,” Estelle said, as her daughter started to leave the room. “Let me take my leave here, and join you.”
Barry looked at Dee. “I should go join the men now. I believe Mother has custody of you from now until she hands you over to Ryo.” He chuckled and winked.
“Sure. Thanks, Barry,” Dee said, going to fill another glass with Martinelli. “I'll see you upstairs.”
“Please,” Mother said, trying to roll her eyes, but not quite succeeding. “I can't wait to hand him over.”
“Mother!” Dee started to chuckle. Mother winked at him and grinned.
Estelle's eyes went from Dee's head, down to his feet and then back up again. “I would say you look ready to be married. And I must add, you look most dashing.”
“Oh indeed. He looks very handsome, does he not. Ryo won't be able to keep his eyes off him,” Akira added.
“That is so true,” Estelle agreed. “We should be joining Elena now, lamb, and take one more look in on Randy before heading upstairs and waiting for the big moment to finally start.” She hugged Dee tightly.
“Thank you, Grandma,” Dee said, hugging her back. “For everything. But most especially for accepting me. That means so much to Ryo. More than you can ever imagine.”
“My Randy is no longer an island. He is getting married and there's a baby coming to join the family he already has. How can I deny that? If for nothing else, Franklin and I have learned that love is love, and it has nothing to do with the sexes. Randy would not be better off with a woman, nor would a woman love him as much as you do,” Estelle stated. “That was my deciding factor.”
“Still, thank you.”
Akira was smiling for her turn to hug Dee. As he hugged her back, she stood up on her toes to whisper in Japanese, “I know New York is your home, but you also have a home in Kamakura, Dei. Always.”
“I look forward to one day seeing that home,” Dee replied in Japanese, hugging her.
From the door, Elena clapped her hands. “Now come on. Fifteen minutes `til showtime. Stop making the boy late.”
Standing next to her, Barry chuckled at Elena's spirit.
“All right,” Estelle replied, feigning annoyance. “So pushy, my daughter is. I suppose my husband would say she got it from me.” She smiled at Dee and Mother. “Maria, we will be keeping your seat.” She took Akira by the other woman's arm and escorted her to the door.
Dee and Mother watched as the others left the room.
Marcel was giving Dee a final once over. “Well, I think my work here is done. I should make a quick dash over to the groomsmen and our other groom just to assure myself all is well, as I have not received any calls stating otherwise.” He smiled at Dee and held out his hand. “Let me offer my congratulations on your very impending marriage.”
“Thank you, Marcel,” Dee said, shaking the other man's hand. “Without you, most of our groomsmen would still be looking like detectives today.” He chuckled and winked. “Ryo and I appreciate all the extra effort you took to get these marvelous suits ready for today in such a short time.”
“It's been my pleasure, Dee.”
Dee smiled. “I guess all that's left for you is to head up there and enjoy yourself. Will you be making the after-party, too?”
“I intend to. Listening to the younger set of MacLeans, that would be the most `in' thing to do all season,” he replied with a chuckle. “I'll see you later, Dee.”
As Marcel left, Dee turned to open a box on the table. “Mother, now it's time for me to give you something.” He removed a corsage of calla lilies and blue irises that matched his boutonnière of a mini-calla lily and blue iris with a couple of cherry blossoms. He faced his mother smiling. “You do look very beautiful today. Of course, to me, you always do, but I'm biased.” He chuckled. “I almost did not recognize you when you first walked in wearing that.”
Mother laughed. “I'm so glad they captured that look on your face for photos. Do you think you can handle this?” she asked, indicating the corsage and the pin Dee was holding.
Dee grinned. “Yeah. Oddly enough, now that the time is so near, and knowing there's clergy in the building, I feel calm now. Okay, totally excited and happy, but otherwise, I'm fine now.” To prove his point, he pinned the corsage onto the long jacket with a steady hand. “See?” He leaned down to kiss her cheek.
“I'm so happy to hear that, Dee. I was afraid we'd have to have Barry standing at the altar holding onto a paperbag or three.” She hugged Dee again. “Now, why don't you pour us some more of that delicious sparkling apple juice so we can have a private toast. Before we know it, it will be time to go meet Ryo and Elena.”
Dee's breath caught for just a moment, his eyes bright and shiny. The color was lighter, appearing more emerald that then dark moss green that was his normal shade. He poured more Martinelli into his glass, and then filled one for Mother, handing it to her. “To the best mother in the whole world,” he said, holding up his glass. “If not for you, I know I would never had made it this far, and find someone I could love forever. I love you, Mom.”
“Aw Dee,” Mother said, her voice cracking. Her eyes glistened with tears. “I'm afraid I'm going to be weeping throughout your ceremony.”
“That's okay, dearheart,” Dee said, wiping a tear from her cheek after they took a sip.
“Now my turn. To the most wonderful son a mother could ask for. You are more than just a blessing, my son. You are a miracle. And you deserve all the best that this world can offer you. I'm so happy that includes the man you will call your husband in a very short time and from then on.”
Dee found himself wiping a tear. “I guess I have no choice but to drink to that, huh?” He smiled at her, taking a sip of the bubbly cider.
Mother smiled back at him, taking a drink herself. “And this wedding… everything about it. You deserve this too, Dee. I'm so glad you decided to take advantage of opportunity presented. Not that your love, or your marriage to Ryo, would be any less valid in a small, simple ceremony. It's just… I know I always teach my children to be humble, but I am not one to discourage the better things in life. I hardly doubt it would corrupt you, so enjoy whatever may come your way.”
