Fan Fiction ❯ Skies of Arcadia, the noble airpirate. ❯ Day two. ( Chapter 2 )

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Skies of Arcadia, The noble airpirate.
Day two.
“Uhm… Lawrence? I'm kinda uncomfortable with Alfonso being on the bridge…” Vyse said the next day, as Alfonso breathed down his neck.
“Oh, sorry Vyse.” Lawrence replied. Then he grabbed Alfonso by his collar, and pulled him away from the captain.
“Alfonso, you really should leave Vyse alone. He's been through a lot lately. You trying to kill him and such…” Lawrence said. But Alfonso stared at a bright red button.
“Oooooh… Shiney….” He said, and he pushed it. Fina, who had sat down on the captain's chair to rest, got catapulted out of the ship with it.
“Damnit Alfonso! That was the eject button!” Aika said, tapping him on the hand. “We're lucky she landed on that island over there!”
“Oh, I'm sorry!” Alfonso said. “Here, let me drive!” he added, shoving Vyse out of the way and crashing into the island, nearly flattening marooned Fina.
“Listen Alfonso, if you wanna stay on the ship, you should try to make yourself useful.”
Lawrence said to Alfonso, who wasn't really listening. He was paying more attention to Hans, who was standing a few feet away from them.
“Lawrence, you don't expect Alfonso to work do you? He's far too lazy.” Enrique said sceptically.
“Ah, shut up you pacifist! You only like Moegi cause she looks like a guy!” Alfonso snapped.
“You want a fight, Marshmellow?!” Enrique asked threateningly.
“Bring it on, Momma's boy!” Alfonso said, flicking back his hair.
“Lady's first!” Enrique shouted, and they engaged in a bitch slap extravaganza. The crew was starting to place bets on Enrique, but Lawrence stopped the battle of death by grabbing Alfonso's collar again.
“Well Alfonso, is there anything you can do?” he asked.
“Oh, I can sow darling little uniforms for the crew!” Alfonso said, jumping up and down.
Lawrence, having seen look of revulsion on Vyse's face, shook his head. “Why don't you just go help Urala and Polly in the kitchen?”
“Ow, very well then.” said Alfonso, and he skipped away, “accidentally” kicking Enrique in the shins.
After a few hours, they arrived at Crescent isle. Alfonso was the first to leave the ship, almost knocking Marco off the plank as he zoomed to the docks carrying his suitcases.
“Wow, this is a nice place you've got here Vyse!” Alfonso said, as the rest of the crew left the ship. “I cant wait to start decorating!”
Vyse glared at him.
“Errr… brighten it up?” Alfonso asked.
More glares from Vyse.
“Oh, well… I'll just go to my room then…” Alfonso said, skipping off, followed by his poodle. Vyse sighed and left the underground section too, as Lawrence hopped into the crew lounge for a drink. Vyse had the strong idea Alfonso would never come close to being an airpirate.
As Vyse entered his room, he found a nasty surpise. Alfonso was sitting on his bed.
“So Vyse, which of all these pretty rooms is mine?” he asked.
“Ehm, Alfonso… you sleep downstairs… with the rest of the crew!” Vyse said, shoving one of suitcases Alfonso had dumped there out of the way.
“What? You don't expect me to sleep with those ruffians? I am a royalty!” Alfonso said in disgust, pushing back a lock of his hair.
“Not anymore you're not!” Vyse said.
“Ah, the life of being poor…” Alfonso sighed, as he got up from Vyse's bed. “Very well… but I will have my own bunk bed!”
“Fine!” Vyse snapped, and he shoved Alfonso out of his room, throwing his suitcases after him and locking the door. “How could he possibly be related to Lawrence?” Vyse wondered, as he crawled into his bed.
Vyse was awoken again in the middle of the night by something poking his backside.
“Ah… nooo… go away Aika…. For the last time, I didn't read your diary! It just fell open in my hands!…” Vyse mumbled.
“Vyyyyse, wake up!” said Alfonso's voice. “I cant sleep, can you make me some hot milk?”
“Mumble mumble, fine!” said Vyse, still half asleep. He was halfway to the door when he realised what was going on. “Wait, what?” he asked, opening his eyes. Alfonso was standing in his room wearing a pink nightgown and a hairnet. “Damnit! How did you get in here?! I thought I locked my door!” Vyse said, opening the door and looking at the lock.
Alfonso held up a hairpin. “As I said, I cant sleep without hot milk!” he said firmly.
“Ah, go bother Lawrence!” Vyse said, shoving Alfonso out the door again. He barricaded the door from the inside and got back into bed.