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Abandoned: Chapter 1

A/N: There isn't much Hellsing in this, it's spinoff of my cousin Peril879's fic, "The Awakening" Also my main character's name is prounced Iaine (EYE-ANE-EY) R&R PLEASE!

He walks down the dark, cold, damp, alley. He can hear the the cars driving in the soaked streets. The sirens are sounded throughout the whole city. He walks down the alley as if he has a specific location to get to. The homeless people living in this space between these two buildings, sleep next to the dumpster and steel garbage cans. As he walks down, the only thing they can see is his black figure and the light that his lit cigarette he has in his hand. The smoke that he releases out of his mouth with every puff of the cigarette is also visable. He slowly takes each step toward the end of this area that looks like the city forgot about.
"Hey! Gimme your money!" A bum from behind him says.
He stops dead in his tracks.
"Or what?" His deep, low, raspy voice says before he takes another puff of the almost finished cigarette.
"I'll blow your brains out! AH hahahaha!!" The bum laughs. "Look what I got kid!" He then says.
He turns around. He smiles in the bum's face.
He looks down at the bum's hands. In them is a gun. It's small but very eye catching.
"Who'd you kill to get this, Marion?" He asks.
"Ha! This guy tells me to hold his coat while he changes his shirt! I checked the pockets and in one of them was this! I blow the bitch's face right off! Phewhahahahaha!!" Marion laughs.
"What is it?" He asks before flicking the still lit cigarette into a puddle.
"A 44 magnum! Go ahead take it!" He says handing it to him.
He grabs it from Marion's hands. He checks it out. He opens it to see that there is four bullets in it. He points it over at a rat sitting completely still on top of the dumpster cover. He puts his finger on the trigger.
"I went through the guys pockets! Can you believe I found a hundred dollars!" Marion brags.
"Wha'd you do with it?" He asks before pulling the trigger. The bullet did not hit the rat. It shot into the brick wall and scared the rat off.
"Kid you know I spent that!" He yells smacking him in the shoulder with his huge glove covered hand. "I thought that I oughta give ya the gun, since well, I spent every penny of the money!"
"Thaanks." He says calmly and drags off his voice.
"Iaine, you really need to get out more! You're never out during the day! The only time I can find you is in the dead of night!" Marion says as they continue to walk down the alley together.
Iaine sticks the gun into a holder that wraps around his tight pants.
"The sun hurts." He says.
Iaine and Marion get to the end of the alley where they open this small green door. Inside are stairs. They walk all the way down to the bottem. There they meet another door. Iaine pulls out a set of keys and unlocks the door. Inside is their place. They walk into their dim house. Inside is a small coach, a tiny television that sits on the floor and has antenas. There is also a round table with four chairs around it. The only light in the house is over the table. In the back is a small bathroom, with a dirty toilet and a sink that is missing a vaucet.
"Ah... home again." Marion says before he stretches his arms and yawns. "I think I'ma gona rest here for a while!" He says lying his big body on the small coach. He turns on the small television with the remote resting on the arm of the coach.
"I'll be back in ten minutes. I have something I have to do." Iaine says before he leaves shutting the door behind him. He runs up the stairs and back out into the alley. He walks to the end of the alley. There aren't many people walking around the dark street. Then, he sees a man in an overcoat and top hat walking by. There are no cars coming down the street. Iaine walks out of the alley and onto the sidewalk. He keeps his head down as he approaches the man. Iaine and the man are walking in opposite directions of each other. Just as the man is passing by him, Iaine grabbs him. He puts his hand over the man's mouth.
"AH! HELP!" The man screams from under Iaine's hand. Iaine drags him down the street and then pulls him down an opening under the stoop of a building."I'm not gona hurt you! Shut your mouth or I'll have to!" Iaine says as the stop at the bottem of this few step stair case. Iaine pulls out a syringe from his back pocket. There is a cap covering the needle. Iaine puts it up to his mouth and pulls the cap off with his teeth. The man is trying to remain calm so Iaine doesn't kill him. Iaine then sticks the needle into the man's neck and pulls the back, The man becomes hysterical when this happens and they begin struggling again. The man's blood is sucked into the syringe as Iaine pulls the back. He then takes the needle, quickly out of the man's neck and let's him go.
"What did you do to me?!" The man asks grabbing his neck and throwing himself up against the wall.
"Get outta here. Go!" Iaine says sitting down on the stairs. The man runs past him back up to the street. Iaine then, takes the needle. He looks at the blood. He then sticks the needle into his arms and pushes the back releasing the man's blood into his body. Iaine takes a breath and a sigh of relief. As the blood is released into his body Iaine begins feeling good and his long, sharp fangs begin showing.
"Ah..." He says. He then takes the needle out of his arm and put the cap back on. Iaine stands up and sticks the syringe back into his back pocket.
Meanwhile, back at Iaine and Marion's house. Marion is still lying on the coach. There is pounding on the door.
"Open up! Open this damn door!" two voices from behind the door yell.
"Who the hell is it?!" Marion asks remaining on the coach.
Then suddenly there is a gun shot. One of the men from behind the door shot at the lock. They then broke through the door. Marion sat up. The men came in wearing big black overcoats. One of the men, who was carrying a shot gun, had long black hair. The other, who was carrying a small little gun had blonde spikey hair. They walked in holding their guns up.
"What the...?!" Marion said about to stand up.
"We're looking for a vampire." The man with the blonde spikey hair said.
"A what?!" Marion said standing up.
Then the man with the shot gun just started shooting at Marion. He pulled the trigger and then reloaded, the pulled the trigger and reloaded. Marion was shot one in his fat stomach, and once in the chest. His blood splattered on the walls and on the floor. He was thrown back onto the coach and then fell to the floor. The blood also splattered on their faces. They watched him fall to the floor and then looked around the place. They overturned the table and threw all the stuff in the house around.
"He's not here! Come on!" The guy with the long black hair said. As they were walking out of the apartment, the man with the spikey hair shot the television. They then left, shutting the door behind them.
Iaine began walking back up the stairs and onto the street again. He walked down the block and turned back into the alley. He walked all the way to the end and opened the door which lead to his apartment. He walked down the stairs and then noticed that there was a shot at the lock. He reached down to his leg and pulled out the 44 magnum Marion had just given to him. He opened the door and see that the whole place was a wreck. He then seen the blood on the walls and the smoke coming from the shot t.v. Then he seen Marion lying flat on his stomach on the floor.
"Marion!" He said running over to him. He turned his body over and seen his bullet wounds.
"Ahhhh..." Marion struggled to breath.
"Marion! What happened?!" Iaine asked.
"Ahhhh... they came..." He struggled to say.
"Looking... for a vampire..." He said. He then took a deep last breath and held his eyes wide open.
"Oh... Marion." Iaine said seeing that he was now dead. He then realized what Marion had said. "They're here for me!" Iaine said.

To be continued... If I get at least one or two reviews. Anywayz, R&R please!
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