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Poems of People
She came in deep repentance
And knelt down at his feet
Who can change the sorrow into joy?
The bitter into sweet
She had cast away her jewels
And her rich attire
Her breast was filled with a holy shame
And her heart with a holy fire
Her tears were more precious
Than her costly pearls…
Her tears that fell upon his feet
And she wiped them with her curls
Her youth and her beauty
Were budding to their prime
But she wept for the great transgression,
The sin of other time
Trembling betwixt hope and fear
She sought the King of Heaven
Forsook the evil of her ways
Loved much, and was forgiven.
Judas Betraying Christ
Serpent Judas
Strikes to bare
Not tongue and teeth
But lips moist to the cheek
This all would give for him,
Yet turns about for the
Earthly wealth he seeks
For shame! To bring
A soldier-horde
Who clash and shout above his fear
While faithful Peter
Leaps to take an ear
From one who dare to take All Life…
He sadly waits
For men to settle
Sore and great profusion
Of their hate,
Restores the wounded
Enemy and sorrows
For his meek disciples
As they run.
His eyes express
Stern outrage
At this human pain
But still, at Judas'
Wavering glance
Forgiving treachery
And gently stays
Their brutishness
With these words:
“I am He”
The Early Morning
The moon on the one hand, the dawn on the other
The moon is my sister, the dawn is my brother
The moon on my left, the dawn on my right
My brother good morning, my sister good night.
Her Dream
She sits in the dark of her bedroom
And watches the black and white screen
Of the Classics
She lays her wistful head down on her pillow
And dreams of being the women in the films she watches
Diamonds, Rubies, and all those crazy elephants
Red carpets are rolled out solely for her entrance
Could she make her dream come true?
I think so, just maybe.
Because, when you look in her eyes
You know this is what she wants more
Than anything else.
And those are the dreams that come true.
Happy Now
She's a lot stronger than she looks
Not to mention attractive
But, she doesn't see that. She only sees the bad.
When, in fact, there is none.
She feels depressed
Because she lets people walk all over her.
She's too kind to stand up
For herself
She doesn't realize, that I would protect her
With my life
How could you not protect someone like her?
Then, finally
She met someone who told her all the things
She needed to hear
He told her she was beautiful
That she was smart, attractive and funny
I thank him for that
Now, she walks the earth smiling
And I can rest easily, knowing she is happy.
I Believe
Have you ever felt hopeless?
When someone you love is hurting
But, you can't do anything for them
You just sit and worry about that person
It makes you testy, and you can't help it.
But the person you worry for shows no sign of distress.
Maybe, she is stronger than I?
So much younger, yet stronger than I?
Is that possible?
Maybe she is just hiding her pain.
I genuinely believe she is stronger than I.
Maybe, she has more faith.
I have none, I know that much.
Maybe believing in something makes you stronger?
If you believe in something enough
With all you heart, it might come true.
My life is falling apart
From the lies that you have told me
This burden on my heart
Is more than I can stand
Did you think it was funny
To see me cry that night
When all that you had really done
Was pointed me towards light
To be a Vampire

To live in the darkness
To never see the sun
To live in the shadows as one
To be with no one
To never know happiness

Is to be a vampire
Is to give up on love
And to be alone
And never to be as one
It is said on pallid lips
This inhuman name always grips
My heart with a wrenching tug
Where is his hole to be dug?

In the bowels, he was beaten by many
Oh, dear heart, hold steady!
He went to where all was green
And that, I know, was last he seen!

The victors say the deed is done
Fools, revenge has only begun!
I will take what you took from me
But I wonder what your god could be?

I go to his impromptu grave
So the remnants I can save
And heavily I sigh
But there, there he lie!

Something moves
Upon the uneven earth's groves
There not is a beast nearby
Is my god alive?

I see his blood from where he lay
Mako green eyes are heartless gray!
What vengeance he must crave
As he lie on his would-be grave.
He dreams in that coffin to atone
This intricate man of flesh and bone
But what wronging did he do?
What wronging done to you?

What sadistic fun it must've been
To corrupt this man with thoughts of sin
To damage his existence, and leave him there
In a place of demons where still is the air

Did he gain a
part of life
When he aided the c
loud's strife?
What tortured thoughts raced through his mind?
Was there someone he longed to find?

