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Abandoned: Chapter 8

The Hideway, 12:22 a.m.

Bri was sitting in the main room of the huge mansion. It was dark and only the light of the fireplace lit up the room. It was cold. Bri had a blanket wrapped around her. She was being warmed by the fire and frightened by the outside thunder. She kept thinking about Marion. She was hoping Iaine was safe and okay. She stared as the flames in the fireplace and watched as they crackled. Every few minutes thunder and lightening would hit. Bri was so scared for herself as well. She thought about the moment she almost died. How much unfinished business she has on this earth. She wasn't ready to die. She missed her mother dearly, who died in her arms when she was only eight years old.
"I can't go. Not yet." She said to herself.
"Bri?" Maxwell said coming out into the main room.
Bri turned her head around and saw MAxwell come out from the darkness. She whiped away a tear she had in her eye. "Maxwell..." She said smiling.
"Are you okay?" He asked walking over and sitting on the floor next to her.
"Yeah... I'm just hoping that Iaine is okay. Shouldn't you be sleeping?" She wondered.
"No... I can't sleep." He replied. "Boy is it cold in here or what?" He said shivering.
"Oh! I'm sorry. Here come here." Bri said opening up her blanket.
Maxwell and her stared at each other for a few seconds and Maxwell was trying to resist but the words wouldn't come out of his mouth. He knew he would be commiting a sin if he joined her in the blanket. But he took one long look at Bri's welcoming face and crawled over to her and huddled up in the blanket with her.
"If we stay close, our body heat will warm each other." Bri said smiling. Bri had her head turned looking at Maxwell's profile who was staring into the fireplace. Bri just kept starring at his profile."Yeah! I know. Body heat is the best source of warmth." He said turning his head and now the both of them were starring at each other, face to face. Not more than two inches apart, holding each other in a small thin blanket. Maxwell began telling himself not to do it as their faces got closer and closer moving in for a kiss.
"No! I can't!" Maxwell said pulling himself away and out of her arms. "I can't do this Bri! I can't!" He said.
Bri starred at him with tears in her eyes. She then nodded. "I know... you can't. You're a priest and that's as far as it is in your love life. I know... I provoked you and it's my fault. I know I shouldn't but I can't help myself Maxwell!" She said putting her right hand up at her forehead and leaning on it.
"Yes but I'm suppose to control myself! I know that I am but... I just can't when I'm around you Bri." Maxwell exclaimed. Bri didn't look up at him. She kept facing down. She shook her head as she watched out of the corner of her left eye, Maxwell get up and walk away. She then began crying. Soon she cried herself to sleep.

The Hideway, 1:16 a.m.

Iaine comes walking through the door into the dark house. He looks around to see if Bri or Maxwell is around. He is holding the boy in his arms. Iaine shut the door behind him. The boy is unconscious in his arms. Iaine walked down the hall and into the main room of the house to see Bri sleeping next to the fireplace. The fire was almost dead but there was still a little bit of a spark. Iaine was dripping as was the boy. He walked over to the coach and set down the boy on it. He then walked into one of the nearby bathrooms and grabbed a couple of towls. He put one over himself and then walked over and began drying the boy's hair. He looked into the boy's sleeping face and felt this strange, strong connection.
"Who are you?" Iaine asked squinting his eyes. He knew that the boy was unconscious and would not reply but he had a need to ask.
Just then Bri awoke. "Ahh..." She said opening her eyes. She turned her body over and seen Iaine sitting on the coach with the boy's head resting on him. She did pick her head up, but layed there. "Who's he?" She whispered.
"Huh? Oh Bri." Iaine said realizing she was up.
Bri then leaned up. "Who is he?" She asked again.
"I-I don't know..." He replied. Iaine then got up and put the boy's head resting on the coach.
Bri then got up and walked over to Iaine. She gave him a big hug happy that he was alright. "I'm so glad you're okay!" She said.
Iaine hugged her back. "Uh... Bri... I'm soaking wet." He said.
"I don't care." She said finally releasing him of the hug. She walked over to the young boy and looked into his face. "Hmm... he looks familiar Iaine." She said.
"I have no idea who he is." Iaine replied."Where did you find him?" She asked.
"He was actually in my old apartment. He was sleeping in there. I woke him up and he jumped up. He's a vampire. I asked him who he was and then he fainted. It all happened so quickly but..." Iaine said.
"But...?" Bri said.
"...When I found him, he was sleeping in the bloodstain of Marion's. It was weird." Iaine said.
Bri thought for a second and then looked back into the boy's face. She then stroked his blank and blond streaked hair. It was short cut and thick. "Who could you be?" She wondered.

The mid-Alantic, 10:38 a.m.

"You still haven't found them?!" She asked angrily talking on a cell phone. "Well if you don't then I'll have to find them myself and when that happens I will then kill you!" She yelled. "Yeah... okay... okay goodbye. Oh wait! What about the other problem? You know... the boy. Sebastian. The child of the anti-vampire vampire. Yeah the one that can turn humans into vampire and vampire into humans. Correct. Well he isn't as important as Iaine and Bri... well when you find Iaine and Bri, kill Iaine and take Bri to me. Yes. Oh and be sure to kill that priest.... Yes Father Enrico Maxwell. He's disapeared as well. I suspect he is with them. Okay goodbye." Alux said before hanging up the phone. "Bri-Bri... can't wait to get you!" She said starring off of her boat at a shark swimming by. She then pulled out a gun and shot at it. "You are as dead as that shark. Hahahahahahahahah..." She said laughing with an evil voice.
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