Dee studied his mother. “There's a reason for that last part, I assume?”
Mother smiled up at him. “Just a mother's instinct, is all.” She grinned wickedly. “Now, before it's too late, perhaps I suggest you make another stop in the bathroom. You know with that baby, and you being all excited, you don't want to pause the ceremony to have to dash off to the restroom.”
Dee laughed. “You're right. Wetting myself won't be very attractive either, I suppose. Wait right here.” He kissed her cheek again, setting down the crystal glass on the table, and went off to the bathroom.
# # # # # # # # # # # #
Barry walked with the women from Ryo's family until he stopped two doors down on the opposite side of where Dee's suite was. He smiled at the women. “Ladies, if you will excuse me now.”
“Of course, Barry,” Elena said. “You go finish up your best man duties and we'll all see you upstairs.”
“I'm looking forward to you and Eddie escorting us to our seats,” said Estelle.
Akira smiled at Barry, bowing her head slightly. “I too, Barry.”
As the women continued on their way down the hall, he took a deep breath, taking out his cell phone and reading the texts he received. The first one said, “Have Bentley to be used for getaway to airport on standby if needed tonight. A new axle on the way for carriage repair.” One problem tackled. Even if the hansom cab could not make it in time for the departure to the reception, they could still use it going up to the after-party. And if Dee dared pitch a bitch over a Bentley, Barry intended to slap his long time friend upside the head good, pregnant or no.
He checked the second text sent not very long ago. “Drake and JJ on their way with Chief and the Commissioner.” Barry checked the time. Twelve minutes to showtime. They were cutting it close there, but it was likely they could hold off the start of the ceremony within a reasonable amount of time and have the full wedding party as planned. He realized he was hearing something close to panic from down the hallway, halfway between Dee and Ryo's suites. He looked up to find the older women placating a distraught looking Diana outside the groomswomen suite. That was not his problem, he decided. Leave the women to handle their issues, while he took care of the men's. Hopefully whatever it was that was plaguing the women would be resolved as efficiently as the other mishaps that had been going on all day. He had received a voicemail from Yuki, who in his heavy Japanese accent, had given him a rundown of the fight between MacLean and Lane women, and the destruction they had caused. Yuki ended the message saying all was well anyway and that he had taken pictures with his camera phone. It was yet another disaster averted or quickly cleaned up that day.
He had to chuckle despite his concern over the two late groomsmen. He could not wait to see Dee and Ryo's reactions once they were given the list of all the mishaps that had been kept from them. The two went about their day, getting ready for the wedding, thinking all had been going smooth from the get-go.
Now if only the wedding cake would arrive before guests were let into the reception, he reflected. Earlier in the day, the car transporting the cake was in a fender bender and it toppled over. The kitchen where the cake was made was in another location owned by the group Bridgewaters was under. Currently those assigned to the cake were frantically working on creating the new layers that could not be saved from the traffic accident to get it to the reception across the city on time.
He was reminded of his most current task. As he put his hand on the doorknob, he took another deep breath. Opening the door, he called out, “Please someone tell me Drake and JJ are here and getting dressed.”
The rest of the men were sitting around and talking, with a game on the flat screen television in the main room of the suite. They all looked up at Barry.
“They called a few minutes ago, saying they're stuck in traffic. The damn snow is causing fender-benders all over town,” Ted replied. “But JJ said they abandoned the Commissioner's limo and are now walking. They estimate they should be here soon.”
“Soon? What's soon? We start lining up in…” he looked at his watch, “…eleven minutes.”
The door burst open. “We're sorry,” JJ announced in a high pitch. Barry turned on them, and noticed JJ was visibly shaken. He was not sure if it was from the crime scenes or the time they had left to be ready.”
Marcel's assistants were already taking the tuxedos off the rack and getting them prepared to be put on.
JJ and Drake dropped their coats and bags on a chair, and starting to rip off their shirts.
“I wish I was able to shower first,” Drake sighed.
“Dude, if you can shower and be in your tuxes, ready to go in…” Barry looked at his watch again, “15 minutes, then go.”
Drake gave Barry a double look of surprise.
“I can hold things off for five minutes if you can get your asses up there within that time. I'll make sure Dee and Ryo are held off for five minutes. Go!”
Drake grabbed JJ by his arm and pulled him across the room. “Bathroom is where?”
“Right there on your left.”
JJ yelped as he got dragged along. The door to the bathroom closed behind them with a slam.
Barry looked at the bags on the chair and shook his head. He picked them up and knocked on the door as he heard the shower go on. “Hey, here's your bags in case you have something in there you need. Like clean shorts, hopefully.”
The door opened and JJ's hand shot out to grab the bag from Barry and the door shut again.
Barry slapped his forehead. “Man, I'm so looking forward to a double shot of tequila later tonight,” he sighed.
Marty continued to stare at the closed bathroom door. “Dudes… they're taking a shower together?”
Ted shrugged. “A little more cramped than communal showers at the house, but I'm sure there ain't nothing there that the other didn't see before.” His grin suggested more to his comment than having to shower at work with others around.
“No way, man. So not true,” Marty remarked.
Someone knocked on the door.
“Someone get that,” Barry said.
Tsubasa went over to the door and opened it. After a quick exchange of words, he came back into the suite holding a box. “Flowers are here, ladies,” he announced, setting the box down.
