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Disgelion, a Genesis of Darkness


“Master Lamington! Master Lamington!” An obviously alarmed archangel shouted, charging into the Seraphic Sanctuary.

“What is it this time Vulcanus? Your shouting has scared the birds away.” Lamington replied serenely as he entered.

“The birds? Who cares about the birds! Master Lamington I bring terrible news! The humans of our earth have discovered an alternative earth whose humans are even as we speak taking steps towards instrumentality.” Vulcanus roared with indignation at the very thought.

“Hmm. While this news is dire I see little cause for concern, the celestians of that world should be allowed to handle it on their own.” The seraph said calmly.

“That is not all! The celestians of that world were driven to madness and have become monstrous beasts! Should the humans succeed at their attempt the resulting shock could well destroy all of our kind across existence. They must be stopped!” Vulcanus would not be deterred.

“…I see. Vulcanus I shall entrust you with this task. First you are to confirm that the angels of that world are truly mad and if they are, establish the aims of the humans behind this. I will consider what you have to report before we make another move.” Lamington’s calm was maintained, but only just.

“Thank you Master Lamington.” Vulcanus said, bowing as he departed.

When the archangel was gone another voice spoke. “This is most unexpected.”

“Indeed. I did not think that humans could be so troublesome.” The seraph sighed. “Our plans may soon be undone.”

“But if we could rewrite the universe…” The voice suggested.

“…So could any other…” The seraph was not content.

“Baal…” The voice warned.

The seraph nodded and began to exit. “Among others…”


“Instrumentality?” The overlord of the netherworld boredly intoned.

“That’s right dood. It’s supposed to let whoever controls it rewrite the fabric of reality dood.” The penguin shaped bag containing a sinful human’s soul in it replied, completely oblivious to the overlord’s deteriorating patience.

“I know that you idiot! Where and how is this going on!” The overlord roared, standing up on top of the seat of his oversized throne.

“Some kind of parallel Earth dood. That’s all we really know dood.” The prinny said, finally catching onto the overlord’s anger by the red glow his eyes were emitting.

“Then what are you doing here? Find it you idiot!” Laharl shouted, causing a small earthquake to shake the castle.

“Geez prince, isn’t it a little early to be yelling at the prinnies?” Etna, Laharl’s second in command, demanded grouchily. Beside her Flonne yawned on her feet.

“Quiet! I was just told some humans have figured out instrumentality!” Laharl shouted again.

“Instru…mentality?” Flonne yawned again, groggily unimpressed.

“Oh, I see. Are you gonna use it to get your mommy back?” Etna mocked in tones that were the closest she could get to baby talk.

“Shut up! If I can take control of it then I could become the true lord of terror and rule everything! Not even Baal could stop me! Ah ha ha ha ha!” True to form his dictator with iron fists characteristics largely melted away in the presence of Flonne and Etna.

The prinny ran back in with a loud “Found it dood!”

“Good. Wake the troops, we’re moving out. Ah ha ha ha ha ha!” The overlord seemed to lack real intimidation abilities all of a sudden.


General Carter sat in his command chair aboard the Gargantua, his moustache neatly trimmed and his bald head shining brightly, as a beacon of hope to the people of his vastly overpopulated, dying Earth. Pollution and starvation were rampant. The personnel alone required to run the 200 million battleship armada they’d be invading with was nearly 9 times the alternative Earth’s total population. And that’s when you didn’t include the tightly packed in androids.

Human resistance wasn’t really his concern though. Initial intelligence revealed two apparent stumbling blocks, potential enemies called angels that were apparently expected to attack again soon. And the organization that had been created to destroy them, or more exactly their weapons systems.

But he’d give the command anyways. Earth and all its people needed him.

“Kurtis what’s our present status?” The general demanded of his leading scientist.

“The last of the androids finished their self diagnostics a half hour ago. We’re seven percent ahead of the initial schedule and prepared to launch at your command.” The cyborg replied readily. He’d waited most of his life for this.

“Excellent. Then for the sake of the Earth. Launch all ships! Muh ha ha ha ha!” The general greatly enjoyed his work.


And somewhere on the planet everyone was targeting a teenage boy reached towards a payphone.

*****Next Episode*****
Etna-When ace pilot Etna is separated from her mighty Pringer Z and stranded on the disgusting human world she encounters the enemy commander’s son. Not recognizing him as a foe she befriends the spineless wimp.

Shinji-Uh…Do you mean me?

Etna-Soon afterwards a monstrous angel appears and while they’re separated father and son make up despite all the cruelty Shinji has suffered at his own father’s hands.


Etna-He agrees to pilot the ultimate killing machine even when warned that it may kill him, all from the unconditional love he feels towards his father.

Shinji-No! I’ll never forgive him!

Etna-But then Etna recovers the Pringer Z and stomps that angel into oblivion. Only to accidentally kill Shinji as well when NERV’s weapon attacks her.


Etna-Etna, filled with rage, then tears apart Rei in the spare unit. Can Etna control herself enough to prevent third impact? Or will she turn all the miserable humans into puddles of orange ichor? Next time on Neon Genesis Pringer Z! …And no fan service!

Shinji-Mustn’t run away. Mustn’t run away.

Etna-Quit being such a wimp.

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Yeah, first try at fan fiction. Probably a disappointing chapter to those expecting an Evangelion heavy start.

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