Fan Fiction ❯ Skies of Arcadia, sweet revenge. ❯ "Just shoot me!" ( Chapter 2 )

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Skies of Arcadia, sweet revenge.
Chapter two: “Just shoot me!”
“Finally!” Vyse thought as the door slowly opened, “FOOOD…need food!” he thought.
“Vyse dear” Alfonso said with a flowery voice, “Wanna have some fun? I've got the cutest Barbie dolls ever! I ordered them online on flee-bay, it was a real bargain! Apparently some fool thought of these precious collectors items as being replaceable lumps of plastic.”
“Barbie dolls?!” Vyse repeated in a weary voice “I need food you moron, not stupid dolls for little girls!”
“LITTLE GIRLS?!” Alfonso snapped as his face reddened with outrage “What gave you that idea? Barbie dolls are for all ages! See? Ages 3 till 88! It clearly says so on the box!”
“So, can I eat them?” Vyse asked.
“Nooo!” Alfonso shouted, pulling the boxes out of Vyse's reach. “You may eat, but only after you've done what I've told you to, so be a good boy and work with me okay?” Alfonso's voice was back to the slickness which usually perpetuates it. “Great” Alfonso said, not even awaiting Vyse's reply “I am glad we understand each other. This is going to be great! We are going to dress them and do their hair…” Alfonso began, but Vyse cut in.
“I am NOT braiding their hair!” he shouted.
“Oh really? Well, I guess I'll just do yours then!” Alfonso said, with a wicked smile on his face.
A few hours later, Vyse had finally gotten the last braid out of his hair. It was now standing in all directions. And it was only getting worse. A week later, when Alfonso was doing a long and boring monologue, Vyse found himself thinking “If I only had my cutlass… I might be able to finish him off… But that would leave me locked in a basement without food. Unless I were to eat Alfonso, but I doubt he would taste good. Perhaps I can just finish myself off then…”
“Oh yes Vyse, I found this in the post office the other day” Alfonso said, pushing a flyer under his nose. It said `Lost captain. Listens to the name of Vyse. If you have any information regarding his whereabouts, contact Crescent isle base.'
“Oh no, they just HAD to use that picture?” Vyse sighed, ripping the flyer in pieces.
Two weeks later, after getting his meal, Alfonso was suddenly staring at Vyse.
“What?…” asked Vyse apprehensively.
“What is with your hair? Its starting to get a strange colour…” Alfonso said.
“Huh? Uhoh…” Vyse said, trying to hide his hair.
“Oh my god, you're a natural blond?!” Alfonso shouted, a grin spreading on his face.
“Daaamn! I haven't been able to dye my hair brown again in weeks.” Vyse said, and Alfonso chuckled. “What? It's not something to be proud of! Blondes have a very bad reputation.” Vyse said, still hiding his hair.
“I cant imagine why…” said Alfonso, flicking back his own hair. Vyse shuddered.
The next morning, Vyse was trying to strangle himself with the chain, but couldn't, because the collar was in the way. At that moment, he noticed that the door was open, and a parrot landed in front of him. “Willy?!” Vyse shouted, recognising Gilder's parrot. “What… How did you get in here?” he asked, and the parrot held up a hairpin. Vyse chuckled. Willy extended his paw and screeched “Awk, You've got mail! Awk!”
Vyse saw that there was a letter attached to Willy's paw. He pulled it off and began to read.
`Dear Vyse, if you are reading this, it means Willy has finally found you. If you are in need to be saved, take the pen attached to this letter and write down your location. Give it back to Willy, and we'll come to get you A.S.A.P.
If you are not Vyse, but a handsome girl, take the pen attached to this letter and write down your location. Include a picture. Give it back to Willy, and I'll come to get you A.S.A.P.
Greetings Gilder.'
“Ha! That Gilder!” Vyse thought, as he took the pen and wrote down
`Dear Gilder, thank god you sent Willy out to find me. I am locked in Alfonso's basement, and this place is torture. Please come save me!'
Vyse attached the letter to Willy's leg and said “Hurry up!” but at that moment, Alfonso's poodle came running into the basement. Willy quickly flew up and sat down in the chandelier, as the poodle jumped up, barking madly. Vyse grabbed a pillow and threw it at the poodle, shouting “Leave Willy alone! He's my last hope!” This sure drew the dog's attention away from Willy, but he now ran at Vyse instead.
“Aaaargh! Nice doggy!” Vyse shouted, trying to escape the poodle's jaws. He grabbed a chair and used it to keep the dog at distance. After 30 minutes, the dog gave up and ran back upstairs. Vyse noticed that Willy had gone too.