Barry shook his head, having already received his boutonnière when Dee's, along with Mother's corsage had arrived in a cold storage box while the women were fussing over Dee. Barry had taken the liberty to put his on, so he would be ready to do whatever he needed to in the remaining time before he was to, along with Eddie, escort the immediate family members not in the wedding party to their seats, then take their places at the altar to wait for Ryo and Dee to make that big walk. He joined Tsubasa and started to hand out the boutonnières to the groomsmen. Leaving Drake and JJ to Marcel's assistants once they left the bathroom, he put his attention on getting the rest of the male half of the wedding party prepared to go.
# # # # # # # # # # # #
“Come in,” Diana called out when someone knocked on the door of the women's suite. She was helping one of women that Dee knew from the orphanage. The Hispanic beauty had arrived at the orphanage at age 16 a year before Dee left for college. Elisa was a lively and vibrant woman, who had flown in with her family from San Diego. She had married a Navy man at 20, and moved along with her husband. Her husband was currently stationed in San Diego after a tour in Japan and Guam. Like Dee, she had managed to break the mold of an orphan, having traveled the world with her military husband, and still enjoyed a good, happy life with a family of her own. Elisa was the closest thing Dee had to a sister and was glad she was able to be part of the wedding party.
“If that's you, Dee, go away,” Julie giggled. “I'm surprised Barry was able to keep him in place and not running around inspecting everyone to make sure all was well.”
The door opened as Julie spoke, and a man, pushing a cart with two large boxes and a smaller one, entered. “I understand there's some lovely ladies here who deserve flowers,” he spoke loud enough to be heard.
“Oh yes!” Janet replied, enthusiastically. “That would be us.”
All the women stopped their last minute fussing with their hair, and assuring make-up was just right to applaud the florist. With the women gathered around him, he opened the first box with a flourish to reveal 4 bouquets made of the wedding flowers: white calla lilies, pink ranunculus, yellow and pink blend Asiatic lilies, purple freesia, purple hydrangea, pink champions, blue irises, blue thistle, yellow Asiatic lilies. The beautifully arranged flowers were contained in a circular bamboo weaved mat folded in half to produce the effect of a fan, with a handle at the bottom. Ribbons in the wedding colors hung from the bamboo mat, and the handle had a tiny band of rhinestones.
The women ohhed at the sight of their bouquets, having no idea until that moment what was selected. In the smaller box was Diana's bouquet. Her bouquet consisted of long stem white calla lilies and blue irises, with sprigs of cherry blossoms and white thistle.
“These are beautiful!” Emiko gushed, smiling.
Elina exchanged glances with Darla and the two women smiled. They started to laugh when their thoughts were shared by two voices at once.
“Who selected these?” Julie and Elisa asked, both women knowing Dee the longest out of the women in the room. The two women stared at each other startled and joined in on the laughter.
“From what I understand, Ryo picked the fans, but Dee loved the idea of the flowers in them. Dee picked out all his choices for flowers that he liked and the scent did not make him ill, which is why there are no roses here,” Diana explained. “Ryo had to weed through Dee's massive selection and got them down to enough for Dee to finally pick two of each color, more or less.”
“They're just gorgeous,” Darla said.
The florist started to hand out the bouquets, as Diana tried to prevent the women from clustering too close and taking a chance of crushing the very exquisite and expensive bouquets.
“As you get your flowers, please move across the room. We're going to take some quick photos of everyone and a couple of group shots and then it's going to be just about that time. So I suggest if there's anything someone needs to do that won't wait until after the ceremony, do it now,” Diana yelled out cheerfully.
She smiled as the women collected their bouquets, all doing the same thing upon receiving, putting their noses to it and smell the fragrance. Once the final selection of flowers were made, a huge arrangement was made and Dee had to sit in the room with it for an hour. When the hour went by and he was feeling fine, the orders for all the floral arrangements went out to the florist. The bouquets were as pleasantly fragrant as they were beautiful to look at. Diana glanced across the room, smiling wider as the women talked as they did last minute things, holding the bouquets.
Dee and Ryo had an extremely beautiful and elegant wedding party as far as the women were concerned.
“Picture time!” the photographer called. “Everyone into the other room please.
As the women all started toward the designated room, Janet took a step and stumbled, falling down on her knees.
Elina was immediately at her side as the room became quiet, except for Janet's sobs. Gently, Elina touched the women on her knees and bent over. “Janet?” she asked.
Diana was rushing to stand next to Elina. “Are you alright, hun?”
Janet lifted her head and tried to carefully wipe her eyes. “I-I'm okay. More embarrassed and…” She sobbed again. “I think my shoe heel broke.”
“Oh no!” Diana moaned. She looked over to the other women. “Okay, start taking your individual photos. Janet, we'll work on a quick fix to get you in the group photos. Elina, please, see to her and the others, while I go get help.”
“Are you sure you didn't injure anything?” Elina asked, studying the upset woman with a professional eye.
Janet shook her head. “No.”
“Then can you turn and sit down, so we can take that shoe off?”
“Yeah. I'm so sorry. What are we going to do?” Janet asked, starting to sob again at the likely prospect that she would not be part of the wedding party when they went down the aisle and most likely messed things up royally. Janet was worried that Elina would be pulled out to just to keep things even.
“Don't worry, sweetie,” Elina replied calmly, in a soothing tone. “Here, let me help you.”
“Thank you, Elina.”
Diana opened the door, intending to rush out and find someone that could lend them a hand. As she started to make a dash out, she encountered Elena and Ryo's grandmothers as they were about to enter the room. “Oh! Excuse me!” she gasped.
“What's wrong, Diana?” Elena asked.