Heart of An Angel
As he looked in her eyes
He could see her colorful life
Upon her shoulders the burden's lie
But wings lighten them as she continued to fly
Light was clear between the two
It was oh, so strong and true
Yet something stoke in the midst of blue
Broke their hearts and brought their doom
Because of this the heart of rock
Soften the down it knocked
He left her with great pain and dismay
In her heart deep agony lay
The angel's heart cried aloud
Broken to pieces; nowhere to be found
Yet upon her sides her wings strengthen
And with these she flew to heaven
New light came out brightly
Fear and weakness was now unseen
Strength of the Angel crowned to be Queen
And lessons from the past was kept within
His is what I can say about the angel's heart
It was soft it bled and broke apart
Despite all these, high she's soaring
And I'm one of the Feathers of her loving wings
You wanted to ruin my life, I couldn't stop you.
You wanted to destroy me, I wouldn't let you.
You wanted to push me over the edge, I was already there.
You wanted me dead, inside that is all I am.
Instead you turned me into your executioner,
That who hunted you in the shadows.
When the day comes I repent for my sins,
I will remember the look on your face
And the feel of your blood on my skin.
A murderer is someone who kills.
I am a killer, at soul and at heart.
Black is the day,
White is the night,
I am Weiss.
Hunters of the night, deny the evil beasts their tomorrows.
Sending subtle S.O.S.'s

Giving hints

Showing all the signs

I was right in front of you

This whole time

And you didn't native

Basking in your light

Only to find

I was left in the shadows

Are you blind,

Or am I invisible?

All I wanted was to be noticed

And now you've shut me out

I scream so loud

But you still won't hear me

Are you not listening

Or am I silently screaming?
The night is my lover
Caressing me with lies and falsehoods
Whispering only loneliness
Kissing away the caution
in the glow of neon
and flickering street lamps
My every heartbeat
a cry for escape
from the dark embrace

My chest heaves in an open alleyway
Familiar tendrils of twilight
rake across my skin

I'm the night's whore
Basking in the camera flash of moonlight
Strung up in the bondage of the stars
My tears float on the gentle breezes
of night's sweet nothings

I lie spent every dawn
detesting the light
fearing the dark
clinging to the retreating form of night
as it climbs out of my window
promise lingering in the dewy air
-Victim's View-
I dreamt that I was lying on the bottom
of the dark and never-ending sea,
on a bed that my dead lover was preparing
with her own skeleton for me...

("...bring us a boat and we'll show you the way
straight through the realm of the fallen and slain...")

I sensed the wretched specters of the drowned
staring across from some distant shore,
and in my sadness I drew closer,
to condole and somewhat to implore...

I am like the doubtful kiss of a corpse
or maybe the kiss of an ancient stone.
Yes, it's like kissing some marble statue
that has neither warmth nor life of its own...

("...down, further down, where the gloom becomes sound, on to the cell where your love might be found...")

No, no, no... put an end to the show!
I am going back to the land where the bone-flowers grow,
to "the wild, weird clime that lie, sublime,
out of Space- out of Time...”

See the shape, but can't see through,
no-one can ever hate me as well as I do.
Know when to throw a laugh, know how to force a smile,
whatever the intention...I'm such a "friendly" lie!

("...bring us only this boat and we'll lead you to him,
it shall open the gates, so we can sneak you in...")

"Bring us a boat and we'll show you the way
straight through the realm of the fallen and slain.
Down, further down, where the gloom becomes sound,
on to the cell, where your love might be found...
Bring us only this boat and we'll lead you to him,
it will open the gates, so we can sneak you in.
Oh, it's cold and so dark here,
and you must keep in mind,
no-one can get you out, if you overstop time...!"
-Am I Alive-
The night is still
and the frost it bites my face
I wear my silence like a mask
and murmur like a ghost
Death would be a treat
The bitter and the sweet

The carefree days
are distant now
I wear my memories like a shroud
I try to speak but words collapse
Death would be a treat
The bitter and the sweet

I wander though your sadness
gazing at you with scorpion eyes
I'm alive...

A sweet reminder
in the ice-blue nursery
of a childish murder
of hidden luster
and she cries
Death would be a treat
The bitter and the sweet

I wander through your sadness
gazing at you with scorpion eyes
I'm alive...
I am the dragon,
Silent and lethal.
Dark, mysterious, and deceiving,
I am a killer at heart,
A loyal friend,
And your worst enemy.
I feed off of lies,
Fear and doubt.
My life is a dangerous one,
Fore many wish me death.
While others…
Wish me strength to get through life.

I am Kaido,
The bandit of the Hiryuu.
But to many I am nothing more than death,
A shadow to follow…
A nightmare to haunt you…
And the darkness that follows.
I cannot be avoided,
And I cannot be stopped or defeated.
Danger is what I live for,
And no matter what the cost
I will press on, and finish the job
That is called my life.
Sinking into the murky abyss
Beyond the moons silver reach
Somebody could've saved her
But it was to dark to see
Nobody ever helped her
Nobody ever tried
The only way to comfort herself
Was to dream and close her eyes
But after they've been opened for real
They can never close again
She had no one to turn to
Not her family and no friends
You'll find her beyond the tan beaches
Far out beneath the waves
Her eyes are closed forever
A smile upon her face