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Kingdom Hearts MST - Olympus Coliseum

Sora's group takes the Gummi Ship to the Olympus Coliseum. In the

Lobby, Sora talks to Philoctetes.

Xel: (singing) It was a nasty place, There was a mess where ever you stepped. Where chaos reigned and, earthquakes and volcanoes never slept

Sora: Um...

Phil: Good timing. Give me a hand, will ya? Move that pedestal over

there for me. I gotta spruce this place up for the games.

Sora's group tries to push the pedestal.

Sora: It weighs a ton!

Sora talks to Philoctetes.

Sora: It's way too heavy!

Phil: What? Too heavy? Since when have you been such a little- (saw

Sora's group) Oh. Wrong guy.

Mandy: And he couldn't tell from the voice?

What're you doing here? This here's the

world-famous Coliseum-heroes only! (moving closer to Donald)

Xel: Since he's the only one near his height.

And I got my hands full preparing for the games. So run along, pip-squeaks. Look,

it's like this. Heroes are coming from all over to fight ferocious

monsters right here in the Coliseum.

Donald: You got heroes standing right in front of you.

Goofy: Yup. He's a real hero chosen by the Keyblade!

Donald: And we're heroes, too.

Phil: Hero? That runt?

Mandy: You ain't one to be talking philly.

Xel: Ooh pun.

Mandy: What!? Ahh! I did! I'm ashamed…

Philoctetes laughs.

Sora: What's so funny? I've fought a bunch of monsters!

Phil: Hey, if you can't even move can't call yourself...a


Philoctetes has a hard time moving the pedestal himself.

Mandy: He doesn't call himself a hero, though. He's a hero trainer.

Phil: Okay, so it takes more than brawn. Well, well, let's see what you

can do.

Mandy: If you're talking about brains, I think they're lost there too.

Sora talks to Philoctetes.

Phil: This trial is tough. You got what it takes? You ready?

Sora: I'm ready!

Phil: Okay, kid. Let's see what you've got.

Sora alone starts the barrel smashing time trial. After Sora

successfully completed the trial before time runs out...

Phil: You know, you ain't bad, kid.

Xel: Beat everyone of those evil barrels.

Sora: Looks like I'm headed for the games.

Phil: Afraid not.

Sora: Why not?

Phil: Two words: You guys ain't heroes.

Xel: Does the wittle philly need to go back to preschool.

Mandy: Xel,…Don't do that…Please.

Sora: Come on!

Phil: Wanna become a real hero? Start by mastering this spell.

Sora attained the power of thunder. Sora's group goes outside of the

Lobby. Out there...

Hades: Rather a stubborn old goat, wouldn't you say?

Donald: Who are you?

Xel: (Half-singing) If there's one God you don't want to get steamed up, It's Hades, cause he had an evil plan. He ran the Underworld, But thought the dead were dull and uncouth. He was as mean as he was ruthless, And that's the gospel truth. He had a plan to shake things up, And that's the gospel truth.

Mandy: And the creepy thing is, is he's singing in the characters' voices

Hades: Whoa, hold on there, fuzz boy.

Mandy: Fuzz boy?

Xel: I don't want to know what Hades is thinking of.

Wait, let me guess. You want to

enter the games, right? (puts his hand on Sora's shoulder) Well, then,

hey, get a load of this.

An Entry Pass magically appeared on Hades hand.

Sora: A pass?

Hades: It's all yours. Good luck, kid. I'm pulling for you, little


Sora's group receives the Entry Pass. In the Lobby, Sora talks to

Philoctetes and shows him the Entry Pass.

Phil: Hey, how'd you get this?

Sora: Can we enter the games now?

Xel: (Singing) Each and ev'ryone a disappointment, Pain for which there ain't no ointment. So much for excuses, Though a kid of Zeus is Asking me to jump into the fray. My answer is two words -O.K., You win, Oh gods, Oy vay!

Phil: Well... I guess so. We start with the preliminaries! Ready for

the preliminaries?

Sora: Yeah, let's go!

Phil: Some real weirdos signed up for the games. Better watch yourself.

Mandy: I wonder what these games would be like if there were a few select anime characters.

Xel: Hehehe. Like me?

Sora's group enters the battle arena. They fight the first round

enemies and were triumphant.

Phil: You're no heroes yet, but you ain't doing bad. Lucky you came to

me for coaching.

Mandy: When did they do that?

Then, Cloud walked by and stares at Sora's group while he walks away.

Xel: (Hysterical laughter)

Vincent: … I feel…insulted.

Mandy: (Is grumbling something along the lines of killing very slowly whoever came up with the idea of mixing that stupid idiot bastard with her precious Vincent)

Phil: Something tells me he'll be a tough one to beat. Who knows, maybe

you'll end up facing him.

Xel: (Laughter continues)

Mandy: Xelloss, you will stop now and not say a single derogative comment about Vincent, because I have this. (Holds up mini tape recorder) And it's full of cheerful songs.

