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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Guess what, this is a special chapter celebrating the tenth chapter of this fic! so lets party!
I don't own any anime, book, or game characters. I don't own Ravage Blue or her Lycra, Seals Destroy(Arrow), Yokoshima-na-Neko(Yoko), Sapphire Of Serenity(Seren), Geniusss9 Dythonen or Sara the Demon Sister From Hell . . . Yet. Now read and remember to review or I will haunt you and put jello in your socks.
Once again we are at the evil house of the madman, I mean mad authoress Wind, and a party is about to begin. Everywhere you look you can see sugar, caffinated beverages of all kinds, and Ramen noodles. Even the captives where freed to party.
Yusuke: Hey Wind, what about liquor?
Wind: o_O This is a party, you must have fun, get drunk and throw up on the couches.
Drinkers: HERE HERE!
Dilandou: WHAT ABOUT FIRE!?!
Wind: (smiles insanely) Lots and lots my fellow pyromaniac. You can do the fireworks! (hands over fricken huge fireworks that are illegal everywhere) ENJOY!!
Dilandou: \OoO \^-^
Doorbell: (plays Jaws music)
Le: -_-; I'll get it then. (goes to portal)
Ravage: HULLO!!!!!!!!
Le: -_-;;;;;;;;;; Hey. Come in, you can find Wind under the shoe.
Ravage: Why, is it the cabbage again?
Le: No, the Silver Pollo Shirt of Madness.
Ravage: O_O NOT THE POLLO SHIRT! AAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!! (runs in and hides behind a bean bag chair)
Le: Come on Lycra, we have a separate party for the minions.
Lycra: Sure.
They walk off as the doorbell plays again. Key gets it, it's Yoko and Seren
Key: Hey, drinks on the counter, food on the patio, and the others under random objects. Have fun.
Seren: Kay!
Yoko: (sees kenshin slinking away) HEY! KENSHIN! (chases him)
Kenshin: ORO, ORO, ORO!!
Arrow: (jumps out of closet) NO, MY KENSHINY KENSHIN! (runs off to save kenshin)
Key: O_o When'd she get here?
Wind: (from under the shoe) She's been here for a week, stalking my Depp Characters.
Minions: O~h.
Geniusss9: Wow, cool party. Drinks, sugar and mass hysteria.
Dythonen: I've thrown cooler.
Sara the demon sister from hell: (being wheeled inside in her cage by Rain coats) Yes make then angry so I can play with you
Dythonen: Ep.
Wind: (jumps up and the shoe goes flying, hitting Dyth in the head) GRAPE FRUIT! (starts bouncing off walls)
Key: ^_^; I think I'll go to the minion party now…
Dythonen: Can I come?
Key: (shrugs) It's your funeral. (snags some wine bottles and walks off)
In the other room.
Le: (on her third bottle of rum) My life sucks.
Kedyan: come now it is not that bad.
Le: If I am not the stupid sanity of that spawn of evil I am being forced to act OOC for some stupid fanfic or other or am my normal, depressed and icy self and sit around thinking about death when I'm not killing someone.
Kedyan: Ah, your right, your life does suck.
Le: Exactly.
Miroku: (walking around looking for women) Where are they all? All I want is a nice roun- (sees girl bending over) Thank you gods. (walks over and caresses her but)
The girl stands up and turns to show it is Chonsa. Miroku, who never met her and only knows she is pretty, clamped her hands in his.
Miroku: Will you bear my child?
Chonsa: (eyes all starry) Hell yes!
Miroku: (blinks) Really?
Chonsa: Of course, (grabs hand) there's a closet over here.
Sango: (charges up and sends Chonsa fling with her boomerang)
Ivean: (walking down a dark and spooky hall) There are a lot of these dark and spooky halls around here.
Sara: (stored in a dark room) Hey, come here.
Ivean: Huh? (goes in) Why are you in a cage?
Sara: Never mind, let me out.
Ivean: Um, sure.
Wind: (stops bouncing) Um, now-
Geniusss9: ALCOHAL!
Wind: YES!
Le: (from other room) No.
Wind: DAMN IT TO BLOODY HELL! Well if we can't get wasted then we'll just havta bash somethin. BRING THEM FORWARD MY MINIONS OF HELL! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!
People in Many colored Raincoats: (dragging big sacs) -_-; `Minions of hell' ma'am?
Wind: ^-^; Sorry, was watching Demon City Shinjuku. HANG EM UP!
A bunch of people are hanging like piñatas from the ceiling. Among them are Professor Umbridge, Barbossa, Kikyo, and Kuwabara. Basically it's all the annoying or jerks of all books, shows, movies and games.
