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Perils of Birthday

Ashram stood at the window of his sanctum und looked down at the castle surrounding town. The enlightened windows of the houses glistened in the beginning darkness like far away stars. Stars whose light didn't warm or expelled the darkness.

Everything was quite, no sound ascended up to him. He assumed, no knew, that there were celebrations in the houses at his feet. His counsellors had advised him to declare this day an official holiday. He saw no sense in that, but ultimately had agreed. When the people of Mormo wished to celebrate this day, it should do so. He wouldn't celebrate. This day only reminded him on that once again a year had bygone. A year he would willingly forget. He had ventured a lot and lost even more. The responsibility he had taken over voluntarily by ascending the Mormo throne weighed heavily on his shoulders. From time to time he wished to share this burden with someone, but that would have been a confession of weakness. And to show weakness wasn't in according with his character.

The last light of day vanished and the blackness of the night spread like a blanket over the town. Shall its residents celebrate, it was unheeding to him. He had excused his non-participation at the festivities with urgent government business and retrenched to his sanctum. His servants had been ordered away, he wanted to be alone with his thoughts.

A silent knock at the door drew him out of his notions. He didn't answer. The knocking was repeated, this time louder.

"I had ordered not to disturb me!"

Normally no one dared to disobey his orders and this order had been definite. From the other rooms of the castle silently a happy music ascended to him. Angrily he started to close the close the windows when a silent noise from the door made him pause.

"I had ordered not to disturb me!"

"Your majesty …" Pirotess soft voice floated through the room like a gently spring breeze.

Without turning around Ashram interrupted her.

"My order count for you as well!"

The coldness in his voice didn't seem to impress her, because he couldn't hear her leave.

"Go. I'd like to be on my own.!"

Silence was the only answer. Pirotess never had dared to disobey his orders, until now.

"What do you want? I don't intend to take part at the festivities, if that is the reason for your presence."

"I just wanted to congratulate to your majesty." Her gentle voice filled the room with warmth.

"There is no reason to do so. This day isn't different to other days. Just that it aware me that an other years has passed by without me reaching my destination."

"Your majesty, sometime the way is the destination."

"And where does this way lead me, Pirotess? Can you tell me?"

She kept silent, but he hadn't expected an answer at all.

"Well? Don't you want to celebrate with the others?"

Obstinately he watch out of the window.

"No, your majesty. I came her to …"

Ashram interrupted her again.

"I told you that there is no reason to congratulate me."

Angrily he turned around.

"This day is quite like …"

Pirotess stood in front of him. She had noosed a big red cloth around her body which was hold by a big loop. Embarrassed she twitched at one end of it.

"Happy birthday. Wouldn't you like to unpack your present, your majesty?"