Fan Fiction / Crossover Fan Fiction ❯ The Young and the Hopeless ❯ At Lunchtime ( Chapter 3 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

At lunchtime Jeremy and Daniel headed to the cafeteria. It was crowded. Once they got their lunch they saw Jill at a table in the distance. She was waving for them to join her.

"No Jill! They can't see us!!" Shokufeh said, ducking her head. Once they got closer, they saw Jill, Shokufeh, Marc - Andre, Garrett, Nicole, Jessica, Sarah & Sarah, and Anna sitting all together at the table.

"Move down." Daniel commanded.

"No go sit beside Jill!" Shokufeh screamed. Daniel obediently listened and Jill slid down bumping Garrett who bumped Nicole who bumped Sarah W. Then, Daniel finally was able to sit down. He was right across from Shokufeh, and he noticed her glaring at him now. "Move head, NOW!" Daniel listened and lowered his head.

"Don't take that from her, Daniel! You'd think you're her bitch or something." Nicole said. "Well not really, but…" Daniel turned to see what Shokufeh was looking at. It was that new student, Legolas. He and the other exchange students were all sitting together at the table by Daniel and his friends. Suddenly, Shokufeh dropped her spoon.

"Oops. Clumsy me! Marc can you get me a clean spoon?" Shokufeh asked sweetly. Marc obediently obeyed and got up and left to the spoons.

"You have him SO whipped." Jessica said. "I wish Daniel was more like that to me, but that would mean people finding out that we're going out." Daniel just continued eating, pretending that none of this was bothering him. Jeremy noticed and patted him on the back.

"Don't worry man." He whispered.

"Garrett cover me, I'm going in…" Shokufeh said standing up. Garrett stood up and stood beside her as she slowly walked up to Legolas. She "tripped" and fell into him. "Oh I'm SO sorry!" Shokufeh said, laying in his arms. Legolas smiled at her. He kind of laughed.

"I'm Legolas, what's your name?" He asked. Shokufeh looked at him awe strucked.

"I forget…" She replied. "WAIT! I remember… Martha Stuart. No wait… that's not it. Oh yeah, Shokufeh!"

"Shokufeh." Legolas said. "That's a nice name."

"So is your face…." Shokufeh blurted out. She immediately turned red. "I mean…. Your name!! You have a nice name!" She covered quickly.

"So wanna go get an ice cream with me after school?" Legolas said. "I haven't had ice cream before, and I think I would like the company of someone whose experienced it…"

"SURE!" Shokufeh offered. "I'll meet you at the front door after school ok?" Legolas nodded. Just then, Shokufeh could hear Nicole frantically clearing her throat at the other table. She looked back and saw Marc-Andre returning. "I halfta go now. See ya!" She said running back to her seat.

"You are SO bad." Garrett said.

"What?" She asked dumbfounded.

"What about Marc - Andre?" Daniel asked.

"He won't halfta know." Shokufeh said. "And Legolas won't have to know about him… Don't worry, I have everything under control!" She assured. Just then, Marc - Andre got back to the table.

"Here you go." He said, then he sat down.

"Thanks." Shokufeh answered. She gave him a quick kiss.

"OH I CAN'T WATCH!" Jeremy screamed out. Shokufeh gave him THE look. Marc - Andre was puzzled. Nobody made a big deal about them kissing ever before. Sarah W thought it would be wisest to change the subject.

"So what's everyone doing this weekend?" Sarah W asked.

"Nothing much." Everyone answered at the same time. Sarah Mac didn't answer though.

"I'm having a party and you're all invited." She announced.

"OH YOU SHOULD INVITE THE EXCHANGE STUDENTS!" Shokufeh blurted out. Daniel rolled his eyes.

"Ok." Sarah Mac said. Then, she felt a kick under the table. She looked across from her and saw Anna and Sarah W shaking their heads and whispering `no'. "Huh?" Sarah asked out loud. Sarah W smacked her forehead as Anna sighed. They were saved by Feliesha running up.

"Hey guys!" She yelled out. They all looked down the aisle to see Feliesha running towards them. She tripped, then got back up and got to the table. "I have an announcement: I am now officially in love."

"With who NOW?" Jeremy asked.

"Kyle Hagis." She replied. Everyone sighed.

"Didn't you like David or someone?" Jill asked.

"Jill you are so three weeks ago." Feliesha replied. She signalled for Shokufeh to scoot down and she did and Feliesha sat down. "But this time I'm sure of it!"

"Uh-huh." Nicole replied. "Remember this summer at Sun Fest when you were `certain' that you were in love with Doug? What happened to him."

"He moved. Technically I'm still going out with him, but long distance relationships are harder than they look like on T.V…" Feliesha said.

"Hahaha." Garrett said. "Remember when Feliesha and Jeremy went out in grade 7??"

"That lasted about an hour…" Daniel said. Jeremy was quiet.

"Technically we weren't going out. I never even knew about it." Jeremy replied. "And I don't want to talk about it." Feliesha stood up.

"Well I halfta go find Kyle." She said. "It's strange. All summer I couldn't care less about him and he was crazy about me. But now he's going out with that girl, Jen, I am suddenly obsessed with him! What does that say about me?"

"That you're a homewrecker." Jill replied.

"Ok. Well see ya!" Feliesha said, running down the aisle, and tripping again. "I'M OK!" She screamed waving to them. Daniel gave her a thumbs up and she got up and continued running until she hit a door that swung open.

"Everyone remember to set aside some time this weekend to go see Feliesha in the hospital." Anna said. Shokufeh wrote it down in her planner and got up.

"Well I have to go… umm …. Somewhere." She said. "I don't know where yet but I'm going somewhere." She said. "See ya later!"

"Bye Shooky!" Jessica said. "Well why don't we go outside now?" She recommended.

"Sure." Daniel said.

"Not you, I was talking to Jill and Nikki." Jessica replied.

"Oh." Daniel said.

"You guys can go ahead." Jill said. "I'm gonna stay here."

"I'll come!" Sarah Mac insisted. She always had to be the third tag along. So the three girls got up and left. So there was: Jill, Daniel, Garrett, Marc - Andre, Sarah W, Anna, and Jeremy sitting together, talking about various things, until the bell rang for their afternoon classes to start.