Fan Fiction ❯ Skies of Arcadia, night of the crazy couples. ❯ Skies of Arcadia, night of the crazy couples. ( One-Shot )

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Skies of Arcadia, night of the crazy couples.
It was another Saturday evening on Crescent isle, and after dinner, a group of crewmembers gathered outside the cafeteria.
“Hey Vyse, what's going on here?” Domingo asked, as he saw the group.
“Oh, its Saturday evening and we are going to Polly's tavern on Sailor's island.” Vyse said, looking back at Lawrence, Enrique, Moegi, Fina, Ilchymis and Aika.
“Oh, can I come?” Domingo asked.
“Sure. We just have to wait for Gilder.” Vyse said.
“Gilder?” Domingo repeated. “I know that name…”
At that moment, Gilder approached them. “Hey, ready to go?” he asked.
“Its you! I knew I'd find you again sooner or later!” Domingo shouted, after seeing Gilder's face.
“What? Do I know you?” Gilder asked.
“You assaulted my sister!” Domingo shouted.
“That's possible…” Gilder said.
“My sister! Mina from Sailor's island!” Domingo said.
Gilder remained silent.
“The item shop girl…” Domingo added.
“Oooooh! Her! Yeah, that's right.” Gilder said.
“Oh my god! You kissed hot item shop girl?” Vyse said, amazed.
“Even more than that!” Gilder said, winking.
“I've had the hots for her for aaages!” Vyse said. Lawrence gave a slight cough, and Domingo went red in the face. “Uhm, so anyway, lets just go shall we?” Vyse added quickly.
As they arrived at Sailor's isle, they entered Polly's bar. Vyse and Lawrence took their
own table, and so did Moegi and Enrique. Fina and Ilchimys stood talking in a corner and Aika stepped onto the dancefloor. Gilder however, left within 5 minutes because 'he wanted a smoke.' Aika soon attracted a couple of men with her dancing. After 30 minutes, Domingo came up to Vyse. "Hey, I'm going to visit my sister ok?" he said.
"yeah sure" said Vyse, who wasn't really listening.
Domingo opened the door to the item shop. it was empty. "Hey, Mina!" he called. when there was no reply, he entered the house. There was a loud scream, and a few seconds later, Gilder sprinted out the door, pulling on his jacket. Domingo ran after him.
"Damn you! that's the second time you touched my sister! dieeee!" he shouted.
Gilder ran into the tavern and barricaded the door behind him. It was soon being rammed from the outside.
"Vyse, you've got to help me! Domingo wants to kill me!" he shouted.
"Errr, i'm kinda busy Gil..." said Vyse, taking his attention of Lawrence for a second. The next moment, the door of the tavern fell to the floor and Domingo stepped in.
"Fine, no more running!" said Gilder, pulling out his pistols and pointing them at Domingo. "Come on, dance for..." Gilder began
"Gilder Nooooo!!!" Vyse shouted, bashing into Gilder's shoulder.
"Vyse, don't ever do that during my super move! I might've shot someone!" Gilder said.
"That's the point!" Vyse said. "Domingo is a crewmember! if you shoot him, he will die! and he's the best lookout around!"
"What? this is pure self-defence!" Gilder said, ducking as a mug flew his way.
"This isn't working! Aika, come here and keep Domingo busy while Gilder and I devise a plan!" Vyse shouted at Aika, who shrugged and grabbed Domingo's collar, to stop him from lunging at Gilder. Gilder and Vyse huddled in a corner.
"I'm telling you, you cant shoot him!" Vyse said.
"Well, have you got a better plan?" Gilder said, looking back at Domingo, who was starting to foam.
"Have you tried apologising to him?" Vyse asked
"Vyse, did you see him? he's a bit beyond reasoning right now." Gilder said sceptically.
"What about magic then?" Vyse suggested.
"Vyse, I don't use magic! Magic is for sissies!" Gilder said, and after seeing the look on Vyse's face he added "Oh, no offence! And besides, I don't know much magic. Why can't you cast any?"
"Gilder, if I attack my own crewmember, he'll sue my ass!" Vyse shouted.
