Fan Fiction ❯ Skies of Arcadia, the noble airpirate. ❯ Day four. ( Chapter 4 )

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Skies of Arcadia, The noble airpirate.
Day four.
After spending the night in Sailor's island, the Delphinus and its crew were on their way back to Crescent isle. Vyse handed the wheel to Lawrence, and sat down in the captain's chair. At that moment Alfonso came barging into the bridge. Everyone stared at him in horror.
“Errr… Alfonso? Whats with your hair?” Aika asked as she stared at Alfonso's hair, which was standing in all directions.
“I've run out of Pretty-boyâ„¢ hairgel!” Alfonso said, as Fina ran into the table, blinded.
“Well Lawrence, looks like we're going to have to go to Sailor's island again…” Vyse sighed.
And after a quick stop at Sailor's island the Delphinus and its crew once again returned to Crescent isle, this time loaded with a few boxes of Pretty-boyâ„¢ hairgel. Suddenly, a thrilling song started playing out of nowhere, and the ship went to red alert. Alfonso dived under the table. “Whats happening?!” he shrieked.
“Oh, no worries Alfonso, it's a random battle!” Fina said, looking out the window.
“Ah no, not Loopers again!” Enrique said, who looked out the window too. “Hey, I've got a great idea! We'll let Alfonso fight too! Lets see what he's got!”
And so Alfonso was dragged out to the deck too.
*Enter battle mode* (round 1)
Vyse: Focus
Fina: Pyres -> miss
Enrique: Getting his butt kicked
Aika: Focus
Alfonso: Loafing around
Loopers: Kicking Enrique's butt
(round 2)
Vyse: Focus
Fina: Pyres -> miss
Enrique: Getting his butt kicked
Aika: Sacres -> Enrique
Alfonso: Checking his make-up
Loopers: Kicking Enrique's butt
(round 3)
Vyse: Focus
Fina: Pyres -> miss
Enrique: Getting his butt kicked
Aika: Sacres -> Enrique
Alfonso: S-move -> Pink fluffy heart attack!
Loopers: +3500 HP
Alfonso: “Oooops, that was supposed to be cast on us!”
Vyse: “Oh, just let me handle this!”
(round 4)
Vyse: S-move -> Rain of swords!
Loopers: -5000 HP -> Die
*End battle mode*
“Oh goodie, that was fun!” Alfonso said, as the Loopers disappeared.
“Well, now we know why Alfonso never fights… Ok, Enrique, you can go ask Ilchymis to get rid of that black eye for you.” Vyse said, as Aika and Fina helped the almost dead Enrique back into the ship.
As they arrived at Crescent isle, an old acquaintance was waiting for them on the docks.
“Hey Gilder!” Vyse said, and he highfived him.
“Vyyyyse, mah man! Long time no see!” Gilder responded. “Eh…. What is that?!” he added, after seeing Alfonso standing a short distance away.
“No no, Brabham old man. I do not trust you with my crates of hairgel! I shall unload them myself!” Alfonso shouted, and he pushed Brabham out of the way. “Now, lets see here… how does this crane thing work? Oh, how about this button here?” he said, and he pushed one of the buttons. Immediately, the crane swung around, knocking Brabham off the docks, and into the darkness below the ship. Alfonso, who had not noticed, said “No… that's not it…” and he continued to fiddle with the buttons a bit more.
“Ah yes, that is Alfonso… He kinda joined our crew…” Vyse said to Gilder, who looked quite shocked. “Anyway, shall we go up to meeting room and exchange rumours?” and Vyse dragged Gilder away from the out-of-control crane, closely followed by Aika, Fina and Enrique, who was on crutches.