Fan Fiction / Crossover Fan Fiction ❯ The Young and the Hopeless ❯ Latest Disaster ( Chapter 1 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
One day, in a little town called Castlegar, Daniel was walking down a street with houses on both sides. It was his neighbourhood. It was a Sunday afternoon and as usual, there was nothing to do. He decided to go to his friend Jeremy's so they can go wander around down town. He got up to Jeremy's house and knocked on the door.

"I'LL GET IT!" He heard his friend scream on the other side of the door scream. Soon, the door opened. "Hey Daniel!"

"Hey, wanna go out?" Daniel asked.

"EWWW I never knew you were gay!!" Jeremy screamed.

"NO YOU RETARD!" Daniel yelled back. "I mean go like down town or something."

"Oh. Ok." Jeremy answered. "Mom I'm going out for a while!!" Just then he got out and slammed the door and they headed down the steps and out of his drive way. So there they were, wandering around downtown Castlegar when they saw a girl with blond hair tied in a pony tail behind her head walking down the street.

"Hey Nikki!" Daniel yelled. It was Nicole, their good friend. Well she was only their good friend when no one was around, but yeah, everyone called her Nikki for her nick name.

"Hey guys!" Nicole said running across the street. This caused the cars to stop as she ran. There were people yelling and honking their horns at Nicole. "Have a pig." Nicole said under her breath. Soon, she was across the street and met up with Daniel and Jeremy. "Some peoplelike where do they go? I mean it's Castlegar!!" Daniel and Jeremy shrugged.

"Maybe they just drive up and down the highway because there's nothing better to do?" Daniel suggested. Nicole shrugged. So there the three of them were, wandering around Castlegar. Soon they met up with the two love birds: Shokufeh and Marc - Andre.

"Hey Shooky!" Jeremy said.

"Hey guys!" Shokufeh said, running her fingers through her dark long hair. "What are you doing?"

"The usual." Daniel replied. "How 'bout you guys?"

"Same ol' same ol'." Marc - Andre said. So they decided to walk together. When they were about to cross the street, they met up with a crowd, the upper crowd. The "popular" kids. There was chattering amongst them which sounded to Daniel and his friend's like chicken muttering.

"That reminds me, I have to feed my chickens." Nicole said out loud. The popular kids immediately all stopped and looked at her. They all shot her a dirty look, as they took what she said offensively. All except one: Tom. He was of the popular crowd, but Nicole liked him. She didn't tell anyone but Daniel. And he knew if he told anyone she'd kill him. So nobody knew. Tom was always nice to Nicole. They were even friends in Elementary School but status in Middle School split him to the more popular crowd. Now they were all in grade 9 at the high school. Soon the walking sign turned and they all walked across the street. Lukily on the other side they parted. As they walked separate ways, Tom shot a small smile at Nicole. She smiled back.

"I can't stand popular people!" Shokufeh said. "They think they own everyone else!"

"I wouldn't be one to talk, Shokufeh." Daniel joked. They always joked about things like that since Marc - Andre did EVERYTHING for Shokufeh. They all kind of laughed, than Shokufeh shot Daniel the Evil Eye and they were instantly quiet.

"Well what should we do?" Nicole asked.

"I think we should go back to school shopping!" Shokufeh recomended. "Daniel and Jeremy probably STILL never bought their stuff, and I need some new clothes... Just think, tomorrow we'll be in High School." Shokufeh said excited.

"That's a great idea!" Nicole agreed. So they ran down they street together, and the three boys regretfully followed. Once they got to the mall, well it wasn't really a mall, just a bunch of stores close together, and everyone called it a mall, they decided to first go to Pharamasave because that's where the cheapest school supplied was. Once they got in, the girls immediately ran to the ornament section, while Daniel and Jeremy headed to the school supplies section. Marc - Andre followed Shokufeh and Nicole. Daniel found a list that said "Stanley Humphries Secondary School" and read it.

"I guess we only need the stuff for french immersion." He concluded.

"You're smart." Jeremy said.

"I know." Daniel replied. Then they bought their stuff. Once they were at the till they met with the other three and they all piled it at the counter. "I don't have any money..." Daniel said.

"Have no fear, daddy's credit card is here." Nicole said pulling out her dad's credit card.

"Wow." Daniel said. "Are you sure?"

"Yeah he'll never know." Nicole replied. Shokufeh and Marc - Andre headed towards the door, holding hands.

"Well we're outa her..." Marc - Andre said. "We'll see ya guys tomorrow at school."

"Bye." Nicole yelled. Then they left. "Now I'm stuck with you two again." She said. They never replied. "Right?" There was still no answer. She looked up and saw them in the ornament section. Jeremy was juggling three birth stone glass ornaments. "JEREMY!" Nicole screamed. Instantly, he dropped all three.

"Aww Nikki you just had to wreck the moment." Jeremy said. Nicole looked nervously at the fat woman behind the counter.

"Are we gonna get kicked out again?" Nicole asked.

"No." The lady said. "You guys didn't steal anything this time." Nicole sighed in relief, but then the lady pointed to a sign that said 'You Break it you Buy it'. At this, Nicole freaked.


"I don't see what you're fretting about." Daniel said. "We're the ones who still don't have our school supplies. The three of them were sitting on the sidewalk outside of the pharmacy.

"Yeah well my dad wouldn't care if I spent money on paper and pencils! But he'll notice when there's over $300.00 missing in his bank account!!" Nicole screamed, chewing away frantically at her nails.

"So that's why we don't have our school supplies?." Jeremy asked. Nicole was about to snap, when a tall blonde haired girl met up with them.

"Hey guys, what's up?" She asked.

"JILL!" Nicole screamed. "I'm so happy you're here.... I'll kill these two if I have to spend another moment alone with them." Nicole threatened.

"I don't wanna know." Jill said, looking at Daniel and Jeremy, as she hugged Nicole, trying to assure her. Daniel shrugged meekly.

"Well I still don't have my school supplies." Jeremy said.

"Let's go to Fabricland and ask my mom for some money." Daniel suggested. "Then maybe Nikki can get her mind off her problem and look at fabric." So the four went to Fabricland. Once they got there, there was a girl there, about their age who had long dark brown hair, and pointy ears.

"Wow she could be an elf." Jill said. They walked passed her, and she noticed them staring at her.

"Yes?" She asked.

"Oh nothing." Daniel spoke up. "I've never seen you around here before Where're you from?"

"Oh, I'm an exchange student from Rivendell." The girl said. "My name's Arwen Elendil."

"Cool name." Nicole said. "I'm Nicole, this is Jill, and that's Daniel and Jeremy." She introduced.

"Hello." Arwen replied. "Well I'd better be going now See ya around." She said, walking out the door.

"Hunk-a-hunk-a-babe-a-licous!" Daniel and Jeremy said at the same time.

"Guys." Nicole said.