"Oh, allright, I'll cast something myself..." Gilder muttered. He took a magic pose and shouted "Moons, give me strength!" he was surrounded by a blue shield for a moment, which flickered and died out.
"Gilder? what did you cast?" Vyse asked.
"Quicka! ItstheonlyspellIknow! Well, gottago. laterVyse!" Gilder said in tremendous speed, before he sprinted out the door. Aika let go of Domingo who ran after him, shouting
"Get back here, you coward!"
"Wow, that was one hell of a quicka!" Vyse said, staring at the door. “So anywayz, where were we?” he said, looking back at Lawrence.
“Vyse, I have a confession to make.” Lawrence said. “I am leaving you.”
“Wh-what?” Vyse stuttered.
“My contract ended last week, and I have the feeling I'm just standing in the way. I've seen the way Fina and Aika look at you.” He replied.
“But but… I don't even like them!” Vyse shouted. At that moment, Aika clamped at Vyse's shoulder. “Vyse, can we go home? I'm bored…” she said.
“Dammit! Not now Aika!” Vyse shouted, pushing her off. When he looked back he saw that Lawrence had already opened the door.
“Nooo! Lawrence wait!!!” Vyse shouted, pushing his way through the crowd. By the time he was outside, Lawrence had already gone. “Damn, he probably went home… But where does he live anyway?” Vyse thought frantically. “Oh, I know! I'll just ask at the sailor's guild!”
“Hey, open up! This is an emergency!” he shouted, pounding the door.
“What do you think you're doing kid? It's the middle of the night!” said a voice behind the door.
“Please open up! Its urgent!” Vyse said.
“Allright allright, keep your shoes on!” said the voice. After 5 minutes the door opened and the Sailor's guild guy stood in the doorway, wearing pyjamas and a nightcap. “What's
the matter?” he asked.
“I need to know where Lawrence lives!” Vyse said.
“Lawrence who?” asked the Sailor's guild guy. “We have 5 Lawrence's on this island.”
“Lawrence… er… Damn, I don't even know his last name! But then again, I don't even know my own last name! I think its Dyne, but Vyse Dyne sounds much too silly!” Vyse said, thinking hard. The Sailor's guild guy stared at him.
“Oh, well, you know! Lawrence! Brown hair, purple jacket… He used to hang around the sailor's guild a lot, before I hired him!” Vyse said.
“Oh, so you're Lawrence's captain? I'm sure he does a great job!” said the Sailor's guild guy.
“Yeah, he… Wait, you do know him?” Vyse asked.
“Know him? He's my son!” said the Sailor's guild guy. “He just came home, but he said he didn't want to see anyone. So… Hey, wait a minute! Aren't you one of those guys on the wanted list?” said the Sailor's guild guy, eyeing Vyse suspiciously.
“Ah no, not this again…” Vyse muttered. “That's not me! That was Vize the impostor!”
“Yeah right, and I'm supposed to buy that?” The Sailor's guild guy started to close the door.
“No wait! Can you tell Lawrence that I was here?” Vyse asked, quickly placing his foot in the gap of the door.
“I don't take messages from wanted list members!” said the Sailor's guild guy, squashing Vyse's foot between the door, causing Vyse to pull it back.
“Nooo! Waiiit!” Vyse shouted, skipping on one foot, as the door closed.
“Darn! Now I'm never going to get him back!” Vyse thought as the hopped back inside the bar.
The next morning, Vyse was found sulking in the crew cafeteria, drinking large amounts of rum.
“Oh for Pete's sake Vyse, if it bugs you this much, just go get Lawrence!” Aika shouted, after seeing Vyse's face.
“Why bother? He doesn't want to come… But I've still got Don! Don would never leave me, would you Don?” Vyse asked Don, who was sitting a small distance away.
“Not as long as you have enough Loqua!” Don replied, holding up his bottle.
“Vyse, will you look at yourself?! You never cared about Don before! You always put him on stand-by because he sucks!” Aika shouted.
“Hey!” said Don.
At that moment, Fina walked in. “Has anyone seen Gilder? The Claudia will be here to pick him up any minute now.” She asked.
