Fan Fiction ❯ Skies of Arcadia, the noble airpirate. ❯ Day five. ( Chapter 5 )

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Skies of Arcadia, The noble airpirate.
Day five.
And so another morning dawned upon Crescent isle. Alfonso was up at the crack of dawn. He grabbed a towel and went down to the bathroom. However, Kirala was already there, hammering a sign on the door. “Out of order” it said.
“What is wrong with the bathroom?” Alfonso asked Kirala.
“Some idiot left his curling iron plugged in last night. It fell into the bathtub as Osman took a bath.” Kirala said, grabbing another nail. Alfonso went slightly red
“So what are we supposed to do now?” he asked.
“Well, since nobody has the courage to go in there and remove Osman, in fear of going blind, you'll have to use the bathroom in the Delphinus until we can find a solution for this mess.” Kirala responded, and she left. Alfonso headed for the Delphinus muttering under his breath “That was a brand new curling iron!”
In the afternoon Gilder was seen trotting around Crescent isle. He was soon approached by Alfonso. He started a conversation which sounded like this after a minute:
“Listen, don't you think you have an obsession with women because you are in denial?”
“I have you idea what you are talking about, Alfonso!”
“Oh come on! Just admit it! You'll feel better afterwards.”
“Never!!! You are wrong!”
“Oh, if I am wrong, why are you running away from a relationship with Clara?”
“Because… because… eeerrr…”
“I knew it! You have no answer!”
One of Gilder's crewmen cautiously approached the scene and said “Excuse me captain, but Clara's ship is heading this way.”
Gilder, who was pleased he had a reason to escape, ran for the docks as Alfonso shouted after him “You cant run away from the truth forever!”
Gilder's ship had departed within minutes.
Afterwards, it was Ilchymis who was bothered by Alfonso. After having broken a nail, Alfonso insisted that he needed “Medical assistance” and annoyed Ilchymis the rest of the afternoon. He didn't leave until Ilchymis handed him some fake nails, and nail polish.
After dinner, Alfonso was sitting at a table doing a crossword puzzle. Fina came up to him and asked “Hey Alfonso? Have you seen Vyse?”
“Oh, he's in his room with Lawrence.” Alfonso said, and he took a sip of herbal tea. Fina had a strange look in her eyes. “With Lawrence? Why?” she asked.
“Oh, I think they are discussion ship tactics or something. Lawrence said something about letting Vyse take the wheel, and Vyse said something about going north.” Alfonso said, and he took another sip of tea, oblivious to Fina fainting.
“Say, do you know a three-letter word for Homosexual? Gee, this is hard…”