Fan Fiction ❯ Arrest ❯ Chapter 1 ( Chapter 1 )

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“I hate this cafeteria food! It tastes like garbage!”
“Hey come on it can't be that bad Jordan!” I said. I looked at the food. It looked sanitary enough. I picked up my fork and put it into the `Meatball Surprise'. The whole table was watching me. Jordan was praying. I was getting nervous now. Food can't taste that bad, can it? I slowly put the food into my mouth an I slowly chewed. It was soooo horrid!!!!!!!
“Kreistien, are you ok?” Michael was staring at me with his huge hazel eyes. The look on my face must have been bad in order for him to ask that. I picked up my napkin and spit the food out.
“Thank God that is the last week that we have to eat this food.” Jordan was the happiest out of all of us that we were able to go. I put the napkin on my tray, and looked at my friends. Michael and Emelieia were busy eating any good food within a ten foot radius, and Jordan just stared at me and gave me this look. His hazel eyes were plowing through me. All of the sudden, a loud “NOOOOOOOOOOOO” was heard throughout the cafeteria. Emelieia and Michael stopped eating and I took my hands off of my ears. We all looked at Jordan as he pointed a shaky at my napkin with the food (or garbage as Jordan calls it).
I did not need to hear more. I made a dash to the doors, and got out. Unfortunately, Jordan apparently forgot that there were doors and ran right into them. I could see through the glass doors Emelieia and Michael laughing their heads off. These were memories I will cherish forever (well, my memories from high school anyway). But we were going to make some new memories this summer. As soon as we got out for summer holidays and as soon as we graduate, we are going on a road trip from our houses in Anaheim, California to Corpus Christi, Texas. We had it all planned. The trip, the hotels, the shopping and the diving. We were all excited to go diving. We had all learnt how to dive and all the precautions when you dive, everything. We were ready. As soon as we got our diplomas, we were out of California and into the beautiful coast and the beaches of the Gulf of Mexico.
* * * *
“Congratulations graduates of 2010.” said the valid-dictorian. With that we threw our hats up into the air. We all went around saying goodbye to our teachers and our friends. After that, we went to see our parents. They were all standing in a row, side by side. This was a little weird, I looked at Jordan and he just shrugged his shoulders. My mother came up to me and embarrassed me in a hug that could kill!
“Congratulations honey! We are so proud of you!” let me tell you, my mother was emotional! My little sister Andréa was trying to comfort her is soo cute! Now it was my dads turn to talk.
“Kreistien, I am very proud of you. Your mother and I are so proud that we have decided to buy you a 4x4 Jeep.” I could not feel my heart because I was so happy. I looked at all of my friends, they were all jealous, yet happy for me. We looked into the Jeep. Our parents had packed our stuff for us. In the trunk of the Jeep, there was our scuba gear and our luggage's.
“THANK YOU SOO MUCH” I think all of us popped our parent ear drums from yelling so loud. We said our goodbyes, got into the Jeep, with me at the wheel, and drove. We looked back at the school. It held so many memories. We looked one last time and drove away, not looking back.
* * * *
We got to Corpus Christi 2 days later. We stayed at the Best Western Marina Grand Hotel. It was right on the bay. Our room had 2 double beds and the theme, I think, was blue because EVERYTHING was blue. And I mean everything. We were all tired from driving so we decided to go to sleep and have an early start the next day.
At 5:00 the next morning, Emelieia and I went for a jog around the beach. It was breathtaking. We could not believe how peaceful it looked. It was a picture from a fairy tale. The smell of the salt was so bold, yet so peaceful along with the gentle waves. We sat on the beach for about 10 minutes, and then we decided to get back to the hotel. When we got back the guys were still in bed, sleeping and snoring. I decided to take a quick shower before we left. After my shower, Emelieia braided me hair and we decided that it was time to wake up the guys. I couldn't believe it, it was
9:00 and they were still asleep. We took our pillows and hit them over their head. Jordan's black hair came back flying at me as he jumped up from the impact. Emelieia and I were laughing soo hard that we were rolling around on the floor.
“Get changed into your swimsuit guys, we are going diving today.” The guys ran to the washroom as I told them the plans. Emelieia and I had already changed into our swimsuits. We waited for them to get out of the washroom and we put sandals on and we left tot the dolphin docks to go diving.
When we got there, a boy named max got all of our stuff onto a boat. He looked no older than 12 years old. We thanked him and made our way out to the site where we were going to dive. The instructor told us that he was going to stay up top in case anything went wrong. We were so excited. He also told us that whatever we found we could keep. We all dove down after each other. We slowly entered the watery grave.
When we got down far enough we could see that there was a lot of fish there. We finally found the ship, it was behind some coral. Emelieia looked at her watch and held up 2 fingers. We had 20 minutes left. We made our way into the ship. I swam over to the bow of the boat. There was something on the deck. I swam closer and saw that it was an old vase. I signaled for the others to come over. We were all happy with the discovery. I picked up the vase and took off some of the gunk that was on it. I suddenly felt a tap on my shoulder. I looked over at Jordan. He was pointing to the sky. Our time was up. We had to go now. We all surfaced slowly and got back on deck. We all took off our wet suits and started to dive and swim near the boat. When the guide called us up and told us it was time to go, Emelieia and I changed out of our bikinis and got into a pair of shorts and a tank top. The guys got changed also and started to go help the guide pull up the anchor. We sat back and relaxed after that and waited to get back to the hotel.
Back at the hotel, we finished cleaning off the vase. It looked ancient.
“We could and get it appraised, it could be worth thousands!” suggested Jordan and Michael. Emelieia and I thought that we should keep it but eventually the guys talked us into trying to sell it. We went to an appraiser. He told us that it wasn't worth much and that it was just a copy of a very famous piece of art work by Anedrak Gionjik. He said that if it were the real thing that it would be worth thousands. We were all disappointed.
“I was supposed to buy a shopping mall” complained Emelieia. Jordan and Michael quietly looked at the vase.
“Maybe we should go back and give the guy the vase back. It is no use to us.” I said. We all agreed that the next morning we would go and return the vase.