Fan Fiction / Crossover Fan Fiction ❯ The Young and the Hopeless ❯ Preppy Popular Kids That Nobody Likes ( Chapter 4 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

When Daniel and Jeremy were walking out of the cafeteria after lunch to their next class, they met up with their friend Jen, and Nicole talking in the hallway. The four friends walked together to their lockers. Jeremy opened his and things came falling out on him.

"That's pretty sad." Daniel stated. "It's halfway through the first day of school and your locker is messy already!" Jeremy shrugged him off.

"Oh well." Jeremy replied. "You already have, what, 18 Avril Lavigne pictures in your locker?"

"19." Daniel corrected. "HEY!" Then, he slammed his locker shut. "So I guess we have P.E now huh?"

"I hope our P.E teacher isn't nearly as bad as Mr Macenzie." Nicole hoped. "I can't stand that man!"

"He wasn't as bad as you say, but he still was bad." Daniel said.

"Well let's just GO and STOP yapping!" Jen recommended. "I wonder which other class we have P.E with, I hope it's the same class as Monique. . ."

"As long as the exchange students are there I don't care whose class we're in! Or who we're with. . ." Shokufeh interrupted, walking through them. Jill and Shokufeh walked to the gym with them. They finally got to the door of the gym. "As long as we're not with the Popular Kids." Shokufeh said, opening the door. They saw the Group all sitting in the Gym. There was Shandy, who was the leader girl of the Group. She was standing with Tiffany and Sasha. They were all talking about different things at the same time and they sounded like chickens.

"Who let the farm into the school?" Jen asked really loud as they walked passed the three preps. They all immediately stopped and glared at the six walking by.

"Oh look what the wind blew in. Frenchies." Shandy said with no expression in her voice.

"At least we can comprehend to languages!" Shokufeh shot back. "You shouldn't talk because you can't even understand one language, so go shove it." Shokufeh said. Then her, Jen, Jill, and Nicole walked into the girl's change room. Daniel and Jeremy walked into the boy's change room. Garrett and Marc - Andre were already in there.

"Why this class?" Daniel asked.

"Well, things have been going well so far." Garrett said. "There has to be a line somewhere. . . I think." Daniel shrugged. Soon the four were ready and they went back into the gym. They sat down, and soon Nicole, Shokufeh, Jill, and Jen came out and sat with them.

"I can't stand them. . ." Jill said, as she stared at the popular kids. They all wondered how they all managed to get into the same class. Soon, Feliesha and Jessica walked in.

"Here it comes. . ." Nicole said.

"Here what comes?" Jen asked.

"Here is when those two completely forget about us and hang out with the Upper Crowd." Daniel explained. "I wonder where the exchange students are. . ." Just then, the six exchange students walked in together, laughing. "Creepy that they're always together. . ." Daniel thought out loud.

"Well what would you do?" Marc - Andre asked. "They all know each other so that's probably why they're together." He noted. Shokufeh cuddled to his arm.

"Aww you're so smart." She bragged. Daniel noticed that when Arwen and Eowyn walked by the popular guys: Guy, Jon, Eric, and Tom, they whistled at them and one even smacked Arwen's butt. All except Tom, who just stood there. Daniel noticed Nicole gawking at Tom again. Daniel kind of felt sorry for her because he was so popular and he always would have a different girl friend every week. But he never seemed happy with any of them. Daniel thought he should get them together maybe.

"I hate P.E." Jessica said. "You halfta get all sweaty and dirty. . . I hope this guy doesn't expect too much from me. Im only participating 100% if we play soccer." Just then, a man slightly over weight stepped into the room and told everyone to sit down.

"Okay you teenagers. Gather your hormones together and sit down." He commanded. Everyone sat by him and went quiet. "My name is Mr. Humperdink and I will be your PE teacher for this semester. Now today, we will be going outside and playing soccer. So get outside and make up some teams!!" He said, then everybody went outside and appeared in a huge green field. Daniel and his friends were all together. "Okay, Shandy and Jessica, you two are captains." He said. They didn't really need to pick, because all the popular kids were together and Shandy said,

"This team looks fine to me."

"Fine then!" Jessica muttered. So Anna was in goal, Daniel and Jeremy were defence, and Nicole, Shokufeh, and Garrett were forward. Feliesha, Sarah and Sarah, Jessica, Jen, Marc-Andre, Legolas, and Eowyn sat on the field waiting for them to switch. On the other side, Shandy, Tom, and Pippin were forward, Sasha and Jon were defence, and Aragorn were in goal, while the rest not mentioned earlier sat on the field waiting for switching.

"OK START!" Mr Humperdink screamed. He blew a whistle and Shokufeh kicked the ball over to Nicole.

"Hey you weren't supposed to do that!" Shandy whined. Shokufeh ran the opposite way trying to ignore her and follow the ball. "Don't ignore me!" Shandy screamed. Just then, Shokufeh turned around and body chucked her.

"Oops. Clumsy me. . ." Shokufeh said sarcastically, as Shandy lied on the ground. She then continued after the ball. Tom had it, and Nicole was close behind his tail. "C'mon Nikki! You can do it!!" Shokufeh screamed. Nicole was about to kick the ball away from Tom when he kicked it and she tripped and fell, as the other team scored.

"Are you ok?" Tom asked, holding his arm out for Nicole to get up.

"Uh yeah. . ." Nicole said. "Thanks" She said as he helped her up. He smiled at her and ran back to center. Nicole sighed, with her eyes all googly.

"Aww. Nikki's in love." Daniel said.

"Shut up!" Nicole said, kicking Daniel in the shin. He fell to the ground and she went back to center. So the game continued, and close to the end of the period they were tied. Tom had the ball again and was about to shoot, and Nicole was behind him again *Oh man, I don't wanna make a fool out of myself again. . .* She thought. Just then, she noticed Tom passed her the ball when no one was looking. They gazed into each other's eyes and Nicole thanked him with her eyes. He nodded, and she ran down the field with the ball.

"Go Nikki!" Jen screamed at the top of her lungs. She got to the end of the field and saw Jeremy standing there, talking with Arwen, who was in goal.

"Yeah so then I said. . ." Jeremy blabbered on. Nicole could tell he was flirting.

"JEREMY GET THE BALL!" Nicole screamed kicking it over to him.

"huh?" He said. Just then, the ball hit him in the head and bounced off and scored.

"YEAH!" Daniel's team shouted as Mr Humperdink blew the whistle. The bell rang. The first day of school was finally over and it ended good, thankfully.

"I hope you're happy!" Shandy screamed at them, with all the popular kids behind her.

"Oh don't worry, we are." Daniel said. And they went inside. While they were walking in, Shokufeh and Marc-Andre walked together holding hands. Just then, Legolas came running past them.

"Shokufeh, we still on?" Legolas asked, running in.

"YEAH!" Shokufeh yelled. Legolas gave her a thumbs up and ran inside the school.

"Still on for what?" Marc-Andre asked.

"Um……….uh………well… ……" Shokufeh was baffled, she was actually stumped and didn't know what to say.