Xel: (Stops laughing)

Sora's group fights the next sets of enemies and was victorious in

round two and three.

Phil: Say, you're better than I thought, kid! Wish he was here to see


Sora: Who?

Phil: Hercules. He's a hero if ever there was one. Too bad he's off

visiting his father.

Mandy: Which one?

Sora's group fights the next sets of enemies and was victorious in

round four and five. While, Sora's group were acting victoriously,

Hades talks to Cloud.

Hades: That little punk is your next opponent, okay? Now, don't blow

it. Just take him out.

Cloud: The great god of the Underworld is afraid of a kid? Sorry, but

my contract says-

Hades: I know! You think I don't know? I wrote the contract! I know it

says you're only required to kill Hercules in this tournament. But

you've gotta fight that kid to get to him. Come on. Hey, it's like that

old goat says: Rule 11: It's all just a game, so let loose and have fun

with it! I mean, a casualty or two along the way is no big deal, right?

Xel: Cloud working for hades…hmm.

Vincent: I'm still insulted.

Cloud left.

Hades: Geez. Stiffer than the stiffs back home. Still, suckers like him

are hard to come by...

Xel: Actually, `back home' they're all ghost/spirits and not stiff at all. And…hehehe.

Sora's group fights the next round and was victorious. Then, they fight

Cloud. After Sora's group was triumphant against Cloud, Cerberus

appeared and Cloud's giant sword was dropped to the ground.

Mandy: Why the hell does he have toilet paper around the …whatever his weapon is, it's not worthy of sword.

Hades: Oh, right, there was one other rule I forgot: Accidents happen.

Hades left the scene. Hercules then appeared to help stop Cerberus.

Phil: Herc!

Hercules: Phil, get them out of here!

Xel: (Shudders)

Sora's group and Philoctetes head to the Lobby.

Phil: Whew, that was close! That was Cerberus, the guardian of the

Underworld. Herc should be able to handle him. But then again, maybe

not... This doesn't look good.

Before Sora's group could enter the battle arena...

Phil: Kid, you're not entering the arena, are ya? This ain't just some

match. This is for real!

Sora: I'm not afraid. You can decide if I'm hero material or not.

Phil: Careful, kid!

In the battle arena, Hercules with the unconscious Cloud being over his

shoulder is in a bad situation because of the Cerberus. Sora's group

appeared and then Hercules with Cloud he is holding leaves.

Xel: Hehehe

Phil: Kid, I got two words of advice for you: Attack!


Xel: Oh great, the Cloud and Vincent fusion made her cranky.

Sora's group fights Cerberus. After Sora's group defeats Cerberus, they

received Inferno Band. Later at the Lobby...

Phil: Thus, I do hereby dub thee junior heroes, and confer upon thee

full rights and privileges to participate in the games. Further-

Donald: Hey! What do you mean "junior heroes"?

Phil: You rookies still don't understand what it takes to be a true


Goofy: So, what does it take?

Hercules: Well, that's just something you'll have to find out for

yourselves. Just the way that I did.

Mandy: Ahh! Voice…horrible…

Sora: No problem. We'll start by proving ourselves in the games.

Phil: There ain't gonna be any games for a while. Gotta clean up the

mess from that last battle first.

Sora: Okay, we'll be back.

Sora's group left the Lobby.

Phil: I still can't believe that squirt actually beat Cerberus.

Hercules: Just between us, I'd already worn Cerberus down by the time

the little guy jumped in.

Phil: My lips are sealed.

Sora's group got the Hero License. Outside, Sora's group talks to Cloud

who is sitting near the exit.

Sora: Hey, are you all right?

Cloud: Yeah.

Sora: So why did you go along with him, anyway?

Cloud: I'm looking for someone. Hades promised to help. I tried to

exploit the power of darkness, but it backfired. (stands up) I fell

into darkness, and couldn't find the light.

Sora: You'll find it. I'm searching, too.

Cloud: For your light? Don't lose sight of it.

Mandy: Will somebody just give them a flashlight already!

Cloud gave Sora something.

Sora: How about a rematch sometime? Fair and square, no dark powers


Cloud: I think I'll pass.

Sora learned Sonic Blade ability. Sora's group left. Then Hades

appeared after that.

Hades: (looking at the Hercules' image in his hand) He's strong, he's

kind. He's always there for you, and he's handsome to boot. He's

perfect. Perfect.

Mandy: Eww! No! Muscles! Ech!

(angry) Perfectly infuriating! He makes me crazy.

(calms down) Wait a minute. What are you talking about? All the pieces

are in place. Relax. Here's what you do. Let Hercules train the kid. In

the next games, I'll take care of them both.

Hades noticed Maleficent appeared.

Hades: Who invited you to the party? Stay out of this. This is my show.

Maleficent: As you wish. Fight to your heart's content.

Xel: Why did she have to be ugly?

Maleficent left the scene. Later, Sora's group rides the Gummi Ship to

Deep Jungle. Before they disembark...

Mandy: Chapter end!