Fan Fiction ❯ Skies of Arcadia, sweet revenge. ❯ "What kept ya?" ( Chapter 3 )

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Skies of Arcadia, sweet revenge.
Chapter three: “What kept ya?!”
A week after Gilder's letter, Vyse heard someone coming down the stairs. This time, he was ready for Alfonso. Vyse had broken one of the chairs and was going to use one of the legs as a weapon. He heard the lock click and the door opened. Vyse threw the piece of wood through it. There was a loud “Whoooah!” and a crash as the leg smashed into a wall. Gilder's head appeared in the opening. “Hey, don't kill me! I'm here to save you!” he said.
“Gilder! Finally! What kept you?!” Vyse shouted, as Gilder stepped in, looking around.
“Well, we had do devise a plan didn't we?” said Gilder. He suddenly stared at Vyse.
“What?” said Vyse
“I didn't know you're a natural blond!” said Gilder, sniggering.
“Will you shut up and save me already? Alfonso could be back any second!” Vyse shouted, hiding his hair.
“Oh, don't worry. Aika and Fina are distracting him with free perfume samples. We've got all the time in the world.” Gilder said, examining Vyse's collar. “Well, I'll just assume you didn't know this chain is attached to the wall with a keychain?” he asked.
“Well, I… Wait, what?!” Vyse shouted. Gilder held up a keychain of a pink Smokémon.
“You mean I could've escaped the entire time?!” Vyse said, stomping the floor.
“If you had looked around… yes.” Gilder shrugged. “Anyway, you're free to go now.”
“Hoooray! Freedom! Thanks Gil!” Vyse said, hugging Gilder and running for the door.
“Vyse, might wanna watch out for the…” Gilder began, but he was too late. Vyse tripped over the chain that was still attached to his collar and flew into a wall.
“Yeah, I was gonna say you're still wearing the collar, but you found out the hard way.” Gilder said, pulling Vyse to his feet. Vyse growled.
“Well, I'll just unlock the collar too shall I?” Gilder asked, pulling another hairpin out of his hair.
“Gilder, why do you have so many hairpins?” Vyse asked.
“Uhm… medicinal reasons?…” Gilder said hopefully as he fiddled with the collar's lock.
“Well, that's good enough for me!” Vyse said, as the collar fell to the floor too. “Haha! Take that! Down with communism!” he shouted, as he stomped on the collar.
“Ehm… Vyse? You didn't go insane did you?” Gilder asked as he grabbed Vyse and pulled him up the stairs. “It would be a shame if you get locked away in the nuthouse, five minutes after I saved you.”
“Ahaha… sorry Gil…” Vyse said. They reached the first floor of the house, where everything was also decorated in pink. Gilder made a face of disgust. Obviously the decorating reminded him of Clara too. They looked out the window and saw Alfonso a few feet away, chatting happily with Aika and Fina, who were disguised with fake moustaches.
“Ok, on the count of three, we run for the ship, as quietly as possible. Got it?” Gilder said. Vyse nodded. Gilder pulled out his pistols and pointed them at the front door.
“One… two…” Gilder began.
“Gilder, what are you…” Vyse asked
“THREE!” Gilder shouted, as he shot at the door, which flew open. “Ruuun!”
“Dammit Gilder, what happened to quietly as possible?!” Vyse shouted, as he ran after Gilder.
Gilder shrugged. They jumped in the boat and Gilder looked around.
“Damnit! Where are the keys?!” he shouted.
“You lost the keys to the boat?!” Vyse shouted hysterically.
“Just help me look okay!” Gilder said, emptying his pockets.
“Leaving so soon?” said a voice. Vyse looked around and saw Alfonso on the docks, waving the keys.
“Nooo! Where did you get those?!” Gilder shouted, jumping up and down. Alfonso ignored him. Aika and Fina approached the scene, pulling of their fake moustaches.
“Hey, you're not jolly salesmen!” Alfonso shouted indignantly.
“Damn right we're not!” Aika said. “We're not even men!”
“Gee, one couldn't tell…” Alfonso muttered.
“One couldn't tell you are a man, Pinky!” Fina said.
“You mess with me, you mess with Celine!” Alfonso shouted, and the pink poodle appeared out of nowhere, lunging at Aika and Fina.
“H-hey! You stole my line!” Gilder spluttered.
“What happened to `Dispose of them?'” Vyse asked.
“Oh, it was getting old.” Said Alfonso, flicking back his hair.
“He stole my line!” Gilder spluttered.
“Oh, we don't have time for this! Gilder, try to start the boat! I'll go help Aika and Fina.” Vyse said, pulling out his cutlass.
“When did you get your cutlass back?…” Gilder asked. Vyse stared at it.
“Oh, I don't know… I guess I must've had it with me all along.” He said.
“Uhm… Vyse, let's discuss this later shall we? Aika and Fina are in need of assistance.” Gilder said, pointing at the girls, who were running in circles, trying to avoid the rabid poodle.
“Oh allright.” Said Vyse, running towards the battle of life and death. Gilder took out another one of his hairpins and jammed it into the ignition. The pin broke within seconds.
“Ah no!” Gilder muttered, taking out another one and breaking that too.
“Uhm… Did you all forget about me?” Alfonso asked, who was still standing on the docks.
“Oh yeah!” Gilder said, looking up. He pulled out his pistols and pointed them at Alfonso.
“Come on, dance for me!” he shouted, launching his Gunslinger S-move at Alfonso, who used some kind of Cha-Cha-Cha to avoid the bullets.
“Uhm… I didn't literally mean dance…” Gilder said uncertainly. He then noticed that Alfonso had dropped the keys on the ground. Alfonso had noticed too. They stared in each other's eyes for a few seconds, and then both jumped at the keys. Gilder reached them first, as he pushed Alfonso out of the way. He straightened up and said “Gee, these would go nice with the keychain I stole from you!”
“You don't mean…” Alfonso started.
“Yes!” Gilder said, holding up the Smokémon keychain.
“Igglypuff! Nooo!!!” Alfonso shouted, trying to snatch the keychain. Gilder quickly ran back to the boat and jammed the keys in the ignition. The boat sprang to life.
“Vyse, hurry!” he shouted.
Vyse grabbed Fina's arm and pulled her towards the boat. Aika threw her boomerang at the poodle and made a break for the boat too. Celine the poodle dodged it and ran after them, barking madly. Vyse jumped in the boat, together with Fina and Aika, and shouted “Go, Go Go!!!” The boat took off and raced away from Valua. Vyse slumped on the floor.
“Man, that was too close.” He sighed.
“Oh Vyse, I didn't know you're a natural blond!” Fina said.
“Shut up!” Vyse shouted, covering his head with his arms. Aika sniggered.
“I knew, but he made me swear not to tell anyone.” She said, laughing. “He didn't want people to think he was stupid.”
“Oh, why would they think that?” Fina asked, and everyone laughed at her.
“Oh boy, is Enrique going to be pissed we saved you!” Gilder said, chuckling.
“Why?” Vyse asked. “He should be happy!”
“After you disappeared, he started to play the boss around Crescent isle. He said he should've been captain all along.” Aika said.
“Oh he did, now did he? He is going to pay!” Vyse said, as they flew back to Crescent isle.