Blossom: (hands out sticks) The one to get the most hits will win.
Everyone is blindfolded and spin around a few times. Blossom dashes out of the room and sounds the whistle to begin. Everyone starts swinging, some hitting the peeps others hitting random objects. When Blossom finally blew the whistle again everyone but Wind, who was beating an innocent lamp to oblivion, stopped and removed their blindfolds.
Blossom: The winners are Arrow and Guinuess9. you get life time passes to Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory for all the candy you want.
Arrow: Sweet!
Geniusss9: This will come in handy.
Wind: The next game is Firearm use. ^-^
Author/ses: ^-^
Kiba from Wolf's Rain walks out onto stage. Funky old dance music starts playing as he starts dancing `The Monkey'.
Hiei came out and starts doing `the Robot'
Heero summersaults out and starts doing `The Macarena'
Finally Jet from Cowboy Bebop runs out and does a split.
All: HULA!
All four start hula dancing, grass skirts and all.
Heero: (stops while others continue) Please donate to the Protection Against Yoai Coupling Act. Every donation helps us keep sane and not question our own selves.
All: (bow) Thank you for your time.
Chonsa and other yoai fans: (fall off) BOO~! BOO~!!
%End Intermission%
Blossom: Ok, Seren has a million dollar gift card to `Weapon's R Us' and a pet evil ferret named Swiggles, Ravage has a super caffinated soda and a highly destructive mecha, Yoko got the complete collection of `How to Destroy Humanity and Create Your Own Super Race of Nekos.' DVD's and a fangirl bashing spiked stick, Arrow got a bishi calling whistle and a mountain of manga, and Geniusss9 has a giant lazar and a tissue.
Geniusss9: A tissue?
Wind: ^-^ It's a super tissue. Can use it forever and it'll never get dirty!
Chonsa: (falls though ceiling) ACK! (falls on Wind [AND NOT LIKE THAT YOU SICK MINDED PEEPS!!!!]) ow.
Wind: X-X
Kedyan: (pokes head out door) What on earth…(sees mess and KO'ed wind) Oh. Having fun I see. Carry on. (goes back inside)
Key: What happened?
Kedyan: They wrecked the room and Chonsa apparently fell through the ceiling and knocked out Wind.
Talon: What's new about that?
Fang: (shakes empty bottle) We're out of liquor. What now?
Dythonen: (duck taped to ceiling fan) You could let me down. I'm really sorry I insulted your mothers and called your dads pansies.
Minions: -__-(veins throb)
Feren: [newest minion, check my Profile for look] How about strip pocker? *_~
Minions: (too tipsy to actually care much) Sure.
Wind: (munching on pokey)
Washu: Anyone seen my super powered pokey?
Wind: (munch)
Everyone turns slowly to look at her.
Washu: Uh, oh.
Wind: (still munching and begins to twitch)
Author/ess': COOL! CAN WE HAVE SOME?!
Wind: (low evil hiss) Yess~(tosses each a box)
Everyone else: Oh. Shit.
Author/ess': He, he, he, he, he.
Wind: (truly evil and scary) We must destroy the world.
Ravage: (turns to Tru her evil side) Yess.
Humans: Oh crap.
Le: (sitting at a round table, fully clothed and with a large pile of cloths in front of her) Are you in or out?
The guy minions sent alarmed looks toward each other. Ever one of them was down to their boxers and looking at the girl with alarm.
Key: I forgot that Le is a genius.
Feren: (whispers) Think we can knock her out and make a run for it?
Talon: -_-; No she would only beat the crap out of us if we tried.
Fang: How about-
A large siren sounds in the room an a metallic voice speaks
MV: Human Obliteration Project is a go. Human Obliteration Project is a go.
Le: Why would that- (checks pockets) Damn, she took my key…Come on, we got to stop Dooms Day.
~(too tired and lazy to type this so there :p)~
Police cars drive up as the calmer author and authoress' are thrown outside into the rain. They get arrested
Seren: (being loaded away) We would of did it too if not for those pesky kids and their stupid dog to. (gets weird looks) Always wanted to do it.
Wind: HEY HARRY! TOM! a(being forced into a stray jacket) YAY! MY HUGGING COAT!
Le: (shakes head) Moron.
back in the dark room
Ivean: There you go. (opens cage)
(looks at cloak blurrily) 10:30. (sways) I was working since six on this after if finished my mowing job that I do after cleaning a beauticians shop. Hope you like it. It was longer then normal. Now excuse me as I go to sleep. More updates coming soon…ZzZzZzZz