Diana pointed inside the room. “Janet tripped and broke her shoe heel, and I'm at a loss on what to do this close to start time.”
Estelle guided Diana back into the room, while Akira went on ahead over to Janet and Elina. Elena entered the suite, her cell phone out. “Sharon, it's Elena. We need Lady Chantrel down in the groomswomen suite ASAP. Please have someone find her.” Elena glanced over to the other women.
“Are you sure it was just the shoe heel?” Akira asked. “Is your foot okay?”
Janet nodded, tears running down her face.
“Oh dearie, a silly shoe is nothing to cry over,” Estelle tried to soothe the upset woman.
“The shoe was expensive enough, but it's worse than that,” Janet cried. “I'm so sorry.”
“Nothing to be sorry for, “ Elina said. “Things happen.”
Elena hung up her phone. “Sharon said Lady Chantrel is in the children's suite and is putting a call for her to come over here.”
“The dress!” Janet wailed. “I ripped the dress!”
Elina nodded, looking at the older women. “I'm afraid it's true. Somehow her heel got caught in the bottom of the skirt and ripped the dress. It's only a few inches….”
“Someone will notice. I won't be able to be a part of this with bare feet and a torn gown,” Janet sobbed.
Akira pulled Janet into her arms, hugging her. “It's okay, child. We'll figure something out. Now come and sit down.”
The door opened as the Japanese woman had Janet seated and went to get her some water. Elina wanted to take a closer look at Janet's foot, just to be safe.
“I hear we have an emergency,” Lady Chantrel stated, entering the suite. “I was just getting a stain out of one of the little one's dress.” She chuckled. “Children will always find something to get on their pretty clothes. But no fear. That crisis was averted. Now what do we need done here?” She noticed Janet and walked over. “My dear, what have you done here?” She scooped down to get a closer look at the dress. “Hmm… we're going to have to do some quick, but delicate stitching here.”
Diana held up the shoe and heel in different hands. “And this.”
Lady Chantrel smiled at Janet. “Someone get a wash cloth and help wipe this pretty one's face. A little reapplication of her make-up would be in order, too.”
“What's the use? I can't be in the wedding like this,” Janet cried.
“Nonsense. Things like this is why I'm here. Now I'm going to need you to get out of your dress. Have one of these fine ladies help you with your make-up, and you can dry up your tears. It might take an extra fifteen minutes, but we can tackle this.”
“Thank God,” Diana sighed. “Elena, thank you for referring me to this wonderful women to handle the gowns.”
Elena giggled. “Not only does she work wonders with clothing, but she gives personal service on the big day. Meaning she's a veteran of mishaps such as this.”
Lady Chantrel looked up and smiled again at Janet. “And the wedding always went on - with everyone in the wedding party accounted for. Now out of your gown please, so we can get this repaired.”
Elina helped Janet up, while Estelle and Akira started to help her out of the gown. Diana had retrieved her robe and handed it to Janet, as the boutique owner took the gown and went into the room where all the clothing was staged.
“Dee and Ryo are going to be so mad. The wedding can't be held up for fifteen minutes,” Janet protested miserably.
“It can, and it will,” Elena said, taking out her cell again, to inform Sharon of the situation.
“We can spare the time. We'll just have that lovely quartet play a few more selections to appease our guests, and before we know it, we'll be able to start,” Estelle stated. “Besides, we have a one hour slot for the ceremony, but judging from the rehearsal last night, it won't take the full hour. It was planned like that for things like this. Now take a deep breath and relax.”
“If you insist. But I am really sorry…”
“Ah… none of that, young lady,” Akira stated. “Everything will be just fine, you'll see. Ryo and Dee will have no problem with waiting an extra fifteen minutes to be married. That they are married surrounded by all those who are special to them is what is important. Now, let's fix up your make-up, ne e?”
“Yes, ma'am.”
Estelle and Elena smiled and left Janet in Akira's capable hands. Diana went to make sure all the individual pictures were taken, including hers and Elina. It was quickly decided that once Janet was dressed and ready to go again, they would get Janet's photo and a couple of quick group shots.
# # # # # # # # # # # #
Barry shook his head as he got off the phone with Sharon. “Guess what, dudes? You have an additional fifteen minutes.”
“What?” Jim asked. “What happened?”
“Gown repair, from what I heard. She won't say which one. But Sharon just informed Mother and Eddie to keep our grooms down here for another fifteen minutes.”
“Good lord, Dee's going to have fits,” Marty muttered.
“It's all good. They're holding off sending everyone to be seated for ten minutes, so we don't have edgy guests waiting too long,” Barry explained.
“It's only fifteen minutes, dude,” Ted exclaimed. “How edgy could they get?”
“Believe me, at a wedding, very,” Marty replied, with a tone of experience.
Barry nodded. “Not to mention there are some family members at odds with other families. We don't need them breaking out into another catfight or worse in the atrium. They stopped serving alcohol fifteen minutes ago, but there's still over beverages, along with the appetizers to keep the guests happy. Once they start moving everyone into the atrium proper, everyone who is ready, other than Dee and Ryo will be asked to start going up. When we have everyone, including those we're waiting for up there, they want to still take a few pictures. That will give Ryo and Dee a few minutes to slobber all over each other before they have to come up. We'll be taking the full wedding party pictures with our grooms after the ceremony.”
JJ emerged from the bathroom in an undershirt and hot pink satin boxers. “Okay, where's the happy rags?” he asked.
“Right here,” an assistant called out, holding out JJ's shirt and pants.