“Hey, now that you mention it… I haven't seen him since last night. And I haven't seen Domingo either…” Aika said, thinking. “Oh my god! We left Gilder stranded on an island with a murderous crewmember chasing him!” she shrieked.
“Is that a bad thing? My judgement is clouded by the alcohol…” Vyse muttered, taking a swig of rum.
“That is very bad!” Aika said. “Crewmembers may not have any decent attacks or S-moves, but they can still strangle someone!”
“Oh no! We have to go get him!” Fina shouted.
“Allright allright…” said Vyse, getting up.
“Uhm… I think its better if we let someone else steer.” Aika said, watching Vyse swaying on his legs.
When they arrived on Sailor's island, Gilder was already waiting for them at the docks.
“Its about time you guys got here!” Gilder said as they jumped out of their boat. Aika looked around. “Uhm, Gilder? Where's Domingo?” she asked. “Oh my god! Gilder, you didn't?…“
“I'm sorry! It was a reflex!” Gilder said, shrugging.
“Gilder no!” Vyse said.
“My Quicka was wearing off, so I did the first thing that came to my mind.” Gilder said.
“Ah no! Now I have to go looking for a new lookout too!” sighed Vyse.
“Huh? He's still in your crew!” Gilder said.
“Oh, so you used Riselem on him?” Aika asked.
“Ri….se…lem?…” Gilder repeated
“Oh my god! You want to bring a dead guy on my ship?! It's not going to happen!” Vyse shouted.
“Dead guy? What are you talking about?” asked Gilder. At that moment, Domingo came out of the bar. “Oh, you finally came to pick us up did you?” he asked as he noticed Vyse and the rest staring at him.
“Domingo! Are you allright?” Fina asked, eyeing him.
“Uhm… Yes… Why wouldn't I be?” Domingo asked, with a surprised look on his face. “Well, I'll just go wait in the boat already shall I?” he asked, and he left for the docks.
“Allright Gilder, what did you do to him?” Vyse asked.
“As I said, my Quicka wore off and I did the first thing that came to my mind!” Gilder said, going slightly red.
“Which was?…” Aika asked.
“I do not speak of such things in public!” Gilder said, looking away.
“Oh Gilder, you don't mean…” Aika began
“Oh god Gilder!” Vyse shouted.
“What? What did he do?” Fina asked. Aika whispered something in her ear and Fina went red too. “I'm not sure if I should be relieved…” she said.
“Well, let's get going then!” Gilder said, who was still a bit red.
Vyse looked up and saw Lawrence staring at them from behind one of the Sailor's guild second floor windows.
“Wait here guys, there's something I have to do first.” Vyse said. He took out his cutlass and opened the door to the sailor's guild. “Ah! Its Vyse the fallen pirate!” screamed the Sailor's guild guy. “Uhm… Yeah, that's right…” Vyse said uncertainly. “Har har! I'll just be going upstairs and taking all your valuables now…”
“Whatever you say, mister fallen pirate sir! Just don't kill me!” said Sailor's guild guy.
Vyse sheathed his cutlass and went upstairs. He looked around. Which of these rooms belonged to Lawrence?
“What are you doing here?” said Lawrence's voice. Vyse turned around.
“Lawrence! Finally! You have to come back with me!” he said.
“I told you, my contract ended.” Lawrence said.
“Fine.. then… I'll take another contract! No, make that 5 contracts! I wanna hire you again!” Vyse said.
“That will cost you!” said Lawrence.
“I don't care!” Vyse shouted, grabbing his arm. “You mean more to me than money!”
“Ah, that's what I wanted to hear!” said Lawrence, and he followed Vyse down the stairs. Sailor's guild guy, who had listened to the entire conversation, quickly wiped the tears out of his eyes and shouted “You have fun, son!” as they walked out the door.
“Ah Vyse, I see you've got your helmsman back.” Said Gilder.
“Yeah, lets just go. Lawrence can steer. I paid him enough to stay with us the rest of his lifetime!” Said Vyse, though he hadn't paid Lawrence any money at all.