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Skies of Arcadia, fanfic-acitis
Chapter four
And so Vyse and his crew continued on to Yafutoma, in search of the Randomnia flower. Owing to Vyse's horrible stroke of misfortune, they were directed to mount Kazai, and had to climb the whole thing in search of the flower. Only after they reached the top did they find out they had to look for the plant near the bottom of the mountain, and they had to go all the way down again. They found the Randomnia flower when Alfonso nearly stepped on it, and returned to the boat. They then made their way for the lands of Ice, to find the Snowconius florice flower. After walking through the blistering cold and icy winds for several hours, they found the flower frozen into a block of ice, and had to hack it out with Vyse's cutlass. They then got lost in a blizzard and it took them five more hours to find the boat again.
“So what's the last flower on the list?” Fina asked as she took off her thick fur coat and threw it in a corner.
“The fifth and last plant can be found in the desert continent Nasr, and it is known by the name Desertus extinctus.” Vyse read off the paper Ilchymis gave him. “Well, to Nasr it is! And then we can give the plants to Ilchymis, and he can make a potion with them!”
“Where did the plants go anyway?” Gilder asked as he sat down in the captain's chair.
“Gilder, I told you to stay out of my chair! And yes, where is the bag with the plants?” Vyse said as he ran to push Gilder out of his chair.
“I thought you had it.” Fina said, looking around.
“Ah no! Don't tell me we left it in the damn blizzard!” Vyse shouted, abandoning all hopes of getting Gilder away from the captain's chair, and looking out the window.
“What's everyone looking at?” Alfonso asked, appearing next to Fina holding the bag with the plants.
Several days later they arrived at Nasr, and everyone emerged on the deck. Vyse took a large breath.
“Fine, this is our last stop. Lets find the plant and go back to Crescent isle.” He said.
“Hah, sorry Vyse, but you'll have to go without me!” Gilder said, dragging a lounge-chair behind him.
“Excuse me?” Vyse stuttered, turning around.
“Well, the weather is way too nice, and I need a good tan.” Gilder said, unfolding his chair.
“That's mutiny, that is!” Vyse shouted.
“Nope. Technically, I'm not a member of your crew, so I can do what I want.” Gilder said as he took a bottle of suntan lotion out of his pocket. Vyse snorted.
“Fine! Whatever! Come on guys, let's go!” he said, and silence followed those words. Vyse looked back and saw Fina unfolding a chair too, next to Gilder's.
“What? I need a good tan too. I hardly got any sun in that ice continent.” She said when she saw Vyse glaring at her.
“Ha! But you are a member of my crew!” Vyse said, and Fina snorted.
“What are you gonna do? Make me walk the plank? Seriously Vyse, you wouldn't dare.” She said and then turned to Gilder. “Hey, can I borrow some of that suntan lotion?”
“Oh sure!” Gilder said, handing her the bottle as he took off his coat.
“So I'm supposed to go all alone?!” Vyse shouted at them.
“Ofcourse not Vyse! I'm coming with you!” said Alfonso, who had just emerged on deck. Vyse mumbled a few incoherent words and slouched towards the lifeboats.
And so Vyse and Alfonso dwelled in the heat of the desert, in search of a little plant. After a few hours Alfonso sank to his feet.
“Hey Vyse, can we take a break for a minute?” he asked.
“No! We have to keep going! We have to find the plant!” Vyse said, taking another step.
“Vyse, there are no plants growing in this desert!” Alfonso said, taking a bottle out of his pocket.
“There have to be! Ilchymis said that… Hey, what's that?” Vyse asked, seeing the bottle Alfonso was holding.
“I had enough sense to bring something to drink.” Alfonso said shrugging.
“I order you to hand over that bottle!” Vyse said, holding out his hand.
“No! You should've brought your own!” Alfonso said, getting to his feet.
“Hand over the bottle!” Vyse shouted.
“Nooooo!” Alfonso shrieked, running away. Vyse ran after him, and dove for Alfonso's ankles. Alfonso fell forward and the bottle landed a few feet further.
“Why thank you.” said a voice. Vyse looked up and saw a nomad guy picking up the bottle.
“Ooooh, a local! Say, can you tell me where I can find a Desertus extinctus?” Vyse asked, getting to his feet. The man laughed.
“That thing's been extinct for 50 years now! You don't think a plant could survive long in these conditions?” he said.
“But… You mean… there are no more?” Vyse stuttered.
“I think the Nasultan used to have one. Until he sat on it.” Said the man laughing. Vyse grunted and snatched the bottle of water from his hands.
“Come on Alfonso, we're leaving!” he said, heading back for the ship. Alfonso got to his feet and hurried after Vyse.