“Ah, good. Clean and fresh, with clean clothes. The simple things in life,” JJ stated.
Drake left the bathroom a few minutes after JJ, also wearing undershirt and boxers, but unlike JJ, both were white.
“Gah! It's still pink!” Drake exclaimed as he saw his tuxedo waiting for him to put on.
“Pink's a good color,” Pedro remarked. “It's a strong color. For the man who wears it, it builds character.”
“Easy for you to say, since you're not wearing pink,” Drake huffed, buttoning up his shirt.
“He's wearing lavender,” Marty reminded Drake with a laugh.
“Another character building color,” Adriano added.
“Nevermind. Bring on the pink,” Drake sighed.
All the men wore black tuxedo jackets and pants, with white shirts. Their vests and ties were textured in one of the colors of the wedding, with small square patterns on it. The boys' suits were like the men's, with their colors matching the dress of the girl they were to walk with.
“I can tell you I like that they settled normal ties rather than bowties for this thing,” Drake said, as he allowed the assistant to do the knot on his tie. “Ties are bad enough, but those bow ties… sheesh, talk about uncomfortable.”
“Yeah, but they look sharp,” Jim pointed out.
“I'll bet that was Dee's decision,” Marty laughed.
“True,” Adriana said. “Dee could hardly keep one of these one. He'd be going apeshit halfway through the ceremony in a bowtie.”
The men chuckled as JJ and Drake quickly got dressed, with the help of Marcel's efficient assistants.
“Well now,” Barry stated, not long after, watching Drake and JJ put on their shoes. “Apparently, we have time to spare, since I didn't get the movement phone call yet.”
“Can I grab a drink then?” Drake asked. “My throat is parched.”
“Sure. Go ahead,” Barry said.
“Me too!” JJ exclaimed, and smiled as he watched Drake pour champagne into two glasses. “I really could use that after this day. Time to forget crime scenes for a while and concentrate on happy weddings.”
“Please. No case talk from now until after our grooms head off to their suite in the Pierre, please,” Tsubasa requested.
“With pleasure,” Drake amended.
# # # # # # # # # # # #
Elena hung up her phone and smiled at Ryo, who stood by the window, watching the falling snow. “Guess what that call was for?” she asked.
Ryo turned from the window. “Hopefully that everyone is on their way upstairs?” he asked.
Elena nodded. “Yes. The guests are seated. Janet's gown has been repaired and Lady Chantrel pulled new shoes out from her emergency reserve, and all's well now.”
Ryo smiled. “Good! That means we get to leave here….?”
“In a few minutes.” She went over to Ryo, starting to unnecessarily brush off his jacket. “You look so handsome, sweetheart. And so happy.”
“I'm ecstatic,” Ryo replied, looking down at his aunt. “I think you got it all,” he chuckled.
“Just making sure.”
Someone knocked in a quick rapid pattern on the door. Elena's smile got brighter. “That's the signal. It means the last of everyone is going into the elevator and heading upstairs. And we're only 15 minutes late.”
“I wonder how Dee's doing with this extra waiting?” Ryo mused.
“Hopefully he has two ears when he walks out of his suite,” Elena chuckled. She took one last look in the mirror, seeing her and Ryo's reflection. “Oh baby! You're getting married in a few minutes!” Tears came to her eyes as she hugged Ryo.
“Yeah,” he replied, hugging her back. “I am. To Dee!” His eyes got wide with amazement. “OH MY GOD! I'm getting married to Dee!” he exclaimed.
“Yes, you are. And because you proposed to him too.”
“Dee wants me,” Ryo mused amazed. “I mean, he wants to spend the rest of his life with me, raise children… and… oh my God!”
“Ryo?” Elena asked, suddenly concerned.
Ryo tried waving her off. “S-sorry…” he wheezed. “I-I'm just so… happy… that…” The excited groom let out a gasp, attempting to catch his breath.
Elena's eyes went wide as Ryo started to hyperventilate. “Oh shit, Ryo!” She rubbed his back gently. “Come on, nice slow deep breath…. That's it. You can do it… In, nice and slow… out, gently…”
Ryo found himself following his aunt's direction and shortly, he was breathing normal again, his face beet red. “And Dee's the pregnant one,” he snorted, ruefully.
“Are you sure you're okay?”
Ryo nodded. “Oh yeah, fine. I just had his moment… that I found someone I could spend the rest of my life with… that I want to spend every moment of our lives together with Dee, and he wants to do the same with me.” Tears came to his eyes again. “I can't help it. I feel overwhelmed that someone so wonderful as Dee could decide he wanted me….”
Elena hugged him. “I can understand why. And I'm glad. Ryo, you didn't just find someone to love for a lifetime. You are one of the lucky ones. You found your soulmate.”
“I know,” Ryo smiled. “That's what's overwhelming me, and for a moment, it was so strong…” He grinned and kissed his aunt's cheek. “Let's just say that the thought of Dee takes my breath away.”
“Aww… I'm so happy for you, Ryo. Now, are we ready to leave and get you hitched?”
“Definitely!” Ryo laughed, hugging his aunt again. “Let's go. I can't stand the suspense any longer on what Dee is wearing.”
Elena hooked her arm through Ryo's and together they left the suite, closer than ever to the big moment in Ryo's life.
# # # # # # # # # # # #
Dee noticed him the moment he stepped out of the suite with Mother. They had spoken to each other over the phone, but it was the first time he had seen Ryo since the night before. He was all too aware of finally seeing the man he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. It was only a matter of minutes now, before they were to head upstairs and join their wedding party to start the ceremony.
Just that thought alone almost made Dee break into a run. Add in that Ryo looked so handsome, and gorgeous, in his dark charcoal gray tuxedo, with the blue textured vest and tie. He looked like a model, or a handsome prince. The chestnut color haired man stood by the elevator, talking excitedly to Elena. He appeared suave, confident, sophisticated, and so very happy. Dee's breath caught in his throat as he gazed at Ryo.
Ryo's head turned at the sound of a door opening, and Mother's voice talking to Dee. He caught his first glimpse of Dee dressed for their wedding. He let out a gasp, unable to believe the vision before him. His eyes met Dee's as his dark haired, so-very-soon-to-be husband started to walk toward him with his mother on his arm. Both men had huge smiles as mother and son made their way down the corridor toward the elevator.
With wide, amazed eyes, Ryo watched with appreciation as Dee approached.
Ryo always knew Dee was a looker. To him, there was no one more gorgeous than Dee, from his lean, lithe finely muscled body to the set and color of his eyes to the chiseled handsome face. Everything about Dee's looks were perfect to Ryo. At that particular moment, as Ryo watched him, Dee was beyond perfect. He walked tall and proud with a beautiful smile, and glittery shining green eyes.
Most amazing to Ryo was that Dee wore white. White tuxedo trousers, white shirt with white textured tie, and a long white jacket that stopped mid-thigh. The jacket had a handsome exquisite cut to it. Under normal circumstances, with his build, Dee would have looked incredible in it. He look more so in his current condition. The jacket had one button, which was low over the baby swell and hung open, flowing gracefully. Between the style and way it was altered, Dee looked elegantly pregnant.
Ryo was surprised not only at the choice of color, but Dee's final decision to enhance his pregnancy, rather than hide it. Ryo had to hear enough worry from Dee about looking “fat and frumpy”, to use the pregnant man's words, in the wedding photos.
There was nothing frumpy about the man now so very near. The cut of the suit and Dee's build enhanced that he was definitely not fat.
Ryo found himself sighing with appreciation, unable to take his eyes off Dee. “My God,' he thought. `This beautiful man wants to marry me!' Ryo's heart thumped with mounting excitement and love.
He felt Elena tug on his arm, and heard her exclaim, “I told Dee this is what you'd do. I was right! Doesn't he look like a prince out of a dream?”
Ryo mutely nodded his head, in complete agreement with Elena. “I know he's my dream come true,” he said.
Dee came to a stop before Ryo, green eyes focused solely on him. Both men still were smiling.
Ryo gazed up at Dee, his dark eyes shining with love. Taking one of Dee's hands in his, he said, “You look amazing! My God, Dee… You look absolutely beautiful.”
Dee lifted the hand holding his with a chuckle. “So do you,” he replied, then kissed the hand. “I know the clothes play a big part of it, but Mother said it's your aura. I have to agree with her.”
Smiling, Ryo drew Dee into a hug. “The same with you, so I agree with her too.” He gazed up at Dee. “Happy Wedding Day, Dee.”
“I can't believe it,” Dee sighed happily, returning the hug. “In a short time, we're going to get into that elevator and get married.”
Ryo pulled away from Dee a little, then leaned up to close the slight gap in their heights. “Last unmarried kiss,” he stated before taking Dee's mouth for a kiss.
Dee pulled Ryo close again, kissing the other man back.
Ryo giggled when they parted. “Okay, second to last unmarried kiss.” He grinned up at Dee.
“Hey now,” Mother warned the two men. “Easy there before the wedding.”
“Aw Maria,” Elena gushed, squeezing Mother's arm excited.
“Did you get to see what they did up there?” Dee asked Ryo. “It's gorgeous!”
“Yeah, it is,” Ryo agreed. “So much more than what we pictured. And it's our wedding, Dee.” He smiled up, his eyes shining. Finally managing to take his eyes off the other man, his eyes went wide again. “Oh! Mother? Is that really you?”
Mother blushed a little as she nodded, clenching the strings of her beaded drawstring purse in her hands. “Yes. I wanted to walk Dee down the aisle as his mother.”
“You look lovely, Mother.”
“Flatterer,” Mother giggled.
Dee tried to look stern at his mother. “Don't you start up with that `old goat in new clothing' stuff again, or I'll have to tug your ear.” He grinned at his mother.
Mother's mouth dropped as Ryo and Elena laughed, both nodding in agreement with Dee.
“I guess I should know when to quit gracefully, huh?”
“Very graceful,” Dee stated, his eyes on her.
“Very elegant too,” Ryo added.
“Oh… now back to you two. You only have a few unmarried minutes left, you know,” Mother pointed out, clearly embarrassed by the praise both men bestowed upon her.
Ryo smiled, leaning closer to Dee, one arm around the other man's trim waist. His other hand carefully rubbed Dee's belly, mindful not to wrinkle the jacket. “You are the most handsome man that has ever walked down the aisle,” he said. “I thought you should know that.”
“Oh? And here I was thinking you are.” He smiled softly as Ryo continued to rub the bump. “Yup, Chibi's excited too.”
Ryo bent over enough to kiss the bump. “Aw, do you know Daddy's excited, baby?”
Dee laughed in delight. “I'm not the only one, I'm glad to see.”
“No kidding,” Elena remarked, rolling her eyes. “This one here started to hyperventilate on me when we started to leave the suite.”
“Elena,” Ryo warned, teasingly glaring at her. “I'm talking to my baby, so I'm not going to call you names.”
“Oh did you?” Dee asked in concern. He pulled Ryo to stand up straight and studied him. “I'm glad you're okay now.” He caressed Ryo's cheek.
“Very much so,” Ryo murmured contently. “Especially being with you again.”
“Oh such a long horrid night we forced you boys into,” Elena said, then laughed. “Aw, they're so cute.”
“Hush woman,” Ryo warned, giving her another mock glare. His attention went back to Dee. “So how is Chibi doing today?”
Mother smiled at Elena. “Our little boys are getting married today.” She daintily dabbed her eyes with a lace edged handkerchief.
“I can tell you I can feel an excited little chibi,” Dee said. “Because her daddies are getting married today.”
“Are you sure that isn't just your nerves, sweetheart?” Mother asked Dee with an impish grin.
“Speaking of daddies, has anyone seen Bikky and Carol yet?” Ryo asked.
“Last I checked in, they both were doing a marvelous job in helping the children get ready,” Mother replied. “And wait until you see Bikky. He's quite a handsome young man, and so happy for you two.” She went up to Ryo. “And you look incredibly handsome.”
Ryo hugged the elderly nun. “Thank you, Mother. And I mean it. You look absolutely beautiful today.”
Mother giggled. “It must be the aura. I'm so happy for you two.” She smiled up at Ryo. “Welcome to the family, Ryo. You made me so happy.”
Ryo smiled back at her. “Thank you for accepting me.”
“I had no choice, darling. That first time Dee brought you over, I just knew you were the answer to all his dreams. Which also makes you the answer to all my prayers for my son.”
Ryo blushed slightly. “Mother…” he said, becoming choked up with emotion.
“It's true.” She smiled gently at him. “And now you're getting married.”
“I know,” Ryo replied in awe. “We are.” He smiled brightly.
Elena went over to hug Dee. “I am so happy, sweetness! Today's the day.”
“It is,” Dee laughed, hugging her back. “Thanks for keeping him together.”
“As if I had a choice,” she said with a giggle.
Dee continued to keep his arms around her, hugging her. “I'm grateful to you and Rick, too, Elena. You're been nothing but support, and I'm so glad. Especially for Ryo.”
“Of course, darling.” She leaned up on her toes to kiss his cheek. “You're so sweet,” she gushed.
Mother's eyes went to Dee, as he spoke to Elena, then back to Ryo, grinning. “Besides, I never thought my Dee would be wearing white on his wedding day.”
Ryo giggled. “He shouldn't be, you know.” He winked at her. He let out a laugh when he looked over to find his aunt had Dee blushing again.
Mother giggled too. “In white and blushing,” she amended, grinning up at Ryo. “I won't tell, if you don't,” she said in reference to Ryo's comment about Dee in white for their wedding. She reached up to hug him again.
Giggling, Ryo hugged her back.
“What are you two whispering about?” they heard from next to Ryo.
Ryo looked up at Dee, who still had Elena hanging off his arm. “How beautiful you look,” Ryo replied.
Mother nodded in quick agreement with Dee.
Dee smiled at them. Everyone looked at Elena as her cell phone started to ring.
Fumbling, she took it out of her bag. “Hello?” Smiling, she listened to whoever called. “Wonderful! I'll tell them. See you in a few, Sharon.” She closed her phone and putting back in her bag, stated, “We have to go now. They're almost ready for you boys.” She turned to hug Dee again, and kissed him. “This is it!” she exclaimed excited.
Dee returned the hug, laughing. “Thanks again… Aunt Elena.” He smiled brightly at her.
Elena laughed delightfully. “Aw… you're too precious.” She patted his cheek, laughing more as it heated under her touch. “I love you, Nephew Dee.”
Ryo laughed, shaking his head. “Elena, are you stealing my husband?” he teased.
Dee looked over at Ryo as Elena pulled away from him. “I was about to ask the same to my mother,” he joked. He took Ryo's hand and squeezed it.
Elena went up to Ryo, to hug and kiss him. “Oh sweetheart. You're getting married in a very short while.” She hugged him again. “I'll see you two gorgeous men in a bit.”
Mother went to hug Dee. “Okay you two,” she said as Dee kissed her. “Five minutes, then up you go. You don't want to be late for your own wedding now.” She wagged a finger at both men. “And behave. There's time enough for that later tonight.”
Ryo started to blush as Dee shook his head.
“Mother…” Dee remarked.
Mother laughed, giving Dee one more hug and then went to join Elena, who had the elevator doors open and waiting.
“We'll be seeing you two soon,” Dee said. His eyes went wide with wonder as he watched Mother get in the elevator with Elena, the blue twinkling lights of the glass enclosed car behind them, along with a western view of Lower Manhattan and the East River. “It's almost sunset,” he murmured.
Ryo grinned as he came up to stand next to Dee, putting his arm around the other man's waist.
When the door closed and the two happy women were on their way up to the atrium on the 47th floor, Dee turned to Ryo. “Oh my God, Ryo,” he croaked, feeling choked up. “It's happening. And it's all so beautiful. And no mishaps… at least that we know of.”
Ryo smiled, pulling Dee into a hug. Gazing into Dee's eyes, he said, “Everything could fall apart right now, but as long as I get to marry you, I could care less what happens.” He leaned in to kiss Dee.
Dee nodded. “Yeah, me too,” he stated. He pulled Ryo even closer, resting his forehead against Ryo's. “God, I love you so much,” he intoned.
“I love you too.” Ryo buried his face in Dee's neck, sighing happily.
Dee kissed the side of Ryo's head, also letting out a happy sigh. They remained in each other's arms until they heard the chime indicating that the elevator had stopped at their floor. “We should go,” he said.
“Yes.” Ryo pulled away from Dee, taking his hand. Together they walked into the elevator. Looking out the glass, Ryo smiled. “Look at the snow. It looks so magical, doesn't it?”
“Yeah, it does,” Dee finally had to admit, now that he had Ryo with him, and they were on their way up to be married. There was nothing to stop them now. “I'm glad we ordered jackets for the women or they'd be freezing going over to Bridgewaters.”
Ryo nodded.
Dee pulled Ryo close as he pressed the button for the top level and the atrium that was decorated for their wedding. He started to nuzzle the side of Ryo's face. “That strange bed was so cold and lonely last night.”
“I agree,” Ryo said.
“Do we have to go to that after party thing?” Dee asked.
“Yes. But only for an hour. It is our wedding night.” He briefly kiss Dee's lips. “And we still have to make it to our wedding breakfast in the morning.” Ryo smiled up at Dee. “Before we head off to the Bahamas for our honeymoon.”
“Okay, just an hour is fine,” Dee said.
“You know this is more for the guests than us, but we are expected to put in a minimal appearance. And it is along the way to the Pierre.” Ryo winked at him. “Don't tell me you can't wait until we get there?” he asked.
“I'm just anxious to finally get a chance to relax with you in my arms, as my husband… just the two of us.”
Ryo's hand shot out to press the Hold button on the elevator panel, bringing the elevator to a stop. “We have a few more minutes,” he said. “And I think you need some me and you time before all the madness of a wedding.”
“I'm sorry. We shouldn't stop, you know. Timing is important.”
“We still have time until the sun is in the right position, so come here.” Ryo held onto Dee, one of his hands snaking between them to rub Dee's belly.
Dee rested his chin on Ryo's shoulder, gazing out at the city beyond the elevator. “I should be rushing us up there like a madman to get married, you know. But I'm enjoying this moment too much.”
“Me too,” Ryo said contently.
Dee moved his head to kiss Ryo softly. Ryo gladly returned the kiss. With a grin, Dee announced, “Okay, this is the real last kiss unmarried.” He placed his arms tightly around Ryo and kissed him soundly, causing the other man's legs to go weak.
“Dee…” Ryo sighed. When they broke apart, Ryo said, “I want to give my last one to Chibi. Is that okay?” he asked.
Dee nodded. “Certainly.” He carefully ran his fingers through Ryo's hair.
Ryo kneeled before Dee and opened the button, pushing aside the jacket. With his lips close to Dee's belly, he said, “I love you much, little one.” He kissed Dee's swell. “You be a good baby for Daddy during the ceremony. Okay?”
Ryo felt a thump against his lips and drew back with wide eyes. “Oh holy shit…” He looked up at Dee with wide eyes, seeing that the other man was aware of what just happened.
Dee nodded, grinning widely. “Yeah. She just kicked.”
“I - I felt it,” Ryo stated in wonder. “I finally felt our baby kick.” He was grinning like a madman. He laughed. To Dee's belly he said, “That better be a yes.” He rubbed the bump, kissing it again. “I felt you,” he sighed.
Dee watched Ryo, smiling. “I think it means she's really happy that we're getting married and that was her wedding gift to Papa.” He laughed breathlessly. “You're too adorable, you know,” he added to Ryo, smiling.
Ryo smiled back and stood up. He buttoned Dee's jacket and made sure it fell the right way.
“Now… those were second to last, so the very last unmarried kiss?” He raised an eyebrow. When Ryo nodded, he backed Ryo up against the glass and started to kiss him.
Ryo moaned and kissed him back, his arms around Dee and squeezing him slightly.
Dee pulled back with slightly glazed eyes. “I think we should stop… before we….”
Panting slightly, Ryo nodded. “Y-yeah.”
“Besides,” Dee chuckled. “We don't need the FDNY bursting into our wedding.” He hugged Ryo again.
“Hell, I think half of them are invited,” he joked. “I know most of the police force is.”
“Seems like that, doesn't it?” Dee laughed. “Personally, I'm glad so many wanted to come to our wedding.”
The speaker on the elevator panel crackled and Diana's voice came through. “We know what you're doing in there and you better stop and get up here! You have a wedding party waiting for you.”
Dee jumped slightly. “Ack! Sea Hag!” He glared at the speaker.
Both him and Ryo started to laugh as Dee found the button to reply. “All right! We're coming” he replied. At Ryo's snort, he realized what he said. “Oops.” He started to chuckle.
“You should be glad your mother didn't hear that, Dee,” Diana replied.
Ryo burst out in laughter. He pushed the button for the elevator to start making it's ascend again. “There,” he said as Dee depressed the speaker button for him. “We're on our way up.”
“See you in a few seconds, cuties,” Diana said and turned the speaker off.
Dee's eyes were wide again as he drew in a deep slow breath. “Holy God… this is it,” he muttered.
Ryo started to rub Dee's back. “Easy baby. Don't you start hyperventilating on me, especially now.”
“Hell no! You're not getting out of it that easy. I'm getting married to you and nothing can stop me!”
“Good. That's how I feel too,” Ryo said. “If you start to get nervous up there, just forget everyone else,” he stated.
Dee lovingly smiled at Ryo. “That's the easy part. All I have to do is look at you.”
Ryo was unable to keep from hugging Dee. As his arms went around the taller man, the elevator doors opened at their destination.