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Skies of Arcadia, fanfic-acitis
Chapter five
“So basically, what you are saying is that we cant get the fifth plant, meaning we did all this work for nothing, and Lawrence is going to die anyway?” Gilder asked when Vyse and Alfonso had returned to the ship and explained the situation.
“Yup. That's what I'm saying.” Vyse said nodding, while Alfonso dabbed his eyes with a handkerchief.
“Well, let's go back to the base. There's nothing more we can do here.” Fina said, and Vyse grabbed the helm.
A few hours later the Delphinus docked at Crescent isle, and Ilchymis came to greet them.
“Thank goodness Vyse, Lawrence just entered stage four of the disease. Give me the plants so I can mix that potion.” he said, extending his hand.
“Damn, I missed the streaking! Anyway, we need to talk in private.” Vyse said, grabbing Ilchymis and pulling him to a private corner, while Gilder and Fina tried to keep the rest of the crew at distance.
“Ilchymis, just how old is that book of yours?” Vyse asked.
“I don't know. It's a bit outdated I guess. Why?” Ilchymis replied, looking at his book.
“Apparently, the fifth plant has been extinct for over 50 years! So now we've only got four out of five ingredients. Think you can make a potion with that?” Vyse asked, holding out the bag with the plants.
“Not unless you want to give Lawrence malaria too…” Ilchymis said, taking the bag from Vyse and looking inside.
“Ah… well, I guess we'll have to go give Lawrence the bad news then. Good thing he's already depressed.” Vyse said, shrugging.
“We're really sorry Lawrence. We did everything we could do.” Fina said, after they told Lawrence they would not be able to mix the potion.
“That's ok. My life was useless anyway. Better to end it now.” Lawrence sighed, as he sat in a corner.
“Oh Lawrence… is there anything we can do to make it any easier?” Aika asked, now that both she and Enrique were informed of the situation too.
“Well, there are some things I always wanted to do before passing away…” Lawrence said hopefully.
“Name it!” Vyse said, as Lawrence took a long list out of his pocket.
And so Lawrence bungee-jumped, got a ship named after him, drank fifteen cups of coffee, directed a musical, got to see the entire crew act in that musical, had a birthday cake though it was not his birthday, got to throw a piece of the cake in Enrique's face, went skydiving, drove a bus, went to a theme park, got a new sword from Ryu-kan, shot a bird with Gilder's gun, went surfing, made an ice sculpture and did lots of other pointless stuff.
“Ok, I danced the hula for you! Was that the last thing on the list?” Vyse said, taking off a hula skirt.
“Yes, that was all.” Lawrence said, crossing `Watching Vyse make a fool of himself' off the list. Vyse sighed, and everyone grouped around Lawrence's bed.
“The end is near. I can feel it.” Lawrence said, sinking into his pillow. Alfonso sobbed and pulled out a hanky.
“Well Lawrence. Don't worry. You'll be buried next to Gonzales. He was one of my best friends too.” Vyse said, and the others gave him a funny look.
“But Vyse, Gonzales was already dead when you got here!” Aika said.
“Yes, but I had some great conversations with him while I waited to be rescued. It was the only way to keep my sanity.” Vyse said shrugging. Everyone took a quick step away from him.
“Well, I guess this is the best time to say it. Aika, I know you have a crush on Enrique.” Lawrence said, and Aika gasped.
“Fina, I used your dress to clean the mud off my boots.” Lawrence said, turning to Fina.
“Vyse, I tried your lens on, and broke it.” Lawrence continued, while Fina turned red.
“Alfonso, dear brother. When you were thirteen years old, I sold your Malibu Cindy doll for five dollars on the internet.” Lawrence said, and Alfonso sobbed in his hanky.
“Enrique, it was me who spiked your coffee with laxative a few days ago. It was me who put seagull poo in your hat. And when I walked Pow last week, I let him pee over your new shoes. Also, it was me who curled your hair while you were asleep. And it was me who threw your books in the pond. It was also me who hung your underwear in the flagpole. And I fed your socks to the alligator. I also drew moustaches on your pictures. It was me who spray painted `Momma's boy' on your door. And I dyed your bed sheets pink. I also read your diary. And I did countless more stuff, but I cant remember.” Lawrence said, and Enrique snarled.
“Oh, don't worry Lawrence. All is forgiven! Right guys?” Vyse said, turning to the others.
“Well actually…” Enrique began, but after seeing the look on Vyse's face he mumbled “Yeah, we forgive you.”
“I hope you will not forget me when I am gone.” Lawrence said, closing his eyes.
“Noooo! Lawrence! Don't die! I love you!” Vyse shouted, causing everyone to step away from him again.
“He's not dead yet Vyse, he just fainted. He sure is taking his time.” Ilchymis said, checking Lawrence's pulse.
“Hey guys, I just thought of something! It's so simple, I cant believe we didn't think of it before! We can use a Riselem spell on Lawrence!” Fina said, causing everyone to glare at Ilchymis.