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[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Interview with Alfonso
Meowzy: Good day. Welcome to Interview with Alfonso. First of all, I would like to thank Alfonso for his time.
Alfonso: Oh, anything for my fans! *flicks back hair*
Meowzy: Eheheheh… So eh, on with the questions?
Alfonso: Very well.
Meowzy: First off, can I have your autograph?
Alfonso: Naturally! *scribbles on piece of paper and hands it over*
Meowzy: Thank you! So, what did you think of your role in the game?
Alfonso: Well, I must say it was no surprise that they asked me to play the handsome first admiral. Though it was a shame that they had to kill me off.
Meowzy: But, weren't pretty much all the admirals killed off?
Alfonso: Yes, but for some strange reason, Vigoro survived! I can't possibly imagine why.
Meowzy: Me neither. It's one of the mysteries of Arcadia, I guess. So what was your favourite scene in the game?
Alfonso: That would have to be the time I invaded Crescent island. *flicks back hair*
Meowzy: What? We didn't see that!
Alfonso: Yes, it was cut out of the game later on.
Meowzy: Some feel you have a striking resemblance to Gilderoy Lockhart from Harry potter. Any comment?
Alfonso: Oh, he just stole his look from me. That is so obvious.
Meowzy: Hm…*makes notes* What did you think of your fellow cast?
Alfonso: Oh, I'm sure they all had deep respect for me. *flicks back hair*
Meowzy: No, I mean, is there anyone you didn't like?
Alfonso: Osman. She just scares me beyond all reason.
Meowzy: I think I speak for all when I say I feel the same way. Anyone else?
Alfonso: Aika kept hitting me in the back of the head with her boomerang. I know it wasn't really her fault. The girl just has bad aim, but that does make me like her less.
Meowzy: Eheheh…. So you got on well with the rest of the cast?
Alfonso: Why yes. I even offered to go to a Karaoke bar with them. But there must've been something wrong with the food.
Meowzy: Why?
Alfonso: Suddenly they all got sick after I suggested it. Had to hurry home. Ofcourse, I never ate that horrible stuff they tried to feed the cast. No, at the end of every day, I went to a five-star restaurant.
Meowzy: *snigger* So who did you like best?
Alfonso: Well, I know I consider Fina an enemy in the game, but off the set I think we became quite good friends.
Meowzy: Oh?
Alfonso: We had some wonderful conversations about how to do your hair and such. Her hair isn't nearly as full as mine, ofcourse, but it is a start. *flicks back hair*
Meowzy: *coughs* So anyway, what is the deal with your hair?
Alfonso: Well, ofcourse I sleep with a hairnet. I need to use a curling iron, and I use half a pot of hair gel every day, to give it that extra flair. *flicks back hair*
Meowzy: No, I meant, why do you keep flicking it back like that?
Alfonso: Well, wouldn't you flick it back if it could poke your eye out? *flicks it back again*
Meowzy: That explains a lot. And are you a natural blond?
Alfonso: Ofcourse I am! You don't think I dye my hair?!
Meowzy: Hey, no need to get upset. I was just asking…
Alfonso: Upset?! Upset?! Who's upset?! Antonio the eight, dispose of them!
Meowzy: *gulp* Who, me?
*Antonio comes bursting through the door*
Meowzy: *collects her papers* And that concludes our interview! Gotta run!
*Meowzy sprints out the door as Antonio crashes into the wall next to it*