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Disclaimer: I don't own RoLW, I don't own the characters nor the places, they are property of their righteous owner. I wrote this just for fun, not to earn money. So please, don't sue me.

Morning Horror

Ashram opened his eyes and was awake at once.

A sound had woken him up. He could fell his heart beat faster. A silent scratching and scraping at the door of his sleeping room.

The room was dark, the thick curtains made it impossible to judge if it was morning or still night. Next to him he could fell Pirotess warm body. Her calm and regular breath told him, that she was sleeping deeply. Should he wake her up?

No, better not.

May be it wasn't serious at all. Sometimes he was to suspicious, but being king one couldn't be to careful. Frequently enough someone had tried to kill him and his beloved Pirotess.

Carefully he turned aside, to get the knife, that he always kept hidden under his pillow. His fingers fumbled for the grip, but couldn't find it. He searched more intensely. The knife wasn't there.

He uttered a silent curse.

The noise from the door was to be heard again and he recognized the silent speak of the door handle that was pulled down slowly and carefully. His breath hastened. The knife was gone and his sword was at the other end of the room next to his armour. And, after all, where were the guards? Shouldn't they have noticed an invader long ago?

At the very moment he wanted to turn around to warn Pirotess, the door was pushed open and some figures stormed into the room, yelling and shouting.

They threw themselves onto the bed und buried him under their bodies. Ashram tried to fight them of, but there were to much of them. One was sitting on his legs, another on his chest and two of them were holding his arms.

He could hear Pirotess scream terrified and intensified his endeavours. Then he sensed a wild motion next to him and from the corner of the eye he saw he running towards the curtains, pushing them aside.

The light of the early morning lightened the room and finally he could see his aggressors.

He grow stiff. He hadn't expected that.

"Oh really," Pirotess voice was very angry. "You could at least let us sleep longer on Sundays, children."

Authors notes: This will be the last of my little weird short stories. I thought about writing one with Ashram and Pirotess helping their children with their homework:

"Dad, if one goblin can kill 10 people in 20 Minutes, how many people will be killed if there are 3 goblins?"

Another idea was, how would Ashram react when his oldest daughter has her first date?

"Listen boy, she is my little girl, so don't dare to touch her, kiss her or even think about doing this, understood?"

But to tell the truth, I'm bored. Next time you hear from me, it won't be funny.