Fan Fiction ❯ Freedom ❯ Freedom ( One-Shot )

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How can we say we have Freedom if we are never truly free?
Sure we make trivial choices.
But really… are we Free?
I wondered why we say we are so
When there is no proof.
Sure we choose which way were going to go
And what to wear
And what to say
Or do we?
We can't choose what to wear without any choices
We can't say anything without reason
We can't choose were to go without reasons.
We can't even think on our own without being provoked by something
Our flag stands for freedom
It's red whit and blue.
Red meaning blood.
White the hospital beds.
Blue the tears shed.
So what does it really stand for?
Every thing we do is controlled
Based on past, Present, and yes even Future.
With that in mind… Can you Truly Say